Find Ranges Between 2 Columns

Nov 29, 2008

I have a 3 column table that goes:

FROM: /// TO: /// Value
0 /// 25,000 /// x
25,001 /// 50,000 /// y
50,001 /// 75,000 /// z

etc etc.

I then have another table ( 2 columns) with the first column being inputed values from another worksheet. This inputted number will fall between one of the ranges. The second column needs to have the appropriate VALUE from the above, 3 column table.

How do I go about making a Vlookup that can find ranges between 2 columns?
So if I have a value of 30,000, it will return "y".

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Variable Ranges For Find() Macro

Jul 11, 2008

Need to pull data from Sheet4 to sheet1 by Sales Person based on a validation list cell on sheet1.

Each Sales person has a different number of accounts listed on Sheet4. The data is setup like this (my apologies for not knowing how to copy and paste the data)

Will Use Jane Doe and John Smith As examples-

A1, Jane Doe, Customer Name, Data, Data, Data, etc.
A2, Jane Doe, Customer Name, Data, Data, Data, etc.
A3, John Smith, Customer Name, Data, Data, Data, etc.

So Jane Doe has 2 customers total, and John Smith has 1 customer.

I am dealing with a total of 300+ Sales People and over 4,000 customers, all with a different number of customers per sales person.

How in the world can I write a code that will pull all of Jane Doe's customers when she is chosen from the validation list, and paste those customers and their coinciding data where I need it to paste?

I have the validation list working, so all I need at this point is help with the copy/paste code.

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Look Up 2 Number Ranges And Find Intersection

Sep 28, 2009

How would I create a formula that would match a number in a range by column and another number in a range by rows, then fin the intersection of those 2 numbers?

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Move Ranges In To Columns

Nov 18, 2009

In the attached worksheet I am trying to create a range from

C4 to C12 (all the Officer Roles) and move it to Column E same Range
G4 to G12 (all the Officer Names) and move it to Column H same Range

I would need to do this for the entire worksheet. i.e. move all the Officer Roles over 2 columns and the Officer Names over 1 column.

I tried to piece meal it together from code I found here, but I am getting a "wend without while" error.

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Find Wont Find Existing Text When Columns/Rows Hidden

Oct 8, 2006

Attempting to hide columns (of cities) via VBA generates an error when that same city is reselected (either individually, or as part of the group) in the list box, upon clicking the 'Hide' button.

The error happens at this point: ...

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Find The Largest Number In Multiple Ranges?

Jun 7, 2013

I have huge sorting job in Excel.I have a excel file from each year.And I put these together to a huge excel file. And I need to track down the last activity if the customer is listed multiple times.I could just go through and delete the rows, but the last row.But, that takes a lot of time.

Last activity (year only) - Customer number - Customer name

2010 - 1001 - Company A
2011 - 1001 - Company A
2012 - 1001 - Company A

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Find Out How Many People Are Scheduled Between Certain Time Ranges

Feb 28, 2007

Is there any way to find out how many people are scheduled between certain time ranges.
For example : I have 5 people scheduled with various start and finish times ie.:

1. 10:00 to 15:00
2. 11:00 to 16:00
3. 08:00 to 14:00
4. 13:00 to 15:00
5. 12:00 to 16:00

Is there any way to analise this schedule in format:

08:00 till 9:00 1 scheduled
09:00 till 10:00 1 scheduled
10:00 till 11:00 2 scheduled
11:00 till 12:00 3 scheduled
12:00 till 13:00 4 scheduled
13:00 till 14:00 5 scheduled
14:00 till 15:00 4 scheduled
15:00 till 16:00 2 scheduled
16:00 till 17:00 0 scheduled

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Searching 3 Ranges/columns Of Cells

Apr 1, 2009

I am trying to search three columns on a worksheet, that contain a range of customers, product names and the amount of that product sold to the to the customer.
On a separate worksheet I have created a table, which I hope will show the customer, the product and the amount sold. So basically I need either a formula or piece of code that can match the customer and product, along with the amount sold and display it in one table. The data is by nature not kept in alpha or numerical order and my problem lies in being able to search through each row and extrapolate the necessary figure.

