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VBA: Extract Data

I have a table: A1: K28879

I need only certain rows to be extracted and placed on same worksheet or a seperate one BUT

The rows to be extracted are under a heading above it which that says 9 number and Count eg: 123456789 Count. (Count is alwatys there the number vary however its always in column A)


45621234 Count
data data etc..... (i need this row)
...another row
...another row

456345678 Count
data data etc.. (this one)
more data... (not this row)


The first row under that heading needs to be extracted only.. some under that heading might have 1-15 rows it varies...

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Extract Data From A Website
Is it possible to extract data from a website into an excell workbook using data from the workbook?

I have rough workbook that i gather data from 3 different websites to calculate a rough market value for DVDs that I buy and sell. I am good with excel but have no idea about importing data into it.

Currently I copy and paste from the sites on an as needed basis but it is a slow slow task when I have several dozen or more to do per hour.

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Extract Data From One File To Another
I have a report that is downloaded off a company database and creates a report that is attached.
Is there a way to create a macro to extract some data that I need and leave the rest:

I need to keep and everything in the assigned column
PB ID (A3), Issue (B3), Group Code (J3), Group Name (K3), Sub group id (L3), Sub Group Name (M3),Subject ID (L3), Subject Group Name (M3), Subject ID (N3), Subject (O3), PB Status (P3), CPM Report Name (T3), CPM Profile Name (U3), Profile State (V3).

The worksheet's name changes so I can't reference the worksheet. Attached is a copy of what I get when downloaded.

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Extract Hourly Data
I have an excel work sheet with 2 columns and hundreds of rows. The first column is time in minutes over a number a years and the second is a list of corresponding data readings (numbers). I want to only select on the hour data from the list however I cannot seem to do it. The times vary in the sense that they are not all just 1 minute apart, some are every minute, then there might be a 10 minute gap in data, a few more minutes, then another gap etc.. All I want to be able to do is to select all the on the hour data from the list and its corresponding data value.

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Extract Data From Columns ..
how to extract all members of group of data (column) - for example data is (2,4,2,5,6,6,2,6,5,5,2) and to get as result only members of group (2,4,5,6)?

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Extract Data From Matrix
I'm running a small messenger company and I've got a geographic area divided into five zones: 1,2,3E,3W,& 4

Deliveries within 1 zone will be charged for one zone.
Deliveries from Zone 1 to Zone 2 will be charged for 2 zones. Etc.

I've got a list of zones in my From column and also in my To column.

I need to write a formula that will give my customers the Zones Charged in a seperate cell.

I learned how to do something like this back in school, but don't even know what to call it anymore. Maybe it's some kind of comples IF function.

FREE Deliveries to anyone in Long Beach, CA to the winner!!!

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How To Extract Data If A Value Is Present
how to use COUNTIF to count up the number of times something appears. What I want to do is add up values if an H is present in the cell with the value eg. if 3 cells contained:

H, 3.5
H, 3

...then 6.5 would be returned.

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Extract Numerical Data
if it is possible to create a formula to just extract numerical data. It is formated in text or sometimes general format.


John Doe - 1202939402093
109230920933 - Jane Doe

Is there such a formula that will read the cell, and extract the numerical part of the cell and place it in another cell?

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Extract The Data From Each File
I have my Excel workbook open with 690 files hyperlinked to the specific folder on my documents, if I click one link the folder opens fine with the file I am looking for.

What I need is one of you genius's to invent a code so that I can highlight my 690 files and extract the data from each file and input that into a seperate workbook.

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Extract Data If Value Is Greater Than Zero
I built an estimating spreadsheet for the electrical construction industry and am trying put together a "Materials List" on another worksheet. I want the materials list to display materials which have a value greater than zero.

Example, the 1st worksheet is my estimating worksheet which contains a list of 30 materials. The 2nd worksheet is a "Bill of Materials" that I would like to display in a proposal format to the customer. I only want to show them materials that have a quanitity of more than zero from the estimating worksheet.

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Extract Data From A String
I have a string (as below - Call them A1:A4) which I would like to seperate into 4 columns (Call them B1:E4).

I have successfully seperated the first part using MID (It's always 5 digits) but the second part has a varing length which then impacts on the third and fourth parts of the string.... Any ideas?

