Count Only Duplicates And Not Blanks

May 23, 2012

Is there anyway to make this work without having to enter a specific range. For example I want to count the duplicates in column U, but don't want it to count blank cells.

Here is my formula right now, and it works, but it counts all of the blank cells in the row as duplicates. How can I stop that?


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Count Unique Values / Text Within Range Of Cells That Contain Duplicates / Blanks And Errors

Jun 25, 2014

How I can create a simple formula to count unique values/text within a range of cells that contain duplicates, blanks and errors?

For e.g., in Column A (row 1 - 10):



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Pivot Table To Not Count Duplicates - But Show Duplicates When Click Into It

Aug 24, 2011

In short, I would like a pivot table to only count unique values, but when I click into the pivot I would like to show all instances of that value. For example:

I have a table of data that I am creating a pivot table from. There are fields for Customer ID, Task Name, Age, and Notes. There will be multiple records for a single Customer ID each time it has new notes.

I would like to create a pivot table that has Task Name in the Row Labels, Age in the Column Labels, and count of Customer ID in the Values, so that, for example, I can see how many accounts have been in the Design task for 2 days. However, when I do this it counts each record, but I would like it to count each unique Customer ID. Also, when I click into the pivot, instead of pulling up one line per Customer ID, I would like it to pull up each instance of Customer IDs in that Task Name/Age combination (similar to doing a DISTINCT in SQL).

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Ignore Blanks & Duplicates In Dynamic Named Range

Feb 27, 2008

I am having 2 problems with dynamic named ranges. On one hand, I am getting a LOT of duplicates in some ranges and a lack of entries in those ranges that have too many blanks. Here is a sample of the dynamic named range in the first column:

This first range is called "NamedRange_1"
=OFFSET(Data!$A$2,0,0, COUNTA(Data!$A:$A)-1,1)

how to eliminate both the duplicates and the blanks?

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Create Data Validation Field That Doesn't Allow Blanks Or Duplicates

Jun 4, 2014

I have a table for gym members and each member is assigned a unique member number.


I wish to create a data validation field that wont allow you to leave the cells blank or use the same code twice.

this was my attempt that failed: =AND(ISERROR(MATCH(A:A, A2, 0)) <>FALSE, A2<>""

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Count Duplicates And Duplicates With Suffix As One Instance

Mar 23, 2014

I have a list of isometric drawing numbers ending with a [underscore]weld number e.g. 1692-SG-0040-04_05.

Some welds are repaired--in that scenario the amended weld number will be 1692-SG-0040-04_05R1, and even 1692-SG-0040-04_05R2 if repaired for a second time.

On occasion a weld may be cut out entirely and a new weld done. The weld number for that will be 6317-FG-1690-02_06C1.

And here's a wrinkle I've just verified...a cut weld may also be repaired so the weld number will look like 1698-SG-0077-01_04C1R1.

Is there a formula to count these as one weld:

This as one weld:

...and this as one weld:

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Excel 2010 :: How To Count Duplicates Of Duplicates

Jan 24, 2012

I am having trouble creating a function to count duplicates of duplicates.

An example of the data table 1 is:

Product 1 2nd
Product 1 2nd
Product 1 New
Product 1 New
Product 1 Flt
Product 2 2nd
Product 2 New
Product 2 New
Product 2 Flt
Product 2 Flt
Product 3 2nd
Product 3 2nd
Product 3 2nd
Product 3 New
Product 3 Flt

I created a new table (table 2) and made a list of all the Products on table 1 and removed the duplicates. I now have 3 columns with titles New, 2nd and Flt as follows:

New 2nd Flt
Product 1 XX XX XX
Product 2 XX XX XX
Product 3 XX XX XX

I am trying to count the duplicates for each product (XX), but I can't seem to work it out. I've tried the MS help function, but unsure of the actual formula I need to be using.

I am using Windows 7 and MS Office 2010.

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Count Blanks Since Last Value

Aug 11, 2009

I am after a formula that will calculate the blank cells since the last cell with a value in it.

Eg. I'm putting the formula in Column AW and have values in AH & AR and want to know the number of blanks since the last value which should be 4 in this case. I will need to copy this from row 1 to row 1000.

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Conditional Count Non Blanks?

Oct 10, 2013

I have the following table in excel

Id Name
1 dsf
1 sdfs
1 sdw
1 we
2 dsf
2 fds
3 saf
3 saf
4 fds
4 fds

I have then created a summary sheet, I want to count the values in column B (Name) for each Id (Column A) but I want to exclude the blanks. So my Summary page will look like this with the following results:

Id count
1 4
2 2
3 2
4 1

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Count Non Blanks In A Range

Jan 26, 2009

I have use for this function on varying ranges. I pasted my function as well as my call to it. PhasesActive is just a named range of 5 cells. I get an error... by ref argument type error. Something with the argument, do I have to name the worksheet the range is on?

