Working With 2007 Ribbons: Switches The Ribbon To The "Home" Tab

Aug 5, 2008

I need a macro that switches the Ribbon to the "Home" tab.

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Default Ribbon To Open Custom Tab Not Home Tab

Jul 15, 2014

I created a custom tab withthe UI editor into my personal sheet which is set as startup and I want to have this tab automaticly shown when it is opened.

So when the workbook is opened I would like the show the tab Andre rather than the home tab.

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Edit/Modify 2007 Ribbons

Sep 26, 2008

I want to 'repurpose' some of the menus on the Excel 2007 ribbon, in particular to set paste to paste only values. Effectively I need the equivalent of the following for Excel 2007

Private Sub Workbook_WindowActivate(ByVal Wn As Excel.Window)
Application. CommandBars("Edit").Controls.Item("Paste").OnAction = "New_paste"
Application.CommandBars(" Cell").Controls.Item("Paste").OnAction = "New_paste"
End Sub

John Walkenbach suggests the following xml code

<customUI xmlns = "">
<command idMso="Copy" onAction="New_paste"/>

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Hide & Show CommandBars/Ribbons In 2007

Jul 1, 2007

I am not sure I like Excel 2007 yet, I have been playing around with it all day and while it has some good features, it is hard to fathom in places. I expect it is just a matter of time to get used to it.

With previous versions of Excel, hiding and un-hiding commandbard and toolbars can be achieved in a number of ways, such as with the code below

ActiveWindow.DisplayHeadings = False
Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False
Dim cbar As CommandBar
For Each cbar In CommandBars
If cbar.Enabled And cbar.Type = msoBarTypeNormal Then
cbar.Visible = False
End If
Next cbar
CommandBars("Worksheet Menu Bar").Enabled = False

This does not work in Excel 2007, I have tried many methods but all seem to be redundant in 2007 -

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Vista Home Premium - 2007 Office

Feb 15, 2009

I have an older laptop with XP and 2007 Office / Excel this works, with the new laptop doesn't work?

basically - I open a new spreadsheet - blank - just basic

I used to be able to click the data tab, then click From Access, then enter my URL to an access database on my website and BAM my data would populate in cell A1

with VISTA - I get the same error over and over again, tried a different XP machine, no problem? What gives?

error box states: Microsoft Office Excel cannot access the file [url]
there are several possible reasons.

the file name or path does not exist
the file is being used
workbook has the same name

I'm starting to really hate VISTA after about 3hrs with this new laptop!

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Cursor Home (equivalent Of CTRL (Home) To Move)

Jul 31, 2009

Does anyone know the equivalent of CTRL (Home) to move the cursor to the a1 position in VBA? I have tried Range(cells(1,1),cells(1,1)).select but with no success

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Ctrl - Home: Is Not Going Home On Sheet For Sorting

Nov 7, 2008

I have several spread sheets I sort daily, now suddenly today when I hit Ctrl / home it wont go home and I can not sort the sheet.

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2007 Missing Ribbon

May 14, 2008

Someone sent me a spreadsheet that made my ribbon and everything disappear. All that remains is the grid field and the title bar.

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2007 Ribbon Verdict

May 2, 2008

In a program that I'm intimately familiar with (Excel) I seem to find it annoying. ...or at least in my limited usage thus far it's been that way. Takes up a lot of screen real estate and seems to be a bit of a cluttered jumbled mess of text and graphics.

For programs I use less frequently (Publisher) it seems to be helpful. I can sorta right-click my way through lots of things and get stuff done. That's kinda nice.

For a program I use moderately (Word) it's sort of a toss-up. I can't find stuff easily, but once I figure it out, it seems like it's a more efficient design.

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Add-ins Tab/Ribbon Missing 2007

May 6, 2008

I imported an Excel spreadsheet from a computer running an older version of Excel to my computer with Excel 2007. I opened up the specially designed add-ins tab and started a new worksheet which I then saved. When the programme was closed and re-opened, the add-ins tab was missing so I could not continue working on my new file.

Is this a compatibility issue between the versions of Excel (yet everything worked fine when freshly opened)? Following the help instructions I could not recover the bespoke add-in tab.

how I get this back each time I open the file? It is important I get the bespoke add-ins as they are designed to input runners taking part in a race and working out the results afterwards in various categories.

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2007 Ribbon Addin- Item Removal

Aug 25, 2009

im having a little trouble, I cant seam to get the correct structure for adding items to the 2007 ribbon. Withen workbook activate or deactivate i am using HandleMenu = true .... or false to show and remove the added ribbon. Though when i use the HandleMenu= false to remove the ribbon it leaves the Create report item behind. What am i missing to be able to remove it correctly.

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Automatically Minimize The 2007 Ribbon On Opening A Particular Workbook

Feb 22, 2009

I would like to be able to automatically minimize the Excel 2007 ribbon on opening a particular workbook. My preference is to be able to apply that minimization to certain worksheets only, but if that's not possible then minimizing the ribbons on all sheets in the workbook will be ok.

