Identifying Data To Selected Criteria

Mar 11, 2014

I have small table i would like to create. Now, it can be done manually ( but its be very very time consuming) but im sure of a way using IFs and VLOOKUPs so that the data selection can be done automatically...

so in column 1 i have various valuations from 0 to anything 50mil plus that i need to then separate into 4 different columns based on their size. so column A would have 0 - 250k, column B 251k to 500k, column C 501k to 1million and etc etc...

vals 0-250 251-500 501-1mill

555,000 300,000
150,00 75,000

Please see attached ... testing values 1.xlsx‎

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Automatically Copying Selected Data Based On Criteria

Feb 16, 2007

I am have a spread sheet (sheet 1) with a number of columns and what i am looking to do is see all the people that are participating in a certain stage in the process that is not common, So what i am wanting to do is copy the names and the corresponding number of these people (on sheet1) over to a new worksheet(sheet2) based on a yes or no criteria further on in the spread sheet(sheet1). sheet 2 has additional columns that the workers here would need to fill in.

The criteria is in sheet 1 cells Y2:Y2000
The number is in sheet 1 cells D2:d2000
The names are in sheet 1 cells E2:e2000

If its at all possible i would also like to then make the names of those people on sheet 1 a hyperlink to the additional information

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Produce List Of Row Data Based On User Selected Cell Criteria?

Apr 7, 2014

I have a workbook that has three worksheets. The ASU Database sheet contains part numbers and descriptions including specific details that are selected from pull down data validation lists that are named on the third worksheet. I want to have a front end on the first worksheet that has similar data validation lists for the user to select from to create a search criteria that will create a worksheet with only the rows that meet this criteria. I am not sure what method to use to accomplish this.

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Pivot Table Is Showing Fields That Meet All Selected Criteria Want The Data That Doesn't

Feb 12, 2014

STO-Productivity-Feb0314.xlsxI work in cancer research and I'm trying to find a way to show the amount of studies that staff have in total and their role on the study. I have a data table that contains many fields but the crux of what I'm having trouble with starts with the following:

When I begin with a pivot table I start by just selecting the all of the studies listed in the table and then the two roles that staff can have data or regulatory. Staff can do both roles or just one on a study. I put the roles of data and regulatory into the row labels and the studies that we work on in the values. The problem is that I now only see studies that the staff member works on that meet working on both roles and not the studies that they serve only one role.

UPDATE: see the attached spreadsheet to illustrate further. Ablorh is the employee that I have it focused on and it only shows the one study she has both the regulator and data roles. The 7 other studies that the employee works on in the data role do not show.

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Data Segregation Based On Name Criteria Slide By Slide In Selected Sheet

Sep 19, 2013

I'm looking for the below requirement:



[Code] ..........

Required output....


[Code] ......

Need macro code to segregate the data...

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Identifying Peaks In Data

May 5, 2009

I've collected some data from a GPS logger regarding the speed of an athlete. I want to calculate how many sprints this particular athlete undertook during a training session.

Sprinting is defined as a speed of > 20 kph.

One sprint would be the attainment of one peak >20 kph before decreasing below 20 kph.

It's easy to identify the 3 peaks and thus sprints from the xy scatterplot in the attached file, but I'm struggling to find a way to calculate this.

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Identifying Incorrect Data.

Feb 10, 2009

In column H I have a list of numbers seperated by a space, the number of lines can change. In column L I have a list of numbers which can change either expand or retract.

I would like to check each cell in column H and if any numbers are not listed in column L then it/they should be shown in column G.

Example1 H2 shows 6 11, therefore cell G2 should show 11.

Example 2 H6 shows 5 6 9 11 therefore G6 should show 9 11

Sheet1  HIJKL1Container   ID26 11   135 8 11   245 7 11   355 7   565 6 9 11   675 6 9     Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Identifying Duplicate Data Between Workbooks

Apr 22, 2009

I am looking for the easiest way to find duplicate Work Order numbers that exist in 2 separate Workbooks. EX. Workbook 1 Sheet one contains the numbers 1-100 in A1:A100
Workbook 2 Sheet one contains X amount of the numbers between 1-100 located.

somewhere in A:A. For arguments sake let's assume those numbers are 3,6,33,87,99.
What would the formula be to return the values that are in both of the workbooks?

