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Merge Data On Two Worksheets

Need to merge the data on two wrk is as given below data in wrk sheet 1:

site_keybrandsiteQ count

data in wrk sheet 2:

site_keybrandsiteNQ count

my final report should look like

site_keybrandsiteQ countNQ count

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Merge Data From Many Many Tabs (worksheets) Into A New Sheet
Basically I inherited a Excel Workbook which has 128 different tabs, unsurprising this is almost impossible to manage.

My requirement is to merge all of the 128 tabs into 1 tab 'Sheet1'.
The macro should keep going even if there are blanks, it should move onto the next tab only when there are over 10 consecutive blanks in Column B.

I have tried searching the forum but nothing seems to cater for the specifics of this case. I would really appreciate some help. I mean really, i am in a mad panic thinking i will have to do 128 tabs manually otherwise.

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Merge Worksheets
I need to merge for worksheets (in the same workbook) into 1 large worksheet.

Is there a command that does this? Or do you guys have a custom macro that does this?

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Merge Two Worksheets ...
Is there any way that you can combine two worksheets or Excel files, for example:
WORKSHEET_1 has columns and values as:

WORKSHEET_2 has coulms with NO values as:
state phone

I want to take the info from WORKSHEET_1 and insert it into WORKSHEET_2 without specifying any columns since WORKSHEET_1 might sometimes have only 1 column and sometimes might have all 5 columns.

The purpose of this is to create a standardized Excel file that I need to import into a Database, however the users might have Excel files without all the columns required therefore I need to "standardize" the worksheet before being imported and have any black values import as NULL into the Database

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Merge Worksheets Into One Within Same Workbook
how to merge data from all worksheets into one new in the same workbook, see example in attach. There are 5 worksheets in the test workbook. Each worksheet has name of “Sheetx”,X=number of worksheet. Number of Row in each worksheet is uncertain, but it is always less than 35 (I will say it is “safe” range to prevent from missing data). Requirement: Vertically merge data from A1:F35 (including the “blank”) to “TEST”.

I am using Excel 2007 at office. By the way, I am NOT a excel expert, while posting your answer, could you please also explain how to do it step by step?

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Merge Several Imported Worksheets Into One Worksheet
I am trying to merge several imported worksheets into one worksheet so that I can build reports. In other words, sheets 1-3 are imported from other workbooks, then sheet 1, sheet 2, and sheet 3 (with the same header rows) will roll into sheet 4 with reports built from the merged worksheet. I understand how to import, but I need to merge the worksheets. Is there a macro to make this possible?

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Merge/Consolidate Multiple Worksheets
I am writing a database for a construction site to monitor all the goods that come in and what apartment Blocks they end up in.

I have three worksheets from different areas of the site. They are simply lists of items coming in and are getting longer everyday. They are all in the same format and have the same column headings. Two of which are date and Location. The location will be Block A to Block G. I want to merge the 3 worksheets into 1 and be organised by date order so that I can then duplicate that worksheet for each Block and filter using the Location Column. The 3worksheets have data manually inputted each day and I would like the merged worksheets to update automatically.

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Merge Worksheets And Delete Duplicates
We receive huge Excel files and we need to validate for and delete duplicate records before they are imported to a software product called Exceed Premier. We are having a difficult time with Excel spreadsheet duplicate record validation because we have to first export the files from the Exceed database into an Excel spread, merge the thousands of other new records from multiple Excel files, then import back into Exceed.

Is there a method in Excel/VBA that can merge several worksheets and check for and delete duplicate irecords? The records will be in the 20-50K range and growing.

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Merge Worksheets Into Next Empty Row Of Master Worksheet
I am collecting data from 6 locations for the quarter and combining the information into a corp worksheet. Each quarter I need to copy information from 6 different files and paste it into the master file worksheet. The sheet I need to copy is named Substandard. The amount of information changes from each location (ie one may have 10 rows one 50 rows) so the number of the row to paste it into the master sheet changes. I would like a macro that opens the file Location1 copies the information from the substandard sheet opens the Master file pastes the information into the Substandard sheet closes the Location1 file, and repeats the process for all 6 locations. I would end up with all infomation in the Master file substandard sheet. I know how to manually record a macro to do this but the numer of the row to paste it into varies on the Master sheet depending on the amount of information from each location.

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Find Specific Word In Different Worksheets And Merge The Whole Row In 1 Worksheet
In my attached file, I've atttached a sample whereby in Sheet1 to Sheet3 I have data with the same format.

I want to copy all data with TD_SUB_ACNT_CODE = ETMY0100 into Sheet4. My actual data actually have more than 10 sheets and the sheet count can be more.

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Merge Multiple Worksheets Into 1 Based On Common Field
I have multiple worksheets with multiple varying columns with varying rows. My one constant is the product_id. I want to merge all worksheets into 1 worksheet based on the product_id's. Here is my example:...............

