Insert Row Macro To Copy Down Conditional Format & Functions

Jul 6, 2009

I have a spreadsheet whereby in each cell of a row there may be a formula or/& conditional statement applicable. I would like to create a macro that can perform the insert of the new row as well copy down from cell above applicable functions as well as conditional formats that maybe resident. Can this be done?

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Copy And Paste Actual Format From Conditional Format?

Apr 12, 2012

I have a range which has conditional formats based on other cells. I want to copy this range into another sheet and retain the current formats as fixed formats without copying the conditional formulae. ideally in VBA.

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Copy Conditional Format From One Cell To Whole Row

Jul 25, 2002

I wonder how to copy a conditional format from one cell to its current row.

I've attached an example (if B3 is green then I'd like its whole row turns green too).

I think there should be an "easy" way to turn the whole rows green, red or whatever color based on the B column formats (or colors)..........

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Copy Down Cells After Conditional Format

Nov 13, 2008

I conditionally formated a spreadsheet to delete all repeats. Now I have my rows numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 15, 20, 26, 36 (no specific order because the number of repeats were random). I inserted a new column (A) and want a running set of numbers (1,2,3,4) starting at A4. The only problem is that when I put a 1 in the A4 box and try to drag down in the bottom right corner of the cell with CTL+Click, it copies the number 1 all of the way down. What do I do?

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Insert Comment & Format Macro

Jun 3, 2006

I wanted to make a simple macro forinserting a comment, given certain parameters: margins & alignment...but its not would i get this to function properly

ActiveCell.Comment.Visible = False
ActiveCell.Comment.Text Text:=""
With Selection.Font
. Name = "Tahoma"
.FontStyle = "Bold"
.Size = 8
.Strikethrough = False
.Superscript = False
.Subscript = False
.OutlineFont = False
.Shadow = False...............................

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How To Insert Conditional Language In A Macro

Jul 31, 2008

I would like to run a macro against a worksheet that will have variations in the amount of data (rows not columns). The column headings will always stay the same.

Once the basics in the macro run (formatting) I will need a certain statement to "lookup" values in a column (see values below) "count" them and give me a total.

I have attached a before and after file showing what I would like the macro to ultimateley do because it is so time consuming. Any assistance would be most appreciated.


See SLA Response Days (column)

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Insert Worksheet Macro Conditional

Mar 9, 2007

Still struggling with the calculator. Is there anyway to get a macro to insert a set number of worksheets. The set number would be the sum of two fields on Sheet 1.
Example attached. I have searched the forum and can now use a macro to insert a worksheet but have no idea how to tailor it.

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Copy Conditional Format On Dropdown List?

Mar 5, 2013

I have a drop down list in one column which I have formatted to change colour when chosen. What I want to do is to copy the colour on the other two columns beside it when it change. I manged to do one row by adding a new rule using "use a formulat to determine which cells to format" with the formula =$D$29="Awaiting Approval" (This is just one option on the list.)

Now my problem is how I am going to copy the same format to other rows without doing it one bye one or manually i.e. changing $D$29 to $D$30 I did the format painter but it does not reflect the lists on their respective rows/list/cell.

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Insert Row- Macro Pasting Format And Formulas Under Last Row

Jul 19, 2006

I need to paste the format and formulas of the last row of data into a new row beneath it. I've seen a bunch of different end row functions, but which one is best and how do I only paste the formulas and formatting?

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Can I Copy Format From Conditional Formatting To Other Sheet Or Cells?

Sep 9, 2003

Can i copy format from conditional formatting to other sheet or cells?

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Conditional Macro - Insert Text And Lock All Duplicate Cells Except For First One

Sep 16, 2012

I am new to VBA but I am trying to insert text and lock all duplicate cells except for the first one. Below is the macro I am trying to make. I keep getting an error on the line:


This is my macro:

Sub SetVoters()
' SetVoters Macro

Sub SetVoters()
' SetVoters Macro


[Code] ......

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Running A Conditional Format Macro

Oct 11, 2006

I am trying to call the routine posted on this site as:- Excel Conditional Formatting: Get Around Excel's 3 Criteria Limit in Conditional Formatting
whenever a cell with a data validation list is changed. The list is of countries and the cell value is the lookup value for a VLOOKUP. Based on the VLOOKUP result I needed 7 formats, so tried to use the code above. The code works OK only if you change the result cell manually. Can the routine be made to run on the list selection?

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Conditional Format Macro Code

Nov 14, 2006

I'm try to get a macro to do a 5 Colour Conditional format. I've searched the previous questions as recommended, and found code that I think will do the job. I've tried to modify it to my own specs, but I can't get it to do want I want. Basically I need it to colour code the cells based on the ball number within them. As I can't get the code to work, I don't know if the colour values are correct? Also given that cells are white by default, balls 1 - 9 don't need to be part of the code do they? I've attached a small example of what I've managed so far, with the macro code enbedded. Also what's the correct way of cpoying & pasting macro code from one spreadshhet to another? The simple copy and paste seems to stop the code working correctly. Any help would be greatfully received.

