Create A Userform That Has Several Parts To It

Aug 15, 2007

I want to create a userform that has several parts to it.

1stly i want to copy information into the text boxes from a macro.

2ndly the number of text boxes could be infinate (in theory), i want 1 for each set of info

3rdly i want a little option tab box thingy for each box,

4thly the boxes and userform to adjust to fit the optimal size

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Create Parts Cross Reference Table?

Jan 29, 2014

create parts cross reference table?

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Print Parts In Portrait Parts In Landscape

Dec 21, 2006

I have a document needed to be printed with some pages in the middle in landscape page type, the rest in portrait. If using Word it would be easier, but in Excel I cant find the section break to chage page setup separately. Is there anyway to do it. Currently I'm printing the document separately in portrait and then landscape with some page break added and page number modified. However it's quite troublesome and easy to make mistake.

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Lookup Function: Compare Every Part In The All Parts Worksheet To See If The Part Number Exists On The Active Parts Sheet

Dec 10, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with 2 worksheets. On the first "active parts" I have a list of active part numbers and on the second "All Parts" I have all of the parts available.

I want to compare every part in the All Parts worksheet to see if the part number exists on the Active Parts sheet - if it's there, I would like it to return the value "Active" in column B in All Parts. I have a formula in column B in All Parts that seems to work for the first few, but as soon as it finds one that is active, the rest of the cells below all return "Active".

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Search Parts Of Columns Looking For Matches In Parts Of Other Columns In A Row

Mar 1, 2014

I have sheets with names of people in columns....some married...some not. When they are married, here's a sample format...

Jones, Donald T | Baker, Sarah Jane | Jones, Sarah Jane | Smith, Sarah J | Jones, Sarah Jane Smith

In this example, I would like to be able to determine which of the Sarah's belongs to Donald w/o having to visually look at each record ( 100,000's of records). (FYI: the names for Sarah would/could be her Maiden Name and possibly a name or two from a former marriage). What I need to be able to do is match and extract the names of Jones, Donald T and Jones, Sarah Jane and Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and eliminate Smith, Sarah J and Baker, Sarah Jane.

In my example, Donald is in the first column, but can be in any column on a row so the name positions are random across the columns. However, the format for each column is then same...Last Name, First Name Middle Name(or Initial) with a comma always after the last name in each column. The length of the last name also varies.

VBA or Formula that will search the cells in the columns of each row and return the names (complete contents of the cells with matching last names) that have a matching last name for that row.

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How To Create Userform

Mar 28, 2013

i want to create one user form like shown in this picture below. right side 3 options need to input form the user and clicking on the button get option chain, it gets the data from www and fills all the columns frm expiry to optn int..

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Create This Userform

Jul 16, 2008

I have created an order form and what I am trying to do is:

I would like that when our customers open the order form they should get a page with our Terms and conditions (maybe as User form), which they have to accept it or not. If they accept it, they should get the message i.e. “welcome to ....." but if they don't accept it they should get the message i.e. “the order form will close in 5 seconds " (and it should close after 5 sec.).

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Create Userform With Scroll Bar

Mar 3, 2014

I created the following worksheet when a user opens my workbook:

Project #Project DescProject LeaderStatus Date
1Project Desc 1Jones02/04/2014
2Project Desc 2Jones02/21/2014
5Project Desc 5Smith02/04/2014

[Code] ........

I now need to take the worksheet fields and place them in a userform which will have the following:

View command button which has the hyperlink attached to it followed by boxes with the Project Desc, Project Leader and Status Date.

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Create A Dynamic UserForm

Nov 6, 2009

Enclosed is a copy of a workbook in Excel 2003, in which I copied the VBA from a web site to see how that works. I am not a guru in Excel but always curious to see how things can be achieved to maybe enhance it in the future use. I have tried everything based on my knowledge but did not succeed.

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Create UserForm During RunTime

Jun 18, 2009

I am trying to create a userform during the progression of my code. I found this is the MS help website but it doesn't work for me . .

Sub BuildMyForm()
Set MyNewForm = _
End Sub

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Create Controls Of A Userform On The Fly

May 18, 2006

I am trying to create some controls in a userform on the fly based on the data in a sheet. The part of my code is the following:

summaryForm.Controls.Add bstrProgID:="forms.label.1", Name:="LAWts", Visible:=True
With summaryForm.Controls("LAWts")
.Top = 120
.Left = 20
.Height = 18
.Width = 300
.Caption = "Weights: "
End With

Question I is that how can I connet this textbox to a click event or just to a procedure when it is clicked? I tried to use OnAction but it does not work for textbox in a userform. Question II is that how can I find the all properties of a textbox or any other controls? Is there a manuel or reference available on the internet?

