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Push Data To Another Cell

Not sure if this is possible but...

What I'm trying to compile is a sheet for this...

1. user enters a date
2. user selects from dropdown list
3. user enters numer via text box
4. user pushes button to complete data transfer

Example info:
1. July 12, 2010
2. clothes
3. 112.27

Formula or method to complete the following actions...

Enter "112.27" in column "clothes" on row "12" on the sheet "July". he method has to be sound for changing columns, rows and sheets.

I've got the calendar and interface done, but I cannot figure out ow to get the data to the specific cell on the sheet. his seems to require "pushing" data rather than "pulling"...

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Pull Or Push Data From One Workbook To Another
I'm looking for something that will be able to push or pull data from a workbook (named "Personen - test.xls" = persons) to an other workbook (named "Personen per maand.xls" = persons/month). In attached documents i tried to make clear (sorry, it's in dutch) what i would like to do. In English; the marked data in "Personen - test.xls" should automatically be shown in the marked area in "Personen per maand.xls". I think the biggest problem is the fact that "Personen per maand.xls" is a standard-document which should be filled -time after time- with many different data's from several "Personen - test.xls" documents. These documents are all named different, the data is always given in the same way. So in my opinion i should make something where i can tell excell which document to use and something i can tell where to put the data. But i really don't know how to do this...

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Push Button With Input Box For Specific Data
I am wanting to create a push button function with a query attched that will allow the user to input certain criteria with the end result in sorting the column containing the criteria.

I have attached a sample of my form:

My desire is the user will have the ablity to push the button and a input box will appear and they will be able to enter the data to search for. And the column with sort showing only the information required.

What I am having difficulties with is creating the pop-up input box. A simple macro with a sort or filter will not work as the data criteria is not the same everytime.

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How To Copy Data To Other Sheet Upon Clicking A Push Button
I have master data in sheet1 with 4 headings (EmpNo.; Name; Grade; Status) and i put a push button beside it. what i want to happen is that, if i push the button, all data with a value of "Inactive" in sheet1 will be COPIED to sheet2 with the heading but only the EmpNo and Name will be transfered to sheet2.

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When Push Tab Its Jumped To The Edge Of The Page Instead Of The Next Cell
I am having trouble using the tab key to navigate to the next cell.
Whenever I push tab I get jumped to the edge of the page instead of the next cell. This excel program is on a new computer I got at work and I have never had this problem before.

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Summing Total With Push Button
I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet with pupil test scores and would like to automate the total. Example attached.

There are N tabs (one for each class; there is one or more class in each year group) of raw data; all the scores are numerical but some entries may be blank. After entering the raw data I would like to press a button on each Total tab to collate the data.

Total A presents the data in class order; the column marked Class should just say A1, A2, B, etc. If there are multiple classes in a year group then they should appear in order, that is, A1 followed by A2 followed by B, so on.

Total B presents all the data in ascending surname order.

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How To Push A Macro Button Without Using Mouse
i have a Macro Button which overlaps the cell G2 (a merged cell)...

is it possible that "when Press Enter Key on cell G2 then Launh a Macro.


when press space bar on cell G2 then Launch macro"... Macro is same as the Macro Button that overlaps G2...

this would prove to be a faster way than using a mouse to click on a macro button.

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Push Button To Initiate Vba Code
This is one of several questions I need to ask to perform a larger task. I want to initiate VBA code using a push button. What code do I need in the VBA to do this and rules behind using it.

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Copy Paste Values & Push Down Row
I was trying to build a macro which will push - copy and paste (but only values) the last raw down for one line. I tried to use existing answer for copy, paste and pushing down rows find on this forum, but raws a just moved without pasting the values.

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Push Button Update - Date And Time
I need is to be able to have a button show up on an Excel spreadsheet that you push to update the DAY and TIME to today. But, I need it to stay in a protected field so that it doesn't accidentally get changed by other users who open it up. And we save these for retention purposes, so if I open it a couple days later, I need the date to stay as the date I edited it on.

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Load A Text Box Where The User Can Push Enter And Go To Another Line
how can I load a text box where the user can push enter and go to another line? That would be like a comment box. If I put the traditional text box, I can only write in the first line and enter doesn't work. Is there a way to program it, where it would work?

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How To Validate If Data In A Cell Conforms To Data Validation Rules In The Cell
I have an Excel workbook which contains data entry fields, which have different types of data validation rules - like Lists, Date, Whole Number.

