Macro For Spotting Text From One List To Another Then Pulling In Data With Vlookup?

Jun 3, 2014

I have a list of active accounts with its relevant data on one sheet, then I have a list of closed/inactive accounts that will be updated periodically by different users. I would like to run a query for the accounts on the closed list to pull in relevant data from the active list,if any, or maybe just highlight the closed accounts on the active list to ensure that the closed accounts aren't active again. Is that possible with a macro? Should it just be a vlookup? The accounts list is going to be a very big file and I am trying to find a solution that won't take up too much time to run.

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VLOOKUP - Pulling Wrong Data

Jan 8, 2007

I have a VLOOKUP, which uses a named range called Department. The first column is sorted in asending order. The department numbers are 4 digits, formatted numeric. The department numbers are in order up to Department #19000, then they jump to 50000 series. Here's the problem, the 20000 department seris is in the master database, and the lookup is returning the data relating to Department #19000, instead of NA.

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Pulling Data From A List

Mar 16, 2009

I am trying to create a spreadsheet which will help us analysis the sale of each of the inventory items.

Col A: Item #
Col B: Description of Item
Col C: Standard COGS
Col D: Price
Col E: Profit %

On Sheet 1(Standard), I listed all 205 items with columns b-e also being filled in.

On Sheet #2(Actual Sold), I want to just enter the Item # and have all the other info on Col B - Col E fillied in automatically.

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Pulling Unique Data From A List

Apr 16, 2013

I have a generated list that pulls data from a different sheet. I need a formula to pull only unique values from that generated list since some values are list multiple times.

[URL] ......

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Pulling Unique Data From A List

Apr 15, 2013

I have a generated list that pulls data from a different sheet. I need a formula to pull only unique values from that generated list since some values are list multiple times.

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Pulling Data From List If Cell Blank Then Move To Next

Apr 16, 2009

Trying to pull data from a list and if the cell above is empty then pull the data from the cell below and so on........

I have some code for it..but its just a little bit too long and I can't use it

This is what i have so far, trying to simplify it as its way to long to fit in a singel cell....i did think about breaking it down in to collums of either 8 or 6 and having it in chunks that way...but if i did that then i would still have to eventually use this forumla below as i don't really want huge gaps within the form i'm doing.

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Pulling Data From A Text Report

Mar 28, 2007

First I copy and paste the text into Excel. All of the data is in column A because of varying lengths, which seems to work fine. I've already written VBA code (shown at the end of this posting) that reads the contents of each cell in column A, pulls out the key information (like the actual error code or invoice #), stores the fields in variables, switches to a separate tab that has a more user-friendly layout, locates the next empty cell in the appropriate column for the field, and puts the variable contents into the cell. I realize that the code currently has some variables that aren't being used and other basic issues, but that's not really what I'm after at this point.

The report itself includes billing errors, with each billing error separated by a series of asterisks. My current code works just fine for sections of the report like the first section in the sample below, where the billing error only contains a single invoice, error code, description, and action item. If the entire report was formatted in that manner, my task would be finished because it does those sections perfectly well.

But...if you notice in the sample report below, the third billing error contains more than one invoice, error code, description, and action item. Obviously, using my current code, when the macro encounters that section, it continues to function, but the rows do not align properly in the separate worksheet because there are extra invoices, error codes, descriptions, and action items. I just cannot figure out a way to have the macro keep the information aligned. In other words, in the third section of the sample report below, the billing error contains more than one invoice and item.

One approach that I've thought of is to try to count the number of rows between the cell containing the previous set of asterisks and the cell containing the next set of asterisks, because it's the information between each set of asterisks that I need to work with. But I haven't found a way to do that and don't even know if that's the direction I need to go or not. I'm pretty much lost at this point.

Here's a sample of the text report as it appears in column A (the fields are actually longer than this - I tried to simplify as much as I could for this posting): ....