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UserForm - Create Adjustable (Resizer)

Mar 22, 2014

i want to make my UserForm Adjustable ( Resizer )............i m posting here a sample of Adjustable ( Resizer) UserForm, and also pasting my own UserForm

make my Userform Adjustable ( Resizer )

my user form
My own UserForm.xlsm
example of Resizer Form
Resizer Form.xls

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Create RMB Popup Menu In Userform?

Jan 25, 2010

I would like to create a simple right mouse button popup menu for the text box on a userform. I just want Copy and Paste and the functionality that goes with them if possible.

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Create Listbox On Userform With 3 Columns?

Oct 25, 2011

I want to create a listbox on a userform with 3 columns. The source data comes from the sheet "Data". After selecting a value from a combobox (which can also be found in the "Data" sheet), I want the first coloumn to display the matching LJHs, sorted ascending. Second column the matching date and the 3rd column to be the total quantity (maybe with SUMIFS).I dont know if you can refer to a listbox element for the worksheetfunction SUMIFS.

This is what the Listbox is supposed to look like and some sample data.

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Using Data Harvested From One Userform To Create Another

Nov 9, 2011

We are working on a project at work with our suppliers which will require much redoing of the same sort of things, so I've started to learn and use VBA in excel.

Intro done, I have started a sheet with parts data held on it, and created a user form to allow the operator (me ATM) to input part details into the form, this includes the part number, revision etc.

The next thing I need to do is gather some additional information about the parts. one of the things I need is the number of places each dimension needs to be measured in, the others are sizes tolerances etc.

each part could have a different number of dimensions, and each dimension could have a different number of places to be measured. The operator has already input the number of dimensions on the previous form and this is assigned a variable name 'myDim'

I need a new user form with a number of boxes matching myDim, and labels (letters) to match for inputting the next chunk of information. Once I have this figure out I can replicate for each requirement.

Is there any way to make the number of text boxes in one form be dictated by an input from another form. I can play with the input if needed, it is currently a string, but should be an integer.

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Create Userform With Existing Modules?

May 12, 2014

I wrote some macros that allow me to check info when i input employee number and dates on a worksheet. There are three buttons in my macro which are "Prepare" (do some preparation for the origional data in order to perform check ups later on), "Clear" (clear info in order to perform next check up), "Check" ( Check the info that i need). I already finished the code for all three buttons and they are all functioning.

My question is how to create a userform that allows me to do the same thing as a macro. for example, on the userform window, there should also be three command buttons ("Prepare","Clear","Check") and also there should be three textbox labeled as "Employee Number","DateFrom","Date To" and the value of these textboxes are just the same as the input value for the macro( ie. In the macro, these three inputs are located at cells "B2","C2","D2")

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Create Hyperlink In Userform Textbox

Feb 17, 2007

sometimes i'll have some text i want to show in a userform textbox. let's say the text happens to be in a sheet named story, and it is in A1 of the worksheet.

A1 says, for example:

" The next big thing can be found by clicking here "
if the note above were on a web page, all you'd have to do is click on 'here' and you are off the the next big thing. but so far, when i use this code to bring the text in story!A1 into the userform textbox all i get is the text. there is no 'clickability' as it were.

Me.textbox.Value = Range("story!A1").Value
is there some bit of code magic one can use to make a userform textbox function with html code?

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Edit- How To Create A Simple Userform

Apr 19, 2008

I have downloaded the sample file at the bottom of the 'Contextures' webpage that explaines how to create a simple userform...


at the very bottom there is a 'Download the sample file' link

This simple form alows the user to input 4 bits of data, PartID, Location,Date and Qty. This data is saved in another part of the worksheet called 'Partsdata'

What I want is somehow for the user to be able to seach for a PartID from the list in the Partsdata worksheet. When this PartId is found, display the userform in a way that the data relating to that PartID can be edited and then re-saved when the user clicks on the 'add this part' button.

For example....

Msg Box or user form dispalyed stating...."Enter PartID to edit"
a search of the PartID column (columnA) in PartsData worksheet is carried out and when the matching PartID is found the corresponding information is displayed in a user form that can be edited by the user.

Once the user has made any changes to the data shown, the user clicks on the 'Add this part' button and the new data is re-saved using the same partid reference.

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Userform Create Input Boxes

Jul 11, 2008

How would I go about making a user form that has an input box where you can type in a year (in yyyy format), and then two radio buttons that allow you to choose either "Jan-Jun" or "Jul-Dec", and a submit button to run a corresponding macro.

The purpose of this is I have two macros that run the same report, one is for first half of the year, second is for second half of the year. For simple purposes we will call them "JanJun" macro and "JulDec" macro ...

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Dynamically Create UserForm Controls

Nov 29, 2007

I am working on a dynamically produced userform but the dynamically created Cancel and OK buttons don't work. I have been able to get round it by adding the buttons to the top of the form (non- dynamic) but I'd really like to be able to create them dynamically based on variable for other parts of the project. How can I produce dynamic command buttons that actually work?

Here's my code but I'd be happy with generic code I could use.

Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
' Define variables
Dim LabelV As MSForms.Label
Dim CheckboxV As MSForms.Checkbox
Dim rngFields As Excel.Range
Dim field As Excel.Range
Dim lngNextTop As Long
Dim lngTitleBarHeight As Long
Dim ColumnNum As Integer

' Set constants
' Choose height and width of Label box
Const cTextBoxHeight As Long = 12..............

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How To Create Excel Userform Display Automatically

Jun 26, 2013

I have table in excel sheet and i want Create an Excel User Form display automatically to this table, how?

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Name Selection In A Userform - To Create A Signing In Sheet?

Jul 14, 2014

I am creating a yearly rota that will produce a signing in sheet on a day and night basis. Im using a userform to pick the... Department, Operators name, Time In & Time Out.

The Problem I have is that the ComboBox in my UserForm for selecting the operators name shows every operator in the rota, where as I would like the Combobox in my user form to only show the operators that are on shift that day/night. To reduce the chance of selecting an operator that isnt even on shift that day.

I would also like it to subtract the names after the have been selected. to reduce the chance of entering the same name twice in the same sheet.

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Create Userform To Search Using Multiple Criteria

Jul 31, 2014

I have created a userform which searches from the data using the value that i put in text box.

E.g. if i put student i.d in textbox1 all other textbox show me the data like name contact detail etc.

But I want one more criteria. i want to add one more textbox to search for e.g either i put student i.d or locker no whereas right now i can only put student ID.

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How To Create Userform For Bill Format To Supermarket

Mar 23, 2011

I am trying to create user form for make bill format for super market example if enter in text box the item name etc. then add data in to excel sheet with excel formulas and if customer buy more then one item when enter another item name in to text box it's need to go with same bill number and when search with bill number it's need show all carrying with that bill number and we can print bill format paper.

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Create Userform Which Can Add Or Delete Master Data

May 11, 2009

I am making planning & status board for each project(yard). But in my 1st Stage I am having a problem for creation of Userform & List Box for my Display Sheet.

Problem-1) I want to create userform which can Add or Delete my MasterData.

Problem-2) I want to display & change Block Status of Yard in List View. Yard No will be selected using combo box.
List View Should allow addition & Deletion of record.

Note: I am a bit new user for VBA but can copy codes from sample file to use in the files.

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Voting Poll And Create A Userform And Automize

Dec 23, 2009

i want to create an voting poll in Excel, where it will be uploaded in the class room, so that every student can access and vote their favorite stars. Voting category as follows:

a: Best Student
b: Best Professor
c: Best Staff

Create a userform and automize this.

1st Userform should contain
a: Register / Roll No
b: student Name
to register themselves in the database.

and the 2nd userform should contain category
a: Best Student
b: Best Professor
C: Best Staff

by selecting 1 by 1, 3rd userform should popup in which list of all student/professor/staff names will appear and student will select one name in each category. and the selected name will be updated in the excel sheet towards their register/roll no... Once regiestered sudent cannot register again.

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Excel 2010 :: How To Create Userform With Progress Bar

Feb 7, 2013

I'm trying to create a userform with a progress bar. The progress bar does NOT need to be 'real' and accurate, but simply act as a timer to illustrate to the user that the program is running some quick calcs.. Again, basic progress bar, with about about a 4 second completion time..

(using excel 2010 VB)

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Dynamically Create Userform Through Class Modules?

Feb 15, 2013

I have a problem with a dynamic userform that I need to create.

I need a userform in which the number of controls are determined by the some values in the worksheet. The users of the workbook must be able to add new controls to the form, so I do not know the number of controls in advance. I therefore can not create the userform through the design module but must create it through code instead.

I need a userform with a number of comboboxes and a commandbutton, which when clicked sends the content of the comboboxes to the first empty row in a worksheet.

My problem is that I can't assign any commands to the comboboxes (which are created at runtime), nor can I use the values of the comboboxes in any commands assigned to other controls in the userform (e.g. the commandbutton).

I have read as far that I probably need some form of class module to create the controls at runtime, but since I am relatively new at VBA, I'm having trouble getting the class module to work in connection with the userform.

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How To Create Mask (Userform) To Insert Data

Aug 17, 2013

I have a simple table with these column: Name, Surname, Address, Date of Birth, etc.

I would like to create a button which open a mask to insert the above data "automatically" in the table/columns.

I tried playing, being able to create the mask UI, but it doesn't work: the command "OK" doesn't insert the data. I am sure it is a stupid thing, but I can't sort it out.

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Coding A Userform To Create Multiple Entries

Mar 18, 2008

I've been trying to code this user form so that when the appropriate command button is pushed, the Inventory Number is populated the amount of times indicated by the "multiplier" number.

I haven't gotten very far successfully. Mostly runtime errors.

Here is a screen shot of my table, along with my non working code.

Private Sub cmdfront_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("Scanned")

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