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Auto-Populating Calendar

I am looking for an excel calendar that will auto-populate content into it based on a spreadsheet that I fill in.

Maybe I would just need the formula that would be inserted into each calendar day? I'm not sure how you would set this up, but I'm open to suggestions!

I have attached the .xls file for your reference.

For example: The comment "Client 1 - KOM" would populate in a blank calendar in excel on the date 3/23/2009.

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Cell Auto Populating
I need column B to self populate cells with "1" if a specific range of room numbers are entered in column A. Is this possible?

Column A, room numbers from all over hospital.

Column B auto populate "1" if rooms ranging from M570 to M590 in Column A

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Auto Populating A Text Box
i have a form that in excel using the Active X Controls thanks from the help on this board the form is working a great and praised by peers for the simplicity and design.

Anyway i would now like to add some code that will auto populate certain text boxes with information held on the PC?

The information is held on the PC so info like Environ$("USERNAME") etc.... what i would like is when the user opens the form these fields are populated with this information..

I have had a go but still cannot get it to work... Here is my attempt

Private Sub staffno_Change()
staffno.Text = Environ$("USERNAME") 'Users Staff ID
End Sub

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Auto Populating A Field In A Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of sales that I make in ebay. The spreadsheet has the following columns: Name, Product, Prod Cost, Shipping Cost, Payment Received, Total. I have made a list way off the the right of the spreadsheet with all the products that I sell, so in the "Product" column I can use a pulldown menu and choose the item from the list. However, I was wondering if I could create it in such a way that when I chose the item from the list, it would automatically put the cost in the "Product Cost" field. Is this possible?

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Auto Populating Cells From A Date Range
Basically i am trying to auto populate cells using two dates as the parameters, set up is

A1 - Start Date
B1 - Finish Date
C1 - Jan 07
D1 - Feb 07
E1 - Mar 07....and this carries on across till the end of the year.

What i am wanting excel to do is to be able to put in a start date and finish date in to the relevant cells.....this then populates a fixed figure across in to the correct month.

start date 05/07/07
finish date 17/10/07

This then puts in the figure 0.2 in to each cell that correspond with each month....July 07/Aug 07/Sep 07/Oct 07.

So in effect it is giving a gantt chart but with data in it.

One more thing....the start and finish dates could well be out of the range.....

so start could be 07/08/06 and end could be 18/04/07 which would mean that all of the fields would need populating.

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Populating A Cell With A Calendar Month Based On The Previous Date In Another Cell.
Trying to word this right. I have one cell with a date of 01/01/2010. I have other cells that I want to be equal to this cell plus 1 or more months.

For example A1=01/01/2010

I want A2 to = 02/01/2010 based on one calendar month entered into A1. So if A1 changes 03/01/2010, A2 will = 04/01/2010.

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Auto-populating Starting Times From 1 Format To The Other -VBA Required
If you look at schedule.jpg you will see a how our work schedules are formatted.

Then if you look at schedule2.jpg, you will see what I wish to convert it to.

Now I'm looking for a way to search by the name of our employee (2 seperate sheets) and then by the time which corresponds to the first "1" in the chart under that name and the last "1" in the chart under that name.

So once I fill out our schedule.jpg, it will auto-populate the times on schedule2.jpg.

Is this even possible?

If necessary, I will be able to put both schedule and schedule 2 on one sheet.

On schedule.jpg time starts at 7:00 - Column C
and ends at 8:00 - Column AC

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Auto Populating Columns In One Sheet From Another Based On Criteria
I've been trying for some time now to figure out how to have one sheet automatically fill in another based on a larger data sheet. I'm trying to find a way to take a monthly calendar which contains a row for each employee and column for each day and use that to create smaller lists on another sheet. Basically if someone puts in for a day off, or has a medical appointment etc, that person has a coded single letter for that day for tracking and planning purposes. I want to have a second sheet that references those codes and makes individual lists (the following people are on vacation, these people have a medical appointment etc.)