87261 WIMBLEDON 10:08 10:10
87169 NEWMALDEN PASS 10:13
87171 SURBITON PASS 10:15
87177 HMPTNCTJN PASS 10:16

To add to this I am using the POCKET PC version of Excel which does not have all functions so at the moment I am limited to which functions I can use (Can you add functions to the PPC?).

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How To Extract Some Data From A Cell
I have a series of numbers like the one below in Column A and I need to end up with everything between the dashes in Column B.


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Extract Data From A List
I have some code that is importing data from a text file that contains ~35,000 line items and is ~50 columns wide (this part of the code is working fine).

Once the file has been imported, I need to copy certain line items to a sheet called “output”. The code would be something like this if reading line by line:

If the value in row x, column 5 (it is always in the 5th column) in “AccountList” then
copy entire row and to next empty row in sheet(“output”)

The “AccountList” is separate sheet with a list of account numbers in column A with ~250 items.

I am not sure if the code to extract this data should occur while I am importing the data or if I should do it after and run through the data again.

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Macro To Extract Data
I would like to create a macro so that it will pull all the data from the worksheet "Data" and put it onto worksheet "Extracted Data". However I only require the rows which have Booking Office No SU17.

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Extract Data From One Sheet To Another
I have two sheets, one sheets contains the details for ALL records on the other sheet contains a limited selection of records.

What I would like to do is to be able to filter the sheet that has ALL the records so that it displays ONLY he records on the filtered list.

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Extract Matching Data
I have a flat file (see attched). What I want is to be able to choose a "Unit no" from a form combo box and a list of names linked to that unit to appear below

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How Do I Extract Data From Multiple Workbooks Using VBA
I am trying to create functions in VBA and I need to extract data from multiple workbooks. For example, is it possible to sum data(numbers) contained in multiple workbooks using VBA? If so, how do I create that function in VBA.

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Extract Data From Non Blank Cells
I have a worksheet with an overview that is filled with blank cells and wells with 1 values (see example):


I'd like to extract only the cells which are filled with the value 1 and concatenate them into the matching text. The result are to be placed in one column in a second worksheet:


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Extract Data In Three Different Columns To New Workbook
An excel file with over 400 worksheets in it. I need to copy the data, a bunch of numbers, from column C, column F and column I, and paste them in a new file or worksheet all in column A of the new sheet.

All of the 400+ worksheets have these numbers I need to grab in the same columns- C, F and I.

I spent most of the day Friday cutting and pasting. I am experimenting with macros, but I am just not that good.

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Extract Certain Data Based On Criteria
I have a raw database that contains various data all in one column and I only want to extract certain data to a new column. All I want is to extract the time, like 14:00, 14:15, 14:30, etc...... from column "A" and populate column "D" if it meets this criteria.

I have tried everything I can think of, very difficult yet it seems to be so simple.

The "date" is really a date format but the "time" is really text.

Here is what the data looks like:

Column A has....


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Match Data On List & Extract
Im using XL 2k and working on several worksheets. Im trying to create a formula to do the following.

On Hardware Wksht Tab cell B20 should extract data from HardwareLIST Wksht if it matches to cell C20 from Hardware Wksht Tab. The cell in HardwareLIST A10 is a drop down list of hardware.

C20 Specifies 4 x 8 Only
C21 Specifies 4 x 9 Only
C22 Specifies 4 x 10 Only

However the drop list contains 3 different types of 4x8's, 4x9's & 4x10s. If selected then B20 should read drop list and match criteria & return the value from HardwareLIST D10. Im having trouble formulating this one.

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Extract Data Groups Into Their Own Workbooks
I have a worksheet filled with employee data. I.e. EMPLID, COUNTRY, MANAGER_ID, etc. I want to extract these employees into a new workbook (spreadsheet) by the employee's manager. So each workbook would contain every employee row data for only one manager.

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Extract Subset Of Data From .csv File
I would get the End of day bhavcopy from the exchange which is a .csv file. The first column contains the column heads like name, open price etc. and the first column. Now I have to extract the names and the corresponding column values from this list by referring to a notepad that contains the ticker names to be extracted, place in another workbook and save that file.

