Make Formula Output Another Word Again In Next Row Down

Aug 15, 2014

In column A i am using the following formula to output "Our Apple" when "Apple" is in column D and "Our Banana" when "Banana" is in column E:

[Code] .....

I would like the formula to also output "Big Apple" immediately underneath "Our Apple" when its present, and output "Big Banana" immediately below "Our Banana" when it is present.

The yellow column is how column A should look after the formula edit.

Attached File : Book2.xlsx‚Äé

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Make A Formula Output A Blank Cell?

Mar 20, 2009

I want my formula to output a blank cell if the answer is 0. Ex. [B1=IF(A1=0, ???, A1)]. I want B1 = A1 if A1 is not 0. I want B1 to output a blank cell if A1 = 0.

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Possible To Make A Word In Formula Bold?

Jul 2, 2006

I am trying to make a word within a formula bold.

The word doesn't have to be bolded depending on the result. It will either appear or not based on the result of the formula. But obviously, if it appears, it [should] be bolded...

Obviously you can't format text on the formula bar. This is something I've wanted to do in Excel for YEARS!

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Using The IF Function, To Make Entering A Word, Space Then Word Correct

May 6, 2009

How can I use the IF function, to make entering a word, space then word display correct and incorrect if not.

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How To Make The Textbox Output Whatever A Specific Cell Says

Jan 31, 2014

So I know how to make the textbox output whatever a specific cell says, but is there a way to do the opposite? make the textbox the input and have the cell changed based on the input of the textbox?

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To Make A Random Word Generator

Mar 30, 2009

I know you can make a random number generator pretty easily in excel...but is it possible to make a random word generator? I will give the words I want randomly generated.

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Make Upper Case In Every Word In A Cell

Feb 12, 2009

How can i convert into upper case every word in a given cell. For instance:
I have the following in column A: books pen desk

i want it to be like this: Books Pen Desk

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Tabled Lookup: Able To Lookup If Anywhere In A Cell Contains A Word From A List Of Words, And Then Provides An Output

Apr 27, 2009

I want to be able to lookup if anywhere in a cell contains a word from a list of words, and then provides an output.

Column G:
VAT payment
HMRC payment

I have a table on the side that shows:
Column Y Column Z

ie. If anything in column G matches one of the words in Column Y, then output the Column Z. I have use a Vlookup that works for the first two, as VAT is the first thing, but dont know how to make it work if the key word is in the middle of the cell.

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Replace Like Words In Column To Make Word Cloud?

Jun 21, 2013

how to accomplish more work quickly is proving difficult. I am making a word cloud of survey responses for my boss and he doesn't like to see similar words in the cloud (like Ease and Easy or even Fast and Quick). I have several hundred of these responses that are open ended answers that say one or many of these terms. Any way I can separate all the words and have them in one neat column? If I can get to that point, replacing those words will be simple enough.

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Output Formula Result

Feb 14, 2014

How do you write a code that will calculate a formula and output the result in a cell?

For example:

A1 = 1 (Named "Cell1")
A2 = 2 (Named "Cell2")
A3 = Results of macro for Cell1+Cell2 = 3

Is there a way to write it if I also want B3 = B1 + B2 and C3 = C1 + C2, etc.

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Formula Array Output

Jan 28, 2008

I am trying to get a list of states, based on their expiration date.

I have all 51 states listed, some states have 2, 3 or more licenses, so I created a column that I hid of the state abbreviation, for the use of formulas.

If the license expires in 30 days or less I want to display the state abbreviation. I couldnt figure out how to do an array output, so this is what I am trying to come up with.

=IF(COUNTIF('Kevin Doyle'!F5:F250, "

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Formula Not Giving Correct Output?

Mar 24, 2014

I have a fomula field in row 67 and 68 .Row 67 calculates the average and row 68 calculates the improvement i.e. average(row 68)- last row inserted(row 67). The values for improvements are not showing correct value. C68 seems to give correct value but B68 and D68 is giving wrong value.

B68=4.8-4.5 =0.3 but it shows 0.4
D68=11.3-10.2=1.1 but it shows 1.0

I have attached the sheet also.

Sheet 1.xlsx

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How To Get Output In Hindi Numbers By Formula Used

Jul 24, 2014

I'm using "Mangal" Hindi font for entering the data but I'm not getting Hindi numbers in the output by formula. The output is in English numbers which I want in Hindi numbers. The marks are in Hindi numbers but the output is in English numbers.

The remark in column "bz" should be in English.

How to get the output in Hindi numbers.

