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Adding Column With Description Based On Preset Codes

First it should Insert a Column to the left of A. Then it should go to column B and search for the number 99 and delete all rows after it. In column C I want it to do the following formula =vlookup(b2,descriptions!$b$2:$c$250,2,false) and have it copied all the way down to the end of data.

Next I need labels added to the tops of the rows
Next I need the description columns in C to be copied to column I
Finally, beginning at J2, I would like the formula (e2 * g2)/100 entered to the end of data. Attached is sample data.

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If Statement Limit Workarounds: Convert Various Codes From One Column Of Spreadsheet Into Different Codes In Another Column
I'm trying to convert various codes from one column of an excel spreadsheet into different codes in another column. I was able to accomplish this with "If" statements, however I'm only able to string together seven of these statements in one command. Is there a better way to add formulas for more than seven conversions? Below is a copy of what I've done so far with the seven converts:


I want to add about 15 more codes to convert within this formula but it's maxed out in the format I'm using.

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Adding In Extra Spaces For Post Codes
I have a table of postcodes and I need to import them into a bespoke application. The aaplication requires them to have extra spaces depending on the postcode i.e.

BS35 2JW - this is fine because it has the maximum amount of characters 8

BS1 2JW - I need to add 1 space

B1 2JW - I need to add 2 spaces

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Insert Columns Based On Tab Description
I have a macro that inserts a blank column for every sheet in the workbook. The problem i have is that i only want a limited number of columns inserted. I only want a column to be inserted if the sheet tab has the name "detail" in it. I have tried for hours to get this to work, but i keep getting errors. Here is the code i am using.

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Description Column In Pivot Table
I often use pivot tables to summarize accounting data. I wish to summarize the data by account number, but also wish to display the account description next to each account number. Both the account number and account description are separate columns in my original table of data.

I've always managed to do this by the use of lookup formulas after the formation of the pivot table in a column outside the pivot table, but it would be preferable to have those descriptions as part of the table.

If I designate both the account number and account description as row labels, they land on two different lines.

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Message To Appear Prior To Printing Based On The Description Choosen
I have a list of products that I want a message to appear prior to printing based on the description choosen.

Product descriptions are choosen in D25:D34 via a drop down.

My wild cards are SWING GATE and DOUBLE SWING GATE, I want to use wild cards because of the many different sizes of each gate.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
If Range("B" & Target.Row) = "swing gate" Or Range("B" & Target.Row) = "double swing gate" Then_
MsgBox (Range("F5").Value) & ", Please include chain and locks with order", vbOKOnly, "Chain and Locks"
End If
End Sub

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Segregate Data Based On The The First String Of Each Security Description
a macro that will segreate data based on the the first string of each security description under the heading Security description and then sum the total on a separate row in the total column.

Starting row hearder in sheet "Raw_Data" start in row 6 and i would require the same in sheet "Result

Sheet "Raw_Data ...

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Tally Report Of X: Count On Column B (project $) Depending On The Criteria On Column A (project Description)
I need to write a couple of functions. Firstly I want to do a count on column B (project $) depending on the criteria on column A (project description). For example a total count of all values in col B if project description is "P" or "A". [I can do sumif functions but this is a countif and I cannot get this right].

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Add Numbers Based On Duplicate Codes Only
I got some functions from some of you to spot duplicate bar codes

the first function was this =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(D5;$D6:D$65536;0));"";D5)
the second next to it this =COUNTIF($D:$D;$D5)
and the third: =IF(COUNTIF(D:D;D5)>1;"DUPLICATE";"")

well fine but now I dlike to add the numbers of the 2 cells of those duplicate codes. In some cases I have more than 2 identical bar codes.




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Zip Codes To Be Pushed To The Next Column
City, state 29785
city, state 29767
city, state 29719

I need the zip codes to be pushed to the next column, to column 'D' to be exact. I already tried using the "text to columns" function. I selected "delimited" file type and used "2". it pushed the data to the next column everytime there was a 2. The problem is, there are 2's in the middle of the zip code sometimes. Also, it gets rid of all the 2's. Also, I can't use the "fixed width" option because there are some city/states that have more letters in them obviously, so the column is not a perfect width.

