Conditional Formula (TIME): Averaging, Dividing

Mar 5, 2008

I have Excel 97. I'm working on a spreadsheet and I just can't figure out how to create a conditional formula that will look through Column A & B, then add up the related time value (hh:mm) in Column C.

Gender Age Start time End Time
Male Adult 23:10 01:45
Female Adult 21:30 03:30
Male Adult 00:15 01:05
Female Juvenile 23:50 00:10

I tried the SUM(IF((A:A="Male")*(B:B="Adult),C:C)) or something like that.

The times seem to have a problem adding up or averaging if the time value exceeds 24:00 hrs. Or if it's computing numbers that some are before and after 24:00 hrs.

Is there some way to create a formula that will result in something like: Of 5 Adult males, the average start time was 23:50 hrs and the average end time was 01:30?

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Averaging Formula For Time

Mar 13, 2009

I have a column with times displayed in this format "0 day 03 hour 32min"

Is there a formula that allows me to average a column of these times and retain the same format?

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Dividing A Time Value

Jan 29, 2009

Need to divide a cell containing a time value (hrs:mins:secs). My timesheets calculates the number of hours on a job and I want to divide this total by the number of components made.

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Dividing Time By Numbers

Sep 6, 2006

I've found how to present time exceeding a minute in seconds ([m]:ss.00), but I need to formulate items per second. Doing simply CellItem / CellTime won't work. I've tried Minute(CellTime)*60+Second(CellTime), but this leaves out the hundreds of a second.

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Dividing Time In Excel Different Formats

Mar 13, 2013

I am attempting to calculate % utilization. I have number of minutes used formatted in [mm]:ss and number of minutes available formatted as a number. When I divide available by minutes used I get a percentage that is off.

So I have Available 33600 minutes available 4901:20 minutes used.

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Dividing Time By Whole Numbers (for Productivity Per Hour)

Mar 21, 2013

I'm trying to work out the productivity of something per hour but I'm having a bit of trouble with dividing time in Excel.

Basically I've got

A1 = # of Sales (e.g. 5)
A2 = Total time worked (e.g 07:36:00)

I want C1 to show me how many Sales are made per hour.

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Dividing A Time Span Into Shifts - Over Lapping Days

Feb 21, 2006

I am developing a report that tracks the efficiency of industrial sorters on
an automated assembly line. The line runs around the clock in three shifts
(1: 7:30am to 3:29pm, 2: 3:30pm to 11:29pm, and 3: 11:30pm to 7:29am), and
collects certain performance indicators, such as units processed. I am
trying to calculate the units processed during each shift on each day. For
example, if a run ran from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and processed 100 units, I
would want 50 units credited to shift 2 and 50 units to shift 3 (we are
assuming a steady rate of processing).

My data arrives from the machine with the following columns (each run is a
separate row):

Run #| Start Date| Start Time| Units Processed | End date | End Time

I have successfully used the start time to determine the starting shift with
IF statements:

=IF(--E3<0.3125,3,(IF(--E3<0.6458,1,(IF(--E3<0.9792,2,3))))) and a similar
formula to calculate the end shift. This works fine if the run only spans
two shifts within the same day.

My problem is that some of the runs, run across more than one shift and even
across days. For example, a run that ran from 10:30 pm on one day to 4:30 pm
on the next, would overlap 5 shifts and two days. I need to be able to
figure out the proportion of time spent on each shift, and use that to get
the proportion of units processed during each shift on each day.

I am currently thinking of a convoluted series of nested IF statements (and
generating lots of columns to the right of my data for each potential shift
within a run), but this seems inelegant and cumbersome. Is there a more
logical way to approach this? Even more specifically, is there a function
that can pair my start/end dates and times with a set of shift start/end
times and calculate the elapsed time for each shift within a run? Something
with MATCH or VLOOKUP maybe?

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Conditional Averaging Macro

May 16, 2009

i have this table:..............

column one containing ISO3 names of different countries. I was wondering if it's possible to have a macro that when i choosing some countries in different rows, it compute average value of them for any year in seven columns

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Averaging Time In VBA

Oct 13, 2009

I have a column of data in Excel in the [h] format. These values range from a few minutes to hundreds of hours. I need to get the average of these times.

