VBA: Extract Data

Mar 17, 2009

I have a table: A1: K28879

I need only certain rows to be extracted and placed on same worksheet or a seperate one BUT

The rows to be extracted are under a heading above it which that says 9 number and Count eg: 123456789 Count. (Count is alwatys there the number vary however its always in column A)


45621234 Count
data data etc..... (i need this row)
...another row
...another row

456345678 Count
data data etc.. (this one)
more data... (not this row)


The first row under that heading needs to be extracted only.. some under that heading might have 1-15 rows it varies...

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Excel 2007 :: Conditional VBA - Extract Data From Each Tab Into Master Tab Based On Data

Feb 28, 2014

I am looking for VBA code to extract data from each tab into master tab based on data.

I have 3 tabs (inputs)

Tab1 (Dept A-NAME) (RANGE B4:I7)

Start Time
End Time

Customer 1

[Code] .....

Tab 2 (Dept B-NAME) (RANGE B4:I11)

Start Time
End Time

Customer 3

[Code] .......

Tab 3 (Dept C-NAME) (RANGE B4:I7)

Is it possible to run vba code to get below result in new tab

Start Time
End Time

Customer 1
Dept A

[Code] ......

Condition here is date 2/25/2014, is possible when running code message box pops up to ask date, when we give conditional date it extracts those dates.

Excel -2007 & Windows 7

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Comparing 2 Columns Have Similar Data - Extract Matching Data

Apr 18, 2013

So I have this problem in excel with comparing 2 columns.

Basically, I have 2 columns(a &B) that I need to compare with one another and find out the matching data. I am trying to use that matching data to enter in our reports.

Both columns might have duplicate items because I am dealing with premium numbers.

Formula to compare these 2 columns and find the matching data and extract it to a separate column. Keep in mind, i am dealing with almost 20,000 lines of data.

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Extract Unique Data From Information In Output Data?

Jul 2, 2014

I am trying to extract unique Data from the information in the output data in the file attached after i have extracted data based on criteria from the database sheet. i have noticed that because i extract data from the database sheet and from there i perform the extraction of the of the unique data , it is not able to extract unique isser name form the output sheet.

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VBA Code To Extract Data And Remove Unwanted Data In Row

Dec 15, 2013

I have a workbook that has ben imported into excel and I need to extract the Cabinet sizes (red text) from ColumnC On Sheet2 leaving out the rest of the info. I have a button on the home sheet that has the code that I am running to generate this report it will do most of what I want but I am stuck at extracting the cabinet sizes.

The data is coming from the SheetComponetListing worksheet and going to Sheet2. I have manually created the end result that I am looking for on the CabinetSize worksheet. [URL]....

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Extract Data From 4 Columns

Feb 21, 2014

I have 4 columns of numbers. How to randomly extract a certain set numbers from each column. Then display the results from smallest to largest. I provided a sample worksheet..

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Extract Data From Matrix

Jun 22, 2008

I'm running a small messenger company and I've got a geographic area divided into five zones: 1,2,3E,3W,& 4

Deliveries within 1 zone will be charged for one zone.
Deliveries from Zone 1 to Zone 2 will be charged for 2 zones. Etc.

I've got a list of zones in my From column and also in my To column.

I need to write a formula that will give my customers the Zones Charged in a seperate cell.

I learned how to do something like this back in school, but don't even know what to call it anymore. Maybe it's some kind of comples IF function.

FREE Deliveries to anyone in Long Beach, CA to the winner!!!

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Extract Data From Columns ..

Oct 9, 2008

how to extract all members of group of data (column) - for example data is (2,4,2,5,6,6,2,6,5,5,2) and to get as result only members of group (2,4,5,6)?

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Extract Data From A String

Sep 7, 2009

I have a string (as below - Call them A1:A4) which I would like to seperate into 4 columns (Call them B1:E4).

I have successfully seperated the first part using MID (It's always 5 digits) but the second part has a varing length which then impacts on the third and fourth parts of the string.... Any ideas?

87261 WIMBLEDON 10:08 10:10
87169 NEWMALDEN PASS 10:13
87171 SURBITON PASS 10:15
87177 HMPTNCTJN PASS 10:16

To add to this I am using the POCKET PC version of Excel which does not have all functions so at the moment I am limited to which functions I can use (Can you add functions to the PPC?).

