Select And Edit A Range Of Data On A Userform

Apr 22, 2009

I want to be able to select and edit a range of data on a userform. I am trying to pull the information that matches a cell range (Named as Action) into the respective textboxes. But I have fallen at the first hurdle and can't even get that working.

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Userform To Edit Data

Dec 14, 2008

I have a userform that I have created to enter new part information to a spreadsheet but I am wanting to also use the userform to edit exsisting part information. My spreadsheet consist of part #, name of part, description of part, date manufactured, and date sold (Column A-E). My question is can a userform be used to edit information that is already present on the spreadsheet? I am looking to edit any entries that do not have a date in the date sold field.

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Edit Worksheet Data Thru Userform

Jul 1, 2009

Depending on the attached workbook,

How can I edit the employee's Name and badge number thru a userform?

What should we depend on to save the employee's name before changing it, in order to use it as a find key?

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Search / Edit Data With Userform

Jun 12, 2013

I'm coming along nicely with my user form. My last issue was trying to get it to search/recall data from the "Data" tab. This works perfectly when only 1 record is found, and if multiple line items are found, a message box pops up and tells me how many records are found that meet the criteria. However, I am now struggling to get the code to work properly to past the details of those records into the list box, so that the user can select which record they want to edit.

I get a Run-Time Error '1004' Application-Defined or Object-Defined error and it points to the section in red:

Sub FindAll()
Dim strFind As String 'what to find
Dim rFilter As Range 'range to search
Set rFilter = Worksheets("Data").Range("E3", Range("h65536").End(xlUp))
Set Rng = Worksheets("Data").Range("E3", Range("e65536").End(xlUp))
strFind = Me.cbosearch.Value

[Code] ...........

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Search And Edit Excel Data In Userform?

Mar 2, 2013

I work in a small team of 5 people, but each of us is very busy and get emails from our manager asking us to complete different tasks. I have made a userform in excel for our manager to create the tasks in and put all the details in sheet1. This creates each separate task on a separate row. Now I want each of my colleagues to log into the sheet and be able to retrieve a task with the same userform. I am giving each task it's own ID, so I want to be able to search by this and the userform will be populated with the task details. I also have combobox's with the status of each task (Completed, In progress etc.) I want to be able to change these in the userform too.

Private Sub UserForm_Click()
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim LastRow As Object
Set LastRow = Sheet1.Range("b65536").End(xlUp)


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Edit Data Populated In Userform ListBox

Jan 4, 2012

Any way to edit data that has been populated in a Userform Listbox? I am trying to create a userform which has a multicolumn (3 columns) listbox and data being populated from Sheet1!A:C. I am thinking that there would be an Edit button where when clicked the data for the row that is selected in the listbox is shown in 3 textboxes (one for each cell on the respective row) on the same form which can be edited. When the user clicks Save. The Listbox would be updated with new values (e.g. write over the values in Sheet1.

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Edit Worksheet Data Table Via UserForm

May 28, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that summarizes variations on a project. On the "Variations" tab a userform pops up that asks the user to select from 3 options:

1. Create new variation
This launches another userform that allows the user to enter the necessary information and create a variation sheet. This userform updates "VarSummary" and also creates a new sheet for each variation created. I have been able to do all of this so far. The summary sheet "Variations" tab uses the data on the "VarSummary" tab. This is the code I used to add variation

Private Sub cmdadd_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("VarSummary")
With ws
iRow = . Cells(.Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
'Copy the data to the database
.Cells(iRow, 1).Value = Me.txtVarRecNo.Value
.Cells(iRow, 2).Value = Me.txtDate.Value
.Cells(iRow, 3).Value = Me.txtChg.Value
.Cells(iRow, 4).Value = Me.txtSrcRef.Value
.Cells(iRow, 5).Value = Me.cbstatus.Value
.Cells(iRow, 6).Value = Me.DirQty.Value
.Cells(iRow, 7).Value = Me.DirVal.Value............................