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Hiding Multiple Ranges Of Columns With VBA?

Nov 24, 2012

I'm trying to hide groups of columns on a dropdown change. I'm extremely new to VBA, so I'm having a bit of trouble understanding some things. Here's what I've got so far...

Private Sub modeList_Change()
Dim selectedMode As Integer
Dim selectedOpp As Integer


I recognize my main problem is the assigning the multiple ranges to be hidden to the leadColsArray.

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Multiple Date Ranges To Find Effective Rate?

Jun 18, 2014

My problem is trying to identify the applicable rate in a range of dates that are not consistent in every case. I have a number of orders that span 4 years. The rate charged has changed over time and therefore I'm trying to find what the applicable rate would be for that time frame. For example one of my orders was created on 2/27/2012 with a specific item, then again the same item was ordered on 9/10/2013 and I need to find what the rate should have been for both of those orders during those rate periods. I've attached a sample sheet with the 2 tables I've been trying to assess. I've tried using mulitple IF and VLOOKUP formula's but it doesn't work they way I need it to due to the inconsistency in Table 2. H

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VB Define Dynamic Ranges, Use The Range For Find Or Vlookup

Jul 9, 2008

I have an worksheet that I import a csv into, each day a new csv is added to the bottom of the previous csv data. I have some code that extracts the date and month # from the cell and places them in helper columns. The code find the last used cell in the helper column and the imported data column to find the first and last row of the new day.

This part works fine. However, I assigned a variable name to the first and last variables and would like to uses these row number to define a range in order to use the range for a vlookup or find operation. This is where I get stuck. I want to use column x and row (variable from first bit of code) to column y and row (variable from first bit of code). Then use a vlookup/find whatever works to find the text I need and get the data. Tips on looping the code would be welcome as well.

I have searched for answers to the problem, on the board and web, but have not found a solution that works for me. (at least that I could get to work!!)

Below is the code as I have it

Public Sub Enter_Date()

Dim DateA As Date
Dim DateB As Date
Dim Cnt As Integer
Dim End_of, Beg_of As Integer
Dim Count As Integer
Dim NumtoFill As Integer

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How To Loop Through Dynamic Ranges Using Columns Rather Than Rows

Jun 23, 2014

I have a list of several hundred columns, beginning with column "G:G", with varying numbers of rows of data in column - each row dipicting a monthly data point. I'd like to average the numbers in each column (need to average over the appropraite time-frame) and compare that average with the corresponding average (same time-frame) for benchmark (column"F:F"). The problem is I don't have the same number of data points in each column; some have data points for every month for the past 33 years, and some just a few years; almost all have differing beginning and ending dates as well.

[Code] ....

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Get LastRow Based On Series Of Columns Ranges?

Aug 20, 2014

I know how to get the last row for columns, usedrange... etc but I don't know how to get the lastrow based on multiple column range

For example, find the last row between columns A:M but IGNORE N:O however we still want to check/get the last row for P:Z

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Duplicate Values Per Column With Various Row Ranges For Many Columns

Dec 13, 2013

I have a challenge related to a excel sheet we are using for personnel planning.

Vertically we have several projects with action items listed row by row in the following format:

- Project 1 xxxxxx
Project management
Project Engineering
- Project 2 xxxxxx
Project management
Project Engineering

Horisontaly on the columns we have dates, day by day for a year +

For each day we chose from a drop down who is assigned to the action item. The problem is when there are 30-40 + projects and each have 20-30 lines of ation items it is hard to get the overview and avoid double entry. I would use conditional formating to do this, but firstly each project is separated by a line containing different formulas and I would not like the conditional formation to change these cells, and at the same time to put this up manually for each row would take a long time since there are 365 + rows.

how a VBA code could solve this little challenge? IT would also be beneficial to have it do the check upon cell change, that way we would not need to manually run the VBA to check.

