Match The Other Columns

Jan 14, 2008

What do I do to setup a column so that is matches the other columns. Basically when the other columns move, this column will move with it.


Name Team

John Smith Old Mill
Terry White Pickwick
Martin Jones The Star

How do I get it so that when the player column moves, the team column moves accordingly?

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Match 1st And 2nd Columns In 2 Sheets And Return 3rd / 4th And 5th Column If Match

Dec 15, 2013


What im trying to do is match columns A & B from AUDIT Sheet to Columns A & B in MASTER sheet. If they match then pull columns C, D & E from MASTER into AUDIT.

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Subtracting 2 Columns Of Data From Each Other When Labels In Separate Columns Match

Feb 20, 2009

I have four columns of data, as follows:

label 1, value 1, label 2, value 2

I need to create a formula in the fith column that for each line will tell excel to:

look for entry in 'label 1' in 'label 2' if there is a match, then subtract value 1 from value 2, display result.

I have tried doing this with SUMIF but am getting nowhere fast....

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How To Match 2 Columns And Count Their Match

Jan 28, 2008

HOw can I match combination columns of A-F (row1) to combination H-M (rows1 to end) and show how

many are number matched in column N..


























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Copy Columns Between Worksheets If The Columns Don't Match

Jun 7, 2006

I have 2 worksheets in which I have to copy one column of cells from one to
the other. The problem is that the "main" worksheet lists nearly 3,500
clients and I have to copy numbers into the "main" worksheet on weekly basis
from another worksheet that lists only about 1,100 of those 3,500 clients.

Both client lists are in alphabetical order, but I obviously cannot just copy
one column into the other, because then the numbers won't be matching the
correct clients.

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How Do You Sort Columns So That They Match Up With Other Columns With Like Data

Jul 2, 2008

I have two columns one is web addresses and the other is email addresses but the rows do not line up. I was hoping that since the second half of the email address matches the web address I could somehow sort them so that the email address column and web address column match up. Here is an example but keep in mind that this list is about 9k long and this is just a sampling so you may not see any in this example that match. Also I may have more than one email address per website.

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Match 2 Columns To 2 Seperate Worksheet Columns

Sep 11, 2006

Now i have one excel sheet with two separet sheets in it ( Sheet 1 ) and ( Sheet 2 ) . I have in sheet 1 a column A with material codes and ColB is discreption and Col C IS Prices . But in Sheet 2 Col D is materila Code and Col I is a price .

the recordes in sheet 1 are around 11000 but in sheet 2 are around 2200 where the sheet 2 has a specific materials from sheet 1 .

Now i want to update the prices in sheet 2 from sheet 1 for each item after confirm that the materila code in sheet 2 equal in sheet 1 so copy the price from sheet 1 to sheet 2

Sheet 2 is old prices and sheet 1 has new prices so i need update the new prices in sheet 2

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Match 2 Columns To Copy Information In Other Columns

Apr 21, 2007

I have 2 workbooks (workbook1 & workbook2). Information in column A and column N must match both workbooks per row/ cell (ie. if A2 and N2 in workbook1 match workbook2, copy information from 3 other columns (S, T, U from from workbook1 into workbook2 - cells S2, T2, U2). Workbook2 may have information in column S, T, U, but I need to over-write it with the information from workbook1. If the information does not match per that row/cell (ie. A2 in both worksheets are the same, but N2, they are not, so go to the next line that does match and copy the information into worksheet2). I do not want to use a V- lookup for this problem. I really need a marco.

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Lookup 2 Columns And Match To 2 Other Columns

Feb 15, 2007

I am trying to do a (what I thought was a) simple lookup involving 2 columns.
Pls see attached example. I am trying to find the "?" values, by matching column A&B of the input to the Data columns and returning the $$$ column.

I thought this wouldve been a piece of cake but its got me stumped!

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Match 2 Columns And Add Row Where There Is No Match?

Apr 22, 2014

I have a situation where I need to match 2 columns, Data in Column E & Data in Column R.

When there is not a match, there must be a set of cells/row inserted to the right or left depending on which data is missing and the data beneath must be shifted down.

There have been issues with doing this because once a cell is added, the formula for matching does not stay consistent.

I have attached an example where the tab "Final" is the end product needed and the First 2 Tabs are the Raw Data

The Steps are to take the data from the first 2 tabs and align them side beside only being divided by a column and another to match the 2.

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(Match & Sort) Sort Columns B And C So That A And B Match Up Numerically

Feb 26, 2009

I would like to sort columns B and C (keeping the two lined up together) so that A and B match up numerically.

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Match Columns ...

Apr 9, 2009

I need to match 2 columns, example:

A          B         C
111       111       111
111       222
222       333       222  
333       666       333
333       666 
666                 666
666                 666 

Ok here is the example of 2 sorted columns A and B, the result in C column should look than like i posted. C is the matched B column with A.

I heared there is a vlookup function for that, but I don't know how to use it :S

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Index-Match With 2 Columns And One Row

Mar 22, 2014

I've got a problem with an index match formula that does not work

Sheet 1:
Country Year GDP
A 1960 =
A 1961
A 1962
B 1960
B 1961
B 1962

Sheet 2:
Country Measurement 1960 1961 1962
A Population 12 15 18
A Inflation 3% 4% 3.5%
A GDP 158 160 161
B Population 78 80 81
B Inflation 2% 1.4% 2%
B GDP 600 608 610

How do I get, for instance, the GDP measure of country A in year 1960 from sheet 2 into cell C2 in sheet 1?

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Data Does Not Match Between The Columns

Feb 1, 2007

I have a worksheet that has four columns. FName LName FName1 LNanme1. The data doe snot match between the columns... but I need to know which are in both columns.

