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Vlookup With Multiple Tabs

I am using this for my sheet =VLOOKUP(B1,master!$A$1:$C$45870,2,0)

I have added a tab "masterA" with 47K lines and a tab "masterB" with 38k lines.
How do I get excell to start with master--if it does not find it there - go to masterA --and if needed go to masterB? ( checking in that order )

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Vlookup On Multiple Tabs
I have imported a table from my access database. sadly, it has over 65536 rows. I am going to have to break table down into mulitiple sheets on excel. Using a VLOOKUP formula normaly like this. =VLOOKUP(E5,MHIFUPK,5,0)

where E5 is my target,MHIFUPK is the sheet with the table array, and 5 is the price of E5. Now I will have multipe sheets, and I need to be able to refreance all of them in order to find E5. Anyway to do this besides upgrading to 2007, (wish I could get the company to upgrade)

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VBA Vlookup Tabs With ABC In Name
There seems to be oodles of vlookup VBA queries on here and i've spent a few hours reading, and learning, but this twist seems to be missing. Apologies if Ive missed it.

I have one spreadsheet which will contain a varying number of worksheets on a monthly basis.

Worksheet names will also vary but will always contain abc somewhere in the name.

I have one "destination" worksheet which needs to receive the values from whichever abc worksheet is applicable.

I'd like the vlookup in worksheet SER01 to look up values in its column A, compare them to column K in the abc worksheets and give me the value from column AD in the abc worksheet and deposit it in column H in the SER01 worksheets.

For another challenge - this is an outside chance only but the additional twist is that sometimes my lovely colleagues move the columns - so the columns in the abc worksheets may NOT ALWAYS be K and AD - but will ALWAYS be in the spreadsheet somewhere. As i say this is a now and again and i dont' know if its possible to search all columns in a range of worksheets... is that too much for the PC - will it fall over

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Vlookup; Moving To Tabs
There are 4 tabs titled: xy,xx,yx and ss. On tab ss; in cell A1, there's a formula that gives the sheet name of one of the remaining 3 tabs (so depending on a few conditions that are not important for this problem, its value is going to be xy, or xx, or yx.)

what I want to do is (say on cell A2), create a vlookup formula whose table array should go to one of the 3 tabs depending on the value of A1. So, if A1=xy , then, I want the table array to be ,xy!a1:b90, ..

However, I cant use an if clause (say: if(a1="xy",vlookup(..,xy!a1:b90,2,false),if(a1="xx",vlookup(..,xx!a1:b90,2..........) because I actually have 20 tabs and I dont want to go nuts with a bunch of nested expressions.

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Create Multiple Sheet Tabs From Multiple Cells
Is it possible to make multple worksheets from a selection of multiple cells?

This would mean a selection of 10 cells would generate 10 sheets titled with the cell conent.

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Sum Across Multiple Tabs, Multiple Criteria
Excel 2007

My workbook contains 13 tabs - 1,2,3,...12, and Summary

My data starts on line 4 of every sheet but varies in length - so far the longest goes to line 30.

Rows used on all 13 sheet are as follows:
A - contains facility names
B - contains a two or three letter code
C - contains hours
D - contains dollars
E - contains adjusted rate

On the Summary tab I have listed all the facilites and two or three letter codes. I need to sum column "C" on tabs 1-12 when they match columns A & B on the summary tab. I have tried the following but can't get them to work:

=IF($A5=""," ",SUMPRODUCT(--('1:[12]12'!A$4:$A$50=$A5),--('1:[12]12'!B$4:$B$50=$B5),'1:12'!D$4:$D$50))
I did not put the [12] excel added that automatically I had 1:12

I just seen the THREED for the first time today and am not sure if this was the correct place to try but it didn't work anyway

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Producing Multiple Tabs
I am looking for a macro or a formula that can give me multiple tabs, what i need is jan 01 to april 30,the next 2 books i could do by copying of course i have looked at the macros on here and no nothing about them ....

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Can Multiple Tabs Be Grouped Together?
I have an Excel file with 70+ tabs and was wondering if there was some way to group them together, short of just making separate worksheets.

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Rename Multiple Tabs ...
Could you help with an onerous task that I must complete every Quarter.

I have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs.