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Auto Creating A Calendar Based On A Date In A Cell.
I am playing around with creating a calendar based on a date (month) I enter into a cell. I am doing this with a simple =date+1.

I have a sample attached. Only problem I am having is that for months with 30 days I don't want the last day to show the first of the next month. But I can't simply remove that as if I entered a month with 31 days I would need it to show the 31st.

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Calendar Control 11: Selected On The Calendar Is Greater Than 12 The Date Is Entered Correctly Onto The Sheet
I have a program where I can update the calibration due date of an item. I have attached a cut down version of my program showing the relevant areas. There is usually password protection on the worksheet so it can only be edited via the form (the vba coding removes the password protection before editing, then re-enables the password protection after editing). The "Update Calibration" button is usually on a "Menu" sheet.

Once the form is opened a serial number is typed in the textbox. The calendar button is then clicked, which brings up another form with the calendar on. The due date is selected on the calendar. When "OK" is clicked, the date label caption is then changed to the selected calendar date. When "Submit" is clicked, the spreadsheet will search for the Serial Number, once found, the label caption (being the date selected) will be entered into the cell to the right of the serial.

If the day selected on the calendar is greater than 12 the date is entered correctly onto the sheet. example: calendar date selected = 15/01/2010. shown on sheet as 15/01/2010. However, if the day selected on the calendar is 12 or less, the date is for some reason entered incorrectly onto the sheet. example: calendar date selected = 08/12/2010. shown on sheet as 12/08/2010???? What is going on here? how come the day and month are swapped around if the day is less than 12????

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Excel 2007 Calendar Control - Select Date From Calendar In A Field
Using Excel 2007 Calendar Control:

I want to select a date of choice from a calendar in a field within an Excel spreadsheet.

I do not know how to do userforms and so that is why I wonder if I can add this in just a spreadsheet.

This is how far I have gotten so far: After doing the following, I have a static calendar setting in my spreadsheet like a text box showing the current date.

More Controls
Calendar Control 12.0

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Phil Johnson's Calendar - Pop Up Calendar Without ActiveX
I am using a great pop up calendar without ActiveX made by a guy called Phil Johnson. When you click a specified cell the calendar appears. The only problem is that the calendar doesn't default to today's date when it opens.

I have the original file Calendar source code if anyone needs it.

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Air Force Mission Tracker-Auto Counting & Auto Copying
Making a mission tracker that requires less upkeep than my units previous methods. I am using Excel 2007 and have some things in mind that I would like it to do.
On the down side, I have only basic experience with excel and have never used macros or VBA.
Even if what I am after could be solved with functions (which I prefer), I simply do not quite know how to make what I want without assistance. Ok, now on to the description.

The mission tracker aside from showing a list of the missions we have done during our program, it needs to also generate metrics automatically. In my worksheet, I am using columns A-G and rows 1-501.

The mission scheduling type in Column E are listed below. The letters on the left are what I am using in the sheet, the part to the right is what it really means:

Column D has the day of the week listed as: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun.

now the metrics I need to be generated are the number of different types of each mission compared, how many of each type of mission was flown per day of the week, how many of each type of mission was flown per month.

Basically what I need is a way to automatically count the number of rows that meet a specific criteria throughout the range. This would require being able to check the value/text of multiple cells at a time and count the number of rows that meet that criteria.

[SOLVED] 1. The first part would be to have the worksheet be able to count the number of each type of the 9 mission scheduling codes throughout the range. I would be storing the count in new cells that would then be connected to pie charts.

[SOLVED] 2. The second part would be to count the number of each type of mission that was flown per day of the week. That would require searching both mission type and day of the week. All I would need is a working formula for 1 set, then I could switch mission codes and weekdays to match all the 63 possible outcomes.

3. Knowing the number of each type of mission flown per month. This would be checking the date and the mission type. The trickier part that comes up in my mind is that our programs span multiple calendar years, so it would have to track it by month and year, that way there is a difference between Jan 2009 and Jan 2010. The counted numbers would be used to make histograms. It would be nice if the chart titles could be automatic based on the dates inputed in the mission tracker. If I needed to choose a maximum time length for it to cover, I would pick 3 years.

