Automatically Fill Formulas In Newly Inserted Row From Row Above

May 14, 2009

What I would like to do is on a sheet when I insert a new row that it will "FILL" the formulas that are the row above it. For example I have cells A1-F1. On cell A1 there is 1, B1 there is 2...etc. When I then insert a new row I would like the row below A1-F1 to read. A2 = 2, B2=3 so it had a linear growth. I want to do this with my formulas so whenever someone adds a new line it knows to copy the formula as well but only in certain cells if possible.

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Excel 2010 :: Unmerge Cells And Fill Down Values In Newly Inserted Column

Jul 9, 2014

I am using Excel 2010 and have the problem as shown in the attached file.

Input Sheet shows the Data I have at present
Output Sheet is the desired result.

I need a macro which should create an "Output" sheet by doing the following on the Input Sheet

1)Insert a Blank Column before Column A
2)Unmerge the Region Heading and insert the respective Region Name in the newly inserted Column. Region Heading will be in Bold Font.
3)Repeat Step 2 for all Regions
4)Delete the Rows which was merged.

Please note that the number of Data Rows will vary for each Region.

I have shown two Regions for explanation purpose only. There will be several Regions in reality.

The result is shown on the Output sheet

Merge Problem - Forum.xlsx‎

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Formulas Automatically Inserted Down A Column Until It Reaches End Of List

Jan 28, 2014

If I have a worksheet and it has 100 rows, I would like for column D to auto-populate with a predetermined formula all the way down to row 100, not row 101.

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Macro / VBA To Keep Formula In Newly Inserted Row

Apr 11, 2014

Here attached is my sample workbook:

Attachment 310920

My button inserts a new row into the table.

What I want is that everytime a new blank row is created, the formula in the Days in Situ column is there as well (but obviously the cells update depending with which ever row it's in.. eg below formula is row 10.).

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UserForm Cell Population Into Newly Inserted Row

Feb 28, 2014

I am trying to create a filterable To-Do List. My goal is to enter each item with a userform, which I have created and pops up upon clicking the "Insert" textbox. making the following macros happen:

1) I would like to insert the new item in a row at top of existing info, below the headers, with the populated information from the userform when you click the "Add" Commandbutton on the Userform.

2) I want to make sure any filtering is reset whenever a new item is entered so the list reverts to original appearance.

Attached File : To Do List.xlsm

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Copying Each Item In A List To A Newly Inserted Row Directly Below

Dec 21, 2009

I would like to do is in cell B8, copy each row of text to a newly inserted line below. The highlighted cells in yellow have been done manually as an example. I have about 50 groupings of these to do manually. I'm making an effort to learn VBA.

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Find Highest Value And Populate Newly Inserted Rows With Unique ID?

May 8, 2014

I want to find the highest value in a column (MaxValue) and populate first blank cell in a column with Maxvalue+1. Basically, I want to provide each new row with a unique project number. First, I'm running a macro to insert rows which copies the formula and format from Row 4, the user enters how many rows he wants and the requested number of new rows are inserted below Row 4 (That bit all works fine) . I now want to find the highest project number that has been used in Column 1, starting at Row 4, increment the highest project number by 1 and populate the newly inserted rows with the new project number.

I have a couple of problems with code I'm trying to use: If the active cell in column 1 is highest value the code ignores the active cell, i.e. this works once, as the cell that I have just populated becomes the active cell and the highest number, i.e. the next time the macro runs I get the same number as the active cell.

Ideally, I'd like use the number of rows that the user requested in the macro to insert new rows to be used in this macro to provide a unique project number for each of the newly inserted rows. (The add new rows macros uses Dim NoToAdd As Integer, as the number of rows that the user wishes to insert). Although, I'm quite happy to run the macro several times to find and populate projects which have not been allocated project numbers.

Here's where I've got to:

[Code] .....

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Copying Formulas From Above Or Below Row Into Inserted Row

Jul 15, 2008

When I insert a row in my table (below the headers, which are between rows 1 and 4), I want the formulas from the above row (or below row) to be copied down to my newly inserted row. I say "below row" as well in case I want to insert a new first row and want the formulas in the row underneath to be copied up.

e.g., formulas currently in the first row are:

Column A: =SUBTOTAL(3, $B$5:B5)
Column H: =IF((F5="N*"),(1),"")
Column I: =IF(((SUM(H$4:$H5))=(SUM(H3:$H$4))),"",(SUM(H$4:$H5)))
Column J: =I5

Any other values in the other columns should not be copied to the new row.

I also do not want my table to be scrambled if I should delete any particular row.

