Push Data To Another Cell

Dec 30, 2009

Not sure if this is possible but...

What I'm trying to compile is a sheet for this...

1. user enters a date
2. user selects from dropdown list
3. user enters numer via text box
4. user pushes button to complete data transfer

Example info:
1. July 12, 2010
2. clothes
3. 112.27

Formula or method to complete the following actions...

Enter "112.27" in column "clothes" on row "12" on the sheet "July". he method has to be sound for changing columns, rows and sheets.

I've got the calendar and interface done, but I cannot figure out ow to get the data to the specific cell on the sheet. his seems to require "pushing" data rather than "pulling"...

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Pull Or Push Data From One Workbook To Another

Feb 3, 2010

I'm looking for something that will be able to push or pull data from a workbook (named "Personen - test.xls" = persons) to an other workbook (named "Personen per maand.xls" = persons/month). In attached documents i tried to make clear (sorry, it's in dutch) what i would like to do. In English; the marked data in "Personen - test.xls" should automatically be shown in the marked area in "Personen per maand.xls". I think the biggest problem is the fact that "Personen per maand.xls" is a standard-document which should be filled -time after time- with many different data's from several "Personen - test.xls" documents. These documents are all named different, the data is always given in the same way. So in my opinion i should make something where i can tell excell which document to use and something i can tell where to put the data. But i really don't know how to do this...

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Push Button With Input Box For Specific Data

Oct 18, 2007

I am wanting to create a push button function with a query attched that will allow the user to input certain criteria with the end result in sorting the column containing the criteria.

I have attached a sample of my form:

My desire is the user will have the ablity to push the button and a input box will appear and they will be able to enter the data to search for. And the column with sort showing only the information required.

What I am having difficulties with is creating the pop-up input box. A simple macro with a sort or filter will not work as the data criteria is not the same everytime.

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How To Copy Data To Other Sheet Upon Clicking A Push Button

Jul 13, 2007

I have master data in sheet1 with 4 headings (EmpNo.; Name; Grade; Status) and i put a push button beside it. what i want to happen is that, if i push the button, all data with a value of "Inactive" in sheet1 will be COPIED to sheet2 with the heading but only the EmpNo and Name will be transfered to sheet2.

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When Push Tab Its Jumped To The Edge Of The Page Instead Of The Next Cell

Dec 3, 2008

I am having trouble using the tab key to navigate to the next cell.
Whenever I push tab I get jumped to the edge of the page instead of the next cell. This excel program is on a new computer I got at work and I have never had this problem before.

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Push Result Into Array

Jul 5, 2014

[Code] ...

How to push strResult into an Array? And how to set and use something like an id?

strResult.id = n

I would like to archive something like:

MsgBox (strResult(0))
MsgBox (strResult(1))
MsgBox (strResult(this.id))

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Summing Total With Push Button

Nov 6, 2009

I have an Excel 2003 spreadsheet with pupil test scores and would like to automate the total. Example attached.

There are N tabs (one for each class; there is one or more class in each year group) of raw data; all the scores are numerical but some entries may be blank. After entering the raw data I would like to press a button on each Total tab to collate the data.

Total A presents the data in class order; the column marked Class should just say A1, A2, B, etc. If there are multiple classes in a year group then they should appear in order, that is, A1 followed by A2 followed by B, so on.

Total B presents all the data in ascending surname order.

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How To Push A Macro Button Without Using Mouse

Nov 23, 2009

i have a Macro Button which overlaps the cell G2 (a merged cell)...

is it possible that "when Press Enter Key on cell G2 then Launh a Macro.


when press space bar on cell G2 then Launch macro"... Macro is same as the Macro Button that overlaps G2...

this would prove to be a faster way than using a mouse to click on a macro button.

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Push Button To Initiate Vba Code

Mar 3, 2007

This is one of several questions I need to ask to perform a larger task. I want to initiate VBA code using a push button. What code do I need in the VBA to do this and rules behind using it.

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Copy Paste Values & Push Down Row

Jan 22, 2008

I was trying to build a macro which will push - copy and paste (but only values) the last raw down for one line. I tried to use existing answer for copy, paste and pushing down rows find on this forum, but raws a just moved without pasting the values.