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Excel 2003 :: Pulling Data From Amortization Schedule To Debt List

Feb 25, 2013

I am using Excel 2003 and I created an amortization schedule set up for an debt account. I am trying to pull the "Balance Due" from that schedule into another chart based on the current date (these are on two different sheets in a workbook).

For example, this is my 'Amortization Schedule':

This Month's
This Month's


And I am trying to pull the "Balance Due" from that schedule to place into this chart on my 'Debts' sheet: (based on the current date)



For example, if today were 1/15/13, I would want $3,796.34 from the schedule to go where the "x" is on the chart above. What formula would I use to accomplish this?

Also, on a side note, would there be a formula to have Excel pull the "Payment Date" from the schedule into the "Payoff Date" in the chart based on where the row has a $0 Balance Due?

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Macro For Pulling And Updating Data From One Workbook To Another

Apr 7, 2014

I have two workbook.In 'Entry'Workbook where data is filled up daily in different blank cells.In 'Report' workbook,exactly, I want to pull and update the data .The format is same.Then those changes if possible must be shown in a separate sheet.Since the data is very large,I cannot track where the changes has been made in 'Entry' Workbook'.In order to know the changes in cells,I require this on daily basis.Hence I require two things-

1.VBA Code/Macro for pulling & updating changes to 'Report' workbook from 'Entry'Workbook .And only those changes that should be ignored that has been made by me in 'Report'Workbook

2.Changes made in 'Entry'Workbook must be summarised in a separate sheet in 'Report'Workbook.

[URL] ....

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Macro For Pulling Data From Closed Workbook?

Jul 24, 2014

I'm having concerning pulling data from a closed workbook by using a macro. I have tried Google to resolve the issue, but am only getting very basic results which do not apply to the situation I have (or, rather, I perhaps don't know how to edit this code in order to work in the way which I would like it to).

The above image is the main workbook, which I would like to insert the macro into. In cell A1 you can see that there is a filename location - this is the location of the closed secondary workbook which I would like to pull the data from. I would like the macro to take the location which is present in cell A1, copy cells A1:J5000 in the closed workbook, and then paste these into this workbook starting in A7 (i.e. A7:J5007). The reason that the filename location is present in A1 is due to the fact that this will be changing; however I would like the macro always to take the location which is shown in A1 (e.g. if A1 were to change from '... est00218_data.csv' to '... est00001_data.csv' then I would like the macro to take the data from the new location, test00001).

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Formula For Pulling Data Into New Worksheet If Certain Criteria Met Without Using Macro

Jun 3, 2014

I would like the following columns to show on a new worksheet if column Z and AA (which show a date and time) are the same as todays date, the columns of info I would like it to pull through are Column C,D, Z, AA. The row numbers could be different daily? is this possible?

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VLookup - Pulling Last Two Characters Of A Cell

Apr 7, 2014

In one spot I have a formula that is pulling the last two characters of a cell (right,xx,2).

It results in a number. I am trying to that number in a vlookup


But it appears not to recongize the number (c2), because I am getting #N/A for a result, even though the number is on my vlookup range.

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Pulling Specific Text Within Text In Which Information Is Typed Differently?

Aug 2, 2014

I am trying to pull titles out of a text string but its quite difficult because of how the data was originally inputted. I need titles that appear in the following different formats

" title"

These titles were not inputted consistently and it could show up in the middle or at the beginning. I have attached a sample of the data that i am working with and a sample formula that i was trying to use to obtain my information. The formula that i have is a nested formula of find and mid formula that searches for the text within " ".

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Pulling Totals From List

Jun 17, 2006

how to easily pull numbers out of a column in excel. I have several sets of numbers with a total in column F. I want a macro to go in and pull the last row in each set (this is the total row) and paste them in a different column so I can have the totals only.

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Pulling Random Names From A List

Jan 12, 2007

On my excel spreadsheet, I have a list of 14 names in column A (row 1-14).

In a separate cell, I'd like for it to pull a random name from that list. How would I go about doing that?

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Use VLookup With Data Validation List?