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Randomly Select Rows, Columns Or Ranges

Oct 18, 2006

by what means is it possible to unselect randomly selected areas, rows, columns from all sheets?

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How To Use Named Ranges In VBA Code Using Columns And Variation On Range

Mar 17, 2014

I am trying to clean up my code by using named ranges so that it will still work if/when others add columns or rows to the spreadsheet. These should be pretty easy solutions for most of you but I can't seem to find any answers online.

Here are 2 examples of the code I am trying to update:

I was thinking that replacing "A" with "namedRange" would work but I suppose that's not how the Columns application works. How can I modify the code below to work with a named range instead of the fixed column "A"?


For the following I would have thought that replacing "AU" with "namedRange" would do the trick as that's how things have worked for me in the past using the Range application. Unfortunately I get an error when I make the change.

[Code] .....

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Find All Ranges In Worksheet And Copy Actual Cell Range To A List?

Mar 14, 2013

I have 10 worksheets. I would like to create a macro to find all the "2" values on worksheet 1, and have the actual range that the cell is, compiled into a list -example: I would like the list to be similar to this= (A1,B15 ,C8)

I even tried to record it but it doesnt show me the actual range that the data is found in.

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Hide / Unhide Rows And Columns Based On Several Date Ranges

Mar 19, 2014

I am building a sheet to display deadlines (rows) by project (columns). I would like to have it automatically hide the rows and columns based on the date of the deadline. If the deadline is today or 1 week from today the associated rows and columns should be visible, otherwise, I would like to hide them.

My table is A1:N9, with A1 being a blank, row names A2:A9, and column names B1:N1.

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Hide Unwanted Columns & Clear Ranges Based On Cell Value

Sep 17, 2008

I have written a VBA procedure which is supposed to hide unneeded columns (based on the a number entered in a certain cell. This is working so far. Since I need to sum only the visible cells in a row i need to clear the contents of a range of cells if they will be hidden. Unfortunately the code i have written runs only to the ClearContents and then starts over from the beginning. If i take out the .clearcontents and put .Select for example instead, the code runs perfectly.
Here is the

Sub worksheet_calculate() 'Hide columns that are not needed

Sheet1. Unprotect

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

Dim i As Integer
Dim r As Integer
Dim s As Integer
Dim rngRange As Range

i = 2

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Macro: Create Named Ranges. Unknown Columns/Rows

Sep 9, 2006

I need to make named ranges from an unknown number of columns(at least 1) each with an unknown number of rows. Each column has the name of the named range as the first row, and then a variable number of rows containing part numbers.

I can do it 1 by 1, but id rather do it in a loop so that blanks dont cause errors. there will be different people using versions of this sheet with different model/part number information What i've tried: Count number of colums with row 1 containing data (11 max, which is more than will ever be used) add into array(I know i dont really need to add into the array, but i might use it later for some other code). The problem i'm having is finding the range of rows that need added to the named dynamic range and adding it.

modelcount = Range("G7") 'G7 (for now) contains =COUNTA(H1,I1,J1,etc)

For i = 1 To modelcount
Redim Preserve Models(0 To i)
Models(i) = Cells(1, i + 7)
Range1 = Cells(2, i + 7).Address(xlA1)
lastRow = Cells(rows.Count, i + 7).End(xlUp).Row
Range2 = Cells(lastRow, i + 7).Address(xlA1)
Reference = Cells(2, i + 7).Address(xlA1)
ThisWorkbook.Names.Add Name:=Models(i), _
RefersTo:="=OFFSET(Reference,0,0,counta(Range1:Range2),1)", Visible:=True
Next i

This gets me the range i need, but doesnt create the named range properly. If i go to insert>names>define, the named ranges are created, but they dont relate to the data in any columns. It shows the variable names rather than the cell range the variable represents.

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Creating Multiple Named Ranges X Rows High X Columns Wide

Mar 13, 2012

I need to create hundreds of named ranges going down a single sheet.