Function RangeValueCount(Rng As range)
'The function to check if a range has more than one value marked for 'selection, ex: The phases choices

For Each cell In Rng
If Not IsEmpty(cell) Then
RangeValueCount = RangeValueCount + 1
End If
Next cell
End Function

Call RangeValueCount(PhasesActive)
If RangeValueCount > 1 Then
msg = "There appears to be multiple phases selected. Please select only" & vbNewLine
msg = msg & "one phase at a time"
MsgBox msg
End If

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Count Non-Blanks & Uniques

Aug 7, 2007

I have about 160 rows in collumn A. I want Excel to count them, but ignore blank ones and repeated ones. How can I accomplish this using macro?

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Count Blanks In A Filtered Column

Mar 20, 2006

Is there a function to count blanks in a filtered column? That is, if I filter a column to show the rows that are blank, can I use the subtotal function (or some other) to count the number of blanks?

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Skip Any Blanks Rather Than Count Them In The Average

Jan 16, 2007

I want to figure a class average for a test, but I have students that have moved. My Excel is automatically counting them as a zero. How can I program/tell Excel to skip any blanks rather than count them in the average?

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Count How Many Blanks (false) In The Range

Jul 15, 2008

i have a sheet with many formulas on it some in a range are if statements which output a blank ("") if the condition is not met i.e. false.

i need to be able to count how many blanks (false) in the range

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Count Blanks In Dynamic Range

Feb 25, 2010

I want to count blanks in a horizontal range (all in one row) that will change (dynamic range). The values in the range could be numbers or words. Some values may be added to the end, but there may still be some empty cells to the right of the last value. My goal is to count blanks in the range up to the last entered value, but no beyond that. As an example:

A6 = 2
B6 = empty cell
C6 = 2
D6 = empty cell
E6 = tt
F6 = empty cell

The range for the count blanks would be A6:E6. F6 is not included because the last entered value is in cell E6.

The answer (count blanks in dynamic range) should be 2.

I have got these 3 formulas to work, but it seems that there must be a better (shorter, faster calculating, more elegant) formula than these:




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Average & Count Zeros But Not Blanks

Apr 19, 2006

I am trying to make a excell spread sheet that will calculate my students averages for the year. I need to account for zeros in the coarse and I want this excel sheet to track the current average all year long . So I do not need to include my blanks in the average as I go. Also , how do I formulate my average accum to show this formula - Test scores, four of them count as 80% of the total grade. So each test is worth 20% / Lab 10% of total grade and homework is additional 10%. I downloaded the templete from MSN and have tweaked it to my liking except for the coding above. Please advise. I am a below par on Excel. My attachemtn is below of my templete. One note. the templete gave me the room to include 13 ros of homework - but I will not necessarily use all of them... I can make it one row for home work only ....

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Count Blanks In Range With Another Dynamic Conditions

Mar 15, 2013

Assume this Data in a spreadsheet

I want to count blank "PI" based on "Product name" & "Product date" occurence together

So I created intermediate field "IS Blank", and I dunno what formula can give me the below results

My obective to get this result
CountBlank for PI = 3

Product Name..... Product Date.... PI...... IsBlank "PI" [Desired Formula output]
xxx .......................ddd ...............Blank.................. 1
xxx .......................ddd ...............Blank.................. 0 (counted above for same xxx&ddd)
xxx .......................ddd222 ..........Blank.................. 1 (PD changed to ddd222)
yyy ......................ttt............... Blank....................1 (another product,yyy)
yyy .....................ttt ...............Blank......................0 (same product and date, so not counting again)

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Count Consecutive 0 Starting From Last Non Zero Cell In A Row (excluding Blanks)

Mar 13, 2014

Formula to count the number of consecutive zero starting from the last cell with non zero value.

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Excel 2010 :: Count Non-blanks In Pivot Table

May 23, 2012

I have a simple pivot table that is types by state. I want to know how many types are in each state. In the attached image the answer for Alaska is 5, for Arizona 5, for Arkansas 1, etc. How do I get Excel to tell me that for each state?

I'm using Excel 2010. I have PowerPivot installed but really don't know how to use it yet.

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Array Formula Not Ignoring Blanks To Count Row Number?

Oct 3, 2012

I have this array formula

=IF(ROWS(A$11:A13)1,IF(MSB!$A13"",SMALL(ROW(Table1[APP DATE])-ROW(MSB!$A$11)+1,ROWS(A$11:A13)),""))))

the problem is that when both if statements are true i want it to get the row number, this is because table1 has blank rows (can not be avoided as the data is linked from a closed workbook)

i can see this works up until it meets the first blank row and i get #value error.

on table1 data exists on row 1,2,5 and 8 so my problem is getting the small function k to report these numbers?