4. I would like to figure out how to make an inputted line of data on the main tracker sheet to create a copy in the corresponding worksheets based on schedule type, that way a person could look at/print a specific type without having to sort the main list.

The actual goal is to make it where a person can enter the 1 line of data per mission (cells A-G) and the mission metrics update automatically after each mission is inputed allowing upper level supervision to have current information quickly whenever it is needed. Currently we need about a weeks lead time to get the information asked for on our current progress.

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Auto Complete And Auto Delete With Data Validation
Within a data validation selection, are you able to do both Auto Complete and Auto Delete? I have this posted at another forum [url]but have not been able to find a solution (a copy of the file, test. zip is there as well). I am not sure it is possible, or, at least I have been unable to get it working. I can do each, but not both.

I have also been utilizing:



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ComboBox Not Populating
I have a combobox that is not populating correctly. The design of it uses an existing list (which changes every month) to populate the contents of the combobox. I want the user to be able to select a location from the list if it is already on the worksheet, rather than having to key in the location name for every single record. This Sub worked just fine and dandy for me until I deployed the workbook to the end user. Then this particular combobox decided not to work.

I have been over this code many, many times and I am almost positive that it's just a matter of my not being able to see the obvious. Perhaps another set of eyes looking at the code will be able to see what I can not.

Sub get_Locations()
Dim allCells As Range, Cell As Range
Dim noDupes As New Collection

' get the first from last row #--the last row is a row of record counts and sums.
endRange = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count - 1

ComboBox1.Clear ' This will clear the combobox.
If endRange 65536 Then ' If the row number is not the end of the worksheet, _
there must be something already on the worksheet, so build the list.
On Error Resume Next
' Get unique values in range by checking each cell in range.
For Each Cell In Range("D12:D" & endRange)
noDupes.Add Cell.Value, CStr(Cell.Value)
Next Cell
On Error GoTo 0

' Sort the collection alphabetically within the combobox
For i = 1 To noDupes.Count - 1
For j = i + 1 To noDupes.Count
If noDupes(i) > noDupes(j) Then
Swap1 = noDupes(i)
Swap2 = noDupes(j)
noDupes.Add Swap1, before:=j
noDupes.Add Swap2, before:=i
noDupes.Remove i + 1
noDupes.Remove j + 1
End If
Next j
Next i

' Add items to combobox in their new alphabetical order.
itemIndex = 0
For Each Item In noDupes
UserForm2.ComboBox1.AddItem Item, itemIndex
itemIndex = itemIndex + 1
Next Item
Else ' otherwise there's no list to populate and the default row is 12
endRange = 12
End If
End Sub

And just for the record, all object references (cell ranges, comboBox, etc.) are valid and correctly named, so I know it's not there. I also recognize that I have overspecified things by using "UserForm2", but I have done that in the hopes of finding the problem. And the code does execute at the proper times, populating "noDupes" correctly. The problem seems to occur near the end, in the block where noDupes is added to ComboBox1.

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Populating A Listbox
I have a spreadsheet that continuously is having data input in columns A-F. I want to have a listbox automatically populate each time the worksheet is opened. I would like to have a macro that will search for all rows that have data in columns A-F that DO NOT have data in column L. I would like the macro to populate a listbox when the worksheet is opened with the data from columns A-F of all rows that meet the previously stated criteria.

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Populating Lists
I have 16 seperate titles and a different figure for each title.

However, these 16 titles are repeated hundreds of times, in different orders, down a column. I need to populate the list with the numbers that belong to each title.

I don't have v look up on my computer. I am useless at excel.

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Populating A Combo Box
I have a combo box in a report that currently updates using this code.