The name of the first range is in cell a1 and is 13 columns wide and 7 columns high (a1:m7)

The next name is in a8 and the range is a8:m14 and so fourth

If it's easier on a separate sheet I can have a list of names I want in column A and then the cells they refer to in column B.



Range1 Sheet1!A1:M7
Range2 Sheet1!A8:M14
Range3 Sheet1!A15:M21

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Cascading Ranges - Vlookup (make My Reference Range Access Multiple Columns)

Feb 10, 2010

I need to run a vlookup to find some data. But I have a lot of data about 600,000 lines. Currently this list is spread over several columns (as the limit is something like 50000). How can I make my reference range access multiple columns?

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Naming Ranges But If Any Cells, Row Or Columns Are Inserted The Range Will Automatically Adjust To Suit1?

Jul 25, 2006

Range("B25").Name = "EndMull"

Its fine but if i insert a new row or column then it mucks the whole thing up. Is there away of naming them but if any cells, row or columns are inserted the range will automatically adjust to suit1

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Find Same Values In Different And Unequal Cell Ranges And Refer To Values

Jul 2, 2009

I have data similar as shown in the following:


The idea is to add compare the cells of the first column with the third column. Where same letters/words exist, the corresponding value of the first column should be added to the second column (where no letter exists equally, the space remains empty), so it will look like this


the third column always will have at least the same letters as the first column, but new letters/entries can occur.

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Find Min And Max In Columns?

Feb 16, 2014

i have a matrix and want find min & max this matrix. know must use For and IF for example for MIN: i want "a" compare "b" and if "a" < "b" then "a" is local optimum else b is local optimum then "c" compare "a" if "a" < "c" then "a" is local optimum else c replace a and c is local optimum &... until find Global Min

but i could not coding this in VBA EXCEL!!

i do not know number of my columns user will define it so for example i can't use Range("A1")

My problem became greater because at start user will define a number for every column(1 or 2)
and if column value was 1 for example find Max column and put it in cell(1000,1000) then find min column and put it in cell(1001,1000) else i.e if column value was 2 find min column and put it in cell(1000,1000) then find Max column and put it in cell(1001,1000)

numerical example:
column 1: 12 13 15 14 16
column 2: 8 10 9 2 3

and column value for column1 equal "1" and for column 2 equal "2"

so for column1 in cell(1000,1000) will write "16" and in cell(1001,1000) will write "12"
but in column2 because column value equal 2 will have: in cell(1000,1000)= 2 and in cell(1001,1000)=10

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Move Ranges To Corresponding Ranges Based On Column Having Data

Oct 25, 2007

I need help creating a macro that will search through my excel spreadsheet and for every instance where column A isn't empty it should cut a range of columns from that row and paste them in a different range of columns in the row before it. It should then delete the row that it cut the columns from and keep searching until it has done this for the whole worksheet. I can modify which range of columns are needed, but it has been so long since I've worked with excel macros that I haven't been able to do it.

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Find Values That Appear In Various Columns

Apr 18, 2014

I have 6 columns containing Agency IDs of different years. I would like to know which agencies appear in all the years. That is which agencies were funded for all the years. How can I do this? perhaps Vlookup?

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Find Matches In Columns

Oct 27, 2008

I have two lists of email addresses in columns and I need to find the matches between columns and have those addresses returned to perhaps a third column.

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Find The Number In Columns

Jan 27, 2009

I have a number in column A and I want to match them with column D, the number in column C and D is true value. find attached sample sheet for more detail.

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Find Last Date Across Columns?

Feb 5, 2014

I have Dates as column headings, People going down across rows, and their corresponding budgeted hours:

Person Last Day 1/1 1/8 1/15
Bob ? 45 45 0
John ? 45 0 0

I need a formula in the "Last Day" column that can pick up when a person rolls off the project, i.e. has a value of "0" or "-".

I need this because I have a spreadsheet with thousands of resources and don't want to comb through, manually looking for their last day on the project.

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