Userform VBA - VLookup Data Range From One Workbook And Populate Into Another Workbook

Feb 9, 2013

what VBA is required to have a combo box in a userform look up data in a different workbook, then populate that data into the drop down list of that combo box for a user to select.

I have managed to successfully create a vlookup for a combo box in a userform that looks up data in a named range in another worksheet within the same workbook and then populate that data into a field in a worksheet within the same workbook. However, I want to change this so the combo box on a userform (in one workbook) will look up data from a named range in a second workbook without opening the second workbook. At the moment, the code I have that will 'submit' the user selected data from the combo box drop down list works.

The code that has worked so far to vlookup data for the combo box from a worksheet within the same workbook is:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim pName As Range
Dim ws As WorksheetSet ws = Worksheets("vlookupsheet")
For Each pName In ws.Range("ProjectName")
With Me.cboProjectName
.AddItem pName.Value
End WithNext pName
End Sub

Do I need specify the file path of the second workbook that will contain the data for the combo box as well as the name of the worksheet and named range in that second workbook?

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Populate Userform Combobox From Range In Different Workbook

Jul 28, 2012

I am looking to fill out a combobox (say combobox1) in a userform from a set of ranges located in a different workbook (that is in a different location).

For example, the cells that would need to be in the combobox are B5:B41,D5:D40 and F5:F45 and the file location is W:WCWORKCENTERS.xls

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Populate All The Data From Column Of Workbook To Other Workbook

Oct 11, 2005

=IF(ISERROR(INDEX($A$1:$B$10,SMALL(IF($A$1:$A$10=$A$10,ROW($A$1:$A$10)),ROW(1:1)),2)),"",INDEX($A$1: $B$10,SMALL(IF($A$1:$A$10=$A$10,ROW($A$1:$A$10)),ROW(1:1)),2))

I have 10 columns in workbook 1 and i am tryin to populate all the data from
10 columns of workbook 1 in to workbook 2. but the prob is if i use the above
formula, i have to modify it in all the columns of workbook 2 to get the data
from workbook 1. what makes my job easier is if i cld use the above function
or any other to populate all the 10 columns of workbook1 in 10 different
columns of workbook 2 without having to use the formula 10 different times
and modifying it each time. its like writing the function in one cell and all
the 10 cells get populated by itself in workbook 2 with the data from
workbook 1. I used the above function as there are dupluicates in the data
and vlookup dont work in that case.

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Userform Combobox Populate From Hidden Workbook

Mar 27, 2014

I'm trying to link combo box's on a user form to a hidden workbook. I placed the workbook into

C:Users[User Name]AppDataRoamingMicrosoftExcelXLSTART

Then hide the worksheet which essentially hides the workbook as only 1 sheet is present in workbook. This should make the workbook available every time a user opens Excel

Now when i initialize the form i get an error

Run-time error '1004': Method 'Range' of object'_Global failed

However when i unhide the worksheet the form runs fine. Do i need to declare the combo boxes differently than shown below The range "Tools" does exist on the hidden workbook.

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Copying Data From Userform To Another Workbook Without Opening Second Workbook

May 16, 2014

I have created userform and it works fine. Following code assigned to 'SUBMIT' button in userform - works fine. I am trying to include code where certain data from userform is also copied to workbook2 ( of course without opening it)- as marked in red...below


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Copy Data From Workbook / Open Existing Workbook - Select Range And Paste

Mar 26, 2012

Copy data from workbook, open existing workbook, select range and paste. But my copied data is lost.

Sub Select_Copy_Paste()

[Code] .........

' Here i need to do something to paste data into r.address?

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Populate Cell In Workbook 1 If Column B Value If Present In Workbook 2

Feb 15, 2013

Here is the scenario: I have workbook called Leads_2013-0215 it has about 10K records I have workbook called LawFirms it has about 4K records.

If the value in Column I in Leads_2012-0215 is present in column G in LawFirms, I want to add the value Law Firm to column AV in Leads_2012-0215.

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Populate Data From One Workbook To Another

Aug 22, 2013

I work for a city that is holding an Olympic style competition for seniors. The athletes are able to compete in several different competitions. When they fill out their registration form, I populate a master roster in excel. The spreadsheet has their basic information and what sport they are competing in. I have the basic information, name, address, sex, etc... And each sport such as Golf, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, etc.. listed as columns. I put an "X", in the cell if the athlete is registered for that sport, if they are not registered I leave the cell blank.

