Filter List To Only Show Uniques

Feb 20, 2008

I have a list with many duplicate names in it, from which I only wanted 1 instance of each name, to be placed in another sheet. So, I recorded a macro that selects, from the sheet called "Data", column E (the column with the relevant list), copy/paste's it into sheet 3 in column A, selects the new column, and runs an Advanced Filter command on it, to identify and display all the unique names in it in the same place. It ran just fine when I recorded it. But then, when I deleted the data created by the macro and tried to re-run it, I got random data. I found that whenever I click on a different cell, it provides a different output. I only want it to select Column E, and copy paste that, not other random columns depending on which cell is currently selected. This is my

Sub Fetch_Unique_Names()
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveCell.Range("A1:A2176").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterInPlace, Unique _
End Sub

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List Uniques In Alphabetical Order

Nov 18, 2006

I have this formula below it will list uniques from column A but I would like it return in a alphabetical order. Is there a way to add that condition in the formula below a all in one formula?



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List Uniques From Multiple Columns

May 4, 2007

I would like to get a unique list of letters from multiple columns.

I tried to use this formula below but it does not work with multiple columns....

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Advanced Filter To Filter A List Of Data

Jan 14, 2010

How do I go about using an advanced filter to filter a list of data e.g.


and have the filter extract only the boat entries to another worksheet, so on another worksheet I end up with


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Show Filter In A Header?

Dec 2, 2013

Is it possible to show a filter in a Header.


Column H has a list of names i.e. Fred, Barney etc.

Is it possible that when you select all the Barney names in header (the left one) shows the wording "Filter: Barney" ?

Just a thought only sometimes I have to filter and print off a sheet and the area with the names in does not get printed therefore a "Filter: xxx" would be quite useful.

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Filter To Show Top 5 Items

Jun 24, 2014

In my code to filter on some data i'm trying to filter out the top 5 highest values.

[Code] ......

The code just fails to run properly.

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Filter To Show Only Text

Dec 14, 2006

i am using e2k and i have got to filter some data where the filter relevant data is in one column formated as "standard". it contains either only numbers or letters mixed with numbers. in case of a mixed cell the first symbol is always a letter.
i need a way to filter only those rows which contain a mixed cell. the filter criteria should be something like !=#*

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Show Name Without Duplicates Using Filter Data Using ListBox

May 9, 2014

I am filtering data using listbox (userform).

I want listbox show only names(without duplicates).

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Show Blank In Filter In Active Column

Feb 20, 2009

i try to create vba code, which will filter blankc cell in column where is cursor. this is my try, but it doesnt works.

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Pivot Table Filter To Show Null / Zero Value?

Mar 11, 2014

I would like to be able to filter my pivot table to shows the rows with no data ?

I can make "no value" appear in the pivot table in 2 ways - either by using column field as well as row fields or by using the "show items with no data" option in value field settings but I cant get filter to show only the "no value" rows

Sum of rev
Column Labels
Row Labels


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Auto Filter And Show Only Relevant Data

Jun 16, 2014

My task is to write a macro on auto filtering. I got 2 columns of relevant data. Cells in column A show the team name and corresponding cell in column C shows the person who belongs to the team.

For clear illustration, this is an example of the list I got.

A1: A, C1: XX
A2: A, C2: YY
A3: A, C3: ZZ
A4: B, C4: XX
A5: B, C5, 00
A6: B, C6: 11

What I need to do is to write a macro that auto filters and shows only relevant data.

Assume XX used to be in team A but now moved to team B. When i filter for team A, i need all members who are/were in team A.

For instance, when i want team A, it has to include A1-A4 and when i want team B, it has to include A1,A4-A6.

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Show/Filter Data From Formula Criteria

Apr 10, 2008

Im looking for a way to select between multiple choices linked to one criteria. Eg criteria beeing Chain x Article 1, which should give me the option to show and select from multiple unique values linked to that criteria (in attached example values 1 or 30 in column AQ marked in yellow). If possible solution should be formulas/functions.