I do not want end users to remove these data validations as well as the formatting of these cells by doing copy/paste. So, I have implemented techniques mentioned in the following post, and elsewhere - to override the paste functionality and implement PasteSpecial values automatically.

To keep it simple, I'm only supporting pasting a single cell at a time.

Now my problem is this:
Doing the PasteSpecial values programmatically doesn't prevent the user from pasting values in the cell that violate the data validation rules. So, I can paste a string into a cell having data validation as Whole Number, or a invalid string into a cell having data validation as List.

The following post just suggests disabling paste whenever data validation is present:

But I would like to allow the paste operation if the value being pasted is a valid value for the cell's data validation.

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Linking Partial Data From One Cell If Data In Another Cell Meets Requirements
The merged Cell B6:G6 will receive a ten-digit number followed by a dash and then one or more numbers. (For example: 1234567890-123)

Cell B15 will then receive data shortly afterwards. I already have a validation macro for this cell which allows either 'I' or 'I I I'.

Upon exiting Cell B15, merged Cell B16:H16 needs a macro which will check Cell B15 and if it contains 'I', Cell B16:H16 will display the data from the ten-digit number entered in Cell B6:G6 minus the first five digits. (For example: 67890-123)

Now the data in Cell B16:H16 can only be somewhat editable hereafter. It can be erased or replaced with numbers in smaller or greater digit combinations than five before the dash (i.e. 67890-123 can be replaced with 123456-7), and digits can be added after the whole group (i.e. 67890-123 & SEE DWG) without any error messages. But if any five-digit number with a dash and some numbers exist in Cell B16:H16, they must correspond with the number in Cell B6:G6 minus the first five digits.

However, if Cell B15 ever receives a 'I I I' afterwards, all data in Cell B16:H16 must be erased. Cell B16:H16 can never contain data if Cell B15 contains 'I I I'.

Also, if the data in Cell B6:G6 changes later on, the corresponding digits in Cell B16:H16 must change as well, even if there are digits after the whole group.

So here is an example of what a good macro would do for me: ...

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Lookup Data In Row & Cell Based On Data In Row And Cell
I am looking for a way to do what i would call a dual vlookup.

i have some data in a number of sheets and need to do some consolidation into a summary sheet. problem is, not all the sheets have data in the same columns and rows but all the data is the same.

what i am trying to do is something like

vlookup("a",sheet2!A:M,***need to put the column of the data here***,0)

i cant just put in the column number because it changes on each sheet, need some way to do another lookup there, like an hlookup or something, so that i could lookup which column contained 'sales' and return that number so it can be put into the vlookup.

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Look At Data From One Cell Reference Another Cell Then Display The Results From The Cell Next To It
I have 2 problems relating to LOOKUP.
Not sure if Excel can perform these calculations as they could get to complex.

Problem 1
Can it be possible to have excel look at data from one cell reference another cell then display the results from the cell next to it in another cell, sort of example:

Tab 1 (Never changes)

Tab 2 (Dynamic, changes each week)

So it would work as follows.
Tab2 column B will take Tab2 column As data check Tab1 column A and display Tab1 column Bs result.

Problem 2

Weekly league rank table that shows position movements week by week


1FredUp 2
2BobNot Moved
3JonDown 2

Can Excel calculate/show the actual movements of league positions?

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Find The Data In Some Rows That Match With One Cell And Automatically Fill The Data
I want find the data in some rows that same with one or more cell and automatically fill the data. And for more details, I have attached the examp file (Examp.xls).Antoni

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Color Chart Data Points By Cell Values Of Non-Source Data
I have a bar chart that was made from table 1 which has the value in it. I have another table, table 2 that has the name corresponding to the value in table 1. I want to color data points in a bar chart with a different color for each name I have in table 2. I also want to give a data label in the data points with the value I have in table 2 instead of the original data label from table 1. Is it possible to do it?

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Macro To Clear Some Data Within A Cell But Leave Other Data
What i want to do is clear some data within a merged cell but leave the rest.

I have added a sample workbook. The data i want to clear is highlighted in Red so the 11111 will be replaced with ...... and the 09/12/09 will also be replaced with .......

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Copy Data From One Book To Another From Common Data In One Cell
Got an issue that I can only seem to do with things like the program Hotkey and making physical macros. I'm sure it is easy but I'm lost.

