VLOOKUP Multiple Criteria (Dates)

Jan 22, 2009

In column I, there is a list of dates - month and day only

In column J there is a list of dates, month,day, and year.


in column K, I am trying to setup a Vlookup statement that states if the month and day in column I = the month and day in column J then return the value in column J.

I have the following formula, but it just returns N/A.

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Multiple Criteria Count Between 2 Dates & Other Criteria

Jul 30, 2008

I have a spreadsheet which lists letters issued, the date issued and the potcode. I need a formula that counts, on a weekly basis, the number of letters issued to postcodes in Sutton and Bexley.

I have a count sheet set up on one worksheet and the list of postcodes applicable to each area are listed on another worksheet. I have been playing around with sumif, sumproduct etc, but these don't seem to work as I am pointing the formula to a list of postcodes and not an individual postcode. For example, the formula for one week needs to tell me, the number of letters issed to Sutton between 26/07/08 - 01/08/08. This is what I tried -

=SUMPRODUCT(('MU63 NC'!$F$2:$F$10>=COUNT!B$2)*('MU63 NC'!$F$2:$F$10<=COUNT!B$3)*('MU63 NC'!$D$2:$D$10=Sutton!$A$2:$A$50))

But I get #N/A - if I change the last refernce to a specific cell instead of a range it works, but this will make the process very lengthy as there are lots of postcodes!

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Excel Vlookup Between Two Dates Returning Multiple Data?

Jul 11, 2014

Basicly i have a list of information and i need to be able to enter a start data in one cell and a end date in a different cell and then return all the dates between them.

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Vlookup With Multiple Criteria?

Jan 31, 2014

I know this is an oft repeated title, I can't get the syntax correct.

In the attached file (only 41 rows) I've tried the following:

in Col AJ4:AJ83303 (I did not attach the whole sheet, formula reflects bottom row of data)

returns #VALUE! (for col X as text????)

returns #REF!


In all cells in Col AJ I want the amount in col 2 of the index to be added to the net amount in Col AI.

Criteria 1 Where net amount is >0 on any cell in Col AJ

Criteria 2 Where Col X = N1 (which has NR entered)

Col P is where the lookup value for the Index is, how do I reference that in the index formula?

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Using Vlookup On Multiple Criteria?

Feb 13, 2014

I have a requirement where I need to look up a resource hierarchy with the region and the product line and then decide the value from the mapping table.

May be I can explain more clear with the workbook example attached.

If a user belongs to Dev & QA * hierarchy, check the region, and correspondingly check the product line, on meeting all these select the value from the mapping table to fetch the expense value from Approval process column of mapping sheet.

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Vlookup Formula With Multiple Criteria

May 12, 2014

I am trying to modify an existing nested vlookup formula to include one more condition. I attached the excel data file. There are two tabs:

Tab #1 - Performance
Column B (Email Send Date): can be a repetitive date, something like
Row 2. 4/25/2014
Row 3. 4/25/2014
Row 4. 4/25/2014
Row 5. 4/25/2014
Row 6. 5/2/2014
Row 7. 5/2/2014
Row 8. 5/2/2014
Row 9. 5/9/2014
Row 10. 5/9/2014
Row 11. 5/9/2014

Column F (Product ID): can be same product for different Email Send Date. For instance, Row 2 & Row 9 have the same product ID - 128 and Row 5 & Row 10 have same product ID - 131.

Row 2. 128
Row 3. 129
Row 4. 130
Row 5. 131
Row 6. 567
Row 7. 897
Row 8. 987
Row 9. 128
Row 10. 131
Row 11. 234

Column R: Units Sold - need to retrieve the units sold value from Column D - Units Sold in UnitsSoldOnlineVlookup tab.

The formula needs to lookup the Units Sold from a table in a different tab, named UnitsSoldOnlineVlookup. This table contains the following columns:

Tab #2 - UnitsSoldOnlineVlookup
Column A - Email Send Date
Column B - Product Description
Column C - Product ID
Column D - Units Sold

Before Product IDs were different for each Email Send Date and I successfully used this formula:


Now I need to embed one more condition to this formula - lookup Units Sold for the Product ID as well as the email date:

lookup Units Sold for a Product ID for a corresponding Email Send Date in UnitsSoldOnlineVlookup table and return Units Sold into the corresponding cell in the Performance tab.

I thought to use MATCH function in addition to IF and ISERROR functions but I it doesn't work - I know it is wrong.


