Capturing Data: Capture Fleet No & Model From Book 1

Oct 22, 2009

find the attached file. Book 2 there is 4 columns ie,reg no,fleet no,product & model and on book 1 there is fleet no,reg no and model and what i need is to capture fleet no & model from Book 1.

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Capturing Value From One Userform To Another Or Macro Without Using Cell To Capture?

Oct 31, 2012

i have used two form and a macro in a workbook. First one captures data via text box. This data is captured in a cell. Form two adds a new sheet with the name that is captured in a cell, then perforns some task in the newly created sheet. Macro does the formatting of the newly created sheet and saves the sheet. Again when i reopen the the workbook the value is captured in next blank cell and the procedure follows. This works fine as far as there is a single. But not in case of multiple user at the same time. Is there a way to directly capture the value to form 2 and macro so that multiple user can work on the same time.

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Macro To Highlight Data Inside Other Data Or Move From Book To Book

Jul 16, 2014

so to start off im not able to attach things due to security reasons, what i need is either 1 of 2 macros. if its possible, both are related. one possible is as follows: i need it to go through a certain column (say I for example) and look at the information in it, this information can vary from peoples names along with dates and other stuff, i want it to look through these and if anything has a date today and prior i need the cell to be highlighted. problem is sometimes it might have 2 dates, or no dates. it should have todays date, their name, other information, and future date of something. but not everyone does, this is the macro i dont think that can exists.

2nd macro possibility the other macro uses the first sheet, AFTER been highlighted, normally by hand, and takes it to another workbook and puts in in certain spots. so the first sheet has names of everyone in column K. what i need is it to look at column I and if its highlighted take entire row to other book, and put into sheet under the person name in their tab. the second book has a tab for each person (at this time 18 tabs) which can fluxuate, and each tab is the persons first and last name, without spaces. since when i put sums on main page it didnt want to work with the spaces i had to omit them. again im not sure this is possible.

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Copy Data From Book To Book Error

Jun 22, 2007

I have the below code, which now looks to see if a file is open or not, if it is, then copy and past 'Data' and if not open the book and copy 'Data'.

I think the code is sort of right, but im missing something, as i keep getting runtime error when i try and copy. Here is the
Sub PrintSaveKPIUpdate()

Dim sFilName As String
sFilName = "C: estCashSales_KPI.xls"
Set Main = ThisWorkbook

If IsOpen(sFilName) Then

' Book is Open.

Worksheets("Setup Data"). Range("Data").Activate

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Using VBA In Patch Model To Change VBA In User Model

Jan 11, 2007

I have some Excel models out in the field with some old VBA code that is now causing problems. I regularly develop 'patch' models to make updates or repairs to user models, but need the VBA code syntax to get into a Worksheet module and change one line of VBA code.

The worksheet is named 'Forecast' and I need to change line 5 of my VBA code.

The vast majority of my users are on Excel 2000. I remember the security issues with newer Excel versions and can walk then through that, but I forgot the code syntax I need to get the job done.

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Capturing Data From Userform To Worksheet?

Aug 30, 2012

I have a macro that is starting to get pretty intensive and beyond my knowledge base. Currently is takes the needed data from sheet(1) and copies it to a newly created "Sheet2" in a specific format. Once the macro is done formatting "Sheet2", it shows both userforms for the next part of this macro.

One userform (UserForm1) is for inputting barcode data into rows on "Sheet2" (this is where I am running into problems). I cannot get the userform to capture the captions to the needed cells in "Sheet2".

The other userform (UserForm2) is for a visual representation of the error check. This will check for differences in Sheet2's column data. If a row's data in Sheet2 doesn't duplicate as expected it will flag RED and an image to show in the associated frame in UseForm2.

Plate ID (PlateIDLabel goes to "PCR Plate ID" header column in Sheet2)
Plate Location (PlateLocationLabel goes to "PCRLocation" header column in Sheet2)

Currently the userform is coded to recognize prefixes for correct input into label textboxes.

Attached it the workbook with macro/userforms.

Option Explicit
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Sheets.Add.Name = "Sheet2"
ActiveSheet.Move _


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Capturing Lowest Value Recorded In Data That Changes?

Jan 3, 2012

I run a golf handicapping system that utilises excel quite heavily to record a LOT data over the course of a season. In essence we have in excess of 50 players who play once or twice a week and I record their Stableford scores (dont worry that's a golfing phrase but it is basically how they performed that day) and adjust their golf handicap accordingly - all in XL.

So - a player may start the season with handicap of 20 but over the season this will vary up and down as each score is recorded. A player may well play in excess of 50 rounds in a season.

I currently record the player's starting handicap in one column and in the next column appears the freshly calculated new handicap after a new score has been entered. The column containing the new handicap overwrites the old handicap value each time it is recalculated.