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Push Button Update - Date And Time

Mar 16, 2007

I need is to be able to have a button show up on an Excel spreadsheet that you push to update the DAY and TIME to today. But, I need it to stay in a protected field so that it doesn't accidentally get changed by other users who open it up. And we save these for retention purposes, so if I open it a couple days later, I need the date to stay as the date I edited it on.

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Create Registry Of Users In Order To Push Out Updates

Jul 17, 2013

I have created an excel application using VBA that is posted publicly on a website and currently being downloaded by users around the world. I would like doing either of the following:

1) create a simple way to keep track of who has downloaded the application (e.g. is there a way to have people register with their email when they open the program for the first time?) so that I can send a mass email whenever a new version of the application is available


2) be able to automatically send a notification to users when an update to the application has been made (e.g. is there a way to tap into Microsofts' update notification system so that it automatically updates the application for users with internet connection?)

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Load A Text Box Where The User Can Push Enter And Go To Another Line

May 29, 2009

how can I load a text box where the user can push enter and go to another line? That would be like a comment box. If I put the traditional text box, I can only write in the first line and enter doesn't work. Is there a way to program it, where it would work?

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Dual Monitors - Open PDF File And Push To 2nd Monitor?

Sep 26, 2013

I know what i need to do to get it to open the file I want. I dont know how I set the position of a file that i am opening. In this case a .pdf file.

I have searched and came up with a lot of info for userforms, but I am not working with a userform in this case.

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Macro To Push Results Of All Formula On Multiple Worksheets To Another Workbook

Mar 28, 2014

I inherited a price list workbook made up of multiple worksheets (some 30 pages). Each year the new prices (including % increase) are calculated by a formula in the row below each price (100's of rows and formulae).

C1 might say £10
D1 says =C1+(C1*2.5%) £10.25 (it actually does some rounding too)

It may seem odd having both rows but MD can see the before and after. The new price 10.25 must however be manually copied to C1 to avoid circular referencing and then D1 row hidden. Very laborious to repeat 100's of times.

Is there a way of first copying the entire workbook for the new year (easy) then by means of a macro looping through each formula cell of all sheets in workbook 1 and pushing the result to the new workbook and to the correct sheet and then to the same location but to the cell above. e.g. pushing £10.25 from D1 of sheet 1 workbook 1 to C1 of sheet 1 workbook 2 to become the new price for the coming year?

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Linking Partial Data From One Cell If Data In Another Cell Meets Requirements

Jan 6, 2009

The merged Cell B6:G6 will receive a ten-digit number followed by a dash and then one or more numbers. (For example: 1234567890-123)

Cell B15 will then receive data shortly afterwards. I already have a validation macro for this cell which allows either 'I' or 'I I I'.

Upon exiting Cell B15, merged Cell B16:H16 needs a macro which will check Cell B15 and if it contains 'I', Cell B16:H16 will display the data from the ten-digit number entered in Cell B6:G6 minus the first five digits. (For example: 67890-123)

Now the data in Cell B16:H16 can only be somewhat editable hereafter. It can be erased or replaced with numbers in smaller or greater digit combinations than five before the dash (i.e. 67890-123 can be replaced with 123456-7), and digits can be added after the whole group (i.e. 67890-123 & SEE DWG) without any error messages. But if any five-digit number with a dash and some numbers exist in Cell B16:H16, they must correspond with the number in Cell B6:G6 minus the first five digits.

However, if Cell B15 ever receives a 'I I I' afterwards, all data in Cell B16:H16 must be erased. Cell B16:H16 can never contain data if Cell B15 contains 'I I I'.

Also, if the data in Cell B6:G6 changes later on, the corresponding digits in Cell B16:H16 must change as well, even if there are digits after the whole group.

So here is an example of what a good macro would do for me: ...

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How To Validate If Data In A Cell Conforms To Data Validation Rules In The Cell

Oct 14, 2009

I have an Excel workbook which contains data entry fields, which have different types of data validation rules - like Lists, Date, Whole Number.