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Using Worksheet_Change To Copy Formulas Into An Inserted Row

Mar 13, 2007

I've a spreadsheet with each row representing a record of some equipment installation escept for Row #1, which contains the column headers. For each record, Columns A through G contain the installation information,Columns H onwards are for monthly billing purposes(March 07, April 07, etc.). Each cell in Column H onwards contains a complicated formula for billing. Under the row that represents the last installation, there is a Totals Row. Since we are adding installations very frequently at the moment, my goal is to: Using a Worksheet_Change Event,

When a row is inserted into the worksheet, the code tests for

1) If the event is an "Insertion"-if not, Exit the code.
2) If the Target is a row- if not, Exit the code.
3) The row number-if row #2, copy the formulas from the row below.
If the row # is less than 2, Exit the code.
4) If the Target Range's row number is > 2, copy the formulas from row above.
5) If the Target Range's row number is => than that of the "Totals", Exit the code.

I've got 2,3 and 4-

How can I test for #1, and for #5, every time a row is inserted, the row # increases. How can I code #5?

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Change Graphs Automatically When Row Inserted

May 25, 2014

I want the 2 graphs in "Graph" worksheet to change automatically when a row is inserted in "Data" worksheet . Every time i have to change the graph manually to contain the latest 20 days value. I want some offset or something which can be put in the range provided below to do the work.

Chart Data Range =Data!$A$1:$A$22,Data!$F$1:$F$2,Data!$L$1:$L$20

Legend entries (Series) - Series Name =Data!$F$1 ( this will remain constant everyday as this is a header field)

Series Values =Data!$F$2:$F$22 ( this should contain last 20 days range, for example if a next row is inserted tomorrow then it should automatically change to =Data!$F$3:$F$23)

Legend entries (Series) - Series Name =Data!$L$1 ( this will remain constant everyday as this is a header field)

Series Values =Data!$L$2:$L$22 ( this should contain last 20 days range, for example if a next row is inserted tomorrow then it should automatically change to =Data!$L$3:$L$23)

Horizontal (Category) axis series -Axis Label Range =Data!$A$2:$A$22 ( this should contain last 20 days range, for example if a next row is inserted tomorrow then it should automatically change to =Data!$A$3:$A$23)

Sheet attached : Devicess.xlsx

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Going Down A Column Automatically Inserted When Adding New Row?

Jun 11, 2014

I have a formula in column G of a worksheet, however when a new row is inserted within the formula range, the formula does not continue in the new row.

Is it possible to make excel continue the formula without having to drag the formula down again?

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Comments Automatically Inserted Into The Active Cell

Nov 22, 2006

Need automate a process that I would like to implement into my spreadsheet,

It involves inserting comments,

I want to be able to select a particular cell anywhere in my spreadsheet, and then click on a command button and have a comment automatically inserted into the active cell, I tried to record the macro by hand but I do not know how to state that it is the active cell the comment should be added to

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Can Periodical Fixed Deductions/payments Be Inserted Automatically

Dec 20, 2009

Can periodical fixed deductions/payments be inserted automatically to the individual MONTH sheets of the workbook I uploaded ? To reduce the size of the file, I have left only ONE of the twelve month-sheets - the one for January.

Rephrased :
How to automate the entry of fixed amounts at regular intervals?

My guess is that from time to time, a macro would have to be run
- one of the macro's inputs would be the computer date and the other two inputs would be the value of the entry to be made and the value of the intervening period.

In practice there would be more than one regular entry and the values would be both positive ones and negative ones.
I guess that means one macro for each financial pattern.

Feasible or feesible (a multi-million-dollar-fee task)?

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Excel 2010 :: Shading Of Table Automatically When Lines Inserted / Deleted?

Nov 16, 2012

i have a question with regards to the shading of a table in excel 2010.The grey/white shading of the sheet should adjust automatically when lines are inserted / deleted...what would be the most efficient way?

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Naming Ranges But If Any Cells, Row Or Columns Are Inserted The Range Will Automatically Adjust To Suit1?

Jul 25, 2006

Range("B25").Name = "EndMull"

Its fine but if i insert a new row or column then it mucks the whole thing up. Is there away of naming them but if any cells, row or columns are inserted the range will automatically adjust to suit1

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Fill Formulas Down The Column

Apr 25, 2009

I need to Fill formulas down the column.

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Auto Fill Formulas

May 20, 2008

A1 - B1
A2 - B2

Let's say B1 has a formula- =A1
b2 has formula = =A2

I want to copy all the formula in ColB
As it goes down in Column B, it should be =A2 at 2nd row, =A3 at 3rd row, =A4 at 4th row.

Reason being I want this formula to activate when the cell in Column A is filled. If the cell in Col A is empty, The formula in Col B should be blank!


13/01- Jan
13/12- Dec
29/06- June
30/07- July

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Two Formulas Repeating That Won't Fill Properly

Jul 21, 2009

Here is my dilemma, I have two formulas that reference another sheet, my example shows it more clearly...
...............Column E
Row 11......=sheet1!F16+sheet1!I16
Row 12......=sheet1!G16
Row 12......=sheet1!F17+sheet1!I17
Row 12......=sheet1!G17

Is there a macro or a formula I can use on the remaining 4000 rows that will keep this pattern while maintaining the formulas above?

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Fill Blank Rows With Formulas

Jan 4, 2007

I want to copy an active cell in row 2 (I dont want to fix a cell as it can be any cell at any time). I want to copy it all the way down to a cell where the next row after it, is completely blank on all the 256 cells.