Sub popcombo_Initialize()

With Sheet1.ComboBox1

.AddItem "Budget Card"
.AddItem "Car Insurance"
.AddItem "Charge Card"
.AddItem "Credit Card"
.AddItem "FRS"
.AddItem "Home Insurance"
.AddItem "ISA"
.AddItem "Life"
.AddItem "Other"
.AddItem "Pension"
.AddItem "PEP"
.AddItem "Personal Loan"
.AddItem "Personal Reserve"
.AddItem "Pet Insurance"
.AddItem "Savings Protection Plan"
.AddItem "Travel Insurance"
.AddItem "Travel Money"
.AddItem "Unit Trust"
.AddItem "Wedding Insurance"

End With

End Sub

But some items on this list are missing from month to month and don't need to be included for selection so I need a more advanced version of this that populates from a list in data.

Is there a way for it to look at a column in a data range containing month, then look at the column containing Product and take a definitive list of all products that match a certain month?? So Credit card might be mentioned 300 times for the month of september but it appears only once in the combobox?

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Listbox Not Populating
The students are not being populated on Listbox3 when I select an item in Listbox2. Only the first selection appears and not the others. Thank you in advance. Attached is the image file and the excel file itself.

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Populating Combobox
I have a spreadsheet with loads of different columns on it, I am using a userform to control the spreadsheet. I have one form that allows me to add data to the spreadsheet and another that allows me to search it.

If one of my colums was a list of "counties" what I want to do is to have a combo box that displays all the counties listed so I can pick a specific one and and search it.

This I can do, the problem arises if a new county is added to the spreadsheet it will not be displayed in the combobox because I am using the additem "....." function to populate the box.

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Re-populating Hyperlinks That Have Been Cleared
I have a worksheet that I have removed a good number of hyperlinks, using the remove hyperlink function. My problem is that every so often, the hyperlinks are back on the sheet, without seeing any wording for the hyperlink.

Some place, a long time ago, I saw that there was something in the program that either stopped this from happening or turned the function off or a way of restoring removed hyperlinks. Today, I can't find it.

If I run my cursor over the spreadsheet, even over blank cells, I will get the evil finger of fate (so to speak) indicating that there is a hyperlink in that cell and yes, there is. If I click the cell, the site will be activated.

How do I keep these removed hyperlinks from returning.

I've also noticed that at anytime, while working on the sheet, everything flickers just as if the links are being re-populated. After a second or two the flickering stops and yes, the links are back.

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Populating Responsive Dropdowns WITHOUT VBA
Biz develop an xls tab that will have dropdowns.
Essentially, one dropdown will filter another dropdown... etc...
Would also want a DISTINCT list for all dropdowns...

I've used the DropDown's from the CONTROL toolbar and although it seems easy enough to supply a datasource, not sure how filter/distinct might work.

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Populating One Table With Data From Another In Different Tab
I am trying to link one table 1 with another table 2, and these are in different tabs.

In first table (1) I have to do some calculations, and in the second table (2) I have contacts (name, fax and contact name).

So I want from first table once I write the name of Trade (which I did with data validation to pick only the trades that are in table 2 from A1 to A50) to populate table 1 - columns B with Contact Name and Column C with Fax # and all these data should come from table 2.

I tried with Vlookup but the problem is that I can fill only column B and I need to fill column B and C in the same time?

Is this possible in Excel or the only way is to go to MS Access?

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Populating From One Sheet To Another, By Date
I am trying to total up by a Range of Dates some information from one page to another through VBA. I am having a tough time with this one, I can't seem to get the correct information over to the other page.

I have successfully been able to transfer the data via a series of SUMIF statements, but it really is very inefficient and takes a while when the data repopulated by another program. So I am trying to do it via VBA.

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Populating UserForm With Arrays
I want to populate a drop down with items in an array (aMasterList) which contains a list of arrays (aList1, aList2, etc.). When I select an item from the drop down, I want to populate a List Box on the same form as the drop down with items contained in the corresponding named array. Here’s what I have:


Sub PopulateForm()

Dim aMasterList(), aList1(), aList2(), aList3()

‘Load into DropDown1
aMasterList = Array("aList1", "aList2", "aList3")

‘User selects from drop down and the below items populate ListBox1
aList1 = Array("Green", "Blue", "Yellow")
aList2 = Array("Apple", "Pear", "Grape")
aList3 = Array("Flowers", "Trees", "Bushes")

End Sub

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Creating A Folder And Populating It
I am using a excel 97 and have a macro that generated hundreds of work books on a single run. Due to the extensive number of work books, i would like to save all of this into a single folder. I able to create a folder on my macro by using the "MKDIR" command, however I can not seem to save any of my workbooks on that newly created folder, do i have to release that folder first. I get a message saying "Miscrosoft Office Excel cannot access the file (Folder).

