Update A ComboBox List, Which List Is On A Different Worksheet

Nov 5, 2008

Need Help in resolving the following issue:

Update a list using a Combo Box works fine when the list is on the same worksheet but when the list is on a different Worksheet it does not work.

Is this achievable? I guess so! but was wondering how to do it.

e.g: if my range defined name called let us say "SP" with a range AD1:AD60 in Sheet1 when I use a combo box the Listfillrange will contain: SP

When inserting a new entry using the combobox it works fine but when the same defined name range points to a different Worksheet example: Sheet2 then the update does not work although the ListFillRange contains the same Range name: SP.

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Update Multiple ComboBox List Fill Ranges

Feb 21, 2008

in A1 there will be a box with LinkedCell set to A1 and ListFillRange set to B1:B5. I now want a similar box in A2, with A2 as LinkedCell. However, when I copy paste the box in A1, it still refers to A1 and B1:B5 (the last part is ok). I can easily change A1 to A2 by just changing it in the properties, but the thing is that I also need these boxes in A3:A100. Someone else helped me out by writing some code, but this is not working correctly yet, probably because I'm doing something wrong.

Also, the ListFillRange might expand in the future. Therefor I would like to know if its possible to select the boxes in A1:A100 and change the ListFillRange to B1:B6 for all at once, or even have a piece of code attached to a command button that recognizes the expanded range and updates it.

I couldn't attach the file because it was to big, therefor I uploaded it with yousendit:

So in short: I would like all the comboboxes in column E to be linked to the cell underneath and have and option to adjust the listfillrange. The same for column F, but for this one the listfillrange needs to be O8:O11.

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Update Horizontal List Based On Vertical List (ins Column)

Nov 26, 2007

1. I have a list of several items in sheet 1. Lets say 30-40 rows.

2. I do a frequently update of this list.

3. In sheet 2 I want to have a copy of this list in row 1 from column A to Column x (depends on how long the list in sheet 1 is.)

4. When I change the list in sheet 1, could be in first, middle or last row- mayby several rows. The list in sheet 2 should be updated

5. The update of sheet 2 should insert a new column on the right place, according to the list in sheet 1.

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Programme To Automatically Select A Value From A List Or Range Once A User Has Selected Corresponding Value From A List Within A Combobox

Jan 28, 2007

i'm writing a refrigeration selection user interface, working from values on an excel spreadsheet. how to get the programme to automatically select a value from a list or range once a user has selected corresponding value from a list within a combobox. for example if a user sets the temperature of their refrigerator to -5 celsius i need the programme to automatically select the corresponding value of enthalpy for the air at that temperature.

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Excel 2007 :: Combobox List Filling And Export Selected Data To Another Worksheet?

Mar 20, 2014

I have a combo-box in a Multipage control. Now I want to get the combo-box populated with list in 2 columns from 2 different consecutive columns from the same worksheet (Product List). Now, Once the list gets populated, user will be selecting his choice from the list, which is then needs to get copied to another worksheet (Order Placed). Both worksheets exist in the same or one spreadsheet.

I am trying to make it work with the following code. I am able to see 2 columns but with no data getting populated. I am working in MS Excel 2007.

[Code] .....

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List 3 Different Values To List Of List Of 3 In Combobox?

Jan 12, 2014

how I can list 3 different values to a list of list of 3 in a combo box, is.

combo box

select high = 35
select middle 30
select low = 25

I have the names in the box I just need it to add a value (which I have listed 1 in each separate cells) to each selection

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Worksheet Change Macro Takes Too Much Time When Run With Update List Macro

Feb 1, 2009

I have a worksheet in which I have a worksheet_change macro. This worksheet_change macro makes sure that a few cells will keep their colors, even if the user copies and pastes a new value to that cell. This worksheet_change macro runs each time there is a change on the worksheet. Now my problem is that on the same sheet I have an update list macro which updates around 20.000 rows and two columns (which is alltogether around 40.000 values) and it takes a while to run. So.. it takes a loooooooooot of time (too much) when these two macros both run.