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Conditional Format & Sort Macro For Ranking

Nov 21, 2007

=IF(($C$3=20),- SUM((C28:C47),IF(($C$3=18),-SUM(C28:C45,IF(($C$3=22),-SUM(C28:C49),"")))))

When C3 = 20 the sum formula is correctly returned. When C3 = 18 or 22 "FALSE" is returned.

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Insert Functions Disabled

Feb 23, 2010

I have a worksheet that all of the icons that start a macro disappeared. The workbook will not let me insert a pic, or clipart. Nothing is locked.

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Macro Fill Down Function Is Changing Format In Conditional Formatting

Dec 18, 2013

When I hit the macro code you see below I get both columns D and E, starting from row 18, to get 'filled down' to the specified spot. Every second row has a conditional format (when a value is entered in column A) to change the row to the color grey, and every row between it has a conditional format (when any value is entered in column A as well) to have the row changed to the color red. The issue here is that the Macro code messes up the conditional formatting and uses the conditional formatting of those two cells, which are being dragged down, for those entire filled-down columns! This is what I am starting off with test1.xlsm and this is what I end up with using the macro code below (or doing it manually)


Is there a way for the Macro code to bypass this issue?

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Insert Different Functions Depending On Adjacent Cell Value?

Mar 20, 2014

I have six complex functions, which I would like to place in [A2] depending on what is placed in [A1], The functions themselves are quite extensive and I don't want to use any active functions (like INDIRECT) as this will cause slow calculations. [A1] will just be a given name to each of these functions.

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Macro Code For Conditional Format (send The Value Of Selected Item In Texbox)

Mar 23, 2009

I want to send the value of selected item in texbox , the value format is change by combobox value ..and I want the value is fill on the next column of sheet ( see attached file please)

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Insert Multiple Characters Into String With LEFT RIGHT Functions?

Apr 29, 2014

I've got a long list of account numbers of varying length and ultimately need to add a dash and a dot into these numbers. Here's an example

12345678 to> 1-2345.678
123456789 to> 12-3456.789
1234567890 to> 123-4567.890

The standard format is always 3 numbers after the . and 4 numbers between the - and .

I can get to this by doing a series of functions starting with this:

=LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-3)&"."&RIGHT(A1,3) to get 12345.678 or 123456.789

copy/pasting that value into another field and then doing this

=LEFT(E1,LEN(E1)-8)&"-"&RIGHT(E1,8) to get the results above

I can't quite figure out the format to combine the multiple steps/functions into one so that I'm not copy/pasting values and re-doing the function.

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Macro Used To Insert Rows And Copy Formulas

Jul 13, 2009

I was searching through this site and found this macro ...

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Insert Rows Macro & Copy Formats

Sep 25, 2006

I need to find a way to insert a row (preferably at the bottom of an existing list) that mirrors the formatting of the row above.

I have had a stab at this (see attached example file) but my solution requires the user to select the correct activecell before it works correctly

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Macro To Insert Lines And Then Copy And Paste Data?

Aug 23, 2012

I'm looking for a way to write a macro to insert 5 lines at the end of the data in column A. Then I want to copy a range into the newly inserted lines. I would press a button anytime I need this to occur.

Current last line of data A39

Need to insert 5 rows after A39

Then copy range BA30:CB34 into the newly inserted rows.

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Conditional Functions In Worksheet

Aug 4, 2009

I have an excel problem with formula. Iím not sure of the formula I think its sumif but donít know how to express the criteria . I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will total the data from Colum B, C & D. I have 3 columns with the following data.

Column B Heading Length
Column C Heading Width
Column D Heading Depth

Column E Heading LM (lineal meters) will have the data only from column B. Column F Heading M2 will equal the data of column B & C (remembering the math is M2 = column B x Column C. Column G Heading M3 will equal the data of Column B, C & D (remembering the math is M3 = column B x Column C x Column D. Thatís the easy part but in columns H to J, I have other headings and column K is my Rate.

Column L is my subtotal and this is where my problem lies, because the formula is =SUM(E1:J1)*K1 it has the potential to double up on figures when I use the dropdown formula for Columns E,F, and G all data is carried down with them. I want Column E to show only the value, if column B has a number and Columns C & D are empty. I want Column F to show only the value, if columns B & C have a number and Column D is empty. I want Column G to show on the value, if all columns have a number. If all these conditions are met, then only a value will be displayed in either column E, F, G Remembering that the values returned must be multiplied by the value of each number in the columns.

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Conditional Average From Two Address Functions

Jun 26, 2008

I'm trying to calculate a monthly average from a set of daily values in a separate sheet. I managed to use some nifty code to return the address of the first value in the month, and the address of the last value in the month.

I tried to create an AVERAGE formula to compute the average between these two looked up address and I'm getting various errors, including #DIV/0 which doesn't make sense to me. Here is the summary of the code I'm using, in generic terms.