The first 3 Tabs are Calculation sheets and do not need to be re-named.

All the preceeding sheets each need to be renamed to the days of the month (British Format), skiping Sundays.

i.e Tab 4 should be renamed 010409, Tab 5 should be renamed 020409, Tab 6 should be renamed 030409, Tab 7 should be renamed 040409, Tab 8 should be renamed 060409 and Tab 9 should be renamed 070409 etc etc ...

Extra - Also if possible on each sheet could the Tab date be placed into Cell A4 (eg. 010409) and also the Day number (eg. 01) (Starting from 01 on 010409, 02 on 020409, 03 on 030409, 04 on 040409, 05 on 060409, 06 on 070409 etc etc ...) into Cell A6.

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Print Multiple Tabs?
I have 3 sheets in the same workbook that I want to print in 1 PDF report, is there a way that I can do this?

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Recursive Formula For Multiple Tabs
I'm trying to come up with a Macro that once it see's the word "Rolls" in column M, I would like for it to go to the row below the word and divide the information on column K by 30
then for it to perform this formula for the next 17 rows and on the last row have the cell in gray color.

Then for it to keep doing this recursively down the column of the sheet and once finished to go to the next tab and do the same algorithm(there's like 40 tabs !!)

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Spreadsheet With Multiple Tabs, Same Headers
I have a spreadsheet with multiple sheets, which can vary from project to
project, and they all have the same center sections of the headers. Is there
any way to automate the filling in of all these headers based on the first

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Sumifs Won't Work For Multiple Tabs
Ok here is my dilemma, I am trying to calculate gains and losses by organization. I created a sumifs formula that works on a single page, but it doesn't work on multiple tabs on my summary page.

Here is the data:

Here is the formula on the same page as data:

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Macro For Multiple Tabs From A Data Set
I'm not very good with macros and I need to create a macro that copies data from one excel worksheet into multiple other worksheet tabs in the same workbook. I have 8 columns and thousands of rows of data. The spreadsheet is sorted by column E.

In column E, there are about 25 different values going down throughout the spreadsheet. I would like the data for each of these Column E categories to be copied over to a new tab in the spreadsheet with the tab name as the value in E. So in the end there would be the main tab, and then 25 new tabs with the filtered data. Does anyone already have a macro that will do this?

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Format Multiple Tabs For Printing
I have a file containing 22 tabs, I would like to print them all one-sided, is there a way to format without going into each tab separately?

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Sum On Multiple Tabs + Refer To Specific Tab
I have a workschedule in excel.

It has a tab for every week in a year so 52 in total. The first tab is supposed to give some general information. I have a few questions on how to implement things.

1 i wanna be able to view the Total amount hours worked in my current week.

I calculate the current workweek using:

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Adding Cells From Multiple Tabs
Let me explain this as best I can:

I have an excel file with multiple tabs on it. Each tab has the exact same format with different numbers. On the last page I want to add cells from each tab and have the sum go to a cell on the last tab.

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Renaming Multiple Tabs By Month
I would like to rename multiple tabs (12 in all) on a spreadsheet by month only. I highlighted all tabs and then performed a cut and past from the previous year spreadsheet, but when the paste was complete the tab names were missing. I need January through December on the 12 tabs. Does anyone know of a shorter process than renaming each tab individually? I have called several people and asked the same question and they are curious if there is a way to do this also and asked that I let all of the know what I find out, so you would be helping quite a few people in several different companies (If that gives you happy thought, then good for all of us ).

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Summing Up A Criteria Across Multiple Tabs
I'm trying to sum a criteria of all M's in one column that are x's in a different column, throughout multiple worksheets.

I'm able to get the summary number for 1 worksheet using the below formula (*W1 is the worksheet name); however, how do i encapsulate all the worksheets (lets say W1 through W10), please note that some of the worksheets have different ranges (meaning, not all are from Row 2 to 6)


I tried to replace W1 with W1:W10.

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Naming Multiple Tabs Sequentially
We have these worksheets that have 100 tabs each
each tab is named joel_1400, joel_1401...Joel_1499 insert data in each tab template as needed for RFI's. then we have to make another worksheet with 100 tabs for 1500 to 1599

what we are doing is copying the whole worksheet and then erasing all of the user fields and changing all of the names manually for each tab

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Importing Data From Multiple Tabs
I have an excel spread sheet with about 300 tabs. each sheet has the same column fields..I need to pull certain column fields ( the same fields ) out of each tab and export them to another spread sheet.

