List Most Recent File Creation Date

Nov 20, 2009

I put together some code which at the end of it I am wanting to show in cell D1 the creation date for the most recently created file found.

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Record Filename And Creation Date Of File Used In Another File

Mar 21, 2014

I have a template file that I import data in to, which is then saved with the current date. This works, but I want to automate the import of the data, but ensure I don't duplicate the load.
Therefore, I have a tab 'FileLog' that I record the filename (variable by date) in column A and Creation timestamp in column B.

How do I obtain the filename and creation timestamp of the import data so that they can be entered?

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Remove File From Recent File List 2007

Apr 3, 2008

When I click on the "Office Button", then in the recent "documents dialog box" there is a list of my worksheets plus an "allsenatename" file". This then downloads a worksheet from a website. I don't know how it was added to my list, I must have entered it when looking at that web site in error.

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Change File Original Creation Date

Mar 22, 2004

I am wondering how you can change Excel's original file creation date. You can find it by right-clicking on a speadsheet icon then going to:

File - Properties
Custom Tab
Click on Advanced
Look for a field called "Date Created"

Some dates you can edit/change, but I haven't figured out how to change this one yet. I'd like to know because I have a need to change the date on a particular spreadsheet.

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Random List Creation

Jun 28, 2006

This might be a little complex to understand but I am going to try to make it clear as to what I am in need of. Basically I have a larger macro that runs and I need to add a pop up that asks for a percentage to be put into a new sheet. The percent is the percent of random rows on the current sheet to be put into a new sheet. Then it would have to create the new sheet with the random information. This is for a audit and we want to have it done randomly and no duplicates. There are no duplicates in the list at this point. The width if needed is from column A to column E.

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Dynamic Creation Of List Box

Jan 17, 2007

i am SAP developer and i m working on SAP - excel integration. i am fetching data from SAP tables in to excel and in each row of the excel i want to create a dynamic list box and populate dynamic values.

i know the logic for data fetching but not logic for cretion of list box dynamically and handling events of dynamic list boxes..

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Dynamic Creation Of Validation List

Jan 29, 2007

i want to create dynamic validation list in excel. The logic shd be like
this. i m fetching data from SAP on the click of execute button in sheet2. at this point of time i want to create dynamic validation list in sheet2 in row "E". and data to be filled in the list will be fetched from sheet1. i have added new named range in sheet1 called"mbe"(in sheet1!A) when user will execute excel i will feel data in sheet1 cloumn A. and i have written this code in the click of execute button :

With ActiveSheet.Range("myrange")
.Validation.Add xlValidAlertStop, , "=mbe"

.Validation.InCellDropdown = True
.Validation.IgnoreBlank = True
End With

its giving runtime error "1004" (object defined error)

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File Creation Based On Name Of Month Mentioned Columns

Mar 25, 2008

I have the a file with the below Columnar format:

CoName April May June... till Mar

I have 15 Company Names. I need to create a file for every CoName-Month Combination.

CoName April
CoName May, etc

I do not want to create 15x12=180 files manually.

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Copy Most Recent File To Another Directory

Sep 11, 2009

I've got this code that will copy data into my worksheet from the most recent .IRP file generated on my C:/ drive. Along with copying the data to my worksheet, I'd like to have a copy of the IRP file copied to a folder on my L:/Drive.

In the code section I've commented out the code that allows the data from the most recent file to be copied to my worksheet. I found code that supposedly will copy a file to a new directory. I want to combine this into my code to allow both to happen. Here's my attempt.

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How To Open Most Recent File In A Folder

Nov 24, 2009

I am using the code below to Open the most recent file in a folder.But once it Identifies the most recent file I get a run time error"1004"

xxxxxxxxxxxxx(name of File) could't be found.At line "Wookbooks.Open strFilename".My question is , why can't it open it, it has the location and the file name?

This code works as long as the macro and target file are in the same directory(Folder)

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Circulating Error On Creation Of Dynamic Validation List

Aug 13, 2014

I've converted to a dynamic validation list which allows for a selection of data to be made available based on the selection of the two previous columns.