I need to write a formula that will allow me to compare the LName with LName1 and give me some type of indication there is a match (1, yes, etc.). Ideally, after confirming there is a match, It would create another verification that FName and FName1 also match, but that is not necessary.

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Randomly Match 2 Columns With Each Other

Sep 18, 2008

Basically I have 2 columns:
column 1 is numbers 1,2,3
column 2 is letters a,b,c etc

I'd like a macro that randomly matches column 1 and 2

1 c
2 p
3 n

but i'd like it so that the number 5 always returns z

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Match Columns Based On An ID

Feb 8, 2009

I have a spread sheet with columns like this:

1 a a
2 b a
3 c b
4 d b
5 e b
6 f c
7 g d

Column A is an ID for manufacturers. Column B is the manufacturer name. Column C is the order in which the manufacturers appear. There are duplicates in column C only. They are supposed to be there, and they must remain there. I need column C to match up with the IDs in Column A so it can look like this:

1 a a 1
2 b a 1
3 c b 2
4 d b 2
5 e b 2
6 f c 3
7 g d 4

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Match The Data In Two Columns.

May 22, 2009

I basically have a list of 4000 names in one column (A) and an extract from a report containg 26000 names, again in one column (B). I need to see which of the 4,000 names in (A) appear in the column (B) from the report.

How can I do something to either line up the names, or make them change colour or something so I can see the matches?

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Formula To Match Between Two Columns

Aug 28, 2009

I need column F to be matched to column E, i want to see how many user id's from column F are in column E and for them to be highlighted in column E. note that the user id's might reflect more than once in column E. See attached..

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Match And Sort By Two Columns

Feb 4, 2010

Column A has customer name, columns B,C,D has corresponding sales data for
that month. Column E is blank. Column F has has customer name. Column
G,H,I has the same corresponding sales data for the next month.

Although Column A and F both have customer names, there are many changes
month over month with the addition and deletion of certain customers so the
rows do not match up exactly. Is there a quick way to have the rows match up
according to customer names in column A and F and then sort them

Currently my list looks like this:
Jan Feb

I would like it to look like this:
Jan Feb

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How To Match Records In 3 Columns

May 14, 2013

Columns F, T and S of the attached worksheet contain order IDs.

Each order ID could be present in 1, 2 or even all 3 columns.

How could I find out and show which columns each order ID is present in?

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Match Columns In Two Workbooks

Aug 26, 2009

when I run macro get an error

The code will go through each line of data checking to see if it can find a match. If not, the cells will be highlighted yellow. It checks from both sides, first checks sheet 1 compared to sheet 2, then sheet 2 compared to sheet 1. That should encompass the variations between the 2 sheets.

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Vlookup Match The Columns

Sep 23, 2008

I have two columns with names on it. and Column A has about 600 names and column B has about 447 names. I want to match these two columns and get the names which do not match on Column C.

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Finding A Match In Different Columns

Jan 3, 2009

If a number in cell M1 is also anywhere in column A (column A has unique numbers), then cell W1 (date) should equal the content of cell V (also date) in the row that that number appears in column A. If M1 is blank (or there is no match in column A), then W1 should equal V1.

In W1, I currently have...

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Match Up Data From 2 Columns?

Aug 30, 2013

I am trying to match up data from 2 columns and then take data from an adjacent column. I.e. take info in cell 2B, search column D for the same data and grab the data (qty) from the adjecent cell (E).

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Using Match Across Multiple Columns

Aug 6, 2008

I am trying to use the formula below


The last MATCH function is where it fails, because the value I am looking at (A6) could be in one of 5 different columns between L and AG

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Match And Synchronize Columns

Jun 6, 2009

I am trying to track price and status changes from week to week.

If a # appears in columns A, D, G simultaneously, then change in price (plus or minus) needs to be calculated.

If a # appears simultaneously in columns A and G, but not in D, then column H should read "SOLD" for those entries.

If a # appears simultaneously in columns D and G, but not in column A, then column H should read "NEW" for those entries.

The desired results (shaded yellow) need to be sorted in chronological order using column G.

This is a small excerpt from a much larger data set which includes 100s of rows and the number of rows vary each week....

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Match Values In Two Columns.

May 2, 2006

I have one excel file which is kind of a database. Now I need to lookup two columns in that file, currently, they are columns A and G, and then copy the value in column H on that row to another worksheet. Because the "database" file is pretty big, I cannot simply go through each row and compare the values. Is there an easier way for this? I checked other posts in this forum and notice other people suggested "lookup" function, but I don't exactly understand that answer.

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Lookup When Two Columns Match

Feb 19, 2007

how does the formula change when i want a new column to "bring in" ( lookup?) a corresponding value from the second sheet when it sees that the names match?

For instance:
John Smith 5'9

John Smith 5'11

So, the conditional format would be a 4th column in the first sheet-- still comparing the first & last names-- but when they match it enters "HEIGHT2" into this 4th column.

This is still a conditional format, right? sorry if it doesn't belong here

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Lookup When 2 Columns Match

Jan 1, 2008

i did find a thread concerning my question but the topic was closed & the OPs best answer had been edited & removed for some reason...

i'm comparing annual pro sports stats for a project & want to do a vlookup contingent on pairs of columns matching between two sheets. ie if a first AND last name in one sheet match a first and last name in a second sheet then fill in x statistic. i dont know VB or anything, but i assume this can be done w/ a pretty simple formula

attached small example

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Find And Match Between Two Columns

Aug 2, 2008

I have records on columns A and B. I need to find the matches between the two columns and insert it into column C. My sample only shows a few. But my actual data has hundreds of records.

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