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Formula Referencing Multiple Tabs
I'm a bit over my head on this one. I want a formula that does the following: Look at the date I put in on the last tab and find the correct date on the other tabs. Using that date as the column I want it to return the correct row for the data.reference.

I am using the HLOOKUP function. I'm not even sure this is the right function. Ont the workbook attached I'm trying to get the data on the Totals tab to come from the Sept Wk 1 through Sept Wk 5 tabs. The formula I tried to use is on the Totals page C7.

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Combining Information From Multiple Tabs
I have an excel file that contains 93 tabs, all with the
same type of information, and I need to take the information from each
tab and combine it so that it has all the information from all 93 tabs
in one.....without having to copy and paste each tab,

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Summarize From Multiple Worksheet Tabs
I have an excel spreadsheet with various worksheets, each worksheet is named different according to tests that must be performed. Each test is different and inputed by rows, there is one column from each test in which we populate "passed", "failed", "pending", "N/A", or "user issue".

The problem is searching for all the "failed", and "user issue's" throughout all the tabs. I want to create a tab which will identify and display all the "failed", and "user issues" on one tab, and sort it according to its tabbed test name. Now, not to be picky, I would like to copy only a few cells along with the failed message, if not, the entire row would be fine. Could anyone assist? to sum it up, I want to create a sheet that'll identify all the issues existing throughout tabs.

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Adjusting Page Breaks In Multiple Tabs
I have a spreadsheet with many tabs in it (over 100 I believe) and I just want a macro that will adjust the page breaks so it will print one page per tab. Somewhere along the way, the page breaks have auto-adjusted themselves to print 4 or more pages on one tab. I do not want that.

In trying to figure this out on my own, I recorded a macro on one of the tabs and it returned the following
Sub Macro1()

ActiveWindow.View = xlPageBreakPreview
ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(1).DragOff Direction:=xlToRight, RegionIndex:=1
ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView
End Sub
How can I add to or adjust this to make it adjust the pagebreaks in all available tabs?

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Link Two Dynamic Workbooks With Multiple Tabs
There are two teams in my department, and each is assigned to maintain their respective work book and I'm looking to link them in order to save some time.

Team A - Responsible for receiving Invoices (Bills) and entering them in an excel spreadsheet when received and update when bill is paid. Only one tab in this workbook.

Row A - Name of company billing us
Row B - Invoice #
Row C - Invoice Amount
Row D - Once Bill is paid the check amount is entered here
Row E - Balance Due (Row C - Row D = Row E)

Team B - Is Responsible for maintaining a list of all checks issued. All of the checks issued to pay the bills received by Team A are entered here plus other checks to pay a variety of different stuff. On this workbook a new tab is created every month. One tab per month. Since we need to follow accounting rules and record the check NOT on the month it was paid, but on the month the service was provided. for example I might be paying a bill in the month of November for services that were provided in September, so I would need to enter this check in the September Tab.

Row A - Name of company check is paid to
Row B - Invoice #
Row C - Amount Requested to be paid
Row D - Reason for payment
Row E - Date of check issued
Row F - Amount paid
Row G - Check #

Here is what I want to do.

I want to link both of these workbooks so that when Team B fills out the information of the check issued this will automatically update the Workbook of Team A so that
the balance is zeroed out.

He is my challenge. Workbook of Team B has multiple tabs so I can't just do a simple Vlookup and also every month a new tab is created (very dynamic workbook).

TO add to this in Team B's worksheets have to be in alphabetical order, which means that rows are inserted everyday. for example if I paid yesterday to A and C, I enter company A in Row1 and Company C in row 2 but today I received invoice from Company B so in order for them to be alphabetically I would need to insert a row between Row1 and Row2. So if I had links to this workbook they wold not update when the new row is added.

