Printing Different Dates In Sequence For Each Copy Of Same Sheet

Mar 25, 2014

I am trying to print a daily form for work. I want to include the day and date on each page, with the date changing for each copy. I would like to be able to input the start date, and then have each copy follow with sequential dates.

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Copy All Data From Data Sheet, Sequence Top Down By Spend, Manually Delete All After 50

Sep 18, 2009

I have two sheets, a data sheet with all our customers by ref, name and spend; and a presentation sheet.

In the presentation sheet I want to display the ref, name and spend of the Top 50 customers by spend, price high to low.

The workaround:

Copy all data from data sheet, sequence top down by spend, manually delete all after 50.

My only issue is that each month the data sheet will update and I want the Top 50 to auto update, without performing the workaround above.

Is there a way to do this without VBA i.e. pivot tables etc

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Counting Number Of Dates In Sequence

Dec 2, 2013

I have a list of dates in column A as shown below & I want to get a count formula in column B for the # of dates in sequence. When the date sequence breaks a new count should be done at the end of the next sequence. The formula should be 1 I can put in cell B1 and copy down so that there are blanks & a count is only done at the end of the date sequence like in cell B4 or B7 below.

Col A Col B
Date Count
1 12-Oct
2 13-Oct
3 14-Oct
4 15-Oct4
5 17-Oct
6 18-Oct
7 19-Oct3


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Automaticly Populate Dates In Sequence Based Off Of One Cell

Jul 3, 2009

How do i get cells to automaticly populate dates in sequence based off of one cell. I.E C1= 4/Jul/09 I want A2-A7 to populate the dates in sequence Jul 4 - Jul 11. Is it a formate issue?

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Copy And Sum New Sheet Based On Dates

Feb 9, 2008

I need a macro to copy and sum from sheet1 to sheet2 based on dates like in mentioned below 2 examples

Sheet1 data ....

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Copy Data From One Sheet To Another, Based Upon Dates

Jul 14, 2008

Copy Data From One Sheet To Another, Based Upon Dates ...

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Copy Sequence From Rows To Column?

Aug 11, 2012

I have a set of data in cells sequencially in every 3rd column. I would like to create a new rows where the data I have in columns are placed into rows in accordance with its catogory.

So all EUR are in one row sequencially over the colums and the same for USD & GBP. This way I can create a graph.

Jan 12EUR


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Copy Worksheet & Name In Number Sequence

Nov 7, 2006

Add Worksheet Named As Cell. Number Sequence

how would I set it up so that it copies the page not just creating a blank page.

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Drag Sequence Having Sheet Reference?

Oct 4, 2013

I would like this formula to increase down the column as follows:


Sequence is addidng 4 each time... Dragging results with:


I have seen the following work for others:

=INDEX(A:A, (ROW()*2)-1)

Can a macro be created to store the number as a variable and loop a certain amount of times adding four to that variable every time?

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Macro Instruction To Copy Down Sequence Of Numbers

Dec 24, 2013

I'm use to highlighting two cells, find the plus, and copying a list of numbers down about 10 rows. Is there a macro instruction or VB instruction that will do the same?






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Copy Only Text In Range & Paste To Sheets In Sequence

Oct 4, 2007

I thought I may of been able to get away with just using a simple macro which I could duplicate to copy all the cells in a column between 2 and 251 and

pasting them to another column on another sheet and it only referencing the available text within the first column, but it would appear to be referencing the

blank cells as well, which is creating errors for another function using this column.

So ideally I would like a macro to copy just the text data from a column within the range (F2:F251) on worksheet "Expansion".
All the cells have formulas in them which create a unique text string from other cells on the same sheet.

Not all the cells within the column will be populated with text strings at the same time, but the rows of text will always start at "F2"
and fill down without blank cells between the list of text strings.

The list of text strings will then be copied over to a different worksheet "AG-1" and pasted into column "A" starting at cell "A2".

This function is then repeated 14 more times for (G2:G251) through to (T2:T251) each pasted to different
worksheets "AG-2" through to "AG-15" respectively, in column "A" starting at "A2".

The first column to be found in the process with a blank cell in the starting row of that column, would deem the process complete. Otherwise continue the

process through to column "T".

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Printing A Sheet For Every Day

Oct 13, 2009

I have this attached sheet that i need to print one for every day for the next 12 months.

The problem is i can find a way of doing this and getting the cells in red in row 6 to change to the next date.

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Printing Filtered Sheet?

Apr 16, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that has a macro that hides all columns that have 0 in a sum cell. I want to automate printing of the result, there will always be 35 rows but the number of columns will vary, could be 10 could be 30. The cells are hidden not deleted. How can I set up print code to print all visable cells? I need then all to be printed on the one page so scaled to fit.

I tried to record a macro but as the column count varies I get lost....

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Specific Sheet Not Printing?

Jun 27, 2013

In this file sheet1 is not printing. But other sheets r ok. It show print preview. Also it take print command and printer also show that printing. But actually not printing. The printer not even taking paper for printing.

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Printing A Filter Sheet?

Mar 7, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that we filter to only show active actions. Looks good on the screen but when I try and print the sheet it doesn't print all the visible lines...