Will I also need a BeforeClose code as well to reinstate the ribbon so that it is visible when opening subsequent workbooks?

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Change Properties Of Controls On Ribbon Toolbar. 2007

Feb 26, 2008

I've created a custom ribbon which contains checkboxes that hide or show columns.

I would like to change the enable state of the checkboxes while the user is interacting with the spreadsheet.

For example:I would like to disable all of the checkboxes if they are not viewing sheet1I would like to disable the second checkbox if the first checkbox is unchecked.

I know how to set these all on initialize. I just have not figured out how to update these controls after it has been opened.

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Change Toggle Button Caption On 2007 Ribbon

Jul 1, 2008

I currently upgrading some add-in to Excel 2007. This one concern a toolbar or Ribbon as they call it now. I am creating a toggle button using XML

<customUI xmlns="">
<tab id="rxTrading" label=" Trading" >
<group id="rxDownloadStockData" label="Download Stock Data" >
<button id="rxDownloadData" label="Download" onAction="rxDataStock_Download" />
<toggleButton id="rxEnableDisableDowwnload" label="Enable Download" />

How can I change the name of toggle button to "Disbale Download" after clicking on the toggle button? I am trying to find the answer on WROX Excel 200 VBA but I am lost.

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Excel 2007 :: Make Button In Ribbon Menus To Run Macro?

Aug 9, 2013

I've been trying to research how to do this for a while now and still can't figure it out. My impression is that this is fairly straightforward in Excel 2010 since the menus and ribbons are easily customizable but not so in Excel 2007.

So far I can get macro shown as a button in the Quick Access Toolbar. But the issue is that I can't organize them or customize the icons.

Is there an accepted practice for this?

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Excel 2007 :: Custom Controls Not Showing In Add-ins Ribbon Tab And XML Error

Jul 18, 2013

We are using Windows7 with Excel 2007. We have old code from excel 2003 and earlier that was adding a msoControlPopup with other sub-controls using the code below:

Set HelpMenu = CommandBars(1).FindControl(Id:=30010)
If HelpMenu Is Nothing Then
' Add the menu to the end


I tried going to Excel Options>Customize>Reset to reset any customizations to the quick access toolbar as this was recommended by something else I found online. This did not fix the problem.

I can find the control in the Immediate window but it just isn't showing in the add-ins tab. if I can find and repair that XML file perhaps?

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Macros That Were Working In Excel 2003 Are Not Working In 2007

Jan 25, 2010

I have a workbook in excel 2003 which I had been running the following macros (listed below). We recently upgraded to Excel 07, and neither are working. When I try to run them, the "debug" option highlights the following line in the sort macro "Range("A2:z" & lastcell).Sort key1:=.Columns(1)". This is driving me crazy, as the macros worked perfectly under the older version of Microsoft. Is there an issue with crossfunctionality between '03 and '07'.

Private Sub Worksheet_change(ByVal target As Excel.Range)
If target.Column = 1 Then
ThisRow = target.Row
startRow = 1
i = 1
Set ws = ActiveSheet
maxRow = Cells.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Row
maxCol = Cells.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Column
ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
Do While i

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Iterate To The Number Of Switches

Oct 9, 2009

How many switches? 4

The result should look like this:

interface range GigabitEthernet1/0/1 - 48,GigabitEthernet2/0/1 - 48,GigabitEthernet3/0/1 - 48,GigabitEthernet4/0/1 - 48

this is what I have so far:
=REPT("GigabitEthernet, ()/0/1 - 48,",D1)

I need the area in the parentheses to iterate to the number of switches

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Hide Ribbons Automatically

Feb 28, 2013

Is there a way I can have my file, when opened, have the ribbons along the top of the screen automatically hidden from view, and unaccessible by the user, no matter who opens the file.

If there is a way, is there also a way that a single user (the creator) be able to over-ride this, and therefore have access to the ribbons for editing purposes.

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VBA To Send Email Switches File Status

Feb 4, 2014

Below is a VBA that sends an email with a range from Excel in the body of the email, and the entire book as an attachment from a temporary file. It works great, except that I need the entire file to close, and it will not because a message pops up that says "Do you want to save file before switching file status". This will not let Excel close. I need to bypass that pop up message. Display Alerts = False did not work. In the bottom of the code below, there is a spot that tries to kill the temporary file, but it does not work until "No" in the pop up message is pressed. Again, I need to bypass that pop up message.

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Prefill Cells With Command Line Switches From A Browser

Jan 28, 2014

I'm looking to have an excell file shared on a windows network to a simple LAN (samba sharing), and then for a user to be able to click on a HTML link that will launch that excell pile, and to have it populate specific and predeterminined cells with information that will be handed to it by the HTML link from the website.

Think of a CRM web app that href is a link like: "LAN1Filesexcellbook01.xls?Mrs%20Wendy%20Jones?4%20Skin%20Street"

From something like that I would like to launch excell and have Mrs Jones' details populate into the predefined excell sheet. The HTML website can dynamically populate a HTML link depending on the customer being viewed.