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Button To Pull In Data From Multiple Tabs Onto One Tab
I had a friend attempt to help me with this issue but he couldn't figure it out. He suggested that I tried asking around here.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
(I am happy to email anybody the spreadsheet to help out with this description)

1. There are two spreadsheets. One spreadsheet with about 25 tabs (one for each store number) and one spreadsheet with one tab and about 1400 lines of information that is sorted by store number. To preface, this 1400 line spreadsheet can be 900 lines one month and 2500 another month, so it fluctuates.

2. From this spreadsheet sorted by store, I will highlight, cut and paste into the corresponding store tab on the first spreadsheet. Also, at any given month, the information fluctuates, it can be 15 lines for one store one month and another month it could be 5.

3. Once I am done cutting and pasting it all into each seperate tab, I have a 26th tab that I am looking to create a button that will then pull all that information into the 26th tab.

I know - first question is why would you want that? You already have all the information from that original spreadsheet. Well, in these store tabs, I have everything perfectly formatted a certain way and I only really cut and paste the information that I need from the 2nd spreadsheet.

I have a spreadsheet that my friend claims he got close to working it out.

Just to add, I would need this button to take into account that the information in each tab fluctuates and also that it is easy to add a tab if I add stores.

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Summing Up A Specific Criteria In Multiple Tabs
I am trying to review a cell range for a specific criteria, and then sum up another cell range if the criteria matches. Here are the formulas I have typed in - there are two columns I am trying to calculate using the same formula, they are next to each other:



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Macro To Insert Rows In Multiple Tabs
I'm trying to figure out how to create a macro for a project at work. Basically, think of a spreadsheet with 5 tabs, but the information in Tab 1-Column D is the same in Tab-4 Column D and Tab-5 Column D. When I insert a row, though, I have to go to each tab, insert the row, and copy down the formulas from the row above to ensure the flow-through stays true. This can get very tedious.

Does anyone have a template or tips on a macro that would, in essence, work like this:

a) Highlight the row above which a row should be inserted
b) Trigger the macro
c) A row is inserted above the highlighted row in Tabs #1, #4 and #5
d) The information from the row above the inserted row is copied down to the new row in each of the three tabs.

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Copy Rows From Multiple Tabs Into One Sheet
I am looking to write a macro that will take 5 sheets and paste the rows into 1 summary tab. The names of the sheets are, CMH, ORD, JFK, LAX, and MIA. There are other sheets in the book but I donít want any information from them. The five sheets have the same columns. I want to paste only the rows of the last entry for Origin and Forwarder. I have enclosed an example. So in rows 2 & 3 we have the same Origin-Forwarder combo but I only want the most current which would be row 3. Some Origin-Forwarder just has one entry so of course I would want that one.

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Lookup Multiple Criteria In Different Tabs To Return Result
I am trying to lookup two distinct values in two columns (turquoise and green) in 'Cust data' tab and correlate them to the same values in two columns on 'Driver activity' tab, then return a result from column in yellow on 'Driver Activity' tab to populate the driver name in yellow column on 'Cust data' tab.

File is attached.

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Sorting Multiple Worksheet Tabs In Alphabetical Order
I have a spreadsheet saved with one worksheet with all the results on it and 130 worksheets with calculations on them, each with its' own named tab along the bar at the bottom of the page. What I'd like to know is if it is possible to sort the tabs into alphabetical order so I don't have to roam through up to 130 to find the tab (and it's corresponding worksheet) I'm looking for.

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Get A Vertical Lookup Or SumIF Formula To Check Multiple Tabs?
How can I get a vertical lookup or sumIF formula to check multiple tabs for a given value?

Or - is there a way to specify the tab? For instance, put "Tab A" or "Tab B" in Cell A1, and have the lookup formula reference the value of Cell A1.

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Use The Names Of The Tabs In The Summary Page And Create It Into A Formula To Lookup Fixed Cells Within The Various Tabs
I have a summary page that includes the titles for each tab within the excel 2003 workbook. I want to use the names of the tabs in the summary page and create it into a formula to lookup fixed cells within the various tabs. Sorry for not uploading an excel doc but I was at work earlier and the thread did not load for some reason, so I am reposting it.

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Multiple Ccolums/rows To Get Data From Multiple Columns/rows (vlookup)
I have created a spreadsheet to show some reports and I wanted to serch for some datas which overloops themeselves. If you can have a look at a test file I attached you will see the full picture. I have 2 tables, where the 2nd one is on the right side of the 1st one. 1st table:..............