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Vlookup With Multiple Criteria In Same Column

Mar 25, 2010

I have a single page of consolidated data that I need to pull from. The data is formatted like the following

Column A Column B
Subcategory 1 Data
Subcategory 2 Data
Subcategory 3 Data
Subcategory 4 Data

All in the same column. I need a formula that will look for a certain category and then a certain subcategory and then provide the number to the right. The Categories and subcategories are in Column A and the data I want pulled over is in Column B

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Vlookup With Unique Multiple Criteria

Apr 14, 2009

Im just going to start with the tables that will help show what i am trying to do...

File #Dateid

File #StartStopid

Ok so say i have these two tables...i want to be able to look at the file # of line 1 in table 1, go to table 2 and return the id where the date from table 1 is between the start and stop in table 2. ie...in that example it should return id "2".

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“Vlookup” Or “Sumif” With Multiple Criteria ?????

Feb 1, 2010

I would like to take a precise value from one table which corresponds to two different criteria. See the example attached with this message.

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Multiple Criteria Vlookup In Vba Userform

Jul 7, 2009

I have a problem with vlookup, some of the items in the lookup array are not unique and vlookup gets confused with multiple matches, however if I can use a combination of 1st and second columns as the criterion then it would result in a unique match.
Problem is I don't know how to acheive this in vba (but I can with the worksheet formulas). (attached is a sample worksheet)

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VLOOKUP Based On Multiple Criteria?

Oct 1, 2011

I'm trying to create an Excel based dashboard for my company. One part of the dashboard is a Top 20 Accounts based on territory, region, or district. Each of these three areas has source data in a seperate table. I need the top 20 vlookup to pull from the territory table if I enter a territory name in cell B20, pull from the region table if I enter a region name, and so forth. There are 10 different regions, 2 different districts, and 51 different territories.

I'm thinking that the answer somehow involves an IF statement. e.g. If cell B20 equals a region name, then perform the vlookup on the region table. If it contains a district name, pull from the district table. Otherwise pull from the territory table. I'm also thinking I may want to list all of the territories, regions, and districts in their own seperate column so the formula can say something like "If cell B20 is found in column M, pull from the territory table, if it's in column N, pull from the region table.

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VLookup With Multiple Criteria And Calculations?

Mar 30, 2012

I have one spreadsheet that contains employee overtime info per pay period which is bi-weekly, another spread that has their monthly production numbers. So...

Employee OT PayEndDate
John Smith 5 01/13/12
John Smith 7 01/27/12
Jack Jones 8 01/13/12
Jack Jones 9 01/27/12
John Smith 6 02/10/12
John Smith 3 02/24/12
Jack Jones 8 02/10/12
Jack Jones 10 02/24/12
And so on

On the other sheet
Employee Production Month
Jonh Smith 53 Jan
Jack Jones 75 Jan
John Smith 45 Feb
Jack Jones 80 Feb
And so on,

What I need to do is see the overtime hours per month, and the production numbers for the same month. Something like...

Employee OT Production Month
Jonh Smith 12 53 Jan
Jack Jones 17 75 Jan
John Smith 9 45 Feb
Jack Jones 18 80 Feb

I have a pivot table the sums up the OT by PayEnd Date but need to change PayEndDate to month, which I know how to do, but then add in the production any thoughts on how I could do this?

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VLOOKUP Or HLOOKUP With Multiple Criteria

Jul 17, 2012

I am looking to pull out an outcome based on the user inputting two criteria, below is an example:



So if the user inputted P1 into cell H2 and inputted 9 in I2, J2 would show Pass, but if they inputted P5 into cell H2 and inputted 9 in I2, J2 would show Fail.

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Vlookup Multiple Criteria On Two Lists

May 5, 2007

I have a workbook with two sheets

sheet1(Invoices) is the master and sheet2 (GR) contains information that i need to put onto sheet1.

I need a formula that will allow me to lookup sheet2 based on the criteria from 3 columns on sheet1... (PO no, Part No, Qty)

At the moment I am using 3 different vlookups to achieve what I need

If there are records on sheet2 which matches sheet1 then I would like to have the word MATCH if there is a match and CHECK if there is not?