I do not want end users to remove these data validations as well as the formatting of these cells by doing copy/paste. So, I have implemented techniques mentioned in the following post, and elsewhere - to override the paste functionality and implement PasteSpecial values automatically.

To keep it simple, I'm only supporting pasting a single cell at a time.

Now my problem is this:
Doing the PasteSpecial values programmatically doesn't prevent the user from pasting values in the cell that violate the data validation rules. So, I can paste a string into a cell having data validation as Whole Number, or a invalid string into a cell having data validation as List.

The following post just suggests disabling paste whenever data validation is present:

But I would like to allow the paste operation if the value being pasted is a valid value for the cell's data validation.

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Getting Cell Data From Another Sheet Based On Current Cell Data?

Jan 12, 2014

I want to do (seemingly easy task) of getting a price from a code, from a code sheet.

Sheet1 (Log sheet)
A1 = "Code456"
A2 = $? <- This needs to be found.

Sheet2 (Price Sheet)
A1=Code123 B1=$1
A2=Code456 B1=$2
A3=Code789 B1=$0.50
Etc, and so on...

What I want to do is basically (without using macros):
"If A1 = sheet2:A1, then
A2 = sheet2:B1, halt. , ELSE,
If A1 = sheet2:A2, then
A2 = sheet2:B2, halt. ELSE,
So on and so forth..."

I thought there might be an easy way to do it with some sort of 'double sided' data validation drop downs or OFFSET function but I cant figure it out.

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Macro - If Adjacent Cell Contains Any Data Then Copy Data From Another Cell?

Jul 15, 2014

I wondering if it is possible for a macro to recognise whether or not there is text in an adjacent cell, and if there is, then to copy data from another adjacent cell.

For example, because there is data in C2, data from A2 has been inputted into B2. And any blank cells are left alone.


(cell A2 data here)


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If Data From 1 Cell Matches Specific Data Of Another Cell Then OK If Not Highlight In Red

Oct 22, 2012

I have been wracking my brain around how to put this formula together.

Is it possible or it can't do more then 1 cell at a time?

Here is an example:

If F1= button request and E1= Scoring then OK (take no action) also i want to add that Folder in F and Corrupt in E would = OK

If it doesn't match to highlight the cell in red

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How To Match A Cell Data With A Range Of Cells And Return Cell Reference In Another Cell

Dec 12, 2012

i want to match a cell data with a range of cells and if matches return the cell reference in another cell

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Lookup Data In Row & Cell Based On Data In Row And Cell

Feb 4, 2008

I am looking for a way to do what i would call a dual vlookup.

i have some data in a number of sheets and need to do some consolidation into a summary sheet. problem is, not all the sheets have data in the same columns and rows but all the data is the same.

what i am trying to do is something like

vlookup("a",sheet2!A:M,***need to put the column of the data here***,0)

i cant just put in the column number because it changes on each sheet, need some way to do another lookup there, like an hlookup or something, so that i could lookup which column contained 'sales' and return that number so it can be put into the vlookup.

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Look At Data From One Cell Reference Another Cell Then Display The Results From The Cell Next To It

Jun 19, 2008

I have 2 problems relating to LOOKUP.
Not sure if Excel can perform these calculations as they could get to complex.

Problem 1
Can it be possible to have excel look at data from one cell reference another cell then display the results from the cell next to it in another cell, sort of example:

Tab 1 (Never changes)

Tab 2 (Dynamic, changes each week)

So it would work as follows.
Tab2 column B will take Tab2 column As data check Tab1 column A and display Tab1 column Bs result.

Problem 2

Weekly league rank table that shows position movements week by week


1FredUp 2
2BobNot Moved
3JonDown 2

Can Excel calculate/show the actual movements of league positions?