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Find & Amend/Edit Data Via Userform

Mar 30, 2008

A.) As a user is entering data into a userform two specific values need to be checked in the existing data sheet.

Textbox1 ( date)
Combobox (operation name) {4 tabs on from textbox1)

They relate to the data stored in columns 'A' and 'E' respectivly.

What I'd like is, as the user exits combobox4 to check if the values already exist. If they do; fill the coresponding textboxes with those values and allow the user to make any amendments, then have it SAVE to the SAME row, would a record number be necessary to accomplish this?

B.) For a future development, Im thinking of applying the same principle to a different project, where 3 values need checking.

Textbox9000 (date) Column 'A'
ComboBox1002 (Staff member) Column 'B'
Combobox1003 (operation name) Column 'C'

Possible complications are that below combobox1003 there will be 12 other comboboxes(a value title, from column header) with associated textboxes alongside(value previously entered by user).

There will be 22 possible values for the comboboxes(the values will be the same column headers) The user will only ever have the choice of making 12 entries though.

Does any one have any spare code laying round for this one..

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Select Range For Ref In Userform?

Jul 31, 2014

My question is - for a Ref range in the user form, I want to set it up to only be able select from column A B and C. ( it has select ABC column at the same time, if missing any column, error message will come out, or select out of this range, the error message should also come up. )

I know how to set the range to all three columns, but I know don't how to ask for " must select from all three column?"

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UserForm Control To Select Range

Aug 8, 2008

I want a control to select a range in a userform I'm creating.

I wonder if we can use the same type of control the wizards use, where you click on the right and choose the range? Alternatively, what's the best option?

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Manually Select A Range During A Running Userform

Sep 10, 2009

I am trying to sum a dynamic range of values, clear the range (ie. clear the numbers on the spreadsheet), then place the sum of all the numbers in the last cell in the user selected range. (essentially adding all values selected, placing final sum in the last row of the range, and leaving no trace of performing the routine)

I want the range to be selected during the userform running (using showmodal = false). I can sum the selection and write the value to a cell, but I can NOT write the cell to the last value in the selection.

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Select Range Of Cells Based On UserForm Input Value?

Jun 18, 2012

So I'm creating a UserForm that takes user input to create a worksheet based on the values input. My question is: How to select a range of cells based on a variable input value? For example, it asks how many competitors there are, and the user can input 5, 8, 10, etc. So I want that many cells in Row 1 selected, whatever the value input is.

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Double Click Row To Return Data To Userform For Edit Then Return Back To Sheet

Jan 30, 2014

I am trying to create a data entry sheet to enter quotes on. When a quote is received, I click on my "Add quote" button and a userform appears. Data is entered into the userform (frmEntryForm) and returned back to the next available row.

I also need to be able to:

Edit a row by double-clicking it. When a row is double-clicked, data from that row is passed back to the userform, edited and returned back to the same row (to prevent duplicates).Validate that all fields are complete within the userform where relevant (i.e. if the work is not complete or in progress then the "Invoice Number" and "Actual Cost" fields are disabled and blanked to prevent entry (I think this is almost sorted judging by my tests)

I have attached my sheet : 2014 Gatwick Quote Log (Macro Enabled).xlsm‎

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Fill Userform Textboxes From Select Cells In Selected Range

Mar 7, 2008

Arised from my earlier posting in Populate ComboBox With Specific Sheet Column Range. I have the following working code below, but am having trouble finding coding examples to select specific cells from the selected row (that was found by selecting a ComboBox value)and update TextBoxes with those individual values after the UserForm has been initialized (the bold "GREEN" comment in the code below). I have been able to find plenty of references to update TextBox values to Cells, but that doesn't do me much good in this application since the User needs to verify the old data in these cells before updating them using the UserForm TextBoxes.

