Measurements Of Feed Of Numbered Pictures From Digital Microscope

May 30, 2008

I would like to use Excel as a measurement device. I have an inexpensive digital microscope that will store sequentially numbered pictures at the click of a button. I am then going to import the most recent picture into Excel and place a grid of transparent rectangles over the picture to serve as my ruler. Would it be possible to continuous update the Excel workbook with the output from the digital microscope?

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How To Save Linked Pictures Into Workbook As Embedded Pictures

Apr 28, 2014

I have an workbook with pictures that are linked to external picture files, and they are placed in the workbook via macro. When I email the file to another computer and open it, the pics do not display and show an error:

The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted, Verify that the link points to the correct file and location.

I would like to be able to save the workbook with the pictures in them (without having to archive them) so that I can open it and see them on another machine.

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Converting Measurements In Radians

Feb 18, 2013

I need to convert the following into radians:

65 feet/1 second * 12 inches/1 foot * 1 Radian/8 inches

I know the answer which should be 97.5 radians. It's just getting the right formula in Excel.

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CSV File With Measurements - Number Not Recognized

Mar 4, 2013

I have a .csv file with measurements. I can open it in excel, and have succeeded in make 3 separate columns from it and save as an .xlsx file. But the problem is I still can't do calculations with the data. it are all values from a form like "-3.44e-07" but excel recognizes this as text. I don't have a green triangle in the corner and multiplying by 1 doesn't work.

Apparently i can use them as numeric values in MATLAB, but I don't know how to do this in excel. And I have 9 files like this, each containing 3 columns and 600 rows, so changing all the cells one by one is no option.

I use the dutch language version of excel so I hope I translate the specific names of things in excel correctly.

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Convert Measurements With (',") Symbols

Feb 2, 2009

I need to convert measurements with (',") symbols attahced to them. See attached cells. Excel does not like the symbols and I cannot figure out a way to have it convert the values into tenths of a foot. For example, from the list below I need to convert 7'2" to 7.17. I have years of data. How do I do this?

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Chart Formula For Shoe Sizes & Foot Measurements

Sep 24, 2008

I'm an excel novice. I am trying to create a chart that assigns a range of foot measurements to each shoe size, but the data I am working with has only one measurement for each shoe size. Example: The data I have says:

size 7 = 250mm
size 7.5 = 255 mm
size 8 = 260 mm

So I want to create a formula, so the chart reads something like:

size 7 = 247.5mm - 252.5mm
size 7.5 = 252.5mm - 257.5mm
size 8 = 257.5mm - 262.5mm

I'm using ms excel 2003 on windows vista

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Digital Signature

Jun 17, 2009

I created a Self Certificate for one of my macros. I have a previous macro for which I want to assign the Self Certificate.

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Multiple Digital Signatures

Mar 20, 2008

way to put multiple digital signatures on an excel spread sheet. Like, routing a spread sheet for approval.

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Digital Signature Is Not Working?

May 16, 2012

I have a workbook that is on a share drive. Me and two other users modify the content of this sheet on a daily basis. We don't want to have to click "enable macros" each time we open the workbook. I digitally signed it. Then I went to Becky's office and had her install my certificate. She did, then we made some changes and it gave her this message, "You have modified a signed project. You do not have the correct key to sign this project the signature will be discarded."

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There Was A Problem With Digital Certificate. VBA Could Not Be

Aug 4, 2006

I want to add digital certificate in my XL2000 file. i created self certificate and add in the file but when i save that file give me a following error

" There was a Problem with digital certificate. VBA Could not be signed. The signature will be discarded."

I want to add Digital Certificate or sign in my file.

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Obtaining Digital Certificate

Sep 24, 2006

I have a spreadsheet with macro's in and everytime the user opens it that annoying security box opens and asks to allow/disable macro's. I believe it is due to a digital certificate. How to i obtain one, and if i do get one will it stop thie popup occuring for other users on different computers or just me????

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Add Digital Signature For Macros

Oct 18, 2007

I'm trying to apply the digital signature automatically to excel files(.xls,.xlt)(from Excel VBA editor-->Tools-->digital signature--->Apply signature(i need to apply this settings through code)).


1. I could apply digital signature for .exe,.dll,.cab files through VB6 code(using capicom dll) and also i can achieve this to Word document by using signature object.But this object not supporting in Excel.

2. I tried also like this, Recrod a macro--->Apply digital signature from VBA Editor (tools-->digital Signature) but no code has been generated.Again i tried this in another way like, Record macro-->Tools(from Excel)-->Options-->Security-->Digital Signatures--->Add.but here also i couldn't achieve this.