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Data Validation List Automatically Show The First Item In The List Rather Than Showing Blank

Jun 20, 2008

I can't seem to find a way to make a data validation list automatically show the first item in the list rather than showing blank.

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Filter Column To Show Dates After A Point In Time

May 11, 2009

I have a column filled with dates in DD/MM/YYYY format. They go back to 2006.

I want to filter all dates from last monday onwards how do you do this?

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Pivot Tables - Show Report Filter Pages

Mar 3, 2014

By using this function I have managed to do a 1000 sheet report, 1 for every customer.

However, my problem is that I don't know a way of globally setting the print area for every single sheet.

Also, the reports are not exactly the same size, they will vary from 5 to 12 columns.

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Filter Show The Most Recent (highest Row) Unique Entry

Jul 30, 2008

Is there a way to make Advance Filter show the most recent (highest row)unique entry instead of the first entry (lowest row)?

For instance if a spread sheet has

1 1
1 2
1 3
2 1
2 2
2 3
3 1
3 2
3 3

I want to keep the "1 3", "2 3", and "3 3" entry, not "1 1", "2 1", and "3 1".

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Filter Data To Show Only Employees Who Are TRUELY Tardy

Nov 19, 2009

I have an excel sheet with over 4,000 rows of records regarding our 80+ employees clocking in. There are three columns:

A: Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
B: Time (HH:MM:SS)
C: Employee Name

Our employees are expected to be at work (and clock-in) at or before 8am.

At first, I just filtered the data to display only rows that have a time value of between 8am and 9am (the hour when most people are tardy). However, I now realize this is not a very accurate way of reporting tardiness.

Our forklift driver, for example, almost always arrives at 7:45am, but then works around the entrance and has to scan his card (clock-in) several times throughout the morning to get back into the building. So if he's moving something outside and comes BACK inside at 8:30am, my current "filter" inaccurately reports him as tardy for that day.

Is there some way to filter this data to first reduce it down to their earliest clock-in for the day, THEN isolate only the 8am - 9am data (if we did that, the forklift driver problem would be solved because his only time for that day would be 7:45am - his TRUE clock-in). The forklift driver is just one example. Many other employees occasionally go in/out of that door and end up clocking in multiple times, so are getting wrongly reported as tardy.

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Show (Filter) Rows Based On Multiple Criteria

Jan 29, 2009

I'm trying to create a formula (used in sheet 2 column B) that would generate the results in sheet2.B based on the contents of sheet 1. sheet2.B2 would contain a formula searching for the both "Y" in sheet1.C and the text in sheet2.A2 (in this case "E&P"). When each match is found, the contents of sheet1.A should be returned to sheet2.B, as shown in the mockup. There will be multiple matches (at least 15-20) for each search criteria, and I don't know how many there will be ahead of time.

I've tried various formulas, and they either have incorrect syntax and return every row in a range, or only return the first match correct match each time instead of all correct matches. I found some UDFs posted online that claim to do this, but I've gotten them into the spreadsheet and they generate # NUM errors. I would prefer to work with Excel-native formulas if possible, because I'm going to eventually hand this off to someone else to maintain and they may not have the level of expertise to deal with UDFs.

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Counting Uniques ..

Apr 23, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to count the number of unique countries where there is an office.

So pretty much, I want to count the unique entries in Column A where there is an X in Column C.

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Sum Uniques Across Worksheets

Feb 25, 2007

I would like to sum uniques across worksheets. Below are the formulas that Domenic provided me and it works great but I could not modify the formula below that is in red to sum uniques instead.


Define Names:










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Count Of Uniques

Oct 16, 2007

I want something to give me the total of different names in column A, I know the total is 8 but if I add another name I want Excel to add it up automatically in cell A2 in sheet #2.