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Display Data Based On Key Codes Entered?
I am trying to do in the title so here it goes. I want a user to be able (on form 1) to enter a list of codes that refer to specific requirements (e.g. code PB114 may mean the user needs to perform a pressure test) and then excel will automatically display the requirement somewhere below. It is going to be somewhat of a database. In otherwords lets say in cell A1 you type in a code, e.g. PB114. In a range of merged cells or somewhere below that cell I want the information "Perform a pressure test" to appear.

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Plotting Surrounding Zip Codes Based On Longitude & Latitudes
Having the Zip Code Tabulation Module from the US Census Bureau, I have the following and much more. But based on the 3 items :
5-digit Zip Code, Longitude, Latitude.

I'm wanting to Select a Zip Code and have (let's say) several Zip Codes plotted (maybe 4 - 10) out from the center point of the map.
either with, or without a connecting straight line .

And possibly a Scalable Miliage indicator |---- 10 Miles ----| which would be based on the distance.

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Find Numeric Codes In A Column And Replace In Vba
I am using the following vba code to find numeric codes in a column and replace them with the same code along with descriptive text:

Selection.Replace What:="11", Replacement:="11 - GSA"
Selection.Replace What:="10", Replacement:="10 - NYS OGS"
Selection.Replace What:="1", Replacement:=" 1 - Dist Sale"
Selection.Replace What:="2", Replacement:=" 2 - Direct Sale"
Selection.Replace What:="3", Replacement:=" 3 - No Sale: Warranty Exchange"
The problem as you might already see is that when the replacement of "1" happens, Excel will replace the 1 in the 10 and 11. Of course I want to only replace the number 1. Is there a better way to code this operation?

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Find The Part Codes Having Some Indication And Arrange Them In A New Column
My question is how many parts havinig end with C?Also arrange these parts in ascending order in a new column. Refer to the attached file and expected result also.

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To Sum Cells Until Preset Value Is Reached
I have a spreadsheet with time values incremented in column A.

In column K, there are numerical values that correspond to the time in column A.

Elsewhere, a specific time is chosen from which to begin the summing of the values in column K.

I need to be able to sum the values in column K until preset values are reached. Then I need to know at which corresponding time value the summing loop stops.

For example, a time of 11:00 AM is chosen as the "start time". I want to sum the values in column K until they are >= 2.000.

At that point, I need to know what the cell value was in colum A that is in the same row as the last cell value in column K.

I can't seem to do it with simple Excel functions without falling into a self referencing loop. So what I need is for a VBA loop to lookup the appropriate values in column K, sum the values, check the total, and continue the loop until the preset total is reached. Then look up the value in column A in the last row of summed values, and return that value.

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Preset Tab Locations In Workbook
i have a User form that i'd like to add preset tabs command locations to.

For example,

on open i'd like the active cell to be on cell M3. and as the user presses the tab button jump to the following cells locations:


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Dividing To Get A Result Of Whole Numbers Preset
Does anybody know the code or the formula to divide a number generated by a formula. Id like to divide this number by 2 different set numbers. Meaning if my number comes out ot 19, id like to divide this by 5.5 and if it's not a whole number which this isn't (it's 3.45), i'd like to round this number to a whole number and add 2.5. My end answer would be 3 5.5 and 1 2.5.

Windows XP
Excel 2003

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How To Extract Data With A Preset Time
I have a big group of test data each has a list of record of the format (time, parameter). But they have different time step, ie. the records have different number of data set in the same duration. I would like to make them the same, so I need to extract data from the records. For example, I have a list of the original record (in column A & B) as follows: ..

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When A Drop Down Option Is Selected, Can It Show A Preset Value In Another Cell
If I have a dropdown with

A (value 1)
B (value 2)
C (value 3)
D (value 4)

and a person selects one of those letters in the dropdown in column 1, I would like column 2 to show the number value associated with it

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Adding Column Minus Rows That Have Data In Another Column
I want a cell on one spreadsheet (SP-A) to add up a column (M) in another spreadsheet (SP-B) rows 11 through 10000.