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Extract Data By Multiple Criteria
I have an excel sheet which has 200 fields and 1000 rows, now I want to make summary of them, so I need some fields to be extracted from those 200 fields to another sheet on multiple criteria, Like Category, First Name, Last Name, District, Village, Date and etc.

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Extract/copy Data From A Table
I need to extract/copy (to another sheet) data of all 4 columns in a row for each first entry and last exit (for each person) from the attached file.

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Extract Data From Different Files Or Worsheets
I have around 20 Excelfiles each of them has around 15 Worksheets. Now I would like to extract certain values in order to make calculations and finally to build graphs and diagrams. the value is written next to the descripiton which is common. With copy and paste I get crazy.

How can I automatize it that I can scan Excel files and worksheets for certain values (e.g. total production volume).

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Compare Workbooks And Extract Data
I have 2 workbooks containg about 600 names and the serial number of the computer they are using. One I keep so I know who has what machine. The other is created automatically by a service we subscribe to.
This workbook is loaded with errors. Machine costs being charged to the wrong people.

They both contain last name, first name and serial number. Although not in the same columns. With formulas, I have been able to take the serial number from the service.xls and find that serial number in the inventory.xls.

The ultimate goal is this:
Take serial number from service.xls and compare it to inventoryxls.
If it exist, put the first and last name of the user from inventory.xls onto the service.xls sheet.
If it does not exist, then put "does not exist"

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Extract From A List If A Cell Has Data In It
This will get kind of complicated just a heads up.. I will try to take it in phases.... Without actually uploading my true sheet I will do my best to give a representation of what I'm trying to accomplish. Basically I will have Lists for the Year by Month. In each month the list will compile a list of problems and there corresponding data for each problem. Most of the problems will be internal, however some will be due to external (a supplier). When this occurs the suppliers name will be input into one of the columns. I want to beable to pull out the suppliers from each month and then sort them in order from top offenders to minor offenders by "QTY"

See the attached example sheet. That should give a better understanding of what I need to do.. I am not sure if this can be done with worksheet functions so I posted it under the Programming thread.

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Using A Macro To Extract And Rearrange Data?
I have a big collection of spreadsheets that are all laid out in the same fashion: from A2 down are the names of different individuals (one name per row). Column titles (from B1 right) are the names of unique qualifications that these individuals possess. In the cell where a row and column intersects is the date at which this qualification was awarded. If this doesn’t make total sense, I’ve attached a very basic version of this to the post (Sheet 1) – although the spreadsheets I’m working with have hundreds of individuals and scores of qualifications, rather than just a couple!

This data needs exporting/rearranging into a format that’s recognisable by another piece of software that we use. In this format, the data is split into three columns: the person’s name, a possessed qualification and the date it was awarded. This means that a single individual’s name may have multiple rows, since a different qualification will be present in each row for that person. An example of this layout is shown on Sheet 2 of the attachment.

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Extract Specific Data And Copy
I want to extract specific expense for my year 2009 work book. such as just rent with relevant data from all other expeses.

for example in my work book, I want to extract rental expense with relevant GST PST and Total for all three months. i attached a excel work book for broader idea.

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Extract Data In Brackets/Parenthesis
I am importing into Excel a list of contacts from a txt file so I can make a mailing label database. I am able to seperate out the various parts of the address just fine but here's where it gets tricky.

Below is a example of the text I am importing:
Mr Dow Jones, 600 DIXON ROAD, TORONTO, ON M9W 1J1, CANADA (1-416-6757611)

I need Excel to look at the cell containing the country name and: 1st. see if there is a phone number present (this is the numbers between the () and if there is - place the phone number in Cell F1 and place the Country in Cell E1 but strip out both the () and the phone number. If there is no phone number present (and therefore no () I need Excel to go ahead and place the country name in E1

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Extract Web Data From Part Of Page
I would like to extract some data from a web page, but only part of it. The website is:


and I have a spreadsheet with many different ProjectId hyperlinks in a column (the final six-digit number). All I want is the large block of text that is in the middle of the page. Sometimes there is no text, as in:


So I don't know how to deal with that either...

I would just like to paste the text into a cell adjacent to the hyperlink. I know that there is a visibility issue with 1024 characters, but can cope with that (no text will be longer than the 32k+ chars).