So I'd like to know how two things

1) How to launch a network file in this way, while correctly handing it parameters or switched that it will be able to later:
2) Collect that information and distribute it into the cells I choose in VBA.

I'm familiar with Visual Basic .Net primarily, and have a small amount of VBA experience.

We would like to continue to use Google chrome if possible...

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Sumifs With Date Range Criteria By Referring To Ribbons

Apr 14, 2014

I'm trying to create a sumifs that has 'before date X' and 'on or after date Y' as two of the criteria.

In the past, I have simple done a DATE(x,y,z) function inside the sumifs, but I'm trying to change this for reasons that would take a little while to get into. Let's just say it would make my coworkers lives much easier.

My hope is to get these date range criteria by referring to ribbons which have the dates in mind in them. Here is the formula I have now, and an example. See the red part of the formula.

Say I'm trying to have before Aug 1, 14 and on/after July 1, 14 as two criteria. FBP column A is where I would have the dates that this criteria would search through:

B1: 7/1/14
C1: 8/1/14
Formula: =SUMIFS(FBP!$G:$G,FBP!$B:$B,"=E",FBP!$A:$A,">="&B1,FBP!$A:$A,"

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Active Worksheet Switches To Page Break Preview After Printing?

Aug 7, 2013

I have a workbook with multiple sheets where the view for each sheet is the Normal view.

If I print the entire workbook, the active sheet changes to the Page Break Preview view after the printing finishes.

I have to then reset the view back to Normal.

I don't know why the active worksheet is changing. I don't want to annoy the people who will use this workbook by making them change back to normal view after each time they print.

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2007 Macros Have Stopped Working

Dec 14, 2007

All my macros have suddenly started crashing Excel 2007 when I try to run any one of them. I can record a new macro but even that newly recorded macro will crash Excel.

Service Pack 1 was downloaded and installed by Windows Update two days ago and I had successfully run macros after SP1 was installed.

Today, it's a no go and I'm at a loss as to what may have caused this problem. I have not installed any software lately, other than the Windows updates on patch Tuesday.

This is on a Vista Home Premium machine.

When I try to run a macro, Excel crashes with this info:

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2007 Hyperlink Not Working In 2010

May 15, 2013

I have a workbook that uses a index page that I created. It has lots of hyperlinks on it to route them to other sheets in the workbook. Each worksheet has a hyperlink to go back to the index page, and one to open an email. I have a user with 2010 now that is getting an error when clicking on the hyperlink. Error Message: "This Operation Has Been Canceled Due To Restrictions on the Computer. Contact Your Administrator."

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File Search Is Gone In 2007 And Dir Not Quite Working

May 29, 2008

application.FileSearch.LookIn = Workbooks(ActiveWorkbook.Name).Path
application.FileSearch.FileType = msoFileTypeAllFiles
application.FileSearch.SearchSubFolders = True
application.FileSearch.Filename = "Zone Selling*.xls"
application.FileSearch.MatchTextExactly = True
filecount = application.FileSearch.FoundFiles.Count
For i = 1 To filecount
Worksheets("Run").Cells(i, 1) = application.FileSearch.FoundFiles(i)
Next i
For i = 1 To filecount......................

But it won't list my files which is how the macro was running, it was returning a list of the files in the folder and then running them based on the path returned

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2007 / Range(Cells(n,n)) Not Working

Sep 13, 2008

I've worked with Excel for many years and have just begun writing VBA in Excel 2007, so I am really stumped by this:

SR = 1
SC = 1
TR = 40
TC = 2


' Works

' All of the following Fail w/1004 Error
ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(1, 1)).Select
ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(40, 2)).Select
ActiveSheet.Range(Cells(SR, SC), Cells(TR, TC)).Select

At first I thought I had a bad install,
but this is happening on two manufacturer installed systems...
And I seem to be following the documentation for the use of Range with Cells.
Am I missing something?

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Advanced Filter Not Working In 2007

Oct 13, 2008

I am trying to migrate a model that I built in Excel 2002 to Excel 2007. The model has an advanced filter in it to get unique values. However in 2002 the filter worked correctly but in 2007 it produces nothing. The code excerpt is below :-

Worksheets("Transaction Data").Range("PCT_List").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _
CriteriaRange:=Worksheets("Transaction Data").Range("criteria"), _
CopyToRange:=Worksheets("Transaction Data").Range("Unique_PCT_List"), Unique:=True

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Excel 2007 Net Working Days Function

Jan 6, 2010

I am trying to use the NETWORKDAYS function in excel to calculate the working days for my company. the problem is I m located in UAE and here Saturdays and Fridays are official days off for my company. Now the problem is that the excel have this built in function that Sunday and Saturdays are weekend days. I want to customize the function for my local days off for my company.

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Application.filesearch Not Working In Excel 2007

Dec 20, 2009

I wrote a macro to list all the excel files from a directory and its sub-directories to an excel sheet. It is working in excel 2003 but shows error (object does not support this action) in 2007. Actually I have copied almost this entire macro from excel 2007 help only. Can somebody modify this to use in both the versions of excel?

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