The command i am using to save the files:
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Output_Name, _

The Output_Name contains the full path including the new folder name and the workbook name. What do you think i am doing wrong or not doing at all?

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Populating A Range Of Cells
I am attaching an example sheet with this. I am trying to populate a range of cells in sheet1(from sheet2) based on value in cell A1 on sheet1. VLOOKUP brings only one cell value, I need to bring in a range of cell values in different cells on sheet1.

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Populating Cell With A Letter
I have a colum with 350 cells in use, each of these cells contain a 3 digit number. Without having to go into each cell and type is there a way i can put the Letter
"R" infront of each of the 3 digit numbers?

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Populating A Cell From Different Lines
I am trying to make sheet that will give me averages from different groups within a worksheet. In E64 I would like to have the total that is in I4 unless there is a total in I24 or I44. When I made the worksheet, it figures everything great but when I remove the data on following weeks it messes up the averages.

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Populating A Combobox Manually
I'm sure there is an extremely simple answer to this question, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I am adding a combobox to a userform using the controls toolbox. How can I populate the combobox without a macro?

I do not want to add extra code to the UserForm_Initialize() event because this would just add clutter (I have seen numerous examples using .AddItem)

I would like to just change the combobox by hand.

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Combobox - Populating From Another Sheet
I am trying to populate a combobox located in sheet1 with data from sheet2.

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Populating Array From Listbox
I am in the process of trying to load an array from items in a list box. The variable "sProd" is the value from the listbox and I want to populate the value in the array with the listbox value so ultimately I can generate SQL on the fly. Lets say 3 values are in the listbox and my array is loaded, I would then trnaspose the array a create a SQL statement like:


With Me.lstExclude
For i = 0 To .ListCount - 1
sProd = .List(i)
pArray ("PVT_STAGE_SOURCE_SSv2.[" & sProd & "]")
Next i
End With

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Combobox Not Populating Correctly
I have a userform with a combo box that is populated from a list in a sheet called Clients. The userform is in the same workbook as the Clients sheet. This workbook called "Client List.xls" and is set to be hidden from view. I've created a menu bar icon that loads the "Client List.xls" workbook, and on open runs the initialize procedure. The problem seems to be caused by the "Clients List.xls" being not the active workbook. Is this the case? Is there a way around it? If I unhide the workbook and make it the active workbook, the code works great.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim rngClients As Range
Dim wsSheet As Worksheet
Set wsSheet = Workbooks("Client List.xls").Sheets("Clients")
With wsSheet
.Range(Selection, "A1").Select
End With
Set rngClients = Selection
With cmbClients
.RowSource = rngClients.Address
.ListIndex = 0
End With

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Referancing Cells And Populating Another Worksheet
I have two worksheets. One worksheet is pulling in data from an OLAP cude. I have it configured as a pivot table. The other worksheet contains my dataset. Both worksheets are in the same file.

In my datasheet worksheet I would like to pull in data from the other worksheet. I would like to be able start a few cells and then drag so that it autopopulates the values. Here is the formula I'm using

='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12

it poulated with the values


then I select the 3 cells and drag so that I can autopulate the remaining values. It enters the formulas

='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12

what I really want is

='Affiliates Pivot'!$F10
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F11
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F12
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F13
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F14
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F15
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F16
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F17
='Affiliates Pivot'!$F18

Is this possible? How can I do this?

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Populating A Table For Gear Calculations.
I have a list of numbers (each corresponding to a different available gear). I have four columns and am trying to populate those columns with all the possible variations without using the same gear twice in any one row. Is there any way of doing this automatically or with a script or something? There are 16 different gears so it could be rather time consuming to input all variations manually.