Is there a way I can get all of the athletes for one sport copied to a new workbook, or at least spreadsheet for each individual sport? So I have a workbook/spreadsheet named Basketball, and I would like to get all of athletes registered for basketball on its own.

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Using Vba To Populate Data Into A Master Workbook

Feb 16, 2014

I have spent many hours trying to research and create a code to enable me to create a master workbook with very little success

I have attached the "master workbook"!!!

I have a file C:workjobs

In this folder I have many workbooks all named differently normally with the customers name and a description of work completed ie: Mrs Jones, Bathroom refit, etc and the file is updated with new workbooks all the time as we complete new jobs

I need create a macro that automatically starts when the masterfile is opened that grabs all the information needed from all the individual workbooks and then inputs the totals into the cells in the masterworkbook so I can then analyse the information

The master workbook I have attached is exactly the same layout as the individual workbooks

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Populate Workbook With Matching Data From Other Workbooks

Dec 10, 2006

I have a one excel workbook with columns customer id , customer name, customer address
and another excel work book with columns customer id , account name, account type.

I am in need to produce a new excel workbook with datas from above said 2 workbooks with customer id column as reference by macro programming in excel.

So the new workbook should have data from the columns customer id, customer name and account name

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Populate Data From Multiple Worksheets Into A Master Workbook

Feb 8, 2009

I have a master workbook with 20 worksheets. 5 worksheets in the worksbook are distributed to field reps, but the remaining 15 worksheets are not. What is the best practice for receiving the 5-worksheet workbook from the field rep and importing the data into the 20-worksheet master workbook? If I merely use Copy Sheet I am able to copy the worksheets into the master workbook but then I have to remove the pathname references in each of the copied worksheets in order to map the data in the master workbook - which is quite cumbersome.

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Use Cell Value As Workbook Name In Vlookup Range?

Dec 19, 2013

I have the following formula that works. However, I would like to automatically change a portion of it depending on the cell value. Let's say in cell A1 the user types in "IS 12-19-13" I would like to change the workbook name "IS 12-18-13" in the formula.

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(BQ17,'[IS 12-18-13.xlsm]Summary'!$B$3:$D$21,3,FALSE),0)

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Auto-Populate Workbook From Another Workbook

Feb 5, 2013

I have a workbook (Book B) I want to take information from and Auto populate into another (Book A) if the Type e OR Type f are marked. But only need certain column information from Book B. Let me know if there are any questions I am unsure how better to exlain.

Book B.xlsxBook A.xlsx

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Auto-populate Data To A Master Worksheet From Other Sheets In A Shared Workbook

May 11, 2009

I have never really used VBA and so am completely stuck at this problem. I need to create a macro which auto-populates a master worksheet from the individual user sheets in a shared workbook. Sheet 1 is the master sheet "Team Stats". There will be an undetermined number of individual worksheets to accomodate new staff. Each worksheet will be identical, using columns A-I with row 1 having the headings:

Date, Name, Reference, Value, Price, Age, Purchased?, Destination, Add. Products (the last 3 columns will have a drop-down list which will be used to enter data into the cell). There will be a varying number of rows in each of the individual sheets. If possible I would like the macro to run every time data is entered into one of the individual worksheets. If this is not then it would be fien to update every time the workbook is opened.

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Open Workbook Via Another Workbook And Not Display Userform

Mar 3, 2009

I have a workbook ("Time") that when opened displays a userform. I also have another workbook ("Master") that opens the "Time" workbook to retrieve information. Is there a way to use the Master workbook to open the Time workbook WITHOUT displaying the userform.

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Using VLOOKUP To Get Data From Another Workbook

Apr 26, 2013

I have a problem to use vlookup in excel. I have an excel to run macro and other than i have two excel. One of them is list just a column which includes SAPkeys of people it looks like


and i have another excel which i use as database. in this database sap keys of all people are written in "C" column. and there are other information about that person is written in "D", "E" and "F" columns.

what i want is bringing all information belong to sap key is written in different sheet. it would be like that after the macro run

SAP Key Name Location
xxx john london
zzzz hanks berlin

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Vlookup That Will Use Data In Another Workbook

Apr 28, 2009

I am trying to create a vlookup that will use data in another workbook. The workbook that should be used will change based on a cell in my current workbook (cell A2). So in cell A2 it will have Plan1, Plan2, etc.