My question is that can I somehow disable the worksheet_change macro while the update list macro runs. I mean something like when I start the update list macro to disable worksheet_change macro and when the update list macro finishes, then reenable worksheet_change macro?

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Excel 2007 :: Create List Of Barcodes From List Of Numbers On Worksheet?

Feb 25, 2014

Is it posible and how to create a list of barcodes from a list of numbers on the worksheet?

Strokescribe seems to have some ind of solution but the data can't come from the worksheet.

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Set ComboBox Value Based On Text If In The ComboBox List

Feb 8, 2008

How can i Loop through a combobox's values and compare to a string value and then set the listindex of the combobox to that value?

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Filtering A List In A New Worksheet From A Master List

May 28, 2009

I am trying to create a sub-list from a master list based on a column criteria.
Basically, we have a large group of people that are now being split into 3 different sub groups, but still part of the whole. I would like to only upkeep the master list by assigning one of 3 managers to each employee and then having Excel place the employee's info (5 columns) into a seperate worksheet based on the manager assigned (3 seperate worksheets, one for each manager). I have searched through books and Excel help, but still cannot find any formula that can return multiple lines based on one criteria. Am I out of luck and forced to maintain this database with an Auto Filter and manually moving/copying the info?

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Inputting List Of Names From Worksheet Into A List

Dec 21, 2013

Im still pretty new toi VBA and im struggling with pulling data from another worksheet and placing it into a list. Below is the code currently I think I have identified were its not working but not sure what to do. the code should essentially do the following

on opening the workbook check CS PS data worksheet find the names of people within the sheet, These start at row six and the step between each is 82 it then should input these names one after another in the following range Range("AO3:AO43") one name per cell until the end of the dat,a it seems to run but only inputs the first name in the first cell even thought it picks up each name in the myformula piece

Within the myformula there is a concatenate piece to flip the names to opposite way round I think this is where is not working possibly something to do with the separators? each name is in the format surname, firstname it should flip it so it shows first name [space] last name

provide ive commented out the piece I think is the issue

Sub CSupdate_()
With Application
.Calculation = xlManual
.ScreenUpdating = False


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Link List To List On Another Worksheet

Nov 15, 2006

My first sheet of the workbook is an employee roster which shows a weekly rotation between two locations. I have additional sheets that are used as daily sign-ins encompassing a two week pay period for AM, MID and PM shifts. I want to link the sign-in to the roster so that I may add or delete an employee on the roster and have it auto generate to the sign-in.

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Vlook Up: Combobox Shows The The First Column (only 1 Of Each) And The Second ComboBox Shows Me The Secondary List

Jun 9, 2006

I have a userform where I have 2 comboboxes. The first combobox shows the the first column (only 1 of each) and the second comboBox shows me the secondary list that correlates to the valuse in the first from column B. Now I have a text box that I am trying to get the value from column C depending on what I have in the first 2 comboboxes. What is the easiest way to do it? This is all in VB since it is a UserForm, and using Vlookup seems to be too many lines if I go that route. Is there a way to use Index and Match in VB where it would be more efficient? I attached just a sample of how the data would be layed out in the Excel sheet.

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Update Price List

Feb 1, 2007

I have a price list with part numbers in Column E and prices in Column C. I want to update the prices from a master list that has part numbers in Column D and prices in Column H and then make only the updated prices bold.

Currently the master list is in a different workbook, but if I need to, I can copy and past the master sheet into the same workbook as the sheet I want to update.

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Update Formula From Tab List

Oct 12, 2009

I have a list of budgets on a summary page. They correspond to a tab name with the budget detail.

I want the formula to automatically pick up the tab name from the list.

How can I use the list from the summary to point to a cell within a budget tab. an example is attached.

I realise some of the formulas on the detail tab need to be sorted but I needed to remove some sensitive work info from it :o) (Dont want to be losing my job)

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Update The Drop Down List

Apr 15, 2007

i need to be able to update cell value in Sheet1(A1) & Sheet2(A1) from either way.Both having dropdown list pointing to the same list.Which means i can select data from either dropdown list and get the other 1 having the same selection.