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Index / Match Or VLookup For Multiple Criteria

Jun 9, 2014

Getting a formula that will generate the corresponding rating attached to a row value and columns header as per below example:

EnglishSS1 EnglishSS2 EnglishSS3 Rating
10 20 30 3
20 30 40 2
30 40 50 1

Where my variables would be based on whether a person is under EnglishSS1 and getting a score of <=10, the resulting rating would be 3. I know this is doable by doing a vlookup with a range lookup value of false. However I have roughly 70 column headers and it will be a bit taxing to combine an If and Vlookup statement to address it.

I have attached a sample sheet for reference : Book1.xlsx‎

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Vlookup Using Multiple Criteria To Check Values

Jan 15, 2014

Have spent ages on this to no avail. Need the attached sheet to verfiy the values in the "Reconciliation" are correct when referencing the "Prices" sheet. I need column F (Reconciliation sheet) to lookup the "Code" in column B in the "Prices" sheet and then further look up the "Payment Frequency" (column D in the Reconciliation sheet) in the "Prices" sheet to verify that the price is correct.

Due to slight decimal point issues, if the value has a greater than 0.02 difference then display "ERROR" otherwise 0.

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Multiple Criteria - Vlookup For Numerical Values

Aug 28, 2009

I have the following 'numerical values'


With the first two values as criterias, I need to find the 3rd and 4th value
Example: If I have the criteria as 30 and 1800 , I should get the result as 0.04and 3

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Finding Recent And Previous Dates Based On Multiple Criteria?

Apr 29, 2014

i have with noting the most recent date of a test and also the one prior to the most recent dependant on location and test type. I require most recent and previous test info to enable a comparrison to be made. All other dates are not required but need to be kept as historical data and can't be deleted.

Is there anyway i could get column E to auto populate and amend itself as more test dates and locations are added to the list?

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Count Number Of Instances Of Dates By Month With Multiple Criteria

Feb 5, 2008

I have attached a small copy of the worksheet.

I need to count when the following set of 3 criteria criteria are met:

1: The Assessor Initials = DS

2: the month = Mar

3: Check 4 Ranges = columns I, K, M, O

I've tried using sumproduct (sucessful for other data) but not able to get it to work with dates.

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Vlookup Formula That Incorporates Multiple Search Criteria

Oct 6, 2008

Would like to be able to use a vlookup formula that incorporates multiple search criteria. In C10, I have a specific rank listed. In C11, I have the supervisor listed. The formula needs to list the name of the agent in C12 based on the criteria in C10 and C11.

agent rank score supervisor
1 leo 1 99 jim
2 bob 3 68 jim
3 sam 1 73 ann
4 tim 2 84 adam
5 alf 2 55 ann
6 dan 3 42 adam
7 will 2 79 jim
8 sara 1 91 adam
10 Rank: 1
11 Supervisor: adam
12 Agent: " "

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Returning Data From Separate Worksheet By Matching Multiple Criteria - Vlookup / If Combo?

Jun 8, 2014

I am attempting to place a formula in cell b3 in the attached spreadsheet on the "sheet to pull data into" tab 1 (cell is highlighted yellow) to retrieve value in the yellow highlighted cell in the "Sheet that contains data" which is on a seperate worksheet within the same workbook.

The cells highlighted red in the "sheet to pull into" tab (cells: a1, a3, b1, and b3) are the criteria that needs to be matched to those cells on "sheet that contains data" tab in order to ensure the value returned is correct.Sample of problem.xlsx <----see the attached sample spreadsheet.

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Vlookup With Multiple Criteria: Creating A Drop Down List Showing Alternative Choices With Sex

Aug 22, 2007

I am trying to create a simple user interface type thing so that someone is able to select from drop down lists someones information, such as whether they are male or female, aged between 19-35 or 35-67, whether they are studying in a business area, legal or construction etc (there are 6 variables in total), This will then give the probability of success of the person passing this course based on probabilities which I have already worked out. I have worked out how to do the first stage of creating a drop down list showing alternative choices with Sex, Age etc in the data validation options, however:

There are 517 possible combinations, as in Male aged 19 to 35 studying Business (with other variables) or Male aged 19 to 35 studying Law (+ other variables) etc etc etc each with their own probability of success. Due to the long nature of writing out Male1935BusinessNorthWestWhiteBritishCollegeBrown I have rewritten it so it appears in the excel file as M1935BNWWBCB, which obviously wouldn't make any sense to someone if they had to select M 1935 B NW WB CB from drop down lists.

