Button Set-up To Delete A Diagram

Jan 21, 2010

-- > I have a single button set-up to delete a diagram
-- > The diagram is made up of 7 parts
-- > If all 7 parts are present the button will work perfectly as is.
-- > If one or more parts are missing I get an error.
-- > I tried doing some error traps but it's not working like I know it should (code below).

--> The button assigned to this macro is "Clear Defualt..."

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How To Create Venn Diagram

Aug 6, 2014

How can I create a Venn Diagram in excel, or the closest thing to it. I would like all similar countries in the middle (where two circles overlap), then the differences on the outside with the country names. See my attached list.

MSCI vs. FTSE Emerging Market Countires.xlsx

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Scatter Diagram With Dates

Apr 29, 2006

I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but I've exhausted all possibilities. I have a table (see attachment) that has due dates, and person assigned to it. What I am looking for is a way to plot out dots on a scatter diagram, a different color for each assigned person, versus the dates in order to tell when a certain date is busier than another. I can't seem to get Excel to want to do this, as I am unsure what to put on each axis.

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Trend Line On Stacked Bar Diagram?

Jul 15, 2014

i have a stacked bar chart, similar to this: [URL] What i need is a trend line, similar to this: [URL] that shows the average of the bottom bar to date.

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XY-plot Diagram (text Values On X-axis)

Dec 4, 2012

I am having a problem when making a XY-plot diagram because I want text values on the x-axis instead of numbers - but that doesn't seem to be possible to get with this type of diagram?

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Limit The Number Of Times Shown In A Diagram

Jun 4, 2008

I'm making a line diagram, showing how a value changes over time. My data is measured every 30 min, which results in a mess when it's plotted over a month.

How do I limit the number of times shown on the x-axis, for instance so that only the date (every 24 hours) is shown?

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Edit Checking Before Inserting A New Diagram For Multiple Components

Jan 22, 2010

- I have some buttons set-up to insert pre-set diagrams from sheet “FISH PARTS” onto sheet “THE JUMPER FISHBONE”

- However, before inserting a new diagram onto sheet “THE JUMPER FISHBONE” I need to make sure the default diagram components are all gone.

- There are seven components all with structure Like “BONE_*”

- If one or more of these components are present I want to display a message to confirm the user wishes to delete the default diagram and insert new chart (or abort is they do not wish to delete the default)

- some explaination of structure below
- spreadsheet also attached

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Delete A Button Using Another Button

Aug 25, 2009

Just a simple question, how to make a macro:

1. There a 2 buttons, button A and button B
2. When we press button A, button B will be deleted

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Excel 2010 :: Sensitivity Analyses - Dispersion Diagram / Chart

Dec 12, 2012

How to create a dispersion diagram which will show me the impact of 3 variables on oil-in-place, which for the sake of this description, I shall call 'X'.

The 3 variables (let's call them A, B and C as I needn't go into the details) are used in the calculation for X. I have created tornado diagrams, which show me the positive and negative impact of each variable. But I'd like to create a diagram with X along the x-axis, with X increasing, and on the y-axis, have -1 to +1 which represents the impact of the variables A, B and C on X. So, as X increases, variable A might also increase toward +1, which would show me that as variable A increases, so does X. The reason why I'd like to learn how to do this is, whilst a tornado diagram will show me the impact of each variable on X, a dispersion diagram will also show be trends between variables. So, for example, variables B and C might both increase along the same trend, which would show me two things: that they both positively impact X and that one variable is dependent on the other.

I remember from a few years ago that an old version of Excel had a data sensitivity tool which did something like this. I'm working off of Excel 2010 now, and I've had a little look at the 'whatif' functions, but that doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for. Also, I would kind of like to see how to do this myself with the raw data, instead of the behind-the-scenes stuff.

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How To Make A Functional Venn Diagram Bulls Eye Chart For Accuracy

Dec 30, 2013

we all have a team, and we are scored on calls, appointments, demos, proposals, and revenue. Rather than asking us to do one or all of these metrics, I would like to have a bulls eye chart that could show people their bonus eligability, so if for example 50% of the circles are touching the bulls eye circle, you would be able to adjust what you need to work on for bonus.