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Stopping Sheet From Printing?

Oct 4, 2011

how do i stop a sheet from being printed and add an error message/ dialogue box saying this sheet cannot be printed, view only etc etc. this to appear when they goto the print option in the menus.

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Printing Fileinformation On The Sheet

Jun 1, 2008

I have a file that needs to be dated when it is printed. Is there any way to make the following things to appear on the sheet/workbook:

- Printing date/time
- filename of the current file that is printed
- the date of latest time/date the file was edited
- the person who printed the file (based on the user profile that is logged in the system.

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Auto Fill Dates: The Sheet To List The Dates In A Column For Each Month Automatically

Jun 17, 2007

I have a sheet with a date and the number of months on it which will change. I need the sheet to list the dates in a column for each month automatically: e.g. Two cells contain date “jan07” and the period “10” months. The rows A1 to A10 should have jan07…jan16 listed automatically. If I change then change the number of month to 11 I would like the rows A1 to A11 to update automatically.

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Printing Multiple Pages Per Sheet?

Jan 22, 2014

I'am trying to create a document which automatically prints the next page on the same sheet.

I have created a spread sheet which prints the first 5 rows in the top of every page, but I can't figure out how to make excel print two A4's on one A3 side-by-side.

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Disable Users From Printing The Sheet

Jan 19, 2009

I tried to disable users from printing the sheet
with this

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Printing Sheet From List Reference?

Mar 25, 2013

I am sure it is easy as I have done this before, but can't remember how or where I have put the code.I have a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets (The amount and names of sheets will keep changing). On a front sheet I have a dynamic validation list in cell "L9" that will always have the full list of spreadsheet names. The idea is that I will choose which spreadsheet to print from this list. Press a button and only that sheet will print.

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Printing Multiple Pages On One Sheet

Mar 28, 2007

I need to print 2 pages on one sheet. Page 1 on top, page 2 below. I can get this to work on Portrait, but I need it printed Landscaped.

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Missing Row When Printing A Splited Sheet

May 16, 2006

I have a sheet which contain an horizontal split (Option Windows/Split). I have selected the row 16 to split the sheet so that I can have a header when I scroll down. However, when I print this data sheet, the first row, at the top of the screen, is missing. In the preview and on the printed sheets, the first row is missing on the next printed pages. In the first page, all is ok, but not on the next ones. Does someone have an idea why Excel is behaving like that?

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Move Rows Up In Sheet And Skip Printing?

Jul 17, 2013

I'd like to know if is possible and how to move up rows that I change a value for example the column time has a row with value 02:00 and I change the value to 01:00 and the row moves up

Also when I change the value to 00:00 how to move up the row and when printing skip these rows.

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Printing Command: Print The Sheet Up To The Last Item

Sep 10, 2008

I have created a sheet to calculate a resturant bill that need to be printed for each customer. I am trying to creat a command that will print the sheet up to the last item in the bill "sheet2". So I need the printin area to change according to the number of itmes.

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Print Macro Printing Wrong Sheet

Jun 22, 2006

I have this macro

For I = 6 To 18
Sheets(I).Visible = xlSheetVisible
PrintSubs Sheets(I)
Sheets(I).Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End Sub

When it starts printing it starts off with my "JOBCOM" sheet which is sheet20. why it would start printing with that one. That sheet shouldn't even print at all. It's only supposed to print sheets6 to sheet18.

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Separately Printing Multiple Tables From A Single Sheet

Mar 24, 2013

many times i am confrunted with excel files containing one sheet that has many tables on it. i need to print each table so that it fits on one page, but these tables are not formatted so that they fit, therefore i need a fast way to make each table fit on 1 printed page, no matter how big it is or how it is centered on the page size from page layout(many times the table is bigger than the page layout size). i tried selecting each table holding down ctrl and then hitting set print area, but most of the times this doesnt work, i still get part of the first table and the begining of the second table on the second printed page and so on, which is not good.

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Printing Code - Print Everything Down The Sheet Until It Sees A Blank In Col A

Apr 27, 2009

I want to have code that will print everything down the sheet until it sees a blank in column A. I have included the code i am trying but it keeps giving me errors.

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Show Sheet Range Ready For Printing Via UserForm

Feb 27, 2008

I am trying to create a command button on a userform that when pressed will only display a specific worksheet of an excel workbook. I have the userform setup with the command buttons that will point to a specific worksheet but it is still behind the userform.

How can i make it so that when i hit the command button in the userform then print preview is shown for that worksheet, and the other worksheets are hidden. I also want to make it so that the workbook is hidden and all you see is the userform until you select a sheet.

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Printing Multiple Workbooks With Printing Preference As Landscape

Jan 15, 2012

I would like to know if there is a way to print several different workbooks at once but keeping my printing format which I would like to be Landscape and Fit to one page. Reason is simple as I work in a office where staff is handed in several jobs to do everyday. They finish the jobs and log all the info on the database. I log on to database and put all their daily diaries and because it is all over the place I have to go in each file and set printing preferences which takes an hour in the morning and hour in the evening. I could do with some sort of automation where all diaries are automatically printed in Landscape and Fit on one page.

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