All I want to do is to create a 3rd column that records the lowest handicap value attained during the season. So for each player I guess it should take the newly calculated handicap and decide if it is lowest it has 'seen' in that column and if it is record it.

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Formula Not Capturing Data When Copied Down

Nov 4, 2006

I am trying to copy a formula down a row. All I am getting is the exact same answer from the 1st cell instead of the new data.

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Capturing Data From Userforms Created At Run Time

Apr 24, 2007

I found a useful thread Creating UserForm Controls via Code. how to create dynamically scalable UserForms at run time. I'm now stuck on the obvious Part 2 that isn't included...How does one capture the values in the text fields without knowing the names of those fields. My initial thought is to use a For loop to read the values into an array, like so...

Dim ReadArray (TextFieldCount)
For k = 1 To TextFieldCount
ReadArray(k) = ?????????
Next k

If it were a simple read from a text field I'd use something like:
Set ReadField = TextBox1.Value

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Multiple Data Sheets In One Macro Model

Feb 28, 2007

I have: + three raw data sheets (needed as 3 lots of data with 25K records in each). + I also have a model that I want to take each record from each sheet, populates some cells in a seperate calculation sheet and then gets a result - which it adds to a total (array).Finally I have + a clever macro that shows me what % of the way through I am (i.e. displays the number of record processed out of the 75K (3*25K) total)

While I have got the model to work - there is some untidy code used where I start my clever % macro for x = 1 to 75K then repeat the same instructions for running the model for each section i.e. sheet 1 : 1 to 25000, then the same instructions for sheet 2, 1 to 25000 etc etc. and then end it I want to know if there is any clever coding that will let me go from one sheet to another when there is an empty cell struck on the active sheet?

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Move All Worksheets From Book B Behind All Sheets In Book A?

Jul 18, 2014

I made the following code to merge 2 workbooks together.

The code is to be executed when the user has Workbook A opened. (All sheets in workbook KPISWD are supposed to be moved after all worksheets in workbook KPICustomers).

I keep getting a debug error on the code that is supposed to do the actual move and loop until it is finished with all of the sheets in Workbook B.

Dim KPICustomers, KPISWD As String
KPICustomers = ActiveWorkbook.Name

Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"W:FacturatieKPI per periode SWD.xls"

KPISWD = ActiveWorkbook.Name

[Code] ..........

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Call Macro In Book Two From Book One

Aug 29, 2007

i have done a search on this topic and found many similar answers to many similar questions. All specify using Application.Run "workbookname.xls!macroname".

In my code, the filename has an assigned value as the master code goes out to many secondary files - the user selects the particular one they want at the start of the macro. The variable assigned is called "UpdateKAMsFile".

how do i get the macro called KAMsRandomColour to run in the workbook designated by UpdateKAMsFile?

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How To Capture Streaming Data

Oct 6, 2007

I have streaming data coming into my excel spreadsheet. The data is in 1 cell and its a number that changes almost every second. How can I capture and store this data.

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Find And Capture Data

Jan 24, 2007

I need to find a term "aa" and upon finding this term, the term on the right must be "bb" before we capture the number. Output will be 15 for this case.

Note that we do not know which cell "aa" will occur in, but the term "bb" will always be on the right of "aa". Can anybody help me with this? I have attached an example for your reference. Hopfully by modifying the below code, i can get the value i desired.

Sub test2()

Dim xx As Variant

Set rng = Cells.Find(What:="aa" , After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
If Not rng Is Nothing Then xx = rng.Offset(0, 3).Value
MsgBox xx
If rng Is Nothing Then xx = 0
MsgBox xx

End Sub

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Formula To Capture Data In Cells That Are After It

Aug 12, 2009

I have a moving average spreadsheet that I am having trouble with. In column F of 'Data for Pivot' Tab, I have a set of data that doesn't begin populating until 101 data points (cell C8 in 'Mov_Avg_Chart' is the input; in this cell F138 of 'Data for Pivot' tab) after data begins populating in Column E of 'Data for Pivot' Tab (in this case data begins populating in Column E in row 38).

What I would like to do is have the data in cells F38 to F137 = the value in cell F138. From there on forward (cells F138 and onwards), I would like the formula to calculate data in the same way as it is currently calculating it. That is, I would like the values in cells F38 to F137 be 0.00110 (in the current example). However, the data will be constantly changing. Thus, sometimes the data in column F will begin at a different cell than cell F138. In essence, I want the formula: when column E begins populating data but column F has not, I want those column F values to equal the value of the first populated value in column F (which is usually numerous cells below this value).

I just can't seem to get this one right after spending considerable time on it. I would appreciate any help you can give on this.

