Using A Single Cell For Data Entry

Jun 24, 2009

Basicaly what I am trying to accomplish is the use of a single cell to enter the values 1 thru 60, so starting at e2 for instance, if I enter the number 1 then cell f2 will populate with a 1, if I were to enter the number 18 then the cell w2 would populate with an 18. So the range of cells that need to populate in this example would be (f2:BM2) for row 2. Furthermore if I were to enter a -1 or a -18 in cell e2 then those numbers would be eliminated from the appropriate cells on row 2. The next 299 rows would need to perform the same way for a total of 300 user input rows.

The way that I'm imagining e2 would behave in the example would be...type a 1 then enter....18 then enter....31 then enter and so on. Columns f thru bm would locked and a tab should send me back to a3.

Reasoning.... this is a simple scoring system based on 60 codes and data integrity is very important and I want to eliminate as much human error as possible. I will be setting autofilters and such later on.

I am attaching a screencapture as well.

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Single Cell Entry To Multi Cell Entry

Jul 7, 2009

i have an address that is all in one cell displayed like

101 hampton Court, Hampton heath, Hampton Town, Hamptonshire, HA01 1AS

but i need to have it split in to individual cells so

Cell A1 would be 101 hampton court
B2 Hampton Heath
C2 Hampton Town
D3 Hamptonshire
E5 HA01 1AS

each part of the address is split by a comma, so i have tried to use that as a identifier as to where that part of the address is, but failed on that, i can separate out the first part and the post code with a find and replace but not the middle.

also i need it to work backwards ie

it finds the post code first,

then the county

then the town

as those 3 are always the last 3 parts, but the address could only have 1 line of addres beofre the town or 3, and it would get messed up as all the post codes, county ans town needs to be in their respective columns

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Single-Keystroke Data Entry

Dec 27, 2002

How to set up a sheet with single-keystroke data entry. I am writing a sheet to store golf scores. I need to be able to key in scores at a high rate of speed.

The allowed data are: 1, 2, 3, 4,5 6, 7, 8, 9. I want the operator to be able to press 3 (or Alt-3) and get:a) a 3 is typed into the cell.
b) the cursor moves to the right one cell.
Etc. for 1 thru 9.

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Cumulative Total With Single Data Entry

Aug 27, 2009

I would like to be able to enter a number in a single column, and then Excel adds this number to a total column each time it is updated.

This is for entering via a PDA, so I need a simple entry method, ie to enter a figure, and then keep a running total every time a new figure is entered. This would only use the one column and overwrite the number each time, rather than adding up individual columns.

The attachment shows the items listed in column A, column C3 - C10 would be where I would like the number of items entered, and as I go round, I would just update the last figure. I would like the figures from C3 - C10 to be added to the Total column D3 - D10 for each item.

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Single Cell Entry Limit

Jul 7, 2009

I am trying to limit the magitude of number entered into a single cell. For instance I want the highest number that can be entered into a cell to be 1500. How can I do this?

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Avoiding User From Inputting Duplicate Entry Into Single Cell In Excel

Dec 3, 2013

I have a worksheet in which i am asking a user to enter manually a number in cell E3. Suppose the user starts with 100, then the next time he is entering in E3 he shoudnt be able to enter 100 nor any number less than 100. I dont have a range for the numbers that the user is going to enter.Therefore countif function does not work. Is there any way that i an store the number taht the user enters first in cell E3 and then use that database to avoid the user from entering the same or a number lesser than that number.????

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Getting Entry In One Cell To Cause Entry In Another Based On Entry In 3rd

Mar 20, 2014

I have a percentage in R3.

If I make an entry in D13 then I want the R3 to be duplicated into C27 otherwise C27 should be 0.

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Locking A Cell After Data Entry

Nov 17, 2008

I want to lock cell after cell in a worksheet after data entry. Entering the data is what drives the locking of the cells. All cells with data are locked but those without are unlocked.

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Referencing Last Cell With Data Entry

Mar 31, 2007

I have a table where the first column contains the date and the second column contains number of calls answered on that day. I have all the dates from Jan 1, 2007 - Dec 31, 2007 listed in the first column. I would like to be able to show the last date where data was entered at the top on my page where I have my Year-to-date running total. I would like the date to be automatically updated to the last datewhere data is entered.