Here's the thing, I want that cell to actually display not the sum that it gets but that sum minus all numbers (in M column again) which column E is filled out with any data for their given row...

i'm not even sure if this makes sense lol... let me use example

on SP-B there's a column M.
in row 11, value = 3
in row 12, value = 5, in this same row column E is filled with whatever
in row 13, value = 2, in this same row column E is filled with whatever
in row 14, value = 6

in my SP-A I need the cell to display 9, since rows 12 and 13 have values in E and I don't want to add those to the sum.

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Add ‘country Name’ Column To Worksheet From A List Of Country Codes.
I've got a worksheet with five columns of data. One of the columns contains country codes. I have a list of countries that the codes relate to. I would like a new column in the worksheet that contains the country name. I'm not sure if this is possible, but it seem that most things are with VBA! The countries and their codes are on 'Sheet2' I relalise I might have to do some boring re-ordering of the data on 'Sheet2'

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Adding A Payment Based On 2 Values
i have myself a table on the left is all the members names and along the top are 12 dates (1/1/07, 1/2/07 etc).

In another sheet i have a drop down box for the name of the person and a dropdown box to select a date and then a space to enter the amount paid so i need a macro that will find the name and date i selected from one sheet and take the amount paid into the other sheet and insert the amount in the correct place.

If it is unclear what i mean i will post screenshots tomorrow.

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Macro To Preset Field With Text If Condition In Another Field Is True
I have a macro that imports a report. If the Charge Type in column A is BTOREPLX, I need to prefill the field next to it in column B with the text "REPLX", e.g. "REPLXCDROM". I've attached an example of the report.

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Automatically Adding Days Based Off Month
I am trying to automatically add the last day of the month based off of the month

for example

a1 = beginning date
a2 = end date

a1 will always be the 1st day of a given month

then based off a1, know the last day,(i.e.... october 1, then put 10-31-08 into a2, or november 1, then put 11-30-08......)

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VBA For Adding Borders To A Range Based On Condition?
I have a spread sheet I use to track tools. One tool may be checked out / returned several times a week. When I do custom sorting I end up with the Tools listed neatly by date and number. EX: ...

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Adding Cells Based On Conditional Formatting
I am using conditional formatting to make cell background's go red if the data satisfys some criteria

Now I want to add the values in those red cells, can anyone make a suggestion as to how I can do this.

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Adding Non-sequential Cells Based On Conditions
I'm trying to write a formula where I can add the values found in non-sequential cells in a row based on if the value in the previous cell in the same row meets certain criteria.

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Adding Cells Based Off A Set Numeric Value From Another Cell
I have an excel 2008 sheet and want to add cells in an odd way. Here is the best way I can describe it.

I want a formula to add cells based off a number value in another cell.

So it would be something like

IF M3= 1 add C5 to SUM ; If not then go to next step
IF M3= 2 add F5 to SUM ; If not then go to next step
IF M3= 3 add I5 to SUM ; If not then go to next step

IF N3= 1 add C5 to SUM ; If not then go to next step
IF N3= 2 add F5 to SUM ; If not then go to next step
IF N3= 3 add I5 to SUM ; If not then go to next step....................

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Adding Ever Extending Data Based On Conditions
I work in Local Government and I am recording the contact that we receive for each transaction that are avoidable or unavoidable. This is broken down into service areas.

The data is imported into excel from a database and therefore is constantly growing.

What I want to do it a very basic summary page so that I can group those that are and those that aren't avoidable for each service.

Because the data is ever expanding I would like this on a separate sheet from the actual data.

I attach a sample of the worksheet and would be grateful if someone could advise what formula to use on sheet 2 in cells c4, c5, d4 and d5 to make it do it automatically.

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Adding Worksheets Based On Cell Criteria
I would like one column (column A) to be an "indentifier" column. Column B is the customer name, column C is the customer city and state, column D is the customer phone number, and column E is the customer email.