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Noting Duplicates And Identifying Data Within

Feb 9, 2010

I have attached a sample sheet which deals with property sales data, in reference to a two-part question.

1. If the row has two, or more, rows share the same value in column 'E', it needs to be identified with a 'Y' in Column G. In looking through old threads, this seems possible, though I could not find and answer I could 'bend' to work. If this is possible, can the following be included?

2. If two or more rows share the same value in column 'E', list the identifiers (value in Column A) for the others in Column H, separated by commas "," or slashes (preferred) "/".
"00370600000700 'NICHOLLS JOHN W & CARLA R 11/27/2000 85000 '260647 W Y '00370600000800" and
"00370600000800 'NICHOLLS JOHN W & CARLA R 11/27/2000 85000 '260647 W Y '00370600000700" or
"'00370500000801 'FRAHM FREDERICK/ERIK/KRYSTYNA 06/17/2004 110000 '288904W Y '00370500000802/'00370500000803"

The sample sheet attached includes 26 rows of data with several 'doubles' and one 'triple' 'duplicates'.

Please note that in the 'real' file, it has slightly less than 200,000 rows and I have seen 'dupicates' up to 40 with the same value in Column 'E'

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Identifying Numeric Data With MS Query

Dec 6, 2006

I am trying to slim down my database results in Excel via MS Query by searching for Part ID's that are numeric (we have parts that also contain letters....I want to weed those out).

In all my searching on the web, I thought the ISNUMERIC() function should be the function for this, but I keep getting an ORA-00904::"ISNUMERIC":invalid identifier....

Is this function supposed to work or is there another function that will do this

This is my SQL statement so far, which works to get parts that are 6 characters long only:

When I change it to this to get parts that are numeric, it gives the error above:


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Identifying Varying Data And Rank Formula

Sep 17, 2009

i am trying to work out how to use the rank formula to rank numbers in column B and keep them in unison with Column A.

So Column A has say 5 1's with column B having different scores then continuing under 1 in A is 2 and so on is there a way to continue the ranking formula without manually changing the cell ranges?

so =rank(B1,$B$1:$B$7,1) but can i do that if A =1 and then A=2 etc ?
so if A=1,rank(B1,$B$1:$B$7,1)

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Identifying The Same Transaction With Multiple Rows Of Data

Sep 21, 2009

I currently have a database that is similar to the example I've pasted below:


As you can see the Date and Time are repeated for several rows. This is how the data I receive comes through as A,B and C refer to a single transaction and D & E refer to another transaction.

Ideally what I would like to acheive is:


Where Excel can compare the date and times of each row and look for matching rows above and below it and then fill in a column next to it indicating that x number of rows are linked to a single transaction - preferably labelling them in some order to I can tell how many transactions there are.

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Data Scrubbing - Identifying Duplicates And Assigning One Number

Feb 11, 2014

I am involved in a software conversion that is taking 4 full time folks over 5 weeks to clean up and assign an alpha-numeric sequential number to each vendor, client. Each scrubber is reviewing an excel spreadsheet containing the names, addresses, FID, telephone, etc. of our vendors and customers. This information is being pulled from 2 separate sources. We are assigning a BP # to the main office location and not retiring that one. then we go on to identifying the dups. All dups get a Y to be retired, but if they have a different address then the main one, we place a Y to bring that address over under that BP#.

Ultimately, we end up with 2 systems combined into one dumping all old numbers assigned and giving each vendors, customers, etc. a new BP# that may have muliptple addresses.

How can we assign a alpha numeric number without going through each individual line...over 900,000 of them to do. Key is to identify duplicate addresses and duplicate names. Some names might be RK Electrical or Robert King Electrical but the address will be duplicated usually.

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Return Value From Two Selected Criteria

Jul 10, 2012



Plan 1
Plan 2

[Code] .....