Any help would be appreciated - it's for my wife's PhD, and I just want to make it easier on her. I am reasonably ok with macros, but am by no means expert! If you need clarification,

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Extract Data From A String Array And Sum
I want to extract data from array string and then sum the values. For reference attaching the excel.

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Extract Data Between Carriage Returns
I have a cell that contains several carriage returns. How do I extract data from between 2 carriage returns?

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Extract Data From Rows Into Columns
I'm using Excel 2007 and I need to extract values from rows from a data dump into columns. Here is sample data (this is dummy data, but the format is the same): ...

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Formula To Extract Data From Database
I want extract data from 1 database and I know how to do it with the Pivot Table. Unfortunately, doens.t show it the way I want. I have attached one file with my problem - pls, check sheet RPT.

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To Extract Data From HTML Header
I have managed to open an HTML file from IE and start importing some data from the HTML source to an excel table.

The problem is that I need to get access to some information in a function that is in the HTML header and I do not know the syntax to use.

I am defining the HTML document using ".Document.body.innerHTML". But I need to find the syntax that is equivalent to ".Document.head.innerHTML".

With HTMLdoc
.Visible = True
.Navigate PageString
Do Until .ReadyState = 4: DoEvents: Loop
End With

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Identify And Extract Cyle Data
I am using this sheet as an example


the data contains date/time info in column A and weight data in column B which cycles for when a tank is filled and subsequently emptied (indicated by values below 100)

I am looking for a script that will:-

a. identify these cycles using the column b data and seperate out or return the date/time values for cycle start and end
b. report the max value in column b for each cycle

The max value of b data will allow me to know which product was in the tank. I will then know the date/times for each time a particular product was made. I then want to extract the data from the rest of the columns for the specified dates

I am hoping this sounds lot more complicated than it actually is but I am completely lost when it comes to programming VBS and macros so I desperately need some help.

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How To Extract Data With A Preset Time
I have a big group of test data each has a list of record of the format (time, parameter). But they have different time step, ie. the records have different number of data set in the same duration. I would like to make them the same, so I need to extract data from the records. For example, I have a list of the original record (in column A & B) as follows: ..

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Attempt To Extract Data, GETPIVOTDATA?
I've attached a spreadsheet which is a basic version of what I'm trying to achieve. I've got a pivottable based on 3 columns of data: Order No, Delivery Date, Value

I want the sum of a given order in a certain month. E.g. the value of Order No. 1001 for Dec '05. I tried doing a pivottable and then using GETPIVOTDATA (which I've not really used before) and failed. I imagine there's a better way I've not attempted yet. Can anyone shed any light? The spreadsheet is attached

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Extract Data Within Date Range
I have a an excel file which has 2 columns of data. 1st column indicates the date. 2nd column indicates the data associated with the date.

I would want to create a code that is able to extract the dates that is able to let user select the date range and its associated data and copy it into another worksheet.
But it seems that my below code fails. Can anybody give me some advice?

For eg in the attachment file, the Raw Data worksheet contains all the infomation and i wish to copy all the data from 8thJuly07 to 30thJuly07 to another sheet named Edited Data.

Sub date_choice()
Dim i As Integer, j As Integer
Dim end_date_last_occurence As Integer, No_of_end_date_occurence As Integer
Dim strt_date_1st_occurence_row(1 To 10000) As Variant
Dim end_date_1st_occurence_row(1 To 10000) As Variant

Raw_data_last_row = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row 'Get the last row no

Sheets(1).Name = "Raw Data"
start_Date = InputBox("Enter Start Date", "Start Date", "dd,mm,yy")
end_Date = InputBox("Enter End Date", "End Date", "dd,mm,yy")

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Extract Data From One Cell And Put Them In Several Cells?
how can I extract data from one column( cell) to several lines(cells) (every slash marks new column like on picture below) without doing it manually (I have 100 cells and I cant do it on foot).

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Using If, Extract Data From One Worksheet And Place In Another
I am trying to create a basic order history in excel from orders generated on our limited ERP system. I have exported the data required and imported to excel, but due to the export limitations, I can only export certain fields at a time.
This means that I have to create three sheets for all the data I require.