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Multiple Value Vlookup
Is there such a thing as a multiple value Vlookup? Basically, here's my problem (please refer to image):

On the left are columns for Date, Time and Price. On the right, there is a blank column for Req Price which has to be filled with the corresponding price based on the Req Date and Req Time. So for cell H2, there should be the price that corresponds to 1/4/00 and 8:25:00, which would be 97.00 (which comes from cell C4). If say there is no price that corresponds then the cell is simply filled with an #N/A (which would be the case for cell H4). Then so on and so forth for the remaining cells in column H.

Is there like a Vlookup function wherein you can specify 2 lookup values or something? Or should a macro be used for this sort of thing?

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VLOOKUP With Multiple Wks
I have a spreadsheet with 5 worksheets. I want VLookup to read the City and State in the two columns next to the County Column in the custmast worksheet. Compare the city and state to the worksheets AL, FL and GA worksheets and return the correct County and Territory Code found in the Territory worksheet in the County Column and Territory Column in custmast worksheet. I've attached a file for better understanding.

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How To Do VLOOKUP With Multiple Cells
I need to do a spreadsheet that calculates sales tax based on state and.or city:

The sampling of the sheet looks like: ....

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VLookup - Multiple ID Numbers
I have a list of patient records in one sheet - looks something like this - pin number in one column and respective dates each in a column:

pinfudate rtenddate

I want to do a VLookup from another sheet to but the problem is that where a patient had 2 or more procedures as in the case of pin # 6704 and 6780 above - I would have a second or third set of columns along side each other to show the different procedures.

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VLookup Multiple Spreadsheets
I am trying to find a vlookup formulae for multiple spreadsheets in excel.
I have the below data that i need to lookup, test and produce an output.

Main Spreadsheet:

Column B...........................Column C
A 0000564235.................... <Desc> <---- Desired output is Coumn C from searching all part numbers in each spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet 1:

Column B (Part No.) ..........Column C (Desc)
A 0000564235................................Hose

Spreadsheet 2:

Column B (Part No.) .......Column C (Desc)
A 02315645646 ............................Clamp

Spreadsheet 3:

Column B (Part No.) .......Column C (Desc)............

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Multiple Return Vlookup
Is there a way to get a vlookup for return multiple values if there are reoccuring numbers? for example

A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
A 5

If those were my two columns, could I get the value A to return both 1 and 5?

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Vlookup For Same Name, Multiple Instances...
I want to return the 2nd field for Jim in a single list:

Jim Dell
Jeff HP
Carl Compaq
Jim Toshiba
Carl Sony
Jim Lenovo
Jeff IBM

I want to pull Jim's accounts to another worksheet:


When I use vlookup, it just returns HP and stops. How do I tell it to
return the next instance of Jim?

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VLOOKUP Over Multiple Sheets
I need to write a formula that looks for a value from column a, find the
sheet with a matching value in cell e4 and returns the value of cell ac1 of
the worksheet.

This formula will live in column b of the summary sheet.


Summary Tab

1 19-Jul 19,000(formula result)
2 16-Jul
3 23-Jul
4 30-Jul

Data Tab 1

1 9-Jul 19,000

It will need to look in cell E1 of every tab in the work book (52 tabs) for
the value found in $a1.

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Vlookup Across Multiple Sheets
What I am trying to do is have the contractor name inserted into column B on Sheet 1 next to their respective project.

As you can see each project is only listed on Sheet 2 or 3, not both.

The VLOOKUP formula so far can return the correct name from sheet 2 or 3 but I do not know how to build it into a more complex formula/macro that will do the following: ....

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Multiple Vlookup Or Sumproduct
Column B has the "date"
Column D has the "time"
Column E has the "field" then in
Column F is "VIN" and
Column G is "HOMI"

Then I have another area on my page that I need to redistribute data.

I need a vlookup, sumproduct, or something that will give me the data I want.
here is what i am looking for:

R138 through AE300 is the data area.
Column R has the "date"
Column T has the "time"
Column V and W are "field 1"
Column X and Y are " field 2"
Column Z and AA are "field 3"
Column AB and AC are "field 4"
Column AD and AE are "field 5"

I want to be able to put a formula in the field areas V138:AE300 that will find the "VIN" and put it in my new area and my "HOMI" and put it in the new area.