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Count Total Blanks Of Various Columns But With The Range Of Column A To The Last Used Cell

Jan 30, 2014

I need to be able to count all the blanks in columns other than A but only until the last used cell in column A. I am using a formula right now that counts the blanks in column A until the last used cell but I don't know how to apply the range of column A to other columns like B and C. Here is an example of what I hope to accomplish:

Formula used in A1 that I need applied to other columns but with the range of column A

="Total Blanks: "&COUNTIF(INDEX(A2:A8,MATCH(TRUE,A2:A8<>"",0)):INDEX(A2:A8,MATCH(2,1/(A2:A8<>""))),"")

Here is an example of what B1 and C1, with the formula, would look like if it counted blanks but with the range of column A

Total Blanks: 3
Total Blanks: 6
Total Blanks: 2


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Count Column W/blanks & Values Based On Specific Date

Nov 25, 2009

I am in desperate need of a function that will count a column of data where there are blanks and values based on a certain date that will also capture any data that is added after refreshing the table from Access. I have tried several functions but this is what I have: =(ROWS('TouchBack Detail'!$Q:$Q)*COLUMNS('TouchBack Detail'!$Q:$Q))+(COUNTIFS('TouchBack Detail'!$B:$B,'Nov TouchBack Summary'!B$1)). The result should be 3 but itís including all other cells in the column that are not and should not be included in the refreshed tableís data (Table_TouchBack.accdb). I have attached the spreadsheet for review. The function is in cell B27 highlighted in yellow.

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Using Count If To Count Corresponding Blanks?

Jun 16, 2014

I have a sheet here where I would like to have a table that counts all the categories in column A only if there is no corrsponding date in column B. So it will take each category and output the number of them that have a blank in the B column.

see attached example. I've tried various combinations of countif and isblank but it just doesn't seem to want to work for me.

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Count Only Duplicates

Sep 7, 2008

I would like to be able to count only the duplicate numbers without having to put the actual number in the formula.



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Count Without Duplicates

Oct 13, 2009

In my attachment is what i'm working with. In the first worksheet tab, "NOTBA 10 09", i need it to count what's in the other worksheets, minus the duplicates.

So C4 should be referencing to H3:H21 in the 04-Edmonton worksheet. The number it should be showing is 11, however it's counting 15 because there's 5 entries for CDAU034479. Is there a way for it to basically count what's in that column, minus the duplicates?

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Count And Flag Duplicates

Jun 12, 2014

I am using a CountIf formula to flag duplicate entries in a column of data, in a Column I have "=COUNTIF(P:P,P1)" It returns a number equal to the number of repeats of the data in call "P1". I then sort by that column to isolate all rows which have duplicates in Column "P". The cell has "1" if there are no repeats, "2" if there is one repeat, "3" if there are two repeats, etc. What I would like is a formula which would put a "1" in the cell the first time it sees data, then something else when it sees repeats. That way when I sort, ALL the repeats will be together and can be deleted. Is that possible?

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Count Duplicates In Column?

Jul 21, 2014

I have a column with something like 20 thousand rows. I would like a formula that basically checks the column for duplicates and numbers the sets of duplicates. So if there are 5 cells that are all "Server10" I would like for the formula to place a one next to all of those cells. And for the next set of duplicates it finds I would for it to place a 2 next to all of those cells. Essentially my end goal is to sort the sheet so that all of the matching duplicates are all together. There might be some simple filtering method here that I'm overlooking but if there is..... I'm overlooking it lol. And to be clear I don't want to eliminate the duplicates, I just want them grouped together.

I've attached a very simple example of what I would like the formula to do. The cells in the right column would be the result of the formula.

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Count The Duplicates In At Least 2 Columns

Jan 20, 2010

I have columns from A to AA and need to count the duplicates in at least 2 columns and accordingly need to give them values on the basis of their ratings (A, B, C, D) and type of work (book, article etc) given in yet other columns.

I tried COUNTIF, but that does not work for multiple perimeters
I tried SUMPRODUCT, =SUMPRODUCT(($G$4:$G$3000=$G28)*($AA$4:$AA$3000=AA28)), but that only gives a multiplication of my input without the possibility of giving new values to the output.

I tried AND(IF( but that did not want to work either really...

I think the solution is ifsum, but I do not know how to use it in this scenario...

I know this all sounds a bit blurry, so let me attempt to make it more concrete.

Author Title Year Rating Type Desired outcome
P Marx I 2005 I A I Book I duplicate
A Hegel I 1923 I B I Article I -
B Kant I 1674 I D I Book I -
A Derrida I 2005 I D I Monograph............................

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Count And Delete Duplicates

Mar 12, 2014

I have an excel sheet which has product list according to each site. I want to count any duplicate products and delete the duplicates.

I have attached an excel worksheet with example template to show what i want it to look like.

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Count Without Counting Duplicates Twice

Nov 27, 2007

i need to put serial no. without considering duplicate value.. i have ' N ' of value somewhere data is repeating when i am giving serial no i want to ignore duplicate value ...example given ... please see attached file..

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