Print Invoice Numbers Numerically With Dash In Front?

Feb 21, 2014

I have a macro already that prints my blank invoices sequentially. What I would now like to do, is insert a dash. SO instead of just the invoice number, I would like to have a 1- in front of each number;

1-4 ... etc.

I have uploaded the 'invoice' that I am currently using.

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How To Print Multiple Pages Of Single Page Spreadsheet With Unique Invoice Numbers

Nov 12, 2012

I have a single page spreadsheet. I want to print multiple copies and have a unique invoice number on each page printed in cell O1. I don't want to just send it to the printer as individual print jobs. I would like to send it to print as a pdf in a single 100 page document or if not a pdf then just as a multiple page document.

For example first print run would start at number 1001 and last numbered page is 1101.

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How To Print Cover Sheet In Front Of Database

Jan 21, 2013

I have 36 pages of names, addresses & contact info ETC that I want to print. I have a printer that offers a cover sheet in the print setup.

My list of names addresses ETC takes up two full pages of paper for each name. There are 16 columns across the sheet that contain data for each entry. I would like to print this so that I can turn the pages like an address book and see all of the data for a given set of contacts on each two page spread. So what I need to do is print the first half of the contact info on the inside of the first page and the second half on the next page and so on.

How can I set this up?

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Macro To Print The Invoice Worksheet

Jul 15, 2006

I made a macro to print the Invoice worksheet and I added a button to run the macro but I don't think I did it correctly.

Sub Print_Invoice()
Selection.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub

This is the information I used for the command button:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Selection.PrintOut Copies:=1, Collate:=True
End Sub

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Clearing Entries By Dash Numbers

Feb 26, 2009

Here is what my worksheets looks like.


So this list of information needs to be changed to the following


All the numbers in red need to be cleared. No I have been able to find the original number and clear it. For example I can have the program find 53254 and clear it, but I am really having a tough time having it find -1, -2, -3 and so on. If the program finds a -1, I need any dashes after that to be cleared. If the program doesn't find a -1, then it goes to -2. If it finds a -2 then any number after that needs to be cleared. Here is the code I have to clear some of the numbers.

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Macro Print Invoice After Choosing Sheet From Dropdown List

May 1, 2014

with the following....In the first sheet of attached file I keep data regarding all invoice sheets next to the data sheet (not visible in this example). I like to print an invoice in all sheets (area H3-AI43) from a selected invoice sheet out of a drop-downlist in the "data"sheet. After printing the actual printdate must be placed in column F of the "data" sheet next to the sheet number. Would be great if this is possible! Maybe I'm not clear enough. The purpose is to print only 1 invoice from a selected sheet out of the drop-down list.....and not all invoices from all sheets!

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UDF - Find Consecutive Numbers In Single Cell With Dash

Mar 14, 2014

I need find consecutive Numbers in a singles Cell but each numbers have a leading zero and "-" (Dash)

My problem is that the UDF that i found on this forum, is for numbers with out leading zero with comma ",",

So even if change the "," by "-", still getting a error Because the Code is designed to Read numbers Formats different than mine..

My Numbers are located in Cell G12 (down), and the message that i need to show in the cell result is :

If Found :
0 Consecutives --> 0
2 Consecutives --> 2
3 consecutives --> 3
4 consecutives --> 4
5 consecutives --> 5
2 Set of consecutives --> 2S

Example of 0 consecutives --> 01-04-07-12-25-30
Example of 2 consecutives --> 01-02-07-12-25-30
Example of 3 consecutives --> 01-02-03-12-25-30
Example of 4 consecutives --> 01-02-03-04-25-30
Example of 5 consecutives --> 01-02-03-04-05-30
Example of 2 sets of consecutive s --> 01-02-07-12-25-26

BTW my numbers start on Cell G12 down..

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Zeros At The Front Of Numbers

Nov 6, 2008

i have to copy and paste values from an sap program over to excel spreadsheets, and I usually do about 15 at a time that end up in a column: 15 different cells. The value I am copying are ID numbers that all begin with zero and excel automatically removes the zeros at the front of each number. Is there a formula/process for preventing this.

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Add Zeros In Front Of Numbers

Feb 18, 2012

Is there a formula for adding zero's in front of numbers?


If a single number is found in cell B1 add two zeros (2 would become 002)

If two numbers found in same cell B1 add one zero (34 would become 034)

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Delete NUMBERS In Front Of The Names

Aug 15, 2007

I need to know how I can delete NUMBERS in front of the names....


Colume B


I need to delete the numbers in front of the names - i have about 26thousand records like this and need to know how i can delete them.

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Invoice Numbers

Apr 12, 2009

Been doing a lot of searching with no luck, I think this is a very easy fix I hope.