Here is a sample graph.

sample structure.jpg

Here is sample data I am trying to work withsampledata2.xlsx

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Delete Row With Spin Button?

Jul 12, 2014

I'm using the below code which only clears the data, I'd like to find a way to delete the row and also shift the row up.

[Code] ......

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How To Delete Row Using Command Button

Jul 31, 2014

I know that this may seem a little strange to request as you can just select the row and delete it, however the sheet is designed as "idiot proof", so I would like to implement this.

Basically, I have a box which states "If you need to delete a row due to incorrect entry, please type the row number here (next cell), and click delete".

I want to know if by using VBA, you can reference the number entered in the cell, and use this to determin the row in which we are required to delete.

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Macro To Add Delete Button

Oct 25, 2013

Currently have a sheet that allows me to pick an item from a drop down list and show me the code for that item.

I already the macros for adding an item to the list via a add button. All this dose is if the item is not on the list i can simply be added into the two boxs and then click the add button.

What i want to do is add a delete button. This is in case someone enters the values wrong then can select it in the list and then click the delete button.

So all i want is to look at the item cell, match to a range and delete the row.

I have added a link to what it looks like as well as the coding i have used so far. [URL] ........

Sub Add_to_list()
' Add_to_list Macro
' Adds new item to list

[Code] .......

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How Do You Disable Or Delete A Button In VBA

Mar 10, 2009

How do you disable or delete a button in VBA code after the button is pressed?

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Press The Delete Button That Pops Up

Apr 28, 2009

During the course of one of my macros running I want it to press the Delete button that pops up? I used to know but can't seem to trip across it. I have attached a screen shot of the Delete button I want to be pressed.

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Delete All Button And Dropdowns From Sheet

Jan 29, 2010

I recorded the following macro which deletes specific buttons and drop downs from a sheet. I would like a macro that can delete all Buttons and Drop Downs without them being specified.

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Sorting Listbox And Delete Some Entries With Button

Jul 22, 2014

Here I have a listbox, but I would like to know if it's possible to be able to sort each header on the userform when clicking on the header?

Also, how should I also delete some entries with a button?


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Identify Button (shape) Row To Insert Row And Delete Row

Feb 3, 2009

I have a button (group containing and add and delete button).

I want to identify the row (position of shape/button calling the macro) to enable inserting a new row (1 row down from current row).

Then do the same to delete a row (position of shape/button calling the macro) to enable deletion of selected row.

This will allow me to add/insert rows by the button located at that row

The problem i have is getting the row property (row position of the button eg. TopLeftCell.Row) of the add button. The add button (RowBtnAdd) is a shape within a group (BtnGrp)

I also note that when a group is copied, it has the same shape name as that copied.
I want to keep the add and delete shape within the group (BtnGrp).
I do not want to select a cell or row or enter a row number to delete etc.

refer to sample workbook attached. Currently only has one record row.

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Delete Button To Remove Cell Value From Listbox

Apr 7, 2009

I have a list box that shows a range of cells (called emailrange). I want to add a Delete button that enables a selected value in the Listbox to be deleted if necessary (just the cell value not the row).

The code I have thus far is below: ...

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Command Button - How To Delete Specific Rows

Mar 15, 2012

I have a command button that upon its click I would like to delete a specific row. I am using a vlookup which is giving me the row of the number I would like to delete. How do i go about deleting out this row?

this is also a radiobutton within the row that I would like to delete out as well. It is not named but it linked to column B within the row that I will be deleting.

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Command Button To Delete Selected Data

Feb 21, 2014

I have 9 columns with various data and true/false checkboxes. Column 9 is labelled "Delete" and also contains a true/false checkbox. If column 9 is checked (True) and then a command button is pressed the corresponding row of data is deleted.what would the command button code be.