The attached worksheet has what I am trying to do begun. The possible number of iterations or variations is apparently enormous and am hoping for an automated way to populate those cells.

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Populating A Userform Listbox From A Database
I have created a userform on the "Database" sheet that has a listbox at the bottom that populates with records when I search for someone using the 'Name' box.

The problem that I am having is that when I enter "Person" and get the 30-odd records appear in the listbox, I click on say Person 5 BUT the userform fields do not update themselves fully with the correct information.

I found the following thread ....

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Populating Worksheet Column From Combobox
I have a userform with comboboxes and listboxes etc. The comboboxes have drop down lists which are populated from data in columns from a worksheet.

1.) During the execution of the userform, a value is selected from the combobox, which is place in a column on another worksheet. So far so good. If I select the same value again, nothing shows up in the row below the first selection. If I choose a different value it shows up. I have tried using different properties of the combobox but have not been able to get around this.

2.) I would like, when the excel file is opened that the userform is ready to go, ie enter data. I have tried putting the
Private Sub Workbook_Open()
End Sub

in "ThisWorkbook" module but have had no success with it.

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Populating Combobox Based On Selection Of Another
I have a problem involving two combo boxes in a user form.

I need to populate different “lists” to combo 2, based on a selection in combo 1.

I browsed through the forum but could not find any solution that made sense to me.

Here are the specifics:
Combo 1 (called Cbo_Act) is populated with a list based on a named range in one of the sheets. The range is named “activity” and holds 2 records (“Income” & “Expense”).

This list is loaded as part of the form initialization.

If the user select “Income”, I need combo 2 (called Cbo_Act_Type) to show a list of various income types (derived from a dynamic named range called “Income_type”) and if the user selects “Expense”, I need the same combo box (Cbo_Act_Type) to show a different list, specifically – a list of various expense types (derived from a dynamic named range called “Expense_type”).

I know that this should be with a Cbo_Act_Change () routine, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do it.

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Populating Combobox On Userform With A Range
Selection.ListFillRange = "='Sheet1'!$b$15:" & comborange & ""
where comborange = cell reference of the last cell in my range..

I have moved this combo box to a userform now and I'm trying to populate the box via one of the userforms triggers.. My problem is I can't figure out the syntax to select the combobox on the userform.. it doesn't seem to be handled the same way as when it was on the worksheet..

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Creating Tabs From List And Populating
I am trying to take data from one spreadsheet and do a couple of things. First, i need to create a tab for each column and name the tab after the name in row 1. (this code i already have, it is below)

Second, and here is where i need help, i want to put the tab name and corresponding data (all in the same column on the first sheet) onto each tab. Essentially i am just divying up each column on my master sheet into its own tab so that i can do further data analysis.

Sub GenWStabnames2()
'Kemper Ohlmeyer based on code from David McRitchie
Dim cell As Range
Dim newName As String, xx As String
Err.Description = ""
On Error Resume Next
'--cells with numbers, including dates, will be ignored,
For Each cell In Worksheets("Manager list").Range("fund.names")................

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Populating A Cell From 2 Drop Down Lists
I am creating a form where the user chooses a Region from a drop down list and a Level from another drop down list. I have a cell I want to populate with the amount pertaining to the Region and Level from a seperate spreadsheet within the workbook.

The levels for each region go from 1 to 12 and there are 4 regions from A to D. I have separated each region and named them GradeA, GradeB, etc.

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Userforms & Checkboxes & Populating Rows
In my spreadsheet, the user clicks on a button which shows a userform. On the userform, there is a list of checkboxes and several radio buttons from which to choose, based on the information needed to fill in a row of the spreadsheet. (Each row is snail mail addresses followed by cells that will contain either an "x" or are left blank.

The "x"'ed cells cause formulas to generate text strings that are copied & pasted into another application.)

I can't seem to locate an example of how to get checked boxes to populate a row.

I also need to be able to copy horizontal info into vertical lines to print a letter, as well as use those "x"'ed boxes to fill in the letter.