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Add Multiple Formulas In Row & Auto Fill Down

Mar 15, 2008

I am trying to do cant really be recorded, at least i dont think it can. I have a report that I run off and after I loaded it in Excel I then have to add in five columns at the end of the sheet. These are always in the same columns: R,S,T,U,V.

These are the formulas I have to then input
R =IF(G2="no invoices",A2,"")
T=IF(I2="Sent to AP",A2,"")
U=IF(I2="Force Settled",A2,"")
V=IF( COUNTIF($R$2:$U$10054,A2),A2,0)

Note for column V, the range R2:U10054 would depend on how many rows is in the report, its just in this example the report does have 10054 rows. The columns would always stay the same. I would then copy the formulae down for the number of rows that is in the report and filter column V by entries that equal zero to give me the rows I am looking to analyse. Is this the type of thing that can be written as a macro so that everytime I have a new report open in Excel I can just run the macro and it will do all of this for me?

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Worksheet Link Search And Fill Formulas

Jul 18, 2008

I want to create a spreadsheet table of values that are linked other spreadsheets, a condesnsed version... I am not a total amateur and I understand the world of excel links....

However the problem lies in the fact that the source files change format every day, what i need is a formula for each cell (i know...) that can:

1. Firstly find column and row heading titles by looking for part of the title i.e. for a title like 'Occupation' i need a non case sensitive search for 'Occu'.

2. Once colum and row are found, return the intesecting value.

The formulas are needed so all I will have to do, after this is finished, is update the source files and the relevant numbers will be found automatically.

Im sure this is something that can be done with a clever array formula, setup to recognise column and row intersections based on positve returns on search variables, however this one is just outside my capabilities....

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Copy Formulas Or Using The Auto Fill Need To Have The Count Inc By 5 Instead Of 1

Apr 17, 2009

I have the following formula:

=AVERAGE('sheet 2'!C7,'sheet 2'!D7:Z7)+AVERAGE('sheet 2'!C9,'sheet 2'!D9:Z9). When I copy it down to the next cell the valules need to increase to 12 & 14 respectively.

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Excel 2010 :: Use Automatic Fill In Feature Of Formulas?

Oct 18, 2011

Still adjusting to 2010 Excel...How do you use the automatic fill in feature of formulas; e.g. when typing =convert....a fx function appears....not sure how to use it

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Insert Row At Specific Location And Auto Fill Formulas From Above

Apr 11, 2007

What I need is to insert a row at row 59 and autofill the formulas including drop down list from the above row. This is what I have so far (Thanks to Reafidy and shg).

Sub ChkDates()
Dim c As Range
Dim DelRng As Range
Dim ArcRng As Range
Dim i As Long
Dim l As Integer
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
For i = 60 To 8 Step -1
Set c = Cells(i, 33)
If IsDate(c) Then ..............

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Fill Empty Table Columns With Required Formulas

Jan 17, 2008

I'm trying to write a macro for extreme value analysis. I need a macro which will do a number of things! the attachment should explain it.

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Automatically Fill In To Specific Row ?

Feb 23, 2010

to illustrate I attached a spreadsheet.The spreadsheet contains 5 colunms.

1. Names
2-4. Numbers
5. Sum of numbers (the formula for the sum is only entered in the first row)

What I want to do is automatically fill in sums from the second to the last row. I was trying it with the "record macro" function but failed because I don't know how to jump to the last row. CRTL-Shift-down is not useful in this case.

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Automatically Fill In Links Name?

Mar 5, 2014

I have an Excel file which extracts data from other excel files (the other excel files are named 1.xls, 2.xls, 3.xls, etc.). So the formula in the cell is for example: ='C:[1.xls]Sheet1'!A1

Is there a way to let Excel fill in the next excel file address for the next cell? So that i would get this:


Because i have about 500 excel files, and otherwise i have to change the file number manually...

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Function To Fill In A Day Automatically

Jan 10, 2009

In the worksheet just say:Cell A1: Jan-11-2009 as today date. Cell A2: What is a date function I need to put in there so when a computer clock change to 12:01am it automatically fill in a next day it should be Jan-12-2009 and continues do so for the next day at A3 ....when computer clock change again. Remember I wanted a cells A2...A3...A2000 are blank until the computer clock change to 12:01am.

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Get The Price To Automatically Fill Cell?

Mar 27, 2014

I am trying to get the Price to automatically fill cell C11 of the attached spreadsheet when a user enters Grade and Thickness information. I have tried index function, match function, vlookup function, and combinations of all with no luck.

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Automatically Fill In Sheet Name In Formula

Jun 22, 2009

I am creating a register of first aid kits on my site. What I want to do is have a summary as the first worksheet, and then have contents, and individual expiry dates for each kit on seperate kits. Is there a way to autofill, or auto complete, a different sheet name in formulas?

='Kit 1'!$B$27
='Kit 2'!$B$27
='Kit 3'!$B$27

='Kit 44'!$B$27

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