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Data Auditing - Capture Changing?

Jul 10, 2014

I have an excel file with column stating month and rows are phases ... for each Phases we add the revenue numbers by month and it does keep changes as and when scope changes. However, i am finding it difficult to capture the changes ... is there a way i can set the guidelines to ensure all historical data changes as and when any updates and it should store the historic inputs for consolidation ... i would like to be called as Baseline, Re-baseline1, Re-beseline2 like wise.

Sample attached : sample_auditing.xlsx‎

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Combobox Data Capture From Other Workbook

Nov 20, 2007

how data capturing works, using controls. I try to explain what I mean. I have a userform with a combobox that allows to select data from a worksheet in another workbook (database). Using VBA, I'm asked to define the "source" for the combobox. I don't understand the difference between controlsource and row source because when I close the userform, I find only the first field filled in (column "A"), while I would like the entire row to be copied.I also would like to have an "ok" button to allow me for multiple selection. In other words:

I select the desired data from the combobox
I click on the "ok" button ahd this event should copy the data (entire row) selected via the combobox on my worksheet without closing the userform in order to allow me to select other data on the same session. The row to copy data into is selected using the firstemptyrow method..

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Copy Data From One Book To Another From Common Data In One Cell

Feb 15, 2010

Got an issue that I can only seem to do with things like the program Hotkey and making physical macros. I'm sure it is easy but I'm lost.

I have data in one book that looks like this (Call it Book1)

Date: Service
ProviderReason for callCRM
SR #WO #Device #Serial #Issue15/02/2010DATE: 03/02/10
TIME: 11:29
BUS: 1234AO
ISSUE DETAILS: Issue with Console

and data in another book that looks like this (Call it Book2)

DeviceSerial NumberNameTerminal PositionTerminal Group Location DescriptionTerminal IDDescription Service Provider 104012343030123456ConsoleDriver Console1234AO90401234Service Provider Name found Here

I need to find the BUS: 1234AO from the cell in Book1 then look that Bus up in Book2 and then from Book2 copy the Device, Serial Number, and Service Provider into the cells into Book1 and repeat this infintely often. The problem I have is the the bus can have 1 Console and 1-5 Readers and I need to find that data also. So for example I need to find BUS 1234AO and get the Console details and past that into one issue and the next issue will have the same bus number 1234AO but I need the details for Reader2 (that detail is in the Name field as shown above.) The issue details will always have the Console text and Reader# text in it.

The problem I have is that the Reason for call cell has ALT-ENTER characters in it and the details are not always in the same spot but the details are almost always in the format ####AO (four numbers and the letters AO)

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Trying To Capture Point In Time Data In New Fields Each Day

Oct 2, 2008

Trying to capture data from specific fields (which are populated with live data collected elsewhere) into new fields based on date. Ex:

A1 - A4 have "totals" derived from an external source, and the fluctuate daily.

I want to take today's totals and drop them into D1 - D4. Tomorrow, I want totals dumped into E1 - E4, the next day they go into F 1- F4, and so on... in other words, I'm tracking daily totals over time.

I've started with a macro that I would attach to BeforeSave as follows--

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Formula To Capture Completed Status For Relevant Data

Apr 2, 2014

I have attached the the excel sheet where in i want to calculate the total number of completed data points for one person.

Let's say "Wasim" would have completed 7 tasks and would updated the relevant cell as Completed.

Now in a huge data list How will i find "Wasim" and how do i calculate how many he has completed.

I believe Pivot table would be the answer here but is there any formula which would replace the pivot table?

(Please see the attachment) Example.xlsx

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Macro To Capture Data From A Specific Cell Upon Selection Changes

May 22, 2007

I'm trying to do is definetly simple to a lot of you, but I'm struggling on how to get started. I attached a workbook that clearly shows my work! I'm almost there but not quiet. Basically the user will be able to make a slection that will be used to lookup values from a different sheet. Each selection triggers a ranking number at the bottom (red pattern) in the worksheet. Now I would like to capture all scenarios and display the ranking.

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Capture External Data Refresh Date & Time

May 29, 2008

In the Data tab under Connection Properties, I have "Refresh every x minutes" checked. Question is how do I capture in a cell within a sheet the last time it was refreshed?

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Listing Data Forms Into Another Book

Nov 7, 2008

I'm using Excel 2003

I have done this once already, so I know its possible but I cannot remember what it is called and how to do it.

I have a "form", I open it up, fill out a few different things, and then save and print it. When I save it I want it to take a few different cells information and report it into a seperate workbook, without having to open the report workbook. I use this seperate workbook to reference when I fill out the form and who it was sent to.

I remember there was a wizard that I used to get it to do all this, but I can't for the life of me remeber what it was.