My code is below. I'm getting a type mismatch error on the line that tries to add the time to the total. The line is in red. I've tried using a Integer, Long, Double, and Date as variable types for this particular variable. All with the same result.

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Averaging With Zeros And Conditional Formating

Jun 11, 2009

I have three attendance columns M:O which will contain the number of viisits per month. I am averaging these columns in column P. I am using the following formula to calculate the averages of three columns using Windows XP and Excel 2003.


The formula works fine as I initially started to remove the error message from the zero values. My problem started when I created a conditional format to color the entire row yellow, based upon the formula in column A


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Averaging Velocity Time Curves

Nov 12, 2008

I have different velocity-time curve. I need to average different curve, but the duration of each set of time series is different (for example one set is 1.8 s, one other is 1.78 s...) I know I will have to interpol the data, but I do not know how to write a macro for that.

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Dividing Range Of Cells With Given Cell Having Formula?

Sep 3, 2012

I am working an Excell sheet. It have many cells with formula like sum of a range of cells etc.

I wanted to divide a range of cells with the given cell (which is inturn having a formula for sum of a range of cells.) want i wanted is to divide a range of cell values with a given cell whose value (number) is obtained through a formula.

when i do

=100*(v65)/v20 for T65 cell and copy the formula for T66-T106 cell range

it is calculating for T66=100*(v66)/v21 and T67=100*(v67)/v22 ........T106=100*(v106)/v61

what I want is all the cells T66=100*(v66)/v20 ... T106=100*(v106)/v20.

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Formula For Averaging

Jun 16, 2007

I need some help with a formula. I've tried daverage, cant seem to get it to work. below is an example of the spreadsheet.

Date Name Project Score Pass?
5/1 Joe Test 55% No
5/1 Jan Quiz 88% Yes
5/4 Jon Test 100% Yes
5/9 Gary Test 75% Yes
5/11 Joe Quiz 90% Yes
5/18 Mary Test 45% No

Ok, I need a formula that I can execute from a different worksheet than the data is on. I need the formula to give me the average of the scores in column D for the criteria in Column C "Test". I tried daverage=(A1:E7, "Project", C1:C2) I cant get it to work. Do you guys know any other way to do this?

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Dividing Output Of Sumproduct Formula By Count Of Specific Cell Contents

Aug 21, 2009

I've got the following sumproduct formula (which seems to work):


B17 is a keyword to be found in the Product_Keywords range

I'd like to modify it so that:

ifthe cell in the range Product_Keywords also includes "," thendivide the sumproduct by the number of commas+1

Presumably I could add --(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(",",Product_Keywords) as one of the conditions,
but how would I keep track of the number of commas in the cell?

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Averaging Out Data From A DATEDIF Formula

Apr 10, 2008

Im going insane trying to figure out how to Average out the data i've accumulated with the DATEDIF Formula...Can anyone please clarify if this is even possible ??

Here's the situation...

I've got a range of data that has been calculated by using the DATEDIF Function (below):

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Dividing Time Into "sub-time"

Jan 9, 2007

I'm busy working on a schedule for calculating irregular hours.
A thing I need to do is the following:

name: Ed
From: 6:30
Till: 15:00
+15% :

Ed is one of the employees working on a busline. If he works between 6:00 and 7:30 he gets +15% on his salary for his worked hours. So what I need to know is how many hours(or minutes) he's worked in that 15% box. (In this example 1 hour)

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Formula For Averaging Array Given Multiple Criteria

May 19, 2014

I am looking for a formula that averages the numbers in an array if they match the row and column text-based criteria. Based on another thread, I found and edited the following formula. However, it is giving me incorrect numbers.


I have attached a sample workbook that includes the broken formula.

Average Formula Error.xlsx‎

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Conditional Median Formula Into Conditional Quartile / Percentile?

Apr 15, 2014

Having trouble changing this formula from its current Median to a Quartile or Percentile. The median formula looks like this:

(MEDIAN(IF(DATA!$B$15:$DZ$15=1000,DATA!$B26:$DZ26))) and works perfect.

However I can't figure out how to manipulate it into a percentile keeping the condition of


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Formula To Calculate Time Allotted Minus Time Used And Show Difference In Hour And Minutes?