The first sheet has the bulk of the data and is now nicely collumned. However, I cannot get both the customer code and full customer name on the same sheet due to the aforementioned limitations.
Sheet 1 has customer code and other data, sheet 2 has customer code plus full customer name.

I have created a collumn for the customer name on sheet 1 (A3) next to the customer code (A2)

Basically, what I am trying to get it to do is as follows:
In "A3" I need to create a formula that states that if A2 contains a certain customer code, then look in sheet 2, match the code and place the full customer name for that code. Bearing in mind that we have over 395 customer codes in use, so asking for a specific code to lookup would be as time consuming as entering the codes manually.

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Extract Data From Closed Workbooks
I tried using Dave Hawley's code, but I can't get it to work. It works if the source workbook is open, but I get all "#REF" results if the source workbook is closed. Sales Order Import is the target worksheet for the data, inside the open workbook where this code is located.

Set wks = Worksheets("Sales Order Import")
With wks. Range("A56:Z100")
.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF('C:DdriveMy DocumentsProjectManagementManagementReport[AU0009099.xls]Sheet1'!RC="""",NA(),'C:DdriveMy DocumentsProjectManagementManagementReport[AU0009099.xls]Sheet1'!RC)"
'Delete all Error cells
On Error Resume Next
'.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, xlErrors).Clear
On Error Goto 0
'Change all formulas to Values only
.Value = .Value
End With

The .SpecialCells line is commented out, because it error messages (that's my next problem to tackle).

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Extract Certain Data Based On Conditions
method to extract certain data from a column of values.

The attached workbook has two sheets. From the worksheet named "Data" I would like to be able to extract any values >0.00% and then display the corresponding "model" (C:C) on the other sheet called "Results". I need to be able to achieve this for each day in the month and disregard all other values so I am left with a concise list.

I have manually entered the info for the 1st June as an example.

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Extract Data With Form Control
I need to extract proper unit price of a component from a large data base. So far, I have created drop down lists so that the users can select different parameters for each component. How do I use the user selected parameter to pin point the proper unit price from the large database?

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Extract Data From A Source File
I need to extract data from another source file using VBA. I have problems copying the extracted data and format into the required data format. And also, how do i delete the row that is not required in the output file, in the below example: The row, D0, is not needed. An Example Data Format From the SOURCE file:...............

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Extract Data From Multiple Sheets Into One
I am running into at the moment is that where the Select Case is checking if the sheet name starts with the initials and project number, it doesn't seem to recognise if it is correct (and therefore perform the actions). I have stepped through the code and when I use the immediate window to manually check:

? ws.Name Like "TA0632*"

I get True as an answer, but the code goes on to the next case as though it is false. Here is the code I have so far, which I'm sure can be trimmed down loads:

Option Explicit
Dim currCell As Range
Dim c As Long
Dim r As Long
Dim rng
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim skp As String
Dim LastColumn As Integer

Sub Breakdown()
Dim t
t = Timer
For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
Debug.Print "Current sheet is " & ws.Name

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I'd like to have a formula in Column C which would extract the quantity from either Column A or Column E depending on the value in Column D.

A ---- B ---- C ---- D----------------E-----------F
QTY -UOM----------Tariff #----------QTY 1-----UOM1

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Define Then Extract Data Recalculate Totals
I receive an order spreadsheet from a customer see attached .rar file. I have had to compress as it is 101kb.

Each row is one order with the information of what is required including the data.

Some orders need to be dispatched on the day before (these orders are standard and are always dispatched the day before.)

I would like a solution that would let me define the orders dispatched the day before, remove them and the total from the original day and recalculate the data. There is a week’s worth of data that is sent from the customer and the orders may be duplicated during the week but need to be fulfilled.

Attached is also an example of how the data could be sorted

Nine Elms Sheet the data would be imported from the customer,
Criteria would define the orders that are dispatched early,
The pre tabs would have the orders found that meet the criteria set and totalled (pre Monday would be Tuesdays dispatched early)
The day tabs would have the other orders totalled after the early orders have been removed.

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Extract Data Depending On Cell Information
i have 20 different materials which have codes assigned to them

wh = white
ivory = ivory
db = duck egg blue

etc etc

when i create an order some of the codes will be called up
i want to be able to put them codes plus the description into the worksheet Ideally into the header. if not call a1

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