Unfortunately since creating the new validation a circulating error occurs when tabbing through the table (B) to create a new line or entry? Additionally I've found the following to occur also;

1. The payments and PO# columns converts a red shade colour?

2. The validation on Table B description column do not work while in excel online edit mode?

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List Recent Changes To Document?

Oct 22, 2007

Is there a way to list the recent changes to an excel document on the document itself?

For example, I have just 4 or 5 columns in the sheet, but out the the right on the 7th column I'll have a header that says "Recent Changes". Below that for X amount of rows, I would like it to keep a running change list something like this:

B14 was changed from '6.021' to '6.5' by username on 10/21/07 3:45 pm
A23 was changed from 'Sally' to 'Billy' by username on 10/21/07 2:30 pm

I thought this up by looking at the way the "Track Changes" functionality works on the Tools menu. That will highlight the cells in blue as they are changed and will also let someone look back through changes to let them accept or deny.

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Search For Most Recent File In Folder. 2007

Jan 22, 2008

I am using Excel 2007 so I CANNOT use application.filesearch.

With that said, I need to change one of my old macros that searched for the newest file within a specified folder, and then display the name of that file in a message box that gives the person an option of opening the file. I've read too many workarounds for application.filesearch and I'm not sure how to combine them all into something I can use.

Normally I have a bit of code to start with, but this one has me so baffled I don't know where to start.

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Stdev Using Most Recent Data From List

Aug 2, 2006

If I have 50 data points sorted in order (oldest --> newest), how do I do a stdev function that will only pull the 24 most recent points?

Essentially, I have 14 columns with 50 data points each. At the end of the list (or maybe beginning - under the column header) I want to do a stdev calculation referring to the most recent 24 points and a second for the most recent 36 points.

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Excel / VBA / Outlook Integration - Attach Most Recent File

Jun 21, 2013

I am trying to create a script for a manually morning process that I need to complete that entials downloading a number of .PDF files and sending them out to a distribution list. I am unable to automate that actual saving of the files onto the network drive, but I believe I can automate the process of attaching them to the email. I have run across some problems so far though, this is what I have been able to come up with. After doing a bit of research it seems as though using cmd would be the best way to locate and attach the file but I am still unable to get it to run properly:

Sub AttachMultiple()
With CreateObject("Outlook.Application").CreateItem(0)
.To = ""
.Subject = "Test"
.Attachments.Add Split(CreateObject("").exec("cmd /c Dir 'G:Client ReportingMGIDaily
ReportsAGFAJune 2013*.pdf' /b /o-d").stdout.readall, vbCrLf)(0)
End With
End Sub

Here is an example of a folder I will be trying to pull the most recent saved PDF from, there are about 10 similar folders:

I feel like I am relatively close to completely this, my cmd syntax may just be a little off.

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Get Date Of Most Recent Activity

Apr 11, 2014

I have one spreadsheet with a list of materials by material number. I have another with all sales activity. How can I pull into the first spreadsheet the date of the latest activity from the second spreadsheet?

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Formula For Most Recent Date

Dec 23, 2009

I have a workbook to keep track of names and dates of a specific action. There are 10-15 names that recur on the list. The most recent action is added to the bottom of the list. The names are in column I and the date of the action is in column J.

The problem is having to scroll through the list to find the most recent action for each person. Ideally i'd like to have a list of the names in column N and then in column O the most recent date in the list for each name.

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Return Value :: Most Recent Date Using MAX

Apr 10, 2007

Looking at a series of rows that contain dates (in one column).

Return the value of the cell in the column next to the most recent date.

I can get the most recent date using MAX, but how do I tell Excel to return the value of the cell next to it?

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Extract Row By Most Recent Date

Aug 7, 2007

I have data resembling the following

Col A

Col B

Col C

Is there a formula where I can extract the entire row for the most recent date, in this case Row 4 containing Sun,15/08/2007,D would be returned.

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Lookup For Most Recent Date

Aug 20, 2008

I want to lookup an ID which there may be three of, but I would want the most recent date out of the three ID. I can get this to work by putting the column in ascending order but this is not very practical.

Is there any way I can do a lookup and add a date parameter to lookup the most recent?

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Set Default So That Recent Page Opens When Click File Button?