This is what my formula looks like right now.
=VLOOKUP(A3,Plan1.xlsx!old, 4,FALSE)

Is there a way to make the table_array a formula so it will take cell A2 and string it together with .xlsx!old?

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VLOOKUP To Find Data In Another Workbook

Mar 18, 2008

The table to the right is actually in another workbook, both workbooks will be linked. What I'm trying to achieve is a vlookup formula that will count the items in the left table that have numbers entered into them. (This table will be located within a different workbook).

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Saving Userform Data To Different Workbook?

Oct 29, 2009

Is it possible to have a userform open in a workbook and when the data from the form is saved, save it to a completely different workbook. If so, will that other workbook need to be open for the userform data to be saved?

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Saving Userform Data To Different Workbook

Oct 29, 2009

Is it possible to have a userform open in a workbook and when the data from the form is saved, save it to a completely different workbook. If so, will that other workbook need to be open for the userform data to be saved?

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Using VLOOKUP With LEFT To Extract Data To Another Workbook

Aug 20, 2014

I have a workbook which has data from 2 different time points (6 and 12 months) and this is signified by a prefix to an ID number which is a letter (A or B) and a number:

I need to analyse data separately so I'd like to create 2 separate workbooks, once which imports all of the 6 month data (1 row per case) and one for the 12 month data.

I thought that this would be based around a VLOOKUP of the first 1 or 2 characters but I can't work out how to integrate this with an 'IF' and link it to another workbook.

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VLookup- Invoice Data Extracted From SAP And The Other Is A Workbook

Dec 24, 2007

I have 2 Workbooks. One is invoice data extracted from SAP and the other is a workbook I have to send to the client (has about 10 worksheets containing 5-10 different branches in each worksheet). The layout of the one I send to the client can not change so I am trying to import the values form the 1st workbook (SAP) into the 2nd workbook. What I do now is copy the first 4 columns of data for each branch and paste it into the 2nd workbook.

I was playing with a VLookup formula but I donít think that is the correct formula. I need the second workbook to be populated with all the invoice info (Number, Type, Date, Balance) that appears in the raw data workbook.

=VLOOKUP(H14,'[abcbank raw data sample.xls]Sheet1'!$A:$A+'[abcbank raw data sample.xls]Sheet1'!$A:$E,4)

H14 is the branch number on the client sheet (I cut the column containing the branch # on the raw data and inserted it before column A).

Raw Data From SAP

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Workbook With Userform - Monitoring Data Entry

Mar 17, 2014

I have a requirements to do a simple monitoring data entry. Composed of 1 admin and 10 users. These 10 users are assign to a different lines basically every lines have assigned user.

These 10 user will do a data entry. once they are done on the data entry the Admin will update those entered by the users based on ticket number and the users can browse those updated records.

Every users per line have assign ticketnumber that start in "L1"&YY&MM "-"001" this compsed of lines + year+month and numbers.

For the users side. Right now i have already created a workbook with userform to perform data entry by user (samplefor line1 and line2 user).

It has also a viewing form to view by the users if its already updated by the admin. i put also an events if the admin work book is open by other user they cannot access the workbook.

For admin side. I created also a userform for updating the records entered by the users to update records admin will enter ticket number to textbox.

This is the reference to find and search those records that belong to a particular ticket number and lines which will be updated by the admin.

Right now, I am doing records consolidation for both user and admin records. I have a button for both admin and userlines to perform consolidation. Once the user entered the records admin will capture those records and copy to the workbook used by admin to perform update. Then once the admin perform update the user will capture those updated by admin and copy to the workbook under the user.

Basically they have separate workbook for their entry and database.

Right now I encounter some issues which I think this will affect the integrity if records. Sample like once i perform consolidation it create duplicates records.

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Export Data From UserForm Into Another Excel Workbook

Oct 9, 2013

I've been investigating how to use a UserForm in Excel. While I've learned some, I can't quite figure out how to export the data from the UserForm. I want the form in one workbook and have it record a new row in a different, but constant workbook each time the action button is clicked. I have been able to create the form and included the action button, but I don't know what code to assign to the button.

I think I know the important pieces to the puzzle, but I don't know the syntax or how to put them together.