I was toying around with several different variations of code (none of which worked properly), so I left it out for clarity of my working code. I'll post up this non-working code as needed, because I really wanted a fresh answer...not what I was trying to do. The attached file should be sufficient to see what's going on

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With Sheets("SR Information")
.Range("A2", .Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp)).Name = "MyRange"
End With
SRnumber.RowSource = "MyRange"
End Sub

Private Sub SRnumber_Change()
Dim ServiceRequestNumber As String
Dim c As Range
Dim rngG As Range
Sheets("SR Information").Select
With Selection
ServiceRequestNumber = SRnumber.Value
For Each c In Intersect(ActiveSheet.UsedRange, Columns("a"))
If c = ServiceRequestNumber Then..................

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Allowing User To Select A Cell But Not Edit It?

Aug 25, 2009

I have an event handler that runs a procedure when a user double clicks a cell. This procedure modifies the contents of this cell and other cells. I want the user to be able to select the cell so they can double click it, but I don't want them to be able to single click it and modify it by hand (accidentally or not). Is there a way to lock/unlock the contents of the cell without locking the cell itself?

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Using A Combobox To Select Sheet Where Data Is To Be Copied From A Userform

Feb 6, 2009

The macro below in its current state adds data entered from the userform to a specific sheet. I would like to change it so that a player can be selected from combobox named txtmplayer and the data entered be copied to that specific players sheet.

If this information is vital: There are 8 players. Player sheets can be named player1, player2, and so on. I would like to keep same method for entry (finds first available row)

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VBA Userform Combobox - Select Starting Point Of Dropdown Data?

May 22, 2014

Is there any way to set the list from a Combo Box to automatically start in the middle?

Whenever I select a Combo Box, the drop down list always automatically starts at the top of my selected range, ideally I would like it to start in the middle.

For example my Range that I am filling the Combo Box with lists dates: Today()-7 to Today()+7.

At the moment the first item in the combo box list is Today()-7, I would like it to be Today().

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Userform To Add / Edit Records

May 1, 2013

I've been trying to resolve an issue with the userform that i created. It adds new records to the sheet "Data" but i can't seem to add a search/edit function to it.

It could be either a combobox with the existing Project Id's or a text box + a control button, so a user could enter Project Id and hit a button.

The spreadsheet example is attached : Project Entry Form.xls

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Edit Record On Userform

Jun 25, 2014

I have created a complaint database with a spreadsheet and a userform in Excel. Only part of the information is known at the time the user enters the complaint. I have created a search feature so I can search for a record using a unique identifier called RecordNo. I can call up a record and change the information in the record or add additional information. When I hit the command button save it stores a duplicate record with the new information. I don't want duplicate records.

Also some of the data fields do not fill the original data. It seems to be inconsistent in the way it loads the original record data into the userform. This issue happens consistently with the weather items that are check boxes and also with the Complaint Taken By field. I am a beginner and have found most of the code to write this database online. So perhaps there are some conflicts between code from different sources. I've uploaded the spreadsheet and userform.

Forestry Complaints WIP.xlsm‎

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Edit- How To Create A Simple Userform

Apr 19, 2008

I have downloaded the sample file at the bottom of the 'Contextures' webpage that explaines how to create a simple userform...


at the very bottom there is a 'Download the sample file' link

This simple form alows the user to input 4 bits of data, PartID, Location,Date and Qty. This data is saved in another part of the worksheet called 'Partsdata'

What I want is somehow for the user to be able to seach for a PartID from the list in the Partsdata worksheet. When this PartId is found, display the userform in a way that the data relating to that PartID can be edited and then re-saved when the user clicks on the 'add this part' button.

For example....

Msg Box or user form dispalyed stating...."Enter PartID to edit"
a search of the PartID column (columnA) in PartsData worksheet is carried out and when the matching PartID is found the corresponding information is displayed in a user form that can be edited by the user.

Once the user has made any changes to the data shown, the user clicks on the 'Add this part' button and the new data is re-saved using the same partid reference.