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Force Data Entry If Another Cell Contains Data

Aug 21, 2007

I've been searching but I can't find an answer that fits. Here's the closest I've come. Force Date Entry on Particular Condition. What I need is if A10 has any data in it then I want a box to pop up that instructs the user to input data into B10 they click OK and then enter the data. Once the user inputs data into B10 then the error should be cleared. If they don't enter data then the error should keep coming back.

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How To Auto Lock Cell After Data Entry

Jul 31, 2012

I am attaching the example where I need to lock H2 to H1000, note that sheet is locked "anixter12 and I have also given range to user for modification I simply want to lock cells in H once date is entered.

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Prevent Hyperlink On Cell Data Entry

Jun 22, 2009

Using 2003 - Is it possible to prevent cell data entry automatically creating a hyperlink for email/web url's. Using

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Creating An Entry By Extracting Data From A Cell

Jan 10, 2007

I have been sent a spreadsheet that i need to extract the first 4 characters of the data in column C and put that data into column D.

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How Do I Make One Master Cell For Data Entry

Feb 21, 2009

How do I setup one "master cell" to be used as the permanent entry point for dollar values of all entries performed as needed....and have that value be automatically added to the cell of the month reflecting the day the data was entered?

I am looking to keep track of purchases on a monthly basis. (e.g. I have 35 receipts for today...I just want to grab one at a time, enter the total for each receipt in one cell and have it add the value to which ever month's value based on the day I enter it.

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Force Data Entry In Cell In Order

Dec 30, 2007

I found the following code which works fine until I start to select multiple cells in cell B for deletion etc. At this point it throws up a run-time error 13 type mismatch, which will cause problems when other people start to use the spreadsheet.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column <> 2 Then Exit Sub
If Target.Offset(0, -1) = "" Then
Application.EnableEvents = False
Target = ""
Application.EnableEvents = True
MsgBox ("You must enter Atlas Part No. first")
End If
End Sub

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Multiple Data Validations With List And Cell Entry

Jul 2, 2013

I have a scenario where a cell has to be restricted based on the user input of another cell, also it should allow only Yes or No values.

ex:column A
column B

pending response

User should be allowed to enter a value in column B as "yes" or "No" only when column A has a value "Submitted"

I referred the thread to restrict entering the data [URL]...

However not able to add list as well.

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Cell Selection And Data Entry In Binary Matrix

Jul 4, 2013

I've set up a binary matrix, such that I have 421 unique headings repeated twice: once in each column and once in each row (i.e., in the matrix the headings for row 5 and column 5 will trace back to the same description in the column headings and in the row headings).

I need to fill in 1s (case satisfied) or 0s (not satisfied) in this 421X421 matrix. Where my problem lies is in finding the exact row-column cell combination in which I need to enter the 1s. Descriptions that belong to the same group or category will be marked by these 1s in the matrix. For example, if I have descriptions 5, 9, 13, and 17 belonging to the same group I need to enter a 1 in each possible combination of these numbers: {5,9} {5,13} {5,17} {9,13} {9,17} {13,17}. I need a quick formula that will compute all possible combinations for inputted descriptions AND will enter a 1 into the cells, which correspond to these combinations.

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Prohibit Data Entry Based On Adjacent Cell

Mar 14, 2013

I have the following formula in cell H2:


I would like to prohibit data entry in G2 if H2 reads "false" and allow data entry in G2 if H2 reads "true" .

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Copy Data Based On Cell Entry To Different Spreadsheet

Nov 10, 2008

i am trying to find a way to automatically copy information from a worksheet on my computer([list.xls]-List of accounts) to a worksheet on a shared folder([summary.xls]- accounts that have paid)

example:[list.xls]Sheet1!A:A has account numbers, C:C has account balance and D:D has notes on account.
If D:D is "paid", copy acc# to [\foldersummary.xls]Summary!A1, balance to B1 and notes to D1.

If D:D is "payment pending" do same as above but in row 2 and so on.

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Formula For Showing Data Depending On Cell Entry

May 18, 2007

I need a formula that displays the word "Day" or "Days" depending on cell entry i know the formlula =IF((B12)>0,"Day","") to show the word day but i want it to show "day" if a 1 is entered or "days" if any number over 1 is entered.