Formula to lookup first address in month:

Formula to lookup last address in month:
=ADDRESS(MATCH( DATE(YEAR(A57),MONTH(A57)+1,0),'Sheet2'!$A$1:$A$2000,0),12,4,TRUE,"Sheet2"))

Average formula (not working):


A57 is the cell in Sheet1 containing the relevant month, for example in this case it is 4/1/2008 (displayed as Apr-2008). Column A in Sheet2 contains the daily dates. Column 12 in Sheet2 contains the relevant data that I want to average.

I've tested the two address lookup formulas and they are working fine. I assume I'm missing some sort of small conversion such that the average formula is not reading the ADDRESS formulas as addresses.

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Conditional Copy VBA Macro Code

May 1, 2008

I have 2 workbooks that I am working out of. Workbook number 1 is where the data is going to be saved from workbook number 2. I need to copy data from workbook number 2 but there are several road blocks. 1) I need to search for specific information in column E. Anytime information is listed under this colomun it is listed 2 times one on top of the other with a different peice of information to the right of each one. note that the items that I am looking for on this sheet will no always be there.

What to copy under E / F
1 BAR | $5,123
2 BAR | 24

Once the first "Bar" has been found, F1 & F2 need to be copied to workbook 1 to different locations on the active sheet. The names will always be listed together and the data will always be to the right.

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Conditional Formatting With INDEX/MATCH Functions On Seperate Worksheets.

Apr 16, 2009

I know there are many posts concerning this, but after scouring, I couldn't find one that fit my situation. I have a total of six worksheets, I am only concerned with two worksheets.

Worksheet (functions!)

This one has a list of numbers formatted as general. (Column G)

Is actually a formula/macro that outputs a number... (didn't know if this mattered?)

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Copy-paste From Csv To Xls Macro > Wrong Date Format

Apr 27, 2009

I'm exporting a csv file from a membership database with the attendance of members. With a macro i open the file and copy the contend to excel. With the macro the column for the date has *randomly* wrong formats. Example the date in column B:

Aasia Tallah19-03-2009 19:33
Aasia Tallah17/03/09 7:49 pm
Aasia Tallah15/03/09 7:53 pm
Aasia Tallah14/03/09 6:34 pm
Aasia Tallah03-12-2009 20:05
Aasia Tallah03-11-2009 19:56
Aasia Tallah03-10-2009 19:54

I try to change the format of the column, but that does not work. Rows 2,3 and 4 seem to be text but they are not. If i access the edit bar for example the 17th of march and store without changing anything, it changes to the format of the first row. That is how i want it. If i copy the column by hand, every thing is fine.

All of the following i tryed:
- format date column of the csv before copying... failed
- copy special with only pasting values... failed
- preformat the column i paste the date to... failed
- delete the sheet i paste to and create a new one... failed
- copy the macro to a new workbook... failed

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Save Conditional Format Colour But Delete Condition Format

Dec 19, 2006

I have a Sheet ( Named "Summary" for Example ) of about 4,000 Rows that has a LOT of Conditional Formatting.

I Added Another 100 Rows this Morning and when I Tried Saving it a Message Saying that Not All the Formatting for the New Data that had Been Added had Been Saved. Is there a Macro or Something I can Run that will Make the Conditionally Formatted Cells Stay the Colour that they are but Delete the Conditional Formatting Part of it Achieved Using "Format" & "Conditional Format" from the Menu Please.

Ideally I would like to be Able to Enter the Number of Rows ( From Row ? to Row ? ) that I want this to Apply to.

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Conditional Copy/Paste Special Values Macro

Jan 15, 2008

I have 9 worksheets in a book with sheets 1-8 used for data entry, and sheet 9 used for a weekly data upload. Sheets 1-8 are all formatted the same, they just represent different vendors. I need a macro to look through column F (invoice number) on sheets 1-8 and see if the value of each cell already appears in column c on sheet 9. If the value is not found and the row value for column M (sheets 1-8) is >0, I need to copy the data from columns D:K and paste special values into the next blank row on sheet 9.

Basically I'm trying to see if I've already paid an invoice, and if not then I need to automatically add the data for payment. I've tried to mess around with a VBA code myself and ended up with a migraine every time. I've also tried to use the advanced filter, but the cell values I need to copy over contain formulas and conditional formatting...not to mention I can't delete the data on sheet 9 that has already been added.

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Conditional Format Based On A Conditional Format

Feb 9, 2010

I have five fields that have a conditional format applied to them: (see attached).
Columns J, K, L, N and O. These conditionals highlight if a minimum number is entered. Ex. Minimum pushups for a 30 y/o male is 27, if a 26 is entered it highlights red. The total score (where I need this to perform) is calculated in column Q. It will format red if the total score is below 75 but what I can't figure out is how to make it format if any of the previous minimums have not been met.

Ex. In cell L4, his crunches were 25 (a automatic failure -- red formatting). Now the total score is above 75 so it calculates as passing (green), but I need it to highlight red regardless because of the minimum not met in cell L4.

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