Apr 27, 2014

Formula to calculate time allotted minus time used and show the difference in hour and minute.

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Calculate Time With If And Formula When Time Passing 12am?

Jul 1, 2012

I have a problem here:

1 8 pm 9 pm 10 pm 11 pm 12 am 1 am 2 am
2 8 pm 11 pm
3 8 pm 2 am

I typed a formula : =if(and(c$1>=$a2,d$1

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Dividing And Returning Different Value Than Zero

Jun 24, 2014

How to do the following?

When dividing two cells and the answer is zero then I want to return a different value. I've tried the following with no luck:




=if a1/b1 = 0 then "*", else return actual value

64 13
82 16
82 16
2 0 --> change this to * or -
264 52
13 3

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Conditional Formatting With Time Value?

Jul 16, 2013

I have an Excel report I have to generate. I need "Call Back" (F3) to show highlighted in red if time value of (F3) is = to or greater than 4 hrs. of "Time Reported" (C3) and highlighted in green if value is before 4 hrs. Also "Arrival Time" (G3) needs to be highlighted green if within 24 hrs. of "Time Reported" (C3) and highlighted red if after 24 hrs. of "Time Reported" (C3).

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Dividing Numbers Evenly

Apr 6, 2009

I have a total at the bottom of my spreadsheet and I want to distribute that total equaly to the missing columns for each month and each product highlighted in green in the spreadsheet. What formula do I need to use to be able to do that?

At the end I want the numbers in each month to total the total at the bottom.

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Time Formula: Input The Arrival Time Of A Car

Feb 18, 2007

when i input the arrival time of A Car, the time he arrives late appears in column D it should read 15 Minutes. how i can get this time to appear automatic after i have registered the arrival time. A Car due at 19:00 arrived at 19:15. 15minutes late. I would be grateful if you could lead me in the right direction.............

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Conditional Format More Than One Group At A Time?

May 28, 2014

I have several 4 groups that all need to do the same thing. Is it possible to write all of them in one group or do I have to write each one individual in the conditional formatting?

For example:

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Conditional Formatting - Overlapping Time

Jan 29, 2014

I would like cells to highlight within a row only if they are non-blank and if other non-blank cells in that row fall within the same time range.

See the attached example for what I'm looking to do. I can setup my sheet one of two ways (as shown) if it makes finding a solution easier.

Conditional Formatting - Overlapping time.xlsx‎

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Conditional Format Based On A Time

Nov 6, 2008

I have a row of cells pertaining to jobs B3 across to I3.

In B3, C3, D3, E3 the value entered is text.
In F3, G3, H3, I3 the value entered is time.

What I am trying to do is to change the Background colour to Red on cells
F3, G3, H3, I3 if either H3 or I3 or are empty at the end of the current day but only if there is some text in any or all of the cells B3 - E3

So for example if H3 or I3 have no time put in them by 23:59 today, when the workbook is opened tomorrow the cells background colour will turn red.

Not sure if this if poossible or not? hopefully I have explained it well enough but if not pease let me know.

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Conditional Formatting Negative Time

Apr 24, 2009

Excel 2000. I am having a little problem getting the list of numbers detailed below to turn red if Negative and Green if positive, (0:00 to stay blank). These numbers will changed between a maximum of 120:00hrs and -120:00hrs....

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Conditional Formatting Using Hours/time

Jul 21, 2009

I'm trying to use conditional formatting to highlight phone calls that came in between certain hours.

The call times are in the custom format h:mm, although it could easily be changed to an Excel time format. I'm using Excel 2002. I want the cell to have a different fill color if it falls within particular time frames.


If the call came in between 22:00 and 23:59 color is light green.
If the call came in between 23:59 and 08:00 the color is yellow.

Example spreadsheet is attached.

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Conditional Format - To Do All The Rows At Once Instead Of One At A Time

Nov 17, 2008

I have a list of 50 sites (in rows) and their revenue for the last 12 months (in columns). I would like to use conditional format to highlight the highest number in each row but I can only do this one row at a time using top/bottom rules (top 1%). Is there a formula that I can use to do all the rows at once instead of one at a time?

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