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Multiple Data In Single Cell Lookup In Another One Data

Nov 9, 2013

see sample file, i need a formula to do like B column,


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Using Data Validation To Limit Entry Of Number Of Characters In A Cell

Jan 24, 2014

When you want to use Data Validation to limit the entry of the number of characters to a cell does this apply only to the cell that you are entering the characters or can it also apply to a cell that contains a LEN(A1) formula, for instance? Also,does the Data Validation limitation function includes spaces as well? Will the message appear while you are entering the characters (when it has reached the limit) or will it wait until you have hit Enter?

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Efficient Entry Of Data & Automatically Have Their Price Show In Adjacent Cell

Aug 13, 2009

I own a Hair Salon which collates its daily takings using a spreadsheet. A section of this takings sheet asks staff to enter which Products have been sold and what they where sold for (RRP), so that once all products have been entered, totals at the end of the day allowing the end -of-day "till-up" process to reconcile purchases and services rendered aginst cash and cheques received.

Unfortunately there is over 600 products to choose from and this evergroes as new products are introduced by manufacturers. Names are long and often very similar, and product price manual listings are slow to reference, therefore the customer has to wait while the staff find the right product and select the right price.

All of this is subject to human error. What i would like is simply to enter part of the product name into a Cell and the right product to be visibly selectable and the price automatically added to an adjacent cell.

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Web Query Data Into One Single Cell

Dec 30, 2008

I tried to import web data from a textarea (look at example2.jpg) into excel and it always end up squeezing all the information into one single cell(spreadsheet.jpg).

I am trying to find a way to edit the imported data which is similiar to paste special or extract the information from the cell into a table, but I seem to waste a lot of time on this and going no where.

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Dec 23, 2006

123569LOC23 is in one cell and I am trying to copy the "LOC23" to a new cell. However, the amount of digits vary: LOC23, LOC1,LOC15 etc all the way down the column.

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Wrong Entry Into Data Validated Cell Triggers Debug On Change Event

Dec 14, 2011

I have a Change Event macro that works properly. I also have several cells that contain a drop down list. If a user tries to enter an incorrect entry...the debug is triggered on my even change macro.

Here's the piece of the Change macro that has issues. Specifically, the .undo line highlights.

With Application
.ScreenUpdating = False
.EnableEvents = False

Set SelectedCell = ActiveCell
myTitle = Cells(Range("Titles").Row, Target.Column).Value
myRow = Target.Row
.Undo: myBefore = Target.Value
.Undo: myAfter = Target.Value

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VBA If Range Value = Something AND Another Cell Has No Entry- Prompt The User To Enter Data- My Code Is Not Working

Apr 20, 2009

I am trying to display a message box for the user if there is "agency" in cell o8 but nothing in p8... I tried the following code but it doesnt work..

If Range("o8").Value = "Agency" And Range("p8").Value = "" Then

MsgBox "Please provide name of agency in cell p8"

Sheet9.Shapes("cross").Visible = True


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Collecting Data In Single Cell From 2-3 Cells

Mar 16, 2014

As per attached sheet, I have the date distributed in two three cell and want to transfer data to single cell. I don't know which formula has to use to collect it together.

need solution.xlsx‎

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Select Single Cell Data From Selection?

Mar 25, 2014

I'm looking to take some data from a selection of about 5 or 6 cells in a row, and use them for some formulas. I can only get as far as selecting the 5 cells.

If I have a row of 5 cells selected, how to I save each cell as a different variable? Does this make sense?

Cell 1 = number1
Cell 2 = number 2

I want to select them as a row to keep them all in one group. I don't know if this is correct or not.

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Using Formula To Separate Data In Single Cell?

Oct 15, 2012

formula to separate information in a single cell into multiple columns. I have hundreds of rows of data, so a formula to quickly separate the information into individual columns would be good. Below are a few lines of data.

ALMADEN STATION* 900 227 168 182 176
OAKRIDGE STATION* 900 276 332 362 349
OHLONE‐CHYNOWETH STATION* 900 469 480 522 504
ALUM ROCK STATION 901 947 925 1007 972
BAYPOINTE STATION 901 181 196 213 205
BONAVENTURA STATION 901 137 140 152 147
CAPITOL STATION 901 650 680 741 715
CURTNER STATION 901 569 571 621 600
ORCHARD STATION 901 87 94 91

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