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Macro To Transpose Multiple Data In Cell Separated By Commas To Each Data In Column

Jul 15, 2014

I have a table in the format below with about 3500 rows

Column A
Column B

All vehicles, Retirements

All vehicles, Retirements, Addition

All vehicles, Retirements, Addition, Deletion from Y

I would like to change it to the following format:

Column A
Column B

All vehicles


All vehicles



All vehicles



Deletion from Y

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Using If Function To Pull Data From One Cell Based On Data From Merged Cells

Jul 24, 2014

Looking for a formula to accomplish the following:

I'm trying to populate cell A31 on a worksheet titled "VolumeTotals" with the data in Cell E23 from a worksheet titled "CurrentCustomers" if the merged cells F3-F22 on worksheet "CurrentCustomers" are equal to the word "Contract".

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Find The Data In Some Rows That Match With One Cell And Automatically Fill The Data

Aug 17, 2009

I want find the data in some rows that same with one or more cell and automatically fill the data. And for more details, I have attached the examp file (Examp.xls).Antoni

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Color Chart Data Points By Cell Values Of Non-Source Data

Apr 14, 2008

I have a bar chart that was made from table 1 which has the value in it. I have another table, table 2 that has the name corresponding to the value in table 1. I want to color data points in a bar chart with a different color for each name I have in table 2. I also want to give a data label in the data points with the value I have in table 2 instead of the original data label from table 1. Is it possible to do it?

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Excel 2010 :: How To Filter / Sort Data Based On Partial Match Of Data In Cell

Apr 16, 2013

I am using Excel 2010. I am a novice user.

I have a lot of data to filter / sort. I want to initially to create a filter for a column of data - which has the format similar to hierarchical paths to files. The data is a mix of text/numbers. e.g.


[Code] .........

Doing an alphabetical sort of this date would return the following order. As you can see while each strings in unique - there are many instances where they are simialr - if you ignore the unique numeric values at the end of the string.


[Code] ......

So what I want to do is to create a filter for the strings - but ignoring the numeric bits at the end i.e.


The strings are obviiously of varying length and the number of hierarchical paths is different, so I can't split string on "/".

Similarly folder paths names can contain "_" so can't split string on this either.

As I don't know how many "/" or "-" instances there will be in the string I don't believe I can use the find function. Also as the amount of number will be different i don't think I can use =right(a1,X) either.

I may be able to search for the pattern above - as this is probabay unique - so maybe it's something like the following pseudo code:

Function GetString(txt As String) As String
With CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
.Pattern = "reg_d+(_)+d+//d"
GetString = .execute(txt)(0)
End With
End Function

If I do require VBA code - how do I then use this for creating a column filter? Or will I have to extract the filtered data first from the column (and its associated row data) into another worksheet to use?

Once I have the filter in place I want to create tables using the filtered data - so for example each column value above has a lot of associated data values in each row e.g

26 pathA/path_123/path_456/data_out_reg_0_0/d
32 pathA/path_123/path_456/data_out_reg_17_0/d
8 pathA/path_123/path_456/data_out_reg_4_0/d

So my table would show the name "data_out_reg" and the range of values 8-32

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Add Data From Specific Cell To Another Cell If Different Cell Contains Any Data

Dec 17, 2013

I have 2 sheets in 1 document 'April Events' & 'Event Staffing' and I need to do the following

Basically, If 'April Events C5' contains any data, 'April Events D5' gets filled with the data value from 'Event Staffing G5'. If 'April Events C5' is blank, 'April Events D5' would be left blank. If 'April Events C6' contains data, 'April Events D6' gets filled with the value from 'Event Staffing G5' or left blank. If 'April Events C7' contains data, 'April Events D7' gets filled with the value from 'Event Staffing G5' or left blank e.t.c

e.g 'Event Staffing G5' = £12.57. On 'April Events' (C5=12, D5=£12.57) (C6=191, D6=£12.57) (C7= , D7= )(C8=1, D8=£12.57)

Is there a function/formula to do this?

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Sort Data Alphabetically In One Particular Cell Without Retyping Data?

Jun 6, 2014

I would like to be able to sort the data in this one cell alphabetically without retyping the data .ie use a sort function but only for a cell.

For Example cell A1 contains Chris Brown Andy

No commas there. Names are seperated only by spaces.

What function should I use in order to get Andy Brown Chris ?

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