Along side the M1935BNWWBCB there is the probability of success specific to that type of person. So for example I could would have:
M 60%
M1935 64%
M1935B 35%....

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Reverse VLookup (Index Match) To Return Multiple Values Based On Single Lookup Criteria

Jul 11, 2012

I have encountered a situation where I need to essentially accomplish a reverse Vlookup (using index match) and return multiple values.

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Add To Dates Based On Criteria & Flag Overdue Dates

Dec 31, 2006

I have a very large Excel spreadsheet that is generated through an Oracle application at least once a month at work. I would like some code (either a worksheet function or a VBA) to check and report the following. If the frequency in column C is "Monthly" or "Weekly" just go to the next row. If the frequency in column C is "Annual", add 183 days to the date in column B; if it is "Semi-Annual", add 92 days to date in column B; if it is "Quarterly" , add 46 days to the date in column B; if the frequency in column C is "2-Year", add 365 days to the date in column B. Once the check has been made; I need the new total or date that was calculated checked against the date the report is being run (system clock date). If the date or total days is less than today, a new worksheet, titled "Late" needs to contain that row of data. If the date or total days is greater than today's date, just go on to the next row. I've attached an example worksheet.

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Tracking Multiple Dates - 5 Columns - 5 Different Dates

Feb 14, 2014

I have 5 columns with different dates to track when certain items expire per employee. Conditional Formatting is working like a champ but the data is growing.

I'd like a way to 'quick glance' at all my people that are expired, coming up on expired (this month and next).

I was thinking if there was a script to run through all 5 columns, if the date was less than today, throw the 1st,2nd and 5-9 column (in that row) into a new table. That way i can keep my big sheet but have another sheet or table that i can see QUICKLY who all needs to get their stuff up to date.

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Lookup Multiple Criteria & Sum Result On Multiple Criteria

Oct 21, 2006

I am trying to solve a problem. I am currently using this formula
= SUMPRODUCT(--(Sheet2!B2:Sheet2!B300="MARKETING"),--(Sheet2!D2:Sheet2!D300="200612"),Sheet2!E2:Sheet2!E300)

This formula works for me as it is but I would like to add more months to 200612. I want this to also be 200701 and 200702. In another cell there will be up to 10 months. Is there a way to do a Vlookup or something that will look up these months in another table, rather than keep typing them out in the formula?? Otherwise my formula will be very long.

So the info looks like this in excel
MARKETING 200612 -10
MARKETING 200701 -25
MARKETING 200708 -50
ECONOMICS 200709 -30

The info goes on and on. The two variables are the MARKETING column and the month column. My problem is that I would like a seperate table that can be the months. So 200612 and 200701 is one table, and 200708 and 200709 is another table. The table changes often so I dont want to mess with the formulas, rather a table.

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VLookUp - Using Dates?

Jul 17, 2009

I need to populate Sheet2 with the figures from Sheet1, where the data matches.

I think I need a VLookup of some sort to populate the blue box on Sheet2….

Firstly is this possible? If so, how?

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VLOOKUP And If Statements Between Two Dates

Aug 19, 2014

I have attached a sample work sheet that has the directions and a sample.

I want to use vlookup (or any relevant formula) to find a value in a table if it falls between two dates. The sample worksheet does a lot better job explaining this.

For instance, if I want to find 3/1/15, it is between 2/1/15 and 4/1/15, so I want the dollar amount to be $8.75


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VLOOKUP & IF With Dates (tab To Get Information From The Other Tab)

Jul 21, 2009

I have 2 Tabs.
1) Furnaces --> INPUT
2) Report --> OUTPUT

1) I have this speadsheet and every day i entry new information:
Date Furnace# Burner

2) I want in this tab to get information from the other tab (Furnaces) in order to have an every day control.

Furnace #Burner 6/1/2009 6/2/2009 6/3/2009 6/4/2009.. etc
F-1 1

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Vlookup Over Range Of Dates

Feb 2, 2010

I am making a spreadsheet using excel 2003 to calculate sales and tax. Column B is formated for date (1/1/2010). Column D,E, and F are formatted for currency with column D=Total Price, column E=sale price, and column F=tax. In column B I type the date the transaction took place and in column D I type total price. Columns E and F are automaticly filled in with the formulas for same. In column H,I J row 9 I would like to calculate 1st Quarter Total Price, Sale Price, and Tax. Row 10 would hold 2nd Quarter info and so on. I searched for info but can't come up with any thing that works.

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