I have data in one book that looks like this (Call it Book1)

Date: Service
ProviderReason for callCRM
SR #WO #Device #Serial #Issue15/02/2010DATE: 03/02/10
TIME: 11:29
BUS: 1234AO
ISSUE DETAILS: Issue with Console

and data in another book that looks like this (Call it Book2)

DeviceSerial NumberNameTerminal PositionTerminal Group Location DescriptionTerminal IDDescription Service Provider 104012343030123456ConsoleDriver Console1234AO90401234Service Provider Name found Here

I need to find the BUS: 1234AO from the cell in Book1 then look that Bus up in Book2 and then from Book2 copy the Device, Serial Number, and Service Provider into the cells into Book1 and repeat this infintely often. The problem I have is the the bus can have 1 Console and 1-5 Readers and I need to find that data also. So for example I need to find BUS 1234AO and get the Console details and past that into one issue and the next issue will have the same bus number 1234AO but I need the details for Reader2 (that detail is in the Name field as shown above.) The issue details will always have the Console text and Reader# text in it.

The problem I have is that the Reason for call cell has ALT-ENTER characters in it and the details are not always in the same spot but the details are almost always in the format ####AO (four numbers and the letters AO)

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When The Data In A Cell Changes, Automatically Take A Record Of This Change Data
I am not sure how to go about creating a spreadsheet that does this:

I have a number much like a stock market index which is in cell A1 for instance, and this data changes every second,

And I wish to create my spreadsheet to automatically make a record of this change value and populate it at the last available blank row, so ultimately, I have a full history of how this number changes during the course of time.

5450 in cell A1
a second later, it changes to 5430
and so I want to populate 5430 to A2

and then another second, it changes from 5430 to 5470 and so i want to populate 5470 to A3 and so forth....

does anyone know how to do it?

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Splitting Cell Data Into Columns / Data Cleaning
how to split data into columns.

I have a set of (imported) data consisting of 1000+ rows. The data set (bank statement) contain six informations (date1, transaction, vendor, date2, sum1, sum2) in one cell which has to be split into six columns.

Using text-to-columns will generate more than six columns since the set dosn't have any delimiters and both the transaction and vendor name-fields contain blank spaces.

Is there a way to either split the data into the correct number of columns or if text-to-columns is used - a way to manipulate the data into the correct columns, for instance with help of filtering ?

small data sample included

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Find Cell Data In Cells Containing Extra Data
The 1st set is in a column. Nice & tidy all twelve characters in length & alpanumeric


The second set is a mess, taken from a lotus notes inbox from the subject line off an email, eg. there Blah blah zz0123123124 etc etc. What I want to do is do a reconcilliation between the two with a lookup, but have no idea which route to go down to get round the messy data. I have been using =IF(ISNA(MATCH(A1,'[spreadsheet to lookup to.xls]sheet1'!$A:$A,0))," No match"," Match")
but here the data is clean. I have searched teh forum ;o) DaveH & found something about > Instr() but this can't be used in formulas..

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Force Data Entry If Another Cell Contains Data
I've been searching but I can't find an answer that fits. Here's the closest I've come. Force Date Entry on Particular Condition. What I need is if A10 has any data in it then I want a box to pop up that instructs the user to input data into B10 they click OK and then enter the data. Once the user inputs data into B10 then the error should be cleared. If they don't enter data then the error should keep coming back.

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Data In Cell Changes Then Another Cell Data To Change
When Cell F3 is not equal to "CURRENT" then where (G3:G10) contains X
change X to A.

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Go Immediately To A Particular Cell After Inputting Data In Another Cell And Hitting Enter Options
I'm inputting data in E3 and after I hit enter I want B2 to be
selected. But only for E3 and only in one worksheet. And possibly a
further step... Sometimes the formula in B2 has picked up data from
another place depending on what value was entered in E3. If it's done
this then I won't need to go to B2, I'd want to go to A8 after E3
instead of B2.

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Copy Data From Cell In One Worksheet, Add Text, And Paste To Cell In Another Sheet
I have the following code in another workbook that is used to populate a cell on the same sheet based on input to cells in column 'A'.

Is it possible to modify this for the attached workbook to select a cell with data (numbers) on the Input Data sheet in column 'E', add text to the beginning, ('CG' in this case), and paste the result to the Import Template in the corresponding cell of column 'A'? I currently have a formula copied to dozens of cells in 'A' but since the number of rows for the Input Template is variable, there are usually cells in 'A' that contain CG but no corresponding data in the rest of the row.

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Disable/enable A Cell Based On A Condition Which Is Dependent On Other Cell Data
how can we disable/enable a cell based on a condition which is dependent on other cell data

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Data Validation To Ensure Like Numbers In Cell A Has Same Date In Cell B
I am trying to set up a data validation to ensure that when a user enters a number in column A that matches a previously entered number in column A, the user is only allowed to enter the same date for the number it matches in column B.