By calling column A an "identifier" column, what I mean is that I would like to be able to go down the list and put an "x" next to each customer I would like to include in that particular workbook. I would then like to be able to run a macro which would take each of the customers with an "x" in the column A, create a copy of the template comfirmation call sheet, and fill in the identifying information from columns B through E into the copied template. Each worksheet would also need to be renamed the same as the customer name. It would need to perform this same procedure for each row that has an "x," making sure that all worksheets (confirmation call sheets) are grouped into one new workbook.

Sheet 1 is called "main"
Sheet 1 contains 5 columns
A = Blank
B = Customer Name
C = Customer City and State
D = Customer Phone
E = Customer email

Sheet 2 is called "template"

"x"'s are placed into "main" sheet, column A to identify which customer will be affected by macro...................

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Adding A Function On A Column
I have a column which has either EDC or EDT in it, can I add a function to this column which says 'if EDC then output Eau De Toilette' and then Eau De Toilette get's ouputted into a seperate column? Is this kind of thing even possible in Excel?

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Adding A Column Of Formulas
How do I add a column of cells with formulas without getting #DIV/O! for the total?

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ADDING A ROW Till Certain Column Only
Can I have a macro code to insert a row from column A:K.

I have data in column L to IV which I want to stay as it is. i.e. for example when a row is inserted from A:K, that row should not extend beyond Column K.

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Adding A Column That Contains Some #N/A Values
How do i go about adding cells when some have the #n/a error?

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Adding Two Rows Together If They Have The Same Value In Column A
I've got an excel sheet which has names in column A followed by 5 numerical values in columns B-F. I'd like to get a macro that will compare the values in Column A and if they match, add the B values, the C values, the D values, the E values, and the F values and delete one row - effectively combining the row. What's the best way to go about this? Also the sheet is already in ascending alphabetical order by Column A, so the rows that need adding will be next to each other. So I guess compare each A value with the one below it and if they match add the rows, but how?

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Adding Column Values.
This is a simple one, for someone who is smarter than I. I need to add a column but omit the rows that are blank or has a zero value in either row C or D. In other words I want to add every row in column C if there is a value in row C&D of that item. Attached is a small example.

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Adding A Column Of Times
I have several columns of times in the HH:MM.SS format. I need a sum at the bottom of each column.

If I put a Sum or a Cell+Cell formula in, it gives me the #value error. I've tried a few different things but can't get it to work.

Could someone be so kind as to tell me the formula or point me to the instructions for this?

(The data reflects times spent on certain tasks for each day, and I need a sum at the end of each column giving me a total amount of time spent on that task for the month.)

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Adding Data By Row Based On Typing In Cell Contained In Row
I've built (but not completed) a spreadsheet used to organize multiple Bill of Material lists. This list is a row-by row list of products with information relating to a specific part number including: Mfg, Part#, Qty Used, Cost Ea, Vendor, among many more.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish first. As this list grows, my intension is the be able to recall a row of data (or control what columns of the row are recalled) from this list and be able to easily add them to the list. I would like to be able to do this by typing in data in one cell in the row (like the Part#), and then have a macro or VB code that will automatically fill in a defined number of columns with the descriptive data like: Mfg, Cost Ea, Vendor, etc.

Currently, the data for the rows (if it already exists) would reside higher up in the list on the same worksheet but could also potentially be on another tab in the workbook.

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Deleting And Adding Rows Based On Date Criteria
ColumnA in my data base contains dates. How can I delete the entire row if the date is before today's date and add a new date at the end of the range to replace the deleted row.

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Adding Cells Based On Shade / Text Colour
I have a spreadsheet where I am adding up figures in columns.

I need to differentiate between 4 different "types" of cells to sum.
Cells with figures in them are either green, red or have no fill; and some cells contain no figures at all.

At the bottom of the column, I need to total up all the figures in red cells, as well as all the figures in green cells.

The shading of these cells is not permanent - colours are changed as work progresses, so I need the totals to keep up with this.

If it cannot be done based on cell fill colour, is there any other way to do it, other than the usual long-winded way of @sum(..... etc

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Adding A Digit Into Column Of 2 Sheets
i am working in office. my boss has given me 68 work sheets to analyze. i have completed all the task except one. i want to add a capital D to the left of numbers into column B of 68 worksheets. excel sheet is attached. it is only sample. i have more than 6000 record in each work sheet. but how can i do this in only one click.