Dec 12, 2013

Is it possible to set the default page to open when clicking the file button? In particular, I use the recents feature a lot but never have I looked at the information on the information page. Everytime I click the file button I have to then select recents which is annoying.

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Select Latest Effective Record By Creation Date Field?

Apr 10, 2014

I have an excel file with the ID, Name, workID and Creation date fields. Some people have several work ID's created in different times. How can I select row that contain work ID's that were created the latest. I may have several records per person, I need only the latest record. File contains about 3000 records, I can't go through all of them.

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Formula To Lookup Most Recent Date?

Jul 23, 2014

I have a list of numbers column A and a list of dates in column b, i need a formula which looks up the most recent for each of the numbers. can this be done?

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Delete All Rows Except Most Recent Date

Jan 26, 2009

Have a sheet with 24K rows. Column A is client name. Column B are check dates. The info is sorted by client then check date. Clients can have one to many check dates, so I client is listed as many times as there are check dates. If ten checks, then ten rows for that client. One check then one row for that client.

I only want to keep the last/most recent check date for each client, deleting all other rows for that client with check dates before the most recent. I believe I need to step through the file comparing column A, row by row, to see if I have a match for the next row in A. If no match I keep that row, because there is only one check, and move down one. If a match, then I delete the current row.

How to code this is my problem. Is it a loop?

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Highlight Only Most Recent Change By Date?

Nov 3, 2011

I'm trying to put a report together that shows the most recent salary increase for each employee. Below is a snap shot of what my pivot looks like - How can I format the report to only show the most current change - Which in this case would be the 2 highlighted rows....

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Most Recent Date From Multiple Columns

Oct 27, 2006

I've searched the site, but have not found anything that matches what I want to do. I have a statistical spreadsheet that tracks machine accuracy by date. The spreadsheet has multiple columns per worksheet. The info is entered and sorted by date with oldest date first. I want to set up a seperate worksheet to find the most recent date from several different columns and populate it in a seperate cell. From there I'll do some calculations to identify how long it has been since a particular machine has been accuracy verified. Is there a formula to do this or does it have to be done through a macro?

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Selecting The Most Recent 10 Cells From A List Of Data To Be Included In A Formula?

Jan 3, 2014

how i can select the most recent 10 cells from a list of data to be included in a formula. I have selected it manually, for example F122:F131. This is fine but i don't know how i can put it so that it will update to the 10 most recent results when i input another line of data. So when i put in more data it stays on the previously selected. I want it to move shift down to include the new data but only the 10 most recent.

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VBA To Create New Workbook From Most Recent User-numbers From Exported List

Apr 15, 2012

I need to create a macro that can produce a new workbook with the list of the most recent users of my company, so that we can print their membership cards.

From my company's admin I can export the complete list of users with their name, serial number and address. Every time we export this list, the file is saved as "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls", and "dd-mm-yyyy" as today

However, I would like to create a macro that would
1) open the most recent "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook in the folder,
2) compare the user numbers in this file with the most recent "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" and
3) produce a new "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook with the list of all new users since the last "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" ("dd-mm-yyyy" as today), based on the highest number for user number (this is a continuous list)

Note, the "userdata-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" workbook has name, serial number, address, expiration date and user number as columns.... but the extracted info to "card_order-dd-mm-yyyy.xls" is just of the name, serial number and expiration date.

What is the easiest way of doing so and what code should I use for the macro?

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Formula That Returns Most Recent Date For Particular Year

Dec 9, 2013

The data in my spreadsheet will have a column of dates that will change depending on info input in another cell.

What I need is a formula that will give me the most recent date for lets say 2012


if use the max function I get the 4/1/13 result, what I need is a formula that will return the 12/7/12 number.

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Count Data Using Most Recent Date And Aging

Jan 29, 2014

I've been trying to create a pv table that will count all the trades based on products, but they are duplicate in my set of data that I am trying to eliminate, I just want to select the trades with most recent date and if there are duplicates entries with the same date, then to select the aging column..

Column A are my trade IDs (duplicates trades), column G my dates and column O my aging days (goes up to >5). What I'd like to do is to count the trade using the most recent date and if the date is the same use the aging column. is this even possible to do using formulas?

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