For example, if:

Row 3 column A = 1320


Row 3 column B = 16-Dec-07


Row 15 column A = 1320


Row 15 column B must be 16-Dec-07

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Change Color Of Cell Range When Last Cell Receives Data
I need my worksheet to automatically fill in a range of cells (from Range B*:G*) with my yellow color once the last cell in the range (G*) receives data, and automatically switch back to no color if the data in Cell G* is erased. However, if somebody merges a range, it should appear as it would by default - as if no macro exists, if that makes sense. I've attached a sample worksheet.

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Fill An Empty Cell With First Data Cell In The Same Column, Next Row(s) Down
I am looking for advice on how to move cells containing data (columns D to K in EXAMPLE A), upwards so that the information lines up with data already existing in columns A to C (to be included as part of an overall VBA routine).

In the upper example data in cell D2 needs to move upto D1, E3 to E1, F4 to F1, G7 to G1 etc and K9 to K1. Now, data on following rows is to move upto row 2 eg: E5 to E2, F6 to F2, G8 to G2.

The first 'block' of data starts at row 1 and finishes in this case at row 9.
The next 'block' of data starts at row 10 and finishes at row 18.
Row 19 shown is the start of the next 'block'. These 'blocks' may have upto 20 rows ....

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123569LOC23 is in one cell and I am trying to copy the "LOC23" to a new cell. However, the amount of digits vary: LOC23, LOC1,LOC15 etc all the way down the column.

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Replace Cell Content- Depending On Other Cell Data
I have a file consisting of two columns, called, "bom ref" and "material"
I need to show the data as indicated in the file, headed required format required.

In effect where I have a 0, that is the material I need to show for every row with a bom ref. of 1,2 or 3, down as far as the next 0 but not including the 0, when I reach the next 0, the material is a new letter, and that letter needs to repeat down as far as the next 0, but not including the 0 and so on.

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Get Data From Different Sheet Using Cell Data
I am looking for some code to reference a cell value on another sheet but can't name the sheet in the formula because it is a large spreadsheet and would take forever to change every line. eg

I need the value in cell C8 on worksheet named "I#3" this is referenced on "Main" page in cell "B20".

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If Data Changes In Cell Clear Contents Of Another Cell
I'm sure this is very easy but I just can't seem to get my head around it

I have data in cells j3 and j4 but when the data changes in j3 I'd like j4 to be cleared of it's contents.

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Move Data In A Cell Within Brackets To Another Cell
Is it possible to move data within brackets and the brackets themselves from one cell to another?

Eg. Audi A3 (Including S3) all models.

To remove (Including S3) from this cell and place it into another cell?

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Copy Cell Data If Cell Blank
I have another query that I believe can only be solved using VBA.

In a row of input data, some cells are duplicated from previous cells in the same row but in some instances, the user needs to be able to input different information.

e.g. M4=F4 if left blank and the same would apply to columns N=G, O=H, P=I & Q=J.

I have done some searching but nothing quite matches my requirements and recording a macro only produces the following result.

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Dividing Data In A Cell If Conditions Met In Another Cell
I'm a Graphic Designer and am just starting to learn how much fun Excel can be. I'm still learning things though and this is an easy one I think, but I can not figure it out.

All I want to do is the following...

If there is any data present at all in column B on a particular row, then I want the number on the same row in Column D to be divided by 2.

In the example below... TB_5129-001 is present in B8. So I would want $45.00 (D8) to be divided by two automatically. Also, if B8 were to be blank i would want D8 to be left alone.

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Using 1 Cell Info Automatically If Another Cell Has No Data In It
I have a sheet that counts stock, in cell I5 i have week 4s results in k5 week 5s. what I need is in cell N5 the number in I5 if their is no number in k5 but if k5 has a number in it I want that number in N5

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Search Cell For Data A Copy To Another Cell
Attached is the spreadsheet example. Issue: I have a Column B with with entries in the cells i.e. - GroupA, GroupB, GroupC. Some cells can have multiple items and/or nothing in them.

Goal: I would like a formula for Column C that If B2 Contains "GroupA" Then C2 = "GroupA"... Then ofcourse if B3 Contains "GroupA" Then C3 = "GroupA" and so on.

Problem: I've tried the options from the other posts and I run into an issue that if B2 contains "GroupABC" then it puts "GroupA" in C2 and that is what I do not want to happen.

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Add Cell Data/Text To Cell Comment
attached excel file .I need the data thats there from B4:E8 to be displayed on cell I9 as a comment .is there any way to do it ?