Form Details:
2 Text Boxes (TextBox1 & TextBox2) - TextBox1 is the Employee Name. TextBox2 is the Employee Number
10 List Boxes (ListBox1:ListBox10) - All ListBoxes will return a value of either "Yes" or "No".
1 Action Button (RecordCommand)

Export Details:
File Path Where the new workbook will be stored: E:HR Team Audit
File Name of Workbook where form data will be stored: "HR Audit Record Workbook.xlsx"
Column Headers will be in Cells A1:L1 of that workbook

Below is the code for the Text and List Boxes:


Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With TextBox1
End With

With TextBox2
End With

With ListBox1
.AddItem "Yes"
.AddItem "No"
End With

[Code] ........

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Input Data Into Userform From Separate Workbook

Jul 25, 2014

So I have a workbook (Workbook1) that opens a userform on launch. I have another workbook (Workbook2) that has a button to open Workbook1. Upon opening Workbook1 (and as a result the userform) I'd like to input data from Workbook2 into the fields of the userform. I'm not exactly sure how to reference the userform fields to input data from Workbook2.

I'm trying the following code:

Workbooks.Open (Workbook1)

With Workbooks(Workbook1).Userform1
UserformField1 = "Billy"
UserformField2 = "John"
End With

The macro is opening Workbook1 and the userform but the fields return blank.

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Save UserForm Data Into Separate Workbook

May 22, 2008

I have a form which creates a budget based on user input. I want to save that user input in a separate workbook. My goal is to reduce the file size. I have several modules which perform evaluations/ calculations, and then format the output in a worksheet, but the size is pretty large 450KB.

I was thinking that I could set the control source, to different cells on the worksheet, and then just copy the worksheet to a new workbook, and save the data by itself. Then if I wanted to change the data for a given budget, I would copy the sheet back into the workbook that contains the modules, and load the form again. Is this a good solution? Is there a better way? Please let me know if I can provide more information.

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Accessing UserForm In WorkBook (A) From WorkBook (B)

Jan 2, 2013

there is no direct method to access the Properties/Methods of a remote userform and its controls at runtime..... I needed this in a small project recently and I thought I would post here the solution I came up with as this may prove useful to others.

1- Code in the UserForm Module in Workbook A (Server workbook)

Option Explicit
Private Declare Function SetProp Lib "user32" Alias "SetPropA" _
(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpString As String, ByVal hData As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function RemoveProp Lib "user32" Alias "RemovePropA" _
(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal lpString As String) As Long


This also works for more than one loaded userform.

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Copy Data From Userform To Multiple Worksheets In Same Workbook?

Apr 25, 2014

I have a userform which loads the data into a worksheet named "Data" which is being used as a database for an event scheduler. I also load a calendar from a worksheet named "Month" so I need the information from the userform "UForm01" added to 2 worksheets.

The userform adds a series of textboxes to worksheet "Data" in the first open row. I also need certain textboxes from the Userform to be added to another worksheet to populate the calendar.

See the code below.

[Code] .....

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Userform To Fill Data Entered Into Different (existing) Workbook?

Feb 7, 2013

I have a userform that I want to add to a button click event, to fill userform data into a different (already existing) workbook.

What I have is a userform for entering Purchase order information (Supplier, Date, PO#, Products, Descriptions, Qty's, expected dates etc.) What I am trying to accomplish with this particular button, is to 'Generate Purchase Order'... Have a seperate workbook, with a 'blank' pre-formatted formal purchase order that will be autofilled with said userform. The now generated Purchase Order ready for print/ save-as.

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Automatic Data Entry To Separate Workbook From Userform

Jul 30, 2013

I have a userform, UserForm1, which lives in a spreadsheet called 'Data Entry.xls' There is nothing else on the spreadsheet itself, it's just for the use of a userform.

I would like the user to populate textboxs in UserForm1 but have that update cells in a separate spreadsheet 'Training.xls' in the same directory.

I have this code at the moment to find the next empty row and to input data into it, which is working perfectly to enter data to sheet1 in Data Entry.xls:

[CODE]Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

eRow = Sheet1.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
Cells(eRow, 1) = TextBox1.Text
Cells(eRow, 2) = TextBox2.Text
Cells(eRow, 3) = TextBox6.Text

End Sub[CODE]

How can i modify it so it would do the same thing, i.e find the next empty row and then populate with what the user types in the textbox but in Sheet1 of 'Training.xls'

Would 'Training.xls' need to be open?

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