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Macro To Update List

Jun 17, 2006

I ran into a dead with this simple but overlycomplicated task in Excel. How can I write a macro to update one workbook from many workbooks? My case. I have workbook A with 2 sheet tabs, sheet1 contains 6 columns: one for date, one for 0-20%, 21-40% ... 81-100%. Each of the rows underneath the heading contains a single data value ( total) from each of the 5 sheet tabs from the workbook being created each week of the month. Sheet2 build the chart reflecting the data gathered on sheet1.
I need a macro that will update workbook A sheet 1 or add the new data generated that particular week down the columns for each of the columns stated? How can I achieve this?

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Update Validation List

Jan 2, 2007

I've created multiple ranges in a sheet named ' Schedules' that all use one Data Validation list. The list source is a Named Ranges called 'AbbNames', which points to a column ($S) on another sheet named 'Students'.

AbbNames is simply a list of student names--that are values; AbbNames does not contain a formula. However, AbbNames was created with VB code in the Worksheet Change Event. The code is:

Dim rng As Range
Dim rng1 As Range
If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next
Set rng = Target.Dependents
On Error Goto 0
If Not rng Is Nothing Then
Set rng1 = Union(rng, Target)
Set rng1 = Target
End If
On Error Goto errHandler
If Not Application.Intersect(rng1, _
Application.Range("Abbreviated")) Is Nothing Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.Range("AbbNames").Value = _
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
If Err.Number <> 0 Then _
MsgBox "Error occured " & Err.Number & vbNewLine & _

Note that students' names were originally concatenated in a column named 'Abbreviated' located in column G.

(this code creates the 'AbbNames' data in column S and updates the data if data is changed in 'Abbreviated'--if data is originally changed in columns A and B, which are firstname and lastname)

To make a long story shorter, I needed a column of concatenated names that were values--not calculated--to base the listboxes off of in the Schedules sheet. Validation list boxes can't be based off of calculated columns, right??

However, the listboxes do NOT work. When a user clicks on the drop-down arrow, Excel pauses for about 20 seconds (the initial time) and then shows nothing in the list except a blank field. When the blank list is clicked, the top name from 'AbbNames' is entered. However, no names can be seen or selected in the list box.

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Combobox List In Userform

Jan 31, 2013

I have 2 combobox in userform. Both the comboboxes have the same list down value and I have applied as follows

combobox1.value = "Transport"
combobox1.value = "Paper"
combobox1.value = "Pencil"

Like this I have long list

In the combobox2 same list has been applied

Is there a way in which by one command the list is applicable to both the comboboxes, that would save me on the length of VBA.

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List Box Depending On Combobox

Jun 2, 2009

I would like to add a combobox and would like to add/delete items to the list box.

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Filter List For ComboBox

Dec 13, 2007

I am trying to filter a list for a ComboBox using VB.
I have the following

Defined Name 'MemMapSel'
1stCol 2ndCol 3rdCol 4thCol 5thCol
Alarms a BOOL 2001 4000
Commands i BOOL 4001 5000
Status s INT 7001 8000
Free x DINT 9001 10000

I am using a combobox to select which row i require and am mapping the 4thCol to a cell
At present the property 'ListFillRange' is set to 'MemMapSel' displaying all 5 columns and bounding column 4 as the value

What i really need is to Filter this list, so that the combobox only displays the BOOL entries in the 3rdCol, or the INT, etc
I think i can use the Select function to do this, but i am not sure how to go about it.

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Extract List From Combobox

Mar 15, 2009

Trying to get the list from a combobox in an online form. I'm doing this as a check to make sure what I need to be there is there. Then the macro will select what I need and move on. If not found in the list, then it will move on...

So I start thinking about it and I'm not quite sure how to do that in Forms. Does ListIndex get me there?

I'm unable to give the site because you'd have to login with a password, but here's the code I have to Set the combobox:

Set PartNumOffr0EDrop = .Document.all.Item("PartNumOffr0EDrop")
myVal = PartNumOffr0EDrop.ListIndex

I need to know how to loop through the combobox and store the value of each member of the list to a variable or cell.