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Cell Formatting Does Not Refresh Cell Data
When using the format cell function, I have found some cells don't respond to the format until I enter and exit the cell (or edit). Other cells with the same data change when formatting is applied. The cell format is being changed from text to decimcal number. I have a few thousand records and about 30 cells and about half of them change when the format is applied. It would be impossible to manually edit each non-responsive cell to change the format.

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Add Active Cell Data To Cell By Clicking
I want to automatically put information from several cells into one cell, when these cells are clicked. Let's say that A1:J8 is the range were a cell can be clicked and if a cell is clicked in that range the value of these cells should be put in cell A9. If possible I want to avoid private subs in a worksheet. I preffer to have a macro running, so I can decide when to stop this routine.

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Nested Data Validation: Figure A To Enforce Dual Data Validation On A Single Cell?
I'm trying to figure a to enforce dual data validation on a single cell. That is, I need to restrict the user to entering only a decimal value, only if a particular other cell (say A2) is blank. To put it another way, if A2 is blank, the user can enter a decimal value, but if A2 is not blank, the user cannot enter anything. I can use Data Validation to enforce either the decimal restriction or the ISBLANK, but I'm not sure how to make them work together.

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Link To Cell Instead Of Getting Cell Data
I want to create a summary page with the tab name and a link to the contents in a specific cell. In the code below, I can get the sheet I want but in the second column, I would like to link to the data instead of getting the data in the cell. Can I do this with a simple modification to this

Dim a As Long
Sheets.Add.Name = "Notes"
For a = 1 To Sheets.Count
Worksheets("Notes").Cells(a, 1) = Worksheets(a).Name
'The next line gets me data, but I want to link to this cell in all worksheets
Worksheets("Notes").Cells(a, 2) = Worksheets(a).Cells(15, 18)
Next a

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Jump The Data In One Cell To Another Cell
How can when I enter one number in cell of sheet1,this number will display in specific cell in sheet2?(not hyperlink)


When I type 2009 in C3 of sheet1,it will automatically display in C3 of sheet2..

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Cell Ranging With Data From Another Cell
A Workbook containing 3 sheets.

Using the formula Range("A1:D2").Select, can the data "A1" and "D2" inside the formula be substituted with the contents of another cell?

For example:
Using the formula Range("A1:D2").Select to select data from sheet 1, replace "A1" & "D2" from the cell "J4" & "K4" in sheet 2, which has the correct ranges, and then the result pasted in sheet 3.

Sheet 2 has the data ranges required, and they change frequently.

Can an automation be done to range formulas with information from another cell?

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Data Validation :: If Cell A2 > 0 Have Cell A1 =1
Is there a way to use data validation for the following

cell A1

If cell a2>0 have cell a1 =1

data validation will be in cell A1

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Rank Same Cell With Data From A Different Cell
How do I rank cell b6:b15 in the same column (Position 1 column) from the results of c6:c16 (data column)? I want the example to rank as follows in the Position 1 column:

Highest to Lowest, based on results from data column

Postion 1 Data

0 4
9 3
5 3
6 2
3 2
2 2
7 1
4 1
8 0
1 0

Attached is an example layout, view the ranking tab.

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Transferring Data Cell By Cell
I need to transfer a excel cell value in to my macro code. I'm trying from past 2 days, but not getting it.

I'm automating the process of sending an Excel book to the selected recipients through outlook. For that i need to put recipient email address in ".To" of macro code. How to accomplish this? The value is in cell "A52" in the excel file.

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Splitting Cell Data By Last "" (backslash) In The Cell As The Separator?
Is it possible to split a cell into 2 different cells, using the last "" (backslash) in the cell as the separator? ...

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Data From One Cell To Another
I have a sheet (call it E-Gold) that will automatically generate a batch # based on an entry of another cell. After the batch is created, the following cells in the same row will populate automatically. So...C16 will be the batch number and R16 will be a cash amount. All I want to do is have the batch number in C16 from the E-Gold sheet to populate in C16 in another sheet. I also need the cash amount in cell R16 on the E-Gold sheet to populate in cell E16 on the other sheet.

Just wondering...since I will be having three different sheets (E-Gold, London Gold, Gold) writing to one single sheet could a code look for an empty cell not already taken by a batch number? In other words, if C16 on the E-Gold sheet already wrote to the other sheet and used up that cell is there a way to have the C16 cell on the London Gold sheet to look for the next available cell on the other sheet and enter the batch number there?

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