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Macro To Edit Userform In Other Workbook

Apr 23, 2008

I'm writing a macro that opens another Excel file, opens a userform within that file, and manipulates the data. I've never tried to do this before. I keep getting "Object Required" error. My macro fails on the "frmMain.Show" where "frmMain" is the userform I am interested in. Here's the

Excel.Application.Workbooks.Open ("C:DataCalculations.xls") 'Open file
frmMain.Show 'Bring-up UserForm
frmMain.cbUser.Value = "Guest" 'Sign as Guest
frmMain.cbVariables.Value = var 'number of variables

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View & Edit Worksheet In UserForm

Jun 5, 2008

Ive searched for a solution around this site and it all leads to a dead end. I have a userform created in Excel, where I want to import a existing worksheet from another workbook and display it on the user form, so the user can edit it. I have tried using the Office SPreadsheet 10.0. By copy the excel file contents and pasting it into the spreadsheet cells, but PasteSpecial doesnt work so all the formating is out the door.

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Edit Existing Excel Records Using UserForm

Mar 18, 2014

I need to create a simple edit VBA script to allow user to search and edit existing excel row records. I had created the add record button with reference to some of the site in the web.

See Attached sample : Sample.xlsm‎

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Edit In Cell When Worksheet Is Displayed In Userform

Oct 29, 2007

his is of Jaafarian proportions. This is in relation to an earlier post on dragging and dropping. That is all worked out thanks to help from board members. For the sake of your own curiosity, this project will tile worksheet windows (actually specific ranges from other worksheets and other workbooks), borderless, within a single userform and allow dragging and dropping between ranges that reside in different workbooks. That is all worked out as well. The only roadblock I am running into right now is that I cannot edit directly in the cell when the worksheet is displayed in the userform. Probably has something to do with placing a worksheet in a userform to begin with.

CTRL-R to show the form or run maco, "ShowForm". If you double click a cell and attempt to go into edit mode, it will appear to be locked up. It's not, just hit enter to escape the cell. The problem is the userform is a child window of the application. Hence, focus can pass to the parent window or another child (the formula bar in particular) which is exactly the behaviour expected. How do I get around this?

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Userform One Combobox Three Data Columns Select Required Column Based On Radio Button

Jun 10, 2013

I have a user form that has one combo box on it that right now references one column of data.

Now I am being asked to have three columns of data and the combo box to show one of the three when a certain criteria is met.

I believe it would be easiest to have an additional combox with a change event when the box is populated with "whatever" in the field

So S:3 to S:5 have A, B, C

And EC:1-EC:59, ED:1-ED:59, EE:1-EE:59 contain the data that should show when S:3, S:4, or S:5 is selected.

If S:3 is selected then the list in EC:1 - EC59 would show and so on.

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Edit/Update List From Userform (auto Alphabetized)

Nov 30, 2009

I have a sheet that creates a list of columns that may need to be updated or edited as necessary. Column A is a list of names that are alphabetized automaticaly from column D, so any change in column D would need to be reflected in column A. The attached sheet will (I hope) make things clearer.

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Edit UserForm Label Caption On Double Click

Feb 29, 2008

i've got a form that shows employee data in labels, and i'd like the user to be able to double click a label to change it (using a pop-up form). is it possible to get the pop-up to show after a double click instead of a single click?

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Jul 23, 2008

I have this:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
ActiveCell.Offset(rowOffset:=1, columnOffset:=0).Activate
End Sub

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Select Arbitary Range Of Data In Column

Mar 4, 2009

I wish to collect an arbitary range of data in a column. Hence I wish to identify were the data begins (for example C10) and where the data ends (for example C22), and then copy it and paste it at another sheet. How to do that with VBA-code?

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Select Variable Data Range For Graph

Jul 23, 2008

I need to select data from columns A, B and I for the graph. I have the below code but get an error message. Can anybody help ?

Set cellGR1 = Cells(2, 1)
Set cellGR2 = Cells(K, 2)
Set cellGR3 = Cells(2, 10)
Set cellGR4 = Cells(K, 10)

Charts.Add ....

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