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VBA To Hide / Show Columns Based On Filter And Multiple Criteria

Mar 8, 2014

I have a very large table and i need to be able to Hide/show specific ranges based on:

Filter +and+ specific cell values in columns

brief example of the table : tablee.png

1. Filter Column "B" (in this case we select "HELPING")
2. Auto hide/show collumns. - IF "C1" = "Required" THAN Show "C:E", IF "C1" ="N/A" , HIDE "C:E" and so on for every column like above.

There are over 80 columns like the "C:E" range. and I only need to show those that are "Required".

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Filter Table To Show Data Meeting Wildcard Criteria

Apr 10, 2008

My goal is for any of my team members to be able to use a macro to delete all of the unwanted text from a fairly large worksheet and only show their specific information. I created it for myself and posted a slimmed down version of it below. Instead of the macro deleting any rows that do not have BRANDON SCOTT in column D, I want a pop up box to enter your name, and then any rows that do not have your name in column D will be deleted. Iím sure it is something simple, but I have not been able to find another forum with this information.

Sub MyTeam2()
With Columns("D")
. AutoFilter field:=1, Criteria1:="<>BRANDON SCOTT*"
.Resize(Rows.Count - 1).Offset(1).EntireRow.Delete
End With
End Sub

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Lookup With Non-uniques In The Range

Mar 18, 2007

looking for a way to look in a column for a value, and then spit out the highest value in corresponding cells in a column further over

so i want to look at all the classes associated with the same case, and have excel spit out the highest CscR no associated with those cells that do match..

yes i could do it manually, but my actual file has like 4000 samples in the first column.

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Formula That Displays Uniques Only

Jul 14, 2008

I have a list of names in a column that will be changing on a weekly basis (with some names repeating). I need to create a Named Range that only counts unique values from that list of names (dynamically changing every week).

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Count Non-Blanks & Uniques

Aug 7, 2007

I have about 160 rows in collumn A. I want Excel to count them, but ignore blank ones and repeated ones. How can I accomplish this using macro?

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Copy Uniques To Another Worksheet

Sep 5, 2007

Once I have used this code to filter for unique item(s)

Sheets("Source Data"). Range("Data").AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterInPlace, CriteriaRange:=Sheets("Source Data").Range( _
'"Criteria"), Unique:=True
Sheets("Source Data").ShowAllData

As this filter searches for unique value there is only 1 row of info. I then want to select specific (1 or 2 cells) info from this row and the make this cell(s) = to a cell on another worksheet. As this unique row might be 199; I don't know how to reference it using VBA. I know what columns I need but cannot determine which row it will be in. Assist as I have looked at various threads w.r.t. duplicates/autofilter/search but cannot seem to get the correct code.

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Formula To Count Uniques In Column

Feb 19, 2008

I use this formula to count uniques in Column I if they started with "P" :

Now if I add 2 more criteria it gives a wrong result" :

as 0.0625

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Count Uniques In Visible Cells

May 9, 2008

I have attached a sample sheet. Can someone be kind enough to teach me how to count unique numbers of visible cells ( I would be applying filter in the table) in textbox 1; and subtotal of the visible list in textbox 2?

Right now the range to count unique numbers is set to A2:A15, but I want to be able to change that range to other ranges, like B2:b100, etc. I do not know VB.

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Pivot Table - How To Filter Only Last Dates And Show Related Rest Column Status

Apr 16, 2014

I've a table of historical members status list. with this table, I could track each member status history, since the beginning they become a member.

Here is the short of table

Member Status

New Member

[Code] ....

I expect to use Pivot table to show how many people which are still "New Member" and/or "Junior Member" up to now. From the table above, there should be: only one person who still as New Member. because it is only Smith, and only two people with Junior Member. they are Adel and Jhon.

I've search around and found the following useful link, viewing only the last date in a pivot table for each user
also A quick way to return the latest date in a subset in Excel

How to know the last status of each user (each member in my case).

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