Aug 20, 2013

All I am doing is setting up a Data Validation list of say 10 items then in another cell I am trying to use VLookup to pull the corresponding information required for the data selected in the list selection cell but I keep getting "N/A"?

Am I right in thinking that you can't VLookup from a Data Validation list? If not how do I get round this?

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Pulling Out Numbers Without Text?

Mar 25, 2008

Is there a way to pull out numbers from a cell that has letters mixed in with it. I tryed using Right() and Left() with the LEN() function but sometimes I might have (examples: "TP3470" or "9310-AV") and all I want to get is ("3470" and "9310") I also may have (4500SSML). I cannot find anything anywhere on pulling out just numbers or text. Maybe a custom format?

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Pulling Earliest And Latest Times From A List Using Lookup / Formula?

Jul 25, 2014

I'm trying to pull the earliest and lasted times out of a list of time stamps. Say I have a column full of clock in and clock out times and wanted to find the first clock in time and the last clock out time (just an example). My lookup_value would be a Store number. I can't post it here due to legality reasons, but I have a column a store numbers that will be my lookup values and I need to find the earliest and lastest time in a list of data on another tab.

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List The Data Relevant To Each Name In A Seperate Place Using A VLOOKUP

Mar 5, 2009

I have a list of names that I'm looking up, and I want to list the data relevant to each name in a seperate place using a VLOOKUP ,(maybe theres a better way to do it) but some of the names appear more than once, resulting in an error.

I have on the first sheet, Name, Customer, Amount and Variance.

On the seperate sheet (in the same workbook) I have then name with 4 VLOOKUPS underneath, trying to extract the data Customer, Amount and Variance. But, I get errors in all of them.

Is there anyway I can List all the data relevant to each name using a Lookup function or is there another formula I should be using?

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Vlookup To Access Data Based On A Drop-down List...

Nov 14, 2008

i have been looking around here and it seems like my problem is similar to many's regarding the vlookup function. to me, what i'm trying to do sounds simple enough, but it can't get it to work. i have a table that has three columns, Item Number, Item Description, and Amount.

Each item has it's own number, a corresponding item description, and ammount (obviously), but there are some repeats. What I want to do it input the Item Description, and have one field automatically pull up the Item number, and the next field, pull up the price. I am using a drop-down list for the Item Descriptions utilizing data validation. here is formula that i have been trying to use that is not working: =VLOOKUP(B2,Sheet1!$A$2:$C$18,1,FALSE). i have attached a trial worksheet that i am using to work things out on.

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Using List Of Data With Wildcards In VLookup Formula As Lookup Value?

Mar 8, 2013

I have a list of rules on how to group account numbers. An example is below. I have a very long list of full account numbers (no wildcards). There are roughly 75 rules on how to group the over 40,000 accounts. I want to use the vlookup to determine what group each full account number (always 11 characters) would belong to? It seems that the vlookup isn't treating the ?'s as wildcards. I can use the full account number rules with the wildcards in the cell in the sumif function though.

So ultimately I would like to have my list of account numbers like 40000000000 and 40000000001 know that they belong in group 1 based on the rule table below.

Full Account Number


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Limitations Of VLOOKUP: Entering Data From The Long List

Feb 28, 2007

Excel 2003. When the Vlookup List becomes impractably long to select data from the cell dropdown. Is there an alternative prefered method to entering data from the long list?

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Pulling Out Info Based On Text

Jul 23, 2007

I have a regular table of data and dependent on the info within a column of cells I would like the info to appear within one of 3 new sheets. BUT.... I can't figure it out because the info forms an irregular part of text within the cells in a specific column - Obviously if it was dependent on the whole of the text I could use Vlookup but it's not.

If it needs further clarification, a column of cells may have, say, "blahblah234/PLblah" -> If this cell contains within the text "PL" then it should have the whole of the row in the new sheet, if not then blank.