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Extract Unmatched Data?

Mar 4, 2013

I want to extract data from Serrial number 2 columnwhich are not match to Serrial number 1 column and past into in third column

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Extract Data By Certain Year

Mar 7, 2013

I have 2 columns. One is the years and one is the the associated data.

I need the associated data(BP values) to be sorted in years like shown in excel sheet attached.

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Extract Data Quantity Less Than 40

May 13, 2014

I have data in ms excel and in column "F" is the Qty

If the Qty is Less then 40 then extract the data and put into the sheet "Less then 40"

I have attached sample excel file : Extr.xls‚Äé

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Macro To Extract Data

Oct 7, 2008

I would like to create a macro so that it will pull all the data from the worksheet "Data" and put it onto worksheet "Extracted Data". However I only require the rows which have Booking Office No SU17.

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Extract Data From A List

Jan 12, 2009

I have some code that is importing data from a text file that contains ~35,000 line items and is ~50 columns wide (this part of the code is working fine).

Once the file has been imported, I need to copy certain line items to a sheet called ďoutputĒ. The code would be something like this if reading line by line:

If the value in row x, column 5 (it is always in the 5th column) in ďAccountListĒ then
copy entire row and to next empty row in sheet(ďoutputĒ)

The ďAccountListĒ is separate sheet with a list of account numbers in column A with ~250 items.

I am not sure if the code to extract this data should occur while I am importing the data or if I should do it after and run through the data again.

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Extract Data From One File To Another

Apr 13, 2009

I have a report that is downloaded off a company database and creates a report that is attached.
Is there a way to create a macro to extract some data that I need and leave the rest:

I need to keep and everything in the assigned column
PB ID (A3), Issue (B3), Group Code (J3), Group Name (K3), Sub group id (L3), Sub Group Name (M3),Subject ID (L3), Subject Group Name (M3), Subject ID (N3), Subject (O3), PB Status (P3), CPM Report Name (T3), CPM Profile Name (U3), Profile State (V3).

The worksheet's name changes so I can't reference the worksheet. Attached is a copy of what I get when downloaded.

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Extract Hourly Data

Jul 14, 2009

I have an excel work sheet with 2 columns and hundreds of rows. The first column is time in minutes over a number a years and the second is a list of corresponding data readings (numbers). I want to only select on the hour data from the list however I cannot seem to do it. The times vary in the sense that they are not all just 1 minute apart, some are every minute, then there might be a 10 minute gap in data, a few more minutes, then another gap etc.. All I want to be able to do is to select all the on the hour data from the list and its corresponding data value.

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Extract Data If Value Is Greater Than Zero

Jan 11, 2010

I built an estimating spreadsheet for the electrical construction industry and am trying put together a "Materials List" on another worksheet. I want the materials list to display materials which have a value greater than zero.

Example, the 1st worksheet is my estimating worksheet which contains a list of 30 materials. The 2nd worksheet is a "Bill of Materials" that I would like to display in a proposal format to the customer. I only want to show them materials that have a quanitity of more than zero from the estimating worksheet.

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How To Extract Data If A Value Is Present

Aug 28, 2008

how to use COUNTIF to count up the number of times something appears. What I want to do is add up values if an H is present in the cell with the value eg. if 3 cells contained:

H, 3.5
H, 3

...then 6.5 would be returned.

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Extract Data From Between 2 Dates?

Dec 28, 2011

I have a sheet of data where I need to extract data from between 2 dates, if the result of the 2 dates are

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Extract Data Between Two Characters?

Feb 3, 2012

In column M I have data that lists a number, then number of metres between brackets. For instance

Column M
11 (79m)
1 (5m)
22 (123m)

Basically what I want to do is to always return the number of metres without m, so the data between "(" and "m".

I tried to do this using the find and mid formulas, but I either haven't got it quite right. I'm only after a spreadsheet solution (not VBA).

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Extract Data From A String?

Apr 23, 2012

I am trying to extract the ounces (OZ) data from a string: example, BOX 15OZ 1819106287, CONTAINER 12.3OZ 1818176234. I need everything from OZ prior until there is a space.