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Refresh Invoice Numbers

Apr 21, 2009

I have a invoice that I use, thanks to royUK is working pretty good now. I'm not sure if there is a code I can add too refresh my invoice counter. When I clear the page it moves up one number,now that I have two invoices in the same book it does not refresh the invoice number in the other invoice. royUk worked on this a lot yesterday and had some great ideas in cleaning it up. On my one day invoice he was able too give me a warning when I ran out of cells to input my marcos, but not sure how too do it in my two day because it has two pages. Their are so many helpful people here, I wish I could take them all too dinner.

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Incremental Invoice Numbers

Nov 30, 2009

Is there a way to create incremental invoice numbers via a formula in excel every time it opens up?

I would like it to appear in a specific box "e5" on the spread sheet I have read a lot of info but I am lost I have no idea what vb is or how about editing it.

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Insert A Letter Or A Number In Front Of Numbers In A Cell

Oct 3, 2008

Need a function that would insert a letter or a number in front of numbers in a cell for example

column A

I want to insert the prefix "S" in front of the nummbers 3245. so i would hopefully end up with

Column A

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Inserting Minus Sign In Front Of Numbers In A Range

Mar 19, 2009

i want to know how to prefix a minus sign (-) before numbers in cells in a large range.i m working on a large sheet containing the Numbers with Cr and Dr as suffixes just like 445Dr ... 3331Cr and so..on... in the worksheet

i want to know the method of deleting the suffixes and prefixing - sign infront of numbers having Cr as the suffix.

Numbers with Dr as suffix denote positive numbers
and numbers with Cr suffix denote negative numbers. i want to prefix the -minus sign in front of numbers having Cr in the end.

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Text To Numbers :: Invoice From A Web Page

Jun 11, 2007

I would like to be able to copy an invoice from a web page, paste it into Excel and then run a macro on it that will strip away all unwanted lines. That much I have gotten fine. Obviously, part of this invoice is numbers (Qty, Unit Cost, Total Cost, etc.) but when my macro is complete these numbers are all stored as text.

What steps would I need to add to convert these numbers to numbers? I would like for this to all happen within the macro. This completed spreadsheet would then be linked to a table in Access where calculations will need to be performed.

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Incrementing Invoice Numbers Using Macros

Feb 25, 2009

I currently have a project i am working on based on a invoice system and in my case it is to do with Van rentals. what i am looking to do is create a macro so that when the user clicks the order van button, it brings them to the order page and automatically creates an invoice number which is automatically added to the invoice database along with the customers details and the date of the invoice in a different sheet.

i have been browsing various forums and tutorial and have come across an a piece of code that is incrementing numbers each time the button is clicked. I can add the first set of details to the invoice database however i am unable to create a new row which copies the formulas and just change the invoice number as it is incremented - it just copies the same number

Now i am a complete novice in using VB and i have knowledge to an extent using excel. Is it possible to do that?

Sub test()
' test Macro
Sheets("Invoice List").Visible = True
Sheets("Customer Menu").Select
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Visible = False
Sheets("Customer Van Order Form").Visible = True
ActiveWindow.SmallScroll Down:=-12
Sheets("Invoice List").Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Customer Van Order Form'!R[7]C[6]:R[7]C[7]"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Customer Van Order Form'!R[7]C[6]"

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Macros To Identify Duplicate Invoice Numbers

Aug 18, 2014

My boss gave me a project and need to be done as soon as possible. Basically, i just need to join all of database and then identify duplicates and put them in another sheet in order to investigate if there are any double payments.

Duplicates can be:

- invoices with same vendor name having same or comparable amounts
- invoices with Invoice No. which match or closely match (in case we're mis-keying)

I've tried so many ways to find duplicates that fulfill the 2 conditions above, but still cannot make it done.

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Saving An Invoice Number When Reopening An Invoice

Oct 30, 2008

I have an Excel Invoice Template, saved as a template.

I have code that generates a new invoice number each time the template is opened in VBA Editor. The auto numbering system works great! However.... (here comes the sad part)

After I enter all the data I need on the invoice, I want to save a copy of the invoice in a different file folder, which I can no problem. The problem is, if I re-open the saved invoice, we will call it Invoice #100, excel asks me if I want to update, if I say either yes or no, the invoice number will change to Invoice #101. I'm sure you can see how this can cause a major problem if we need to compare information later on, finding the correct invoice would be almost impossible as it would not match the customers invoice number.

What I need to know is:

Is there code I can add to the existing code, to stop the increment on a saved invoice, but not on the original template?