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Populating Cells With SQL Server Data
I need to run multiple queries and insert their results into Excel cells. Each query will return only one result (a number, or a null). What is the best way to accomplish this?

Below is an example of the code I'm currently using. It does return data to the cell specified, but I'm guessing there's an easier way to populate multiple cells with the results of multiple queries.

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Populating A Listbox From A Search Query
On the attached spreadsheet, I have a command button on the search results spreadsheet that opens a userform to show the individual records with populated data.

This is working fine. The problem is when I use the 'drill down' button beforehand.

As an example, I search for the language "Italian". I then drill down to find "Females". When I click the command button and click Find, I only want the 3 records for the females, not the 7 that match the original search.

I know where in the macro changes are required, I just don't know what to change it to.

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Populating A Multi-dimensional Array
I have a spreadsheet which I will be adding to over time. I need a macro that will look for the last 10 rows and then pull together a summary table based on data from several of the columns on each of those rows.

I've tried to go about this by using an array. The array will always be the same size (it will always be 10 by 11, i.e. EngineArray(10,11)-basically the same size as my summary table). I've also set Option Base 1.

What I’ve got so far is below. It isn’t working properly though. To start with I was getting ‘type mismatch errors’. Now instead of reading the numbers from the selected cells into the array, it just changes all the cells I’m trying to read from to ‘TRUE’?

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Populating Form With Referenced Data
In lack of database experience, I am using a hidden Excel sheet for data and several other sheets with referenced data. I am populating the data sheet from an inputform and inserting new references on save. This works pretty good, but when the data has to be updated, I've currently used the before doubleclick event and hereby used the activecell for reference, but now the data is on a different sheet!

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Populating A Cell When Comparing Two Different Lists
I have a list of names and a seperate list of names with emails.

In column A there is a last name, column B a first name, and then for the second list in column D there is an email.

I need to tell Excel that if column A and Column B both have a replication on the list, then in Column D populate it with the email address on the list.

I know this is confusing so I have attached a sample of my spreadsheet. The email address is in yellow and I need to have it copied to the cells in white. The list is almost 14,500 lines long and it would take forever manually.

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Populating Cells When There Are Duplicate Conditions
if the state, city and company name are the same, I need to make sure the address gets populated in the address column. I have included an attached sheet to clear this up.

For example,

Row 1 is Crazy Horse Saloon in Anchorage, AK and has an address and phone number
Row 2 is Crazy Horse Saloon in Anchorage, AK and does not have an address and phone number

I need it to be able to realize that the State, City, and Business all match and populate the missing information.

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Copying Row Into Worksheet After Populating Cells
I have the following simplified example:
Table with three columns with a growing number of rows. The user enters data into each row, once user enters the last value and hits "Enter" on the final cell (column c) I want a script to evaluate the row and copy the entire contents of the row onto an existing different worksheet. The first column (A) contains the attribute that will be the condition that determines which sheet to paste in

For example, in my attached file, the first row contains the value "Square".
I want that row be copied and pasted into the 2nd tab of the worksheet (reserved for "Square" data) on the next free line. Simiarly, Triangles should be pasted on the thrid tab. Note however that i think the data should be copied line-by-line as the user enters it, which obviously isnt the case for the example dummy data, its just there to simulate my setup

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Searching Worksheet And Populating A Listbox
I have a list of six digit codes and I want to use these to populate a listbox based on the selection of a value in an existing listbox.

I have managed the following code by osmosis from various places:

Private Sub ListBox1_Click()

Dim Cell As Range
Dim Test As New Collection
Dim Item
Dim i As String

So what I'm trying (and failing) to do is add a clause that will increase i by one, add that to the collection "Test" and then add one again etc., etc.; until it reaches the maximum value for i in the list - in this case 187410 - but some codes run into the 20s. Other cases will give a different value for i.

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Populating Combo Boxes At Start Up
I tried moving it to a standard module and it will no longer work tells me invalid use of Me. How can I populate these two combo boxes at start up?

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