I have two drop down lists. Drop Down 1 contains the values in column A. Drop Down 2 contains values in row 2.
Based on the two selection I need a formula in D7 to find the intersecting value.

Example: Drop Down 1 selected "Dog" Drop Down 2 selected "Plan 2"

I'd like value "$12" to automatically appear in cell D7

What is the formula I should enter into D7?

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Identifying Data In One Column Based On Highest Figure Data In Another Column?

Jun 19, 2014

I am trying to write a formula that shows the best grade for each each student and the subject in which
that grade was achieved.

In a previous post i was shown how to identify the highest grade


I hit CTRL, SHIFT & ENTER to activate the formula - Result in column E

However, I also want to identify the subject in which they scored their highest grade in column F

I have two problems

1. I don't know how to write a formula that brings in the subject based on the grade for each student

2. I don't know how to write a formula in case there is a tie (see DAVID L)

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Sum With Date Criteria Then Showing When Selected Cell

Feb 23, 2014

i have set of data excel with the below ;


how do sum with selected cell criteria by month (likes drop down list) , e.g.

sum of February, or sum of March, etc...

with helper column, if i selected month of February, showing data sum February or if i selected month of March, showing sum data March...

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Offset And Sumif - Sum Certain Criteria And For Selected Months

Nov 30, 2011

I want to sum a certain criteria and for the selected months.


Column A January February March Total
Pen 20 30 40 90
Pencil 10 10 10 30

I want to have total of Pen for the months of Jan and Feb.

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Filter A List By The Criteria Selected In A Listbox, And Activated By A Command Button

Dec 14, 2009

I'm trying to Filter a list by the criteria selected in a listbox, and activated by a command button. My problem is the sort criteria. I have 11 regions, numbered 01EPS through 11EPS. Sorting by any of these criteria works just fine.

The problem is that I also want to be able to sort by ALL of the regions at once. I can do this by using a custom filter. I recorded a macro to see what the difference was, and it simply a matter of changing 01EPS to "=*EPS". However, adding that to my case list results in an error message of "Compile Error: Syntax Error".

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Data Connection From Web / Web Query Returns Code Instead Of Selected Data Table

May 31, 2014

A web query I am trying to use to bring an online data table into my worksheet is broken. Now, instead of returning the data table nicely into my worksheet, it imports the code of the webpage, instead, and turns my worksheet into a mess.

The query used to work but there was recently an "upgrade" to the program that populates the web table and the query no longer works and just returns the code for the page, instead. I can see the html code for the table in all of the code it returns but I really need the table to import cleanly into excel.

I can't talk to the people who changed the web program.

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Charts Stop Plotting Data Error Bars After Certain Number Of Data Point Selected

Dec 23, 2013

In the attached document is a timeline made from a scatter chart. Error bars using custom values are used to show the length of each task, however I can't get the chart to include error bars for the last 2 data points (tasks).

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Data Validation; Get All The Data Row Wise For The Name Selected In The Drop Down

Jul 27, 2009

I have a excel sheet with values correcponsing few names. I have a list for a Data Validation drop down. How to get all the data row wise for the name selected in the drop down.

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Fill Range Of Cells With Text When Listbox Option Selected - Clear When Not Selected

Jul 25, 2014

I am using this code to hide or unhide rows of text on another sheet:

Sub ProcessSheet1ChangeOnCellJ7(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim sAddress As String
Dim sValue As String

'Get the address of the cell that changed without '$' signs
sAddress = Target.Address(False, False)


When the "Not Pursuing" list box option is selected (in cell "J7" or "J8" in Sheet 1) I need to add (or over-write) "Not Pursuing" to the range of cells in column "B" (in the "Tasks" sheet), but only for that particular Goal, meaning a limited range of cells in column "B". If the "Pursuing - Show All Tasks" option is selected for a Goal then these same cells need to be blank so that the appropriate person can enter their name into the cell.

The purpose for adding "Not Pursuing" automatically to these yellow highlighted cells is that it will facilitate filtering of tasks by individual in the "Tasks" sheet..