3. i tried using Application object like executing menus through code(Application. commandbars("Tools").controls("Options").controls("security")) here also i strucked up.

I've verisign digital certificate with pfx file.....

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Pick Out Highest Maximum Age For Each Individual And Apply To Previous Height Measurements

Feb 4, 2014

This is an example of my data, lets say they are heights of trees. The number is the tree individual, t2 is the age of the tree, height_t2 is the height of the tree at the age t2, and t_ current is the age of the tree individual at present/current. I would like a formula for the t_current column that will pick out the current age of the tree individual and apply it to the age years previous. i.e the t_current age should be repeated for each height measurement for that tree individual, i have filled it in as an example.



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Macro Certification (digital Signature)

Jul 8, 2006

Can someone confirm that the Microsoft Self Certification (digital signature) for VBA in Excel would not solve the problem of the prompt screen. In other words, unless the user has selected your profile as acceptable, the prompt screen will still appear? To not get the prompt screen, I have to get it appoved by Verisign, but they are not free.

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Pin / Password For Digital Signatures / Initials In Excel

May 29, 2014

I have QC checklist with a cell at the bottom for the user's initials. We have 8 users, and I would like to create a way that each user can enter their pin and have their initials come up in the cell. Ideally, there would be no way to the other users to know each other's pins or find out in the spreadsheet. Do you think it is do-able using VBA and how they would approach this?

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Using VBA - How To Check Expiration Date Of Digital Certificate

May 29, 2012

I have a macro which has a digital certificate. When the macro runs i want to somehow readin the expiration date of the certificate and make sure its still valid before running the macro.

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Outlook Not Recognizing Digital Certificate On Excel Macro

May 30, 2013

I've digitally signed a macro in Excel, where I'm sending mail from using outlook, but I can't seem to get Outlook to recognise the certificate in outlook, even though both programs have my name as a trusted publisher...... so still getting the "A program is automatically trying to send mail on your behalf" Pop up.

How to get outlook to recognise the certificate on the macro that I'm running from excel?

The main issue being it is sending roughly 50 separate emails, and to wait five seconds and manually have to click 'yes' for each one is not really desirable!

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Sum Up Numbered With Filtered Dates?

Jan 2, 2014

1) I would like to be able to filter dates of column B (exemple from 01.01.2014 to 01.03.2014) and that the sum "Invoice Amounts" from these dates ONLY add up in cell G2.

2) I also want cells C2 & D2 to be used in the formula instead of having to select dates manually in column B.

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Row Counting / Sequentially Numbered

May 22, 2014

I am trying to write a formula that will count rows. The hard part is when the project is cancelled I have the formula written to not count that row. However, I want the next valid row to be numbered sequentially. Here is the formula I have:


So I want it to be numbered 1,2,3...., not 1,3,4.

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Count Numbered Only Entries

Jun 22, 2006

I have a spreadsheet with data down column A. The data is either numeric or alpha numeric, however, it is not seen as numerical.

Is there a formula I can use to count the total number of cells with only numbers in against other criteria too? I can use Sumproduct for 2 criteria but can't figure out how to do the 3rd.

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Extract Even/Odd Numbered Rows

May 15, 2008

What is the fastest way to extract data in all the even numbered rows? Attached is the sample, and shows what i would like to do.

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Digital Reading - Automatically Insert Values Into Desired Cells

Jul 4, 2012

I have an excel file connected to a digital reader. Values are inputted to cells. What I can't figure out is the formula to automatically insert the values into the desired cells.

In short. First value goes to A1, 2nd value goes to B1. There's a formula (=A1-B1) in C1. The 3rd value from the reader should go to A2. The 4th value to B2. The 5th value to A3 and so on. I believe that I should be putting a formula into B1,2,3..n. What I can't figure out is that formula.

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Print Pre-numbered Form Letters

Jul 10, 2013

I need to print hundreds of pre-numbered surveys with two variables: class number and student number.

For example:
Number of classrooms
Number of students per class




I can create a separate template with district name, but don't know how to automatically print multiple copies with an auto-number. The result I want would be that it would print the following..

1. Class 1 / Child 1
2. Class 1 / Child 2
3. Class 1 / Child 3
... etc. through class 1 / child 20
21. Class 2 / Child 1
22. Class 2 / Child 2

I am willing to do this within Word, or as a mail merge with Excel or Access as long as I don't have to create a spreadsheet with thousands of numbers in it.