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Formula To Manage Output Orientation

Feb 9, 2010

Assuming Iíve the following sample data and wishing if the output data could be formatted using some excel formulas, refer to below sample.

Sample data (Sheet1):
StudentA | Lesson1
StudentA | Lesson21
StudentA | Lesson10
StudentA | Lesson5
StudentB | Lesson5
StudentB | Lesson6
StudentC | Lesson9
StudentC | Lesson8
StudentC | Lesson9
StudentC | Lesson15
StudentC | Lesson11
StudentC | Lesson30
StudentC | Lesson13
StudentD | Lesson1
StudentD | Lesson2
StudentD | Lesson3
StudentD | Lesson4
StudentD | Lesson5
StudentD | Lesson6
StudentD | Lesson7
StudentD | Lesson8

Sample output (Sheet2):
StudentA | StudentB | StudentC | StudentD
Lesson1 | Lesson5 | Lesson9 | Lesson1
Lesson21 | Lesson6 | Lesson8 | Lesson2
Lesson10..................Lesson9 | Lesson3
Lesson5....................Lesson15 | Lesson4
.................................Lesson11 | Lesson5
.................................Lesson30 | Lesson6
.................................Lesson13 | Lesson7

The sample data could be long and a lot, so it's best if the formula can be made flexible to cater for this requirement.

Please refer to the attached file for some sample data.

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Reference Actual Output Of Formula?

Sep 19, 2012

I have a column A with date formatted as dd/mm/yyyy. I then have a column B which is =A, and I reformat the date formats to a custom format DDDD which gives me the day of the week that the date relates to.

I then try and write an if statement

e.g. =If(b1="Friday",1,0)

B1 always references the date which is stored as 40118, when I need it to reference the actual formatted value that I see in the cell e.g. Friday?

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Formula Not Giving Correct Output?

Mar 24, 2014

I have a fomula field in row 67 and 68 .Row 67 calculates the average and row 68 calculates the improvement i.e. average(row 68)- last row inserted(row 67). The values for improvements are not showing correct value. C68 seems to give correct value but B68 and D68 is giving wrong value.

B68=4.8-4.5 =0.3 but it shows 0.4
D68=11.3-10.2=1.1 but it shows 1.0

I have attached the sheet also.

Sheet 1.xlsx - Speedy Share - upload your files here

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Running A Formula, Against The Output Of Another Formula

Dec 4, 2008

Need to run formula against the output of another formula, but excel is giving me an error because its seeing the formula not the output. Is there a way make excel run the formula against the output?


the formula on E1 is =DAYS360(C6,D6,TRUE)

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How To Output Column Letter (not Number) With A Formula

Dec 23, 2009

Is there a function that will output the column letter? For example there's one I know of: =COLUMN(), which outputs column number, but not the letter. And if not, can a formula be written to output it without converting the spreadsheet to R1C1 style or using the lookup function that refers to a separate table within the spreadsheet?

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Formula To Compare Cells And Give Output As Txt

Jan 21, 2010

I know that I an probably asking for too much but I must get the formula some way. OK, I need a formula for this:

lets say I have 3 columns (A,B,C (search criteria). In each Column there is a DIFFERENT number. There is 3 more columns (D,E,F (used to compare).Each column has 3 Different numbers. If 3 numbers match between the two sets of 3 numbers I want Column G to display "CCC". IF 2 numbers match I want G to display "CCH". If 1 number is a match I want G to display "HHC". If none of the numbers match I want G to display "HHH".

I can manually do these but it will take waaaay toooooooooo much time to do. If you can do this for me it would be a great help indeed because I'm trying to do other states. With this formula I can use Automate to do a large quantity of numbers.

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Function/ Formula To Output A Cell Reference

Feb 16, 2006

is there a formula that would have as it's output the cell address of the
same cell where the formula has been entered.

e.g. In cell A10 I input a formula whose output is the cell reference A10.

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Wildcard Info In Output Of Search Formula?

Jul 29, 2014

I have a formula in column J that is the following:


See screenshot:

I need to replace "G542" in the formula above. For example, in cell J541 shown above, I need it to output "1996-1999|2000-2001" instead of "1996-2001" I need the output to include LEFT(G541,4)&"*"&RIGHT(G541,4)

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Make Worksheet With Name Containing Word "log" Active

Jan 11, 2010

How can I put a VBA instruction to select the worksheet which its name contains the word "log" active? I played with some wild cards, but I guess I couldn't get the syntax right.

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Loop Formula To Search Through Range To Get Expected Output?