Again I have tried several times to upload a sample file and am unable to, which I know makes it more difficult to solve. (Is there some common mistake people make? I know it's an allowed format and is very small in file size....)

Code solution can be entered directly beneath:

If Target.Value = "Not Pursuing" Then
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Tasks").Rows("29:29").EntireRow.Hidden = False
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("Tasks").Rows("30:48").EntireRow.Hidden = True

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Identifying Cells In Col B That Also Appear In Col A

Jun 7, 2013

So I have a list of integers in col A that is a truncated list from col B. I want to select the units in col B that do not appear in col A. I tried this statement


Since both lists (A and B) are ordered from smallest to largest this only worked until a value that is not in ColA appears in ColB and then all the cells following = O.

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Identifying Cells With Same Pre-fix

Jun 29, 2007

I have a column of cells, of which certain values have the prefix "EmployeeID:". I'm trying to identify the cells containing the prefix by evaluating each cell using activecell.offset and value to no avail. I've also tried to use the selection. find, however the first instance of the prefix is continually selected, and does not move on. I'm assuming that I must use the findnext feature, however I'm not having much success.

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Elseif Statement In Vba: If The Selected Cell Falls Between 1/01/06 And 31/01/06 Then Jan Would Be Selected

Oct 10, 2006

Basically it is a if statement saying that if the selected cell falls between 1/01/06 and 31/01/06 then Jan would be selected. The end part is not a problem; I’m just not sure how to write the one line of code that would test if the cell falls between the two dates. I attemped to create it as shown in the code attached below but wasn't successful. I used an else if statement to test the other 11 months.

Sub test()
Dim SelectDate As Range
Set SelectDate = Range("SelectedDate")
If selectedDate >= 1 / 1 / 2006 And selectedDate <= 31 / 1 / 2006 Then
ActiveSheet. PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("PnLDate").CurrentPage = _
ElseIf selectedDate >= 1 / 2 / 2006 And selectedDate <= 28 / 2 / 2006 Then

ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable1").PivotFields("PnLDate").CurrentPage = _

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Picking Up Selected Data

Feb 4, 2008

I have Workbook with numerous worksheets,on one particular worksheet i require a formula/macro code that will pick up (say) those cells highlighted in red and then transfer that data set and the other selected information on that row to a another worksheet within the workbook.

Sheet 1 contains columns A to J;
Sheet 2 is where i require the information which is highlighted in red to be uplifted and pasted too.

so if Cell B2 contains the highlighted cell how would i uplift and transfer this along with data in cell C2,H2,I2 and J2 automatically to sheet 2.

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Identifying Spaces In A Cell?

May 14, 2014

I have some data that has names but is not consistant i.e

Smith, John

I want a formula that says, if there is a space after the comma do nothing, otherwise insert a space between.

I have figured out the second part so my formula will look like

=if(some logic to identify a space after the comma ,"",already figured out this bit)

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IF Function Identifying Value Within A Range?

Aug 1, 2014

I am trying to develop an IF formula based on 2 variables;

1. The value in column Q = 4
2. The value in column AA is between -10% and 10%

When both are true, it should return a value of "YES" (or "NO" when untrue). I am having trouble with the range part. It could be that the range spans negative and positive integers, but I'm not sure. Here is what I've got at the present time:


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Identifying Value Based On A Range

Apr 17, 2014

I have two tables,

one table (TABLE1) contains the name and a mile point a

the other table (TABLE2) contains name, mile point 1, mile point 2, and other data

I want to be able to pull data from TABLE2, based on TABLE1's name and MP. I want to be able to select data from TABLE2 whose name and mile point's fit with the data from







I want to be able to replace the ? from table1 with the correct SYS from table2 based on the MP given

I started with something like: =if(and(name=name,mpa=>mp1,mpa=<mp2)),vlookup...

The problem is this doesn't work because im comparing one to many.

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Identifying Multiple Entries.

Sep 30, 2009

I'm trying to identify duplicates with a return of "True" or "False". The attached workbook has column F for results (to read PI2 A if in column L, PI2 B if in column R or Both), but I want to query if everyone in column E is in column L or is in Column R and if so which one.

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