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Lookup Invoice Numbers From A Raw Data File With ~5,000 Line Items On A Daily Basis

Apr 16, 2009

I have a spreadsheet, in which I need to lookup invoice numbers from a raw data file with ~5,000 line items on a daily basis. The lookup is based on two criteria searches (1) search product type (2) search product make. In this example, I have 4 product types:

1 – car
2 – truck
3 – boat
4 – motorcycle

For this example I want to search invoices; (1) first search for cars only (2) search for product make. In my attached example, the first item (cell E2) would return invoice number 7147875-FRD from the raw data file. The second item (cell E3) would return invoice number 7147877-NSN.

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Search For All Unique Numbers Down A Column And Print List Of Those Numbers In Another

Jun 5, 2014

Say column A has either numbers or text in each cell, I need a macro to only get each number in each cell that is not a duplicate of a number in any previous cell and list each number found down column B.

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Sort Numerically By The Values

Oct 23, 2009

I have 9 columns of data in C2-C10 that I can sort numerically by the values in C2. All the numeric values in C2 are also in C1 but C1 has additional numbers not in C2.
I want to sort C2-C10 such that each row in C2-C10 aligns with its respective value in C1.

e.g. If C1 contains 1,2,5,8,34,42,56 and C2 contains only 2,5,34,56 I want the row (of C2-C10) with C2=2 to align with the cell where C1=2. And where C2=34 I want the row (C2-C10) with C2=34 to align with the cell where C1=34.
Is this possible though i'm not sure my explanation of what I want to do is good enough!

Note that my dataset is going to be very large (500,000 rows).

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Sorting Listbox Numerically Correct?

Jan 28, 2014

I have this on a listbox1 on a userform


[Code] ........

sorts it like this

must be sorted like this

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Automatically Sorting A String Numerically

Jul 13, 2012

I have a table of data which I need to put in numerical order automatically (i.e. as if I were to use a formula in excel).

The table is located in cells Z157:Z264, and I would like the results to be output in cells Z45:Z152.

I know you can do this manually using the "Data" > "Sort" tool in excel but I could do with a formula for it really.

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How To Arrange By Odd And Even In Array And By Order Numerically

Dec 25, 2013

This is for a race track. Drivers sign in on one sheet. On that sheet there is 4 different columns. Column 1 lists the division that they race in. Column 2 is the name of the driver. Column 3 is his car #. Column 4 is the number that he draws that decides his starting position. Typically there is 2 heat races per division with the odd number that is drawn being in the first heat and the even number being in the second heat. I created a second sheet called heat races. I am using an index function with a small function with a row. I have my divisions listed separately with 2 heats per division. I want to display the car number per division but lined up by the position that they draw. I have figured out how to display all of the cars per division, but I can't figure out how to separate them by what they draw (odd and even and in order from lowest to highest).

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How To Create A List That Descends Numerically After A Specified Range

Mar 18, 2014

I have a list of dates and need to define every 7 days as a week starting a week 1 and descending numerically. I'm doing this as a set up for an INDEX, MATCH function I'm going to write.

I have attached a sample of what I'm trying to achieve

Starting in A2 are a list of dates, starting in B4 I have week 1 listed and want the week 1 listed for the first 7 rows, then week 2 for the next 7 rows, then week 3 and so on.

Trying to figure out an easy way to automate this process so I don't have to type the week, copy it to the next 6 cells and go down the list that way.

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Sort Postcode List Alphabetically And Numerically

Aug 8, 2013

How can I sort the attached list both alphabetically and numerically. I have a list of UK postcode sectors which I am trying to sort alphabetically and numerically, the order should be eg AB1 0, AB10 1, G2 1, G20 1 but excel wont allow that sort order. There are three postcode formats

XX11 1
X1 1
X11 1

Where X an Y could be any letters in the alphabet and 1 could be any digit 0 to 9. Have attached a short list and formula in column B which would allow me to sort the list in column A which I can then apply to my full list.


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Numerically Sorting Columns And Copying To Separate Page

Dec 19, 2012

I am working on an excel spreadsheet that has multiple "sheets" to it. On the first sheet I have multiple columns worth of info and on the second sheet I am trying to copy some of the info from the first sheet.

For example:

Sheet 1, Column A2 has the number 1 in it.

On sheet 2 I have entered the command "=SHEET1A2" and it copies the info as I had hoped.

However, here is where my issue comes into place.

When I sort Column A on sheet 1 numerically, my answer on sheet 2 changes to whatever the new number is in box A2 on sheet 1.

Is there a way I can copy the info so that it changes as I sort the column numerically or alphabetically?

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Page Numbers To Print Area

May 30, 2012

Within one worksheet: Is there a way to apply page numbers and/or footers only to a print area so that if I change the print area the page numbers will begin at 1 again.

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Repetitively Print Numbers In Loop With Vba

May 25, 2007

how do i print this output using VBA ?

Column A

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