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MS Word Large Numbered List

Sep 1, 2009

I have a very large numbered list in MS Word, in the following style:

1. Animals
1.1 Mammals
1.1.1 Dogs Beagles Pugs
1.1.2 Cats
1.1.3 Elephants
1.2 Fish
1.2.1 Cod

...and so on.

I am trying to bring this data into Excel (2007) but in a way so that:

"Animals" goes into column A.

"Mammals" and "Fish" go into column B (in their own cells, in different rows).

"Dogs" and "Cats" go into column C.

"Beagles" and "Pugs" go into column D...

and so on.

The idea is to have each line in a different row, but have the columns serve more or less the same function that the tab indents do when looking at it in Word. (I'm trying to create a "breadcrumbs" style list for each line item). I've tried using tabs as a delimiter for importing text into word, but it doesn't seem to recognize Word's tabs when applied through a numbered list.

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Numbered Columns And Lettered Rows?

Sep 24, 2009

I'm using an Excel spreadsheet to, both, illustrate and define a daily schedule. The schedule is most intuitive if depicted with time-of-day increasing downward, and different columns dedicated to different days. There's no brief explanation as to why, but this is the only format that "works". The problem is, each day requires three columns, so a schedule can only be defined out to about 85 days because of 256column limit.

It would be nice if I could switch the way the spreadsheet is displayed - so that "rows" (1,2,3) become vertical stacks of cells, and columns (A,B,C) are horizontal. I don't mean move data within the spreadsheet - that's what Transpose does - I'm saying change the way the spreadsheet is "rendered". In this case it would allow data to be presented intuitively, AND provide for growth to the right, rather than downward.

I'd be (really) happy to hear if this was possible(?), but doubt it. I don't think it would require a fundamental redesign of Excel, just a optional way to depict a spreadsheet - to suit GUI needs.

______9/9/2009 | 9/10/2009 | 9/11/2009 | 9/12/2009

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Reference A Userform Numbered Textbox In Vba

Jan 23, 2009

Is there a way i can use a userform Textbox labeled jobNum1 in vba code with a counter "ctr" something like jobNum(ctr) = 5. I basically have multiple jobNum textboxes labeled jobNum1, jobNum2, jobNum3.....etc and would like to repeat the code for each counter until reaching 5. Take the following sub:

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Worksheets Individually Numbered When Printing

Aug 6, 2013

i have a program that exports multiple invoices to an excel template for ease of formatting and printing. it can export multiple invoices at once, each invoice being on a separate worksheet. i need for the user to be able to print all worksheets at once and have the pages NOT be numbered 1-30, rather 1-2, 1-4, 1-3, etc.

i understand i can use the header to insert page numbers, but they only function the way i would like when you print each worksheet one at a time. however, there could be any number of invoices to print at once. the only drawback is i am unable to use macros due to security risks/settings.

i would imagine there is some concoction of formulas i could possibly use to accomplish what i need, as i know how many rows of data will fit before excel inserts a page break(56 rows of invoice items, and there are 18 rows besides that repeat on every page). so if i could come up with a way to tell excel when to increment the page number in a cell using a formula of some kind, that would be perfect. or, another way of setting up my template so that it will print page numbers as expected.

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Print Copy Incremented Numbered

Dec 11, 2009

I would like to be able to enter a number into a cell, and have it change in increments that I specify in another cell. I would also like to specify the number of copies. For example I would enter 2 into a cell, and specify the number be increased by two for every sheet printed. Then I would input how many copies I want into another cell. Everytime each sheet is printed the number would change from 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 etc. This would be for a specific sheet in which I make running total tags for inventory purposes.

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VBA Does Not Read DDE Feed Values

Dec 2, 2012

Have a dde feed coming in from an external source. I also have a VBA written below to play sound whenever the feed goes below a certain level. When I key in values manually through the function bar the sounds play perfectly. But for some reason it is not reading the DDE feeds as value and it can go past my level without playing the sound.

Option Explicit
Private Declare Function sndPlaySound32 Lib "winmm.dll" _
Alias "sndPlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszSoundName _
As String, ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long


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Using Selection To Feed List

Oct 29, 2009

I have a cell $A$1 that contains a value, CLIENT or INTERNAL

I also have 2 named ranges, CLIENT or INTERNAL

I would like it (using Data Validation) so that the named range being selected for the list dropdown in cell $C$1 is the value of the cell CLIENT or INTERNAL cell $A$1. Tried indirect but not working with named ranges?

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