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VLOOKUP & Lists (range Called List That Has 3 Columns Of Data)

May 20, 2009

I have a range called List that has 3 columns of data:

Corporate Human Resources Services PMA
Corporate Procurement Director
Ops Central Customer Services Lost Property Office
Ops Travel Information Travel Info Call Ctr
Ops Travel Information Centres Travel Info Centres

I have 3 columns on the entry sheet called Business Unit (Col A), Department(Col B) and Sub-Department (Col C). I want to limit the choice in column B to based on the selection in Column A in the form of a drop-down list e.g choosing Corporate gives a list of Human Resources Services; Procurement.

I am using the list option for field validation and the following formula in cell B2: =INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(A2,List,2,0)). I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong as I don't get a list of options just a blank cell. Do I need to use a different formula other than VLOOKUP..?

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Excel VLOOKUP Multiple Values From Data Validation List

Dec 12, 2011

I've found a nice looking formula for looking up multiple values from a Data Validation List which you can find here.

Unfortunately I dont know why im getting a #REF! error for one of my spreadsheets. Here is my Formula {=SUM(VLOOKUP(A2,D:D,{6,7,8},0))}

A2 is the Data Validation drop down list that has most of the Values (Letters & Numbers) I want to look up. D:D is where it will find the Values (Letters & Numbers) and {6,7,8} is the currency I want added up and displayed.

I've tried this formula on other spreadsheets with success, but no success with the spreadsheet im working on currently.

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Cross Reference (Vlookup) Based On Data Validation List Dropdown?

Jun 19, 2014

Attached is example of what I'm trying to do. I want to use the drop-down on the "Master Tab" and have the corresponding price by promo_month appear in the yellow cells.

Currently its on July, but I would like to switch that to August etc and have new prices populate in the yellow cells. Prices come from the "table" tab.

Example 06.19.14.xlsx‎

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VLookup To Output Text Data Results?

Dec 24, 2013

I have a column with lots of tube station names. I have a look up table with the tube station name, and the possible lines that pass by that tube station.

One tube station may be covered by more than one tube line.

I am looking for a formula that will output every tube line that caters that one tube station.

first question, what is the best way to organise the data in my look up table.
Second, is a vlookup the best formula to achieve the output I want? i.e. Reflect how many tube lines cover each station

see table below: If the station name has only one tube line, Vlookup works fine. When the station, such as Canno Street, has two tube lines, Vlookup only picks up one tube line. If I duplicate Cannot street under the station name, the Vlookup picks only one tube line.

LOOK UP TABLE A1 - station name
B1 Tube line name
Cannon Street


Is there a formula that will output the data of the second tube line name in column D1?

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Excel VLookup Data / Text And Colour Or Another Formula

Oct 22, 2013

I'm using vlookup to find data, but the data is highlighted in different colours and I need this to appear as well as the data/text. Is there a way to do this? The data is individually highlighted with a specific RGB colour for each one and so far could not think of a way to do this. In the end there will be 81 RGB colours and text answers (just in case there is a limit, but if I had to I could break this down to 14 and less for each cell).

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Using Data Validation To Control Text Length W/Vlookup

Mar 26, 2009

Can anyone provide a formula to be used in data validation that will control text length (6 digits) and restrict duplicate entries. The best formula will prevent anything other that 6 digits, but question the user regarding a duplicate entry.

For example: if the user enters 123456 no problem, but if 12345 is entered, Excel validation would not allow. If the user enters 123456 again, Excel's validation window would allow but the window will pop-up and ask to confirm.

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Macro Pulling Sheet From Another Workbook

Mar 14, 2014

Right now, it pulls a sheet from another workbook, and saves it to this workbook. It works great. My problem is that I want it to keep what it pulls in, and not change when the other workbook changes. The other workbook has a macro that clears its cells every morning, so new info can be entered.

I want the old info that the code below pulled over to stay the same, so that I can keep a running history of what was entered everyday. At the moment, if I run the clear cells macro in the other workbook, it also clears all in this workbook. What needs changed in the code to make it work right?


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