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Copy Data And Save In New Book?

Feb 5, 2014

I have a code in which we can split the data using column values into new and same sheet also. I want to modify this accordingly to my need but i am new in VBA so can't modify this. i want 2 changes in this macro:

1. I want to set a value (Like:"Resolved"," In Process" ) in the macro to extract the data related to the value only. Means, when i run this macro it will extract the data only for "Resolved" status. I have to create two macros for each defined status.

2. After splitting, it will ask me to save the new workbook location.

3. Save it.

The codes i m having are :

First code to make directories:

hOwner As Long
pidlRoot As Long
pszDisplayName As String
lpszTitle As String
ulFlags As Long
lpfn As Long


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VBA - Copying Data To Another Book Using Match

Apr 22, 2014

I need to transfer data from one sheet to another sheet in another workbook. The output row corresponds to a value in input column a, and output column corresponds to a date in input sheet column B.

I've previously dim-ed the input/out workbooks/sheets as wbin, wbout, sheetin, sheetout respectively. The error I get is runtime error '9': subscript out of range in the copy destination line.


iMaxRow = 5000
Dim subj1 As String
Dim subj2 As String
For iRow = 1 To iMaxRow

[Code] .........

For now, i've disabled the on error resume next. Also, the input column a has 4 numbers followed by string, while the corresponding output row header only has the 4 numbers, hence I tried matching with the wildcard.

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Capture And Calculate Data Based On Work Week In VBA Or Formulas

Jul 21, 2014

I have a requirements to capture the data and calculate the qty based on the defined work week. How to to this in vba macro or a formulas. I'll giving a sample data as reference. In my sample data i have already the formulas
but i wanted to automate the work week calculation specially if the number of days in a month has been change.

Btw, the values of every column is came from other worksheet. i copy paste this data as my sample.

For ex : Today is July and it has 31 days, the 31 days will be distributed to the defined workweek and calculate the contents of the corresponding column.

here is the distribution of columns per week as reference.

(31 days)
wk1 - Day1 to Day8 (8 colums)
wk2 - Day9 to Day16 (8 colums)
wk3 - Day17 to Day24 (8)
wk4 - Day25 to day 31 (7) columns

(30 days)
wk1 - Day1 to Day8 (8 colums)
wk2 - Day9 to Day16 (8 colums)
wk3 - Day17 to Day23 (7)
wk4 - Day23 to day 30 (7) columns

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Data Lookup From Offline Book With A Formula

Feb 24, 2010

where do i put the indirect.ext to below formula so that that Test.exe file be checked offline .. this below works only if the test.exe is open.

=IF(A2="";"";COUNTIF('C:Folder[Test 24.02.10.xls]Table1'!A$1:A$65536;A2))

Since the Test file is generated every day..

how can i make the Test file shown every day with different date.. this 24.02.10 is not permanent.. everyday changes.. meaning tomorrow it checks Test 25.02.10.exe, Friday it checks 26.02.10 etc.

I could make a cell for date input .. and from that cell it could be added up to enter into above formula automatically..

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Importing Outlook Address Book Data

Feb 20, 2007

I've had a scan through the archives trying to find a post or item on importing Outlook data to Excel, and have so far only found articles on importing data from users' 'Contacts' lists. I need functionality so that when the user selects an office (e.g. 'London') from a list, further details for those offices - which are stored as individual members of the global Outlook addressbook - for example postcode, can be operated upon.

Because this data is relatively dynamic (e.g. potential for relocation of office premises), I need any procedures to refer to a single unified data source, therefore I'd like any VBA procedures to use data directly from the outlook address book, instead of importing a static copy of the data and then performing operations on this.

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Can Data Validation Lists Reference Another Work Book?

Aug 17, 2009

I have a cell that I want to use data validation on so I have a drop down list. Problem is the location of this list will be in another workbook.. Is this possible to go from one workbook to another using data validation?

Also, depending on the information that is selected from the drop down list I want a cell to the left to pick the corresponding data from the list in the other workbook. These forms will always be in the same folder.. Not sure if that information is necessary but just in case you need to know.

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VBA Data Entry Form - Populating Separate Book

Sep 30, 2009

I have built a data entry form (Input tab) and have code populating a table (Table tab). Currently both are in the same book, but I would like to house them in separately.

What is the proper VBA syntax for this? Will both books need to be open in order to populate the table?

The 'real' data is hosted on sharepoint and is getting darn big. The result is problems opening the doc and looong save times. My thought was to have the secretaries doing data entry open a single sheet (Input Form) which will then populate the data in another sheet. I'm dreaming, aren't I...

I know Access would solve everything, but for cost reasons I am stuck with Excel.

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