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Adding Numbers In A Column Results In Zero
When I type in a cell [say cell F1] "=sum(A2:A8)" I get a "0" as the result.
Yes, there are numbers in A2 through A8 which add to 12. Anyone know why the
formula doesn't work? This happens on some sheets in my workbook, but not all

Also, another wierd thing: on some cells doing the above reults in the
formula showing as text in the cell.

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Adding Text To End Of All Cells In Column
I have about 5000 rows of data and I need to add the same letters (.jpg) the the end of all the data in a column.

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Pull Down Option Description
I have created a pull down menu but cannot figure out how to add descriptions with them. The items in the pull down menu are codes instaed of making people look up their definition in a printed out table,I am hoping to figure out how to make it so that as people scroll through the pull down menu a corresponding definition for the "code" listed appears.

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Lookup In A Description (color)
I have a column with a description that includes color in the description, I want to sort by color with breaking up the description, is there a formula that will look at the description such as "Am Cannoe black tecan" and in the cel next to it come back with "black". Then I would be able to sort by color column, otherwise I would have to text to column and break up the description, etc,,, ect....

So column a1 has the description, I want a formula that will put in column b1 "black" I have 3 colors, so I can do one at a time or add to same formula.....

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Sum Turnover Where Name Is PART Of The Description
I am looking for a way to use the sum.if formula, combined with the find.spec (I am not sure if this is the correct formule, at the moment I only have the Dutch Excel version, it is meant to find a word as part of a cell)

The part I am struggling with is how to find the correct cells to "sum" when the criterium is part of the cell contents. e.g. Paul is the description in am looking for in "Paul is riding his bike" If so, then add the turnover to Paul. I have made a demo to clarify what I mean.

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Split Description Into 3 Columns
I need help to split text (shown below) into 3 columns, now all text is in one cell.



I have over 30,000 rows of data which contains different number of spaces within a cell. Please see attached file.

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Find First/Last Value In Row & Return Corresponding Description Above/Below
I'm trying to find

1) the last and

2) first values in a time series of data in which the the data points are scattered all over the place

AND I'd also like to

3) get the corresponding year ( Heading name) for both the

3.1) last and the

3.2) first data point

I've found solutions for all but 3.2. Thus the question remains:

How could I lookup the heading description for the first value on a row?


row #; lookup; year1; year2; year3; year4;
1; year3; ; ; 23; ;
2; year2; ; 21; ; 53;
3; year1; 12; ; 45; 2;

In case it helps anyone looking for same information or providing help to solve my problem 3.2 the other solutions I've found are:

1) lookup last value in row

i) Find Last Number In Row & Return Heading
... also an additional VB solution

ii) Find Last Number In Row & Return Heading
... page also includes solution for 2), below

iii) Find Last Number In Row & Return Heading
... 2 VB solutions

2) Lookup first value in row
Find Last Number In Row & Return Heading

... page also includes solution for 1), above


3) Lookup heading of last populated cell in row
Find Last Number In Row & Return Heading


4) Could I e.g. modify the above to lookup the year of first value?

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Adding Multiple Row Contents Based On The Content Of A Single Cell
Been trying to work this one out and have ended up banging my head against the wall.

Basically I have a spreadsheet, in the first column is the person's name, in the secon which team they are in and following this a cell for each day of the month with their availability.

The team name is a selection from a list, the availability is 1-6 (different levels of availability)

I'm trying to do subtotals at the bottom for each separate team, so the very last row each of the cells for each is added up:

Name Team 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th etc.
Mr X ___1st___1______2__1
Mr Y ___2nd_______2________5__5__5
Mr Z ___1st___1____________3__3__3

Total 1st: 2 2 1 3 3 3
Total 2nd: 2 5 5 5

So basically the formula in the last row goes along the lines of:

Add each cell in the column IF the team name = 1st

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Adding Column Head As Items To Combobox
How do I add the column heads (e.g. A1, B1, C1....) as items to a combobox or listbox if they are not empty?

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