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Extract Particular Data From A String

Jun 29, 2012

I have a file which contains one field showing all of the changes to our data. It shows the Field Name followed by a colon: then the Before value followed by a line | then the After value. If multiple fields changed then they are separated by a semicolon;.

I am interest in extracting the Before and After values for changes to the MP.COST field only. Here are examples of the data:

A1 = "MP.COST :4.00|3.50;MP.FLAG :Y|N;"
A2 = "MP.COST :4.25|4.12500;"
A3 = "MP.CODE :125064|200009;MP.COST :4.79|4.66000;"

For A1 I want to pull back 4.00 and 3.50
For A2 I want to pull back 4.25 and 4.12500
For A3 I want to pull back 4.79 and 4.66000

These are all of the Before and After values associated to MP.COST.

Kow I can accomplish this either through an excel formula or piece of code?

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Using Find To Extract Only Certain Data

Aug 2, 2012

Example: Milburn Corp- -Invalid date range

Desired outcome: Milburn Corp

Lets say Milburn is in cell A1. I used the following formula which did not work. I kept getting a Value error message

=a1,find("- -",a1,1)-1)

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Extract Some Data From A List

Feb 8, 2013

I have data for the distances of cars journeys. I'm looking to extract the 1st journey distance for each date for each car. The car registration number is in column A.

This is an example:

Sheet1  ABCDEF1Reg number Date distance  1st Journey distance
210D1449904/01/20119.271  9.271310D1449904/01/201110.016  1.876410D1449905/01/20119.292   
510D1449905/01/20119.629   610D1449906/01/20119.327   710D1449906/01/20113.185   
810D1449906/01/201110.163   910D1555506/01/20111.876   1010D1555612/01/20119.534   
1110D1555712/01/20111.48   1210D1555812/01/20115.628   1310D1555912/01/20115.356

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Extract Data Between Parentheses?

Apr 2, 2013

I have a long list beginning either with 4 numbers or 4 numbers followed by parentheses and a single number between them. I have this formula to extract the data between parentheses:


What can I do to eliminate a "#VALUE!" result for cells that do not contain parentheses?

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Extract All Data From One Single Name?

Nov 28, 2013

I got a data consists of Invoice number (Cell A2), Invoice date (Cell B2), customer name (Cell c2), Invoice Amount (Cell D2). The data range is about A2 to D 128 have records of 3 months with several customer names. I need every customers details as individual. For example any where i am typing one particular customer name means it should bring that particular customer's entire details alone. Simply as the following table i need the details of particular customer details alone.





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Extract Data From Cell?

Dec 11, 2013

if I had cells that contained values:X220 Lecture 1 [800]

X220 Lecture 2 [75.0] Is there a way to copy the value within each cell between the [ ] and paste that into another cell? As an example:


Lecture 1 [75.0]

Lecture 2 [100.0]

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Extract Data From A Table?

Jan 14, 2014

extracting data from a table.

team 01
team 02
team 03


I want to know what are the teams in which sam a member. Peoples' names should be selected from a dropdown menu and names of the teams should be displayed below the menu.

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Macro To Extract Data

May 24, 2014

Macro that extract information i need from column A into column B. My file contains comments regarding a sale made by a manager. And, the only information that pertains to me is the bags it will be using.

Below is a example of a comment (ROW 28 of the file):

PO 186
240 X 20 # PANDA $ 9.90 EACH $ 49.50 CWT.
850 X 40 # PANDA $ 19.05 EACH $ 47.63 CWT.

The only information i need is 240 X 20 # PANDA and 850 X 40 # PANDA.

In the file, the Bags Tab, lists the names of all of the bags we current have in our inventory. I was thinking that a macro can run through column A of the comment tab and if it finds a match in the bag tab it would list it out in column B of the comments tab.

Here is my file. [URL]....

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VBA Extract Data From One Excel To Another Using Sum

Jun 3, 2014

I'm trying to extract data from one excel to another. I'm able to extract data without a problem copying cell to cell or a count, but I'm not able to get a return by calculating the sum. There must be a way?

.Range("A1").Value = Sourcesheet.Worksheets(1).Range("C10").Value
.Range("A2").Value = Sourcesheet.Worksheets(1).Range("D1:D10").Count
.Range("A3").Value = Sourcesheet.Worksheets(1).Range("D1:D10").Sum

First two lines work like a charm, but not sure how to tackle the third.

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