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Delete Entire Row Through Macro Button And VB Code

Aug 21, 2007

How can we delete entire row using VB Code.

say example i want to delete a row having name 'Anis' by clicking on a buttton

is this possible?

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How To Clear Contents / Delete Rows On Click Of Button

Nov 3, 2013

I have a spreadsheet containing 100 "requests" which can be made by a user

i would like the option for the user to be able to delete a request should they wish it either by deleting a row or clearing the contents

Currently I have a single column which is full of buttons (one for each row)

when i click the button on row 10 I would like row 10 deleted

when i click the button on row 30 i would like row 30 to be deleted etc

is there a way to do this without writing 100 macros which are specific to each line?

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Macro Button To Add / Delete Rows Across Multiple Sheets

Jul 24, 2014

I've been piecing a macro together from different sites and have run into a couple issues I can't find resolutions to. I have a excel doc for tracking paint emissions per week. I would like to have a button on my master tab that will add a row and fill the formatting from the line above across all 60 some sheets. Ideally I would like the same button to first prompt if you want to add or delete rows. When adding rows I would like it to add it above the button (there's 3 buttons and for 3 different sections) and if deleting ask which row to delete. If it can't be done in one button that's fine, I can live with that. The big thing I need is for it to replicate across all of the excel sheets. I've attached a copy of the document

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Macro Button - Insert / Delete Across Multiple Worksheets?

Mar 19, 2014

I'm trying to track information pertaining to employees across different worksheets in one excel file. I have one sheet that is the master list of employees. The first column of every worksheet is the same (employees names based on their location) but track different information.

I want to be able to create a macro button that will update all the worksheets if i insert or delete an employee from the master list. When a new row is inserted, the other worksheets should be updated as well with the new name and a blank row to be filled in. And when a name is deleted, the entire row should be deleted as well.

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Macro To Attach To A Button So I Can Delete The Contents Of All VALUE! Cells

Nov 26, 2008

how i might create a macro to attach to a button so i can delete the contents of all VALUE! cells. Either this or have a script in the background so no cell will return VALUE! (or any other error if possible)

I know if i had all the formulae sorted they might not butit's quite a large spreadsheet. The reason for the VALUE! error is text in cells that the formal points.

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How Do I Get Past A Delete, Cancel Button During A Macro Loop?

Aug 12, 2009

I would choose to select the delete button. I've created a new worksheet within a workbook, insert text and formatting, and copied to a specific place in the active worksheet. Everything works well except 1. there is a LOT of coding because I recorded the macro and 2. the delete message pops up for every files the macro manipulates. I have to click "delete" about 60 times throughout this macro and would love to be able to let it click its own delete button!

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Macro Delete Submit Button When Item Selected From Dropdown List

Mar 4, 2014

I have an excel form with a command (submit) button that opens up Outlook when clicked. I am looking for a way to have this submit button disappear when the user selects a specific item in a drop down list to make sure they do not email the form when it is used for a promotion (Promotion would be selected in the drop down).

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Excel 2003 :: Userform - Ok Button To Delete Data When Clicked On In Combobox

May 8, 2012

I have a userform that has a combobox in it that also has an OK button and a Cancel Button. Need getting the combobox to pull in the correct list? The data for this list will be in cells A2 through A16. But not all 15 lines will always have data in them so I'd like to only show the ones with data. Then next issue i have is I would like the OK button on this userform to actually erase the data the user has clikced on in the combobox. It's a list of kids that the userform is asking which one needs to be deleted. So it might be the kid in cell A9. so when the user clicks on that kid in the combobox form a9 and hits ok I'd like to have all the kids below A9 move up one row.

Windows XP
excel 2003

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Excel 2010 :: Paste Picture Into Small Picture / Diagram Box?

Mar 19, 2012

In Excel 2010, is there any way to paste a picture into a small picture/diagram box, and upon double clicking the picture it would explode to a larger size? And I guess double clicking it again would make it return to its original (smaller) size. I would be pasting several pictures into several different picture/diagram boxes and would need this to be a relative reference so that upon selection it explodes the appropriate picture?

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