Is this impossible?
Or is this just wishful thinking?
If I need to give anymore info let me know.
I cannot add any software at work so I can't show you the data I am talking about, unless i can copy and paste the sheet to show you.

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Vlookup Getting N/A... Tried Multiple Things
I am trying to compare items on two spreadsheet. I have an existing spreadsheet that lists items and then I import another spreadsheet from a database to confirm if new items have been added that were not on the original spreadsheet. I am about to go crazy and cannot figure out why I keep getting N/A (I know there are some repeats).

I have tried formatting, adding in isna, making sure there are no spaces, and paste special as text... still doesn't work. There are hypens in the data so I have removed them with substitute.

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Vlookup Multiple Files
I have used the 'VLOOKUP' function many times with success (eventually), but this time I might not be able to do what I want.

So, my question is this: using VLOOKUP, can I lookup 2 or more different table arrays in the 1 formula?

What I have is a member database of 140,000 , they all have a unique member ID number (eg. APL098829) and the program that contains these members has them broken down into 300+ .csv files (eg. APL_001.csv, APL_002, APL_003, etc)

When they come to an event their card is scanned. The members in my area are usually around the same numbers (ie. APL_097, APL_098). So this is why I would like to search these 2 database for their member ID and Return their name.

Not sure if this makes sense, after all it's 0150am here and I think I have nodded off a couple of times writing this.

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Vlookup On Multiple Cells
=VLOOKUP(C4,'Named Fields'!AH3:AM116,6,FALSE)

I have the above formula set in a workbook.
I have sheet 1 with my main information.
I have sheet 2 with all my directives.

sheet 1 contains:
cell c3= client
cell c4= project
The vlookup I have entered in cell c5 is to return a job number based on the
project in cell c4 which is listed on sheet2.
Problem is, I have multiple projects named the same. They're under different
I found a post that said I could use:

=vlookup(C3&C4,'Named Fields'!AH3:AM116,6,FALSE)

But that didn't work.

Is there any way to have vlookup find what's in cell C3, then proceed to
cell C4 to returns the results in the 6th column?

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Multiple Returns With Vlookup
In this sample below, I need to extract all matches for my look up value. Where I extract the data to is not important because it will be used as informational data in user forms. Basically, I have 670 rows that make up this table...this table is static (never changes). Each row represents a unique combination for achieving the value on the left.

To take it a step further, I would like the ability to deviate from the lookup other words, force the return to be one row down, or one row up (this would satisfy my first requirement as well). I tried offset with vlookup, but I cannot make that do anything useful. I used match to get the row number of the return, but I don't know what to do with that row value now that I have it sitting in a cell in order to accomplish this. I was thinking I could use an offset formula with the cell's value to get this done, but I could not figure out how without doing it in VBA.

In the end, I will present this data on a userform...first will be the actual vlookup returns, then the user will have an option to select the next row down if they want (same look up value if one exists) or up (next higher value).

If possible, I would like the data lookups to be accomplished without VBA.

This is an extremely large working application, (about 17MB so far), lots of VBA coding and logic applied. This problem is a result of a request from the users of this application.

Here is a sample of what I am looking at.....

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VLOOKUP With Multiple References
I am trying to accomplish a task that uses the VLOOKUP function to retrieve data from another worksheet. The problem I am having is that it will only return one row of data.

In the formula below, there are multiple rows that contain the $C$4 reference.
I would love to figure out how to return all the rows that contain that
C$4$ reference.

=VLOOKUP($C$4,'Hot Zone Customers'!$C$2:T561,14,0)

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Using Vlookup On Multiple Rows
i am trying to create an interactive calendar that displays what is happening on different dates depending on the activity. i.e. if 'workshops' is selected then it will show all the workshops happening in the month. the problem is that i have created a new line for each workshop in my table array and want it to display all the returns in a single cell on the calendar. I am using a vlookup and have used a unique reference so that it picks up multiple rows, but it will still only return one value.

is this possible or do i need to collate all the data into one cell? I have attached the spreadsheet as i am sure the above prob does not make sense.

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