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Check Value Is In ComboBox List, If Not Add It

Oct 18, 2006

In VB is there a way to check the values in a combo box, to check whether the value you are trying to insert into it exists in the list, if not add it to the list.

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Assign List To A ComboBox In Vba

Apr 11, 2007

I can ssign a list say for example A1:A40 to a combo box in VBA?

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Add Unique List To ComboBox

Jul 12, 2007

I have 2 columns of data on Sheet2. The first is Product in column B. The second is Benefit in column C.

I need to look at product column B on Sheet2 and add unique items to my first Combobox after the command Userform1.show.

The person using the form will select a product from Combobox1 and then Combobox2 should add the corresponding Benefits from the benefits column on Sheet2.

As a side note: I expect products and benefits will continue to be added to columns B and C in the future so I can't have a "hard-coded" set of rows if that makes sense.

I've pasted a small 2 product example of Sheet2 below.

Account DefenderLoss of Life
Account DefenderDisability
Account DefenderInvoluntary Unemployment
Account DefenderLeave of Absence
Account SecurityLoss of Life
Account SecurityDisability
Account SecurityInvoluntary Unemployment
Account SecurityLeave of Absence
Account SecurityHospitalization
Account SecurityNursing Home

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VLookup: Old Price List Update

Dec 10, 2009

1 123 1.99 123 2.09
2 124 3.99 124 4.09

New prices arrived as shown in column C (code) & D (price)

I want my old price list updated A (code) and B (old price)

Can VLookup use the new data and replace B with information from column D.

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Auto Update Validation List

Jul 21, 2008

i have a list called "parts". i want this list to be updated everytime a new part # is entered into the list cell. i can get it to work in one cell. i have been able to get it to work in up to 6 rows, however i want it to work in up to 50 rows. here is the vba code i am using

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim lReply As Long

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Address >= "$D$3" Then
If IsEmpty(Target) Then Exit Sub
If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range("parts"), Target) = 0 Then
lReply = MsgBox("Add " & Target & " to list", vbYesNo + vbQuestion)
If lReply = vbYes Then
Range("parts").Cells(Range("parts").Rows.Count + 1, 1) = Target
End If
End If
End If
End Sub

i am using insert>name>define for the list and this is what i used for that


like i said, it will work for d1-d6, then it stops working.

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Update Validation List Depending On Another Value

Mar 14, 2007

I have a drop down list in a column where i want the user to select one of the options which is an action to be taken. The actions would be dependant on the what the persons performance rating was, so for example, if the person has Exceeded their performance targets, the only 2 applicable actions would be High Potential and Emerging Talent. Please see attached file for the actions related to the peformance rating.

I want the validation list of actions to change accordingly depnding on what the persons performance rating is. So in the example attached, i want to look up the rating in column A and have the options appear according in the same row in column B.

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VBA Populating Combobox From Unsorted List?

Jan 26, 2014

I have built a Userform that is for a Liquor Inventory. I would like to scan each bottle's UPC Code and pull it from a range list that is set up in (Combobox "UpcBarCodeBox"). That information is stored on a sheet "Liquor & Wine Inventory" in Column "A" (Unsorted). Column "B" is the name of the liquor which is also the column that everything is sorted in alphabetical order. What I would like to do is populate several textbox's that I have set up so that I can input missing data or data that needs to be updated. The problem is I would LOVE to keep the list sorted by Liquor Names (Column "B") and not by UPC Bar Codes (Column "A"). From my research I have found that Index and Match might be the way to go but I can't seem to get it to work right. Since I am still learning VBA, Some things still escape my grasp.


Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Me.UpcBarCodeBox.List = Worksheets("Liquor & Wine Inventory").Range("A5:A205").Value
With ComboBox2


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Test If Combobox List Contains A Value Before Setting Value

Apr 22, 2014

I'm trying to programmatically set the value of a combobox but I'm running into errors if the combobox list does not already contain the value I'm trying to set it to. How can I first test if the combobox has that as a valid option and, if not, add that item?

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