Feb 14, 2014

Trying to look for formula for searching through Range and search through Data to achieve expected res

Data Output ExpectedRange
Pune 123 is city Pune 123 Mumbai 999
Maharashtra 345 is state Maharashtra 345Pune 123
India 678 is Country India 678 Nagpur 666
Maharashtra 666 is state OthersPune 555

Below is the query i used for manual search however need formula to see through Range and achieve output expected

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Pune 123",A5)),C5,
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Maharashtra 345",A6)),C6,
IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("India 678",A7)),C7,"Others")))

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Logical Formula With Output Based On The Text Input

Dec 2, 2009

Sometime itís so hard to explain what it is you are having problems with, specially in the little title. I'm trying to write a formula which should be very simple but isnít . The formula is in box F10 if B10 has anything in it and its going to have a mixture of text and numbers (first text then numbers) then itís should equal to the value in the box C7. Here is the formula I wrote that doesnít work.

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Formula To Compare 2 Columns And Manipulate The Resulting Data And Output

Mar 31, 2007

I have column A and column B:

I will be inputting data into column B.

I need excel to check to see if the data I input into column B is an exact match to the data in column A.

If it is an exact match, then column B will remain blank.

If the data in column B is different, I need column B to show the following:

No match: <data>

Example I input in column B the following:

Column A Column B
1. Car Car
2. 4357 9999
3. fsd34d 4erd
4. 98dkf 98dkf

Spreadsheet should show:
Column A Column B
1. Car
2. 4357 No match: 9999
3. fsd34d No match: 4erd
4. 98dkf

(Cell 1 and 4 in column B are empty because they are exact matches to Column A cell 1 and 4)

My questions:
1) How does the excel formula need to be written for this to work?

2) Is there a way to set it so that when I do a mass copy to data into column B that the formula will not be overwritten and it will still check to see if the data I copy and pasted into that column matches the data next to it in column A?

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Min / Max Formula Output Cells (Multi-Step Data Table)

Oct 28, 2013

I have a long chain of formulas calculating the return on a particular investment in equipment. We'll call the inputs A, B, and C, and the output (total savings generated) Z. There are several set combinations of values for A, B, and C that I'm interested in generating a summary report for.

There are a number of steps in-between the inputs that I'm interested in, all of which are necessary to get to the output, but is there a good way to have excel chart inputs and outputs without filling out the intervening data?

I suppose the whole thing is essentially a multi-variable, multi-step data table.

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Search CSV Files For Word & Make .xls Files Of Them

Jan 23, 2008

I have 22 CSV files. I want to search each of those files for a specific text string (ie: "profile" or "description"). When the macro finds the word in any one of the CSV files I want it to copy that complete csv worksheet and paste it into an excel xls file.

how I can go about doing this. Not also that while vlookup is possible, its very time consuming if i have to do this 50 times over and each time the csv files have different file names. that is why i want to search within a file (each file has its own unique identifying text string)

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Opening Word & Count Word Instances In A Word Document

May 26, 2006

I have an excel program that is supposed to count word instances in a word document. I can't seem to find the right declaration for a word document.
For example to declare a workbook in excel its

Dim wb As Work Book

I've tried

Dim doc As Word.Document
Dim doc As Word.Application

as shown in some of the forum posts, but an error user-type not defined keeps displaying.

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Formula To Output Upcoming Quarter End Date (for A Broken Fiscal Year)

Jan 20, 2014

I am looking to create a function that outputs the upcoming quarter end date based on a specified start date, for which the quarter end is based on a broken fiscal year ending december 15.

As an example, say that you sign up as a customer with an internet provider on 2014-01-01. The internet provider charges all their clients on a quarterly basis and have a broken fiscal year ending on december 15. Hence, as you signed up on 2014-01-01 you will be charged on 2014-03-15, which is the date of the company's first quarter end.

So what I would like to do is to set up a function that outputs the first date I will be charged based on the date that I sign up. If I sign up between december 2013-12-16 and 2014-03-15, the formula should output 2014-03-15. If I sign up between 2014-03-16 and 2014-06-15, the formula should output 2014-06-15 etc. etc.

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Dividing Output Of Sumproduct Formula By Count Of Specific Cell Contents

Aug 21, 2009

I've got the following sumproduct formula (which seems to work):


B17 is a keyword to be found in the Product_Keywords range

I'd like to modify it so that:

ifthe cell in the range Product_Keywords also includes "," thendivide the sumproduct by the number of commas+1

Presumably I could add --(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(",",Product_Keywords) as one of the conditions,
but how would I keep track of the number of commas in the cell?

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