It has to consolidate all of the column names from all of the worksheets into the final worksheet, then take all of the rows and put the product_id in the product_id column and put the other data under the appropriate columns. Some columns will end up blank where they may be a column in worksheet 2 but not worksheet 1.

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Merge Multiple Worksheets By Append With Same Cell Structure To One Sheet
I have a workbook that has a lot of worksheets. I want to merge all the worksheet data, skipping blank rows from each worksheet and simply appended the data on one single worksheet. The goals is to just copy the data from worksheet b and append to worksheet a>copy data from worksheet c and append to worksheet a> etc. etc.

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Merge Two Data Files
Right now I need help mergng 2 files:

#1 One is a txt file with emails

#2 the other is a .csv excel file which contains several fields: email, name, address, etc

Basically what I need to do is to create another .csv excel file that contains all the emails in file#1 that are also present in the file #2 plus their corresponding additional fields ( name, address ) etc

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Can You Merge Data From Many Tabs Into One Overall Tab?
I'm quite proficient in Excel but am struggling here, would really appreciate any help

I basically have 80 tabs with IP addresses in Column A and then information in Columns B, C and D related to this.

What I want to do is bring all this together in one sheet


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Merge Row Data, With Critera
I extract data from a data base and return the query in details, i need to merge 2 rows of data that has the same project number. example i have project ABC with billable time of 10hrs @rate of £200 and unbill time of 6hrs @rate of £0. The query will split the data as there is a difference in the rate.

I need a formula that recognise that it is the same project and merge the row together!

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Merge Data Macro
I have been using the following code to fill data down a col. For example if a1=blue and a5=green and a7=red. The macro will fill a1(blue) down to a4, then take a5(green) to a6, then a7(red) etc.

Sub Filldown()
If ActiveCell.Text = "" Then
MsgBox "please start with a non-empty cell"
Exit Sub
End If
For Each x In Selection.Cells
If x.Text = "" Then
x.Value = x.Offset(-1, 0).Value
End If
Next x
End Sub

code works great, but I was hoping it could be changed so that instead of filling the data down it would merge the data down. So, in the example, a1:a4 would be merged leaving the word blue, a5:a6 merged, and a7:etc would be merged.
Is this possible?

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Merge Data From Different Rows
I have a set of data which I would like to do some processing on. Basically I am concerned with two columns

Column 12 and Column 9

Column 12 is a unique account Reference and column 9 is an invoice number. My scenario is that 1 account can have multiple invoices. I want to do is serach down column 12 and find all the matches and then I want to take column 9 and combine the data within that with the previous record.

Original Data
Column 9 Column 12
2345 A0001
2312 A0001
2341 A1200
1234 A0001
4569 A1234
3456 A1234

What I want to get to:

Column 9 Column 12
2345,2312,1234 A0001
2341 A1200
4569,3456 A1234

As you can see I basically want to combine any matches with column 9 and seperate with a comma and then delete the record it has taken it from

Function repair_invoice_numbers()
rowcn = 2

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Delete Duplicate And Merge Data In One Row
I have a new project that needs macro code. Your help is very much appreciated. We have a spreadsheet with duplicate accounts meaning two or three rows with the same account but different information. We want to use only one row for one account and move the new data from the same account to one row only to the right and delete the duplicates. Can someone please help me with this?I read so many post and I tried some of them but it only delete the duplicate row and not copying the new data from that row to one row only. Also, the other code I tried was retaining only the current or old data. Actually, to elaborate more, I want to get the new data in each cell of the same account in multiple row and move it in one row to the right only and delete the duplicate in that same account.

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How To Merge Repeated Data Cell?
I have excel data containing in column A "Plot number" which is repeated and other four column is land area and the next column is "Land Owner Name". Now I want to merge same plot no if the land area is same if differ then I want to leave as it is. And another thing I want to do that the all land owner name is merge in a row.

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Prepping Data For Merge In InDesign
I'm sure this sort of thing has been discussed so if appropriate please point me to a relevant tip or topic but I am going to put my case clearly as I really need to get some data formatting for a business card data merge with InDesign.

I have to ensure that all the data is formatted uniformly across the business and this includes separating all the numbers in the business cards with a single space and finally including the p/f/m identifier and outputting as csv...

The spreadsheet looks like this ....

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Take Two Columns And Merge Them Without Losing Data
I've got two columns:

A, B
abc, def
qwe, rty
asd, fgh
zxc, vbn

And I need to bring these together in one column so it looks like this


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Merge Data From Different Sheets Into One Sheet
i had different sheets containing the same type of data in every sheet.what i want is to merge all data into one sheet.i had attached the sample sheet for reference.also let me know how to know the last cell in the data sheet

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Compare And Merge Data From Two Different Workbooks
I'm sure that there is an excel function that can do this but darned if I can figure out which one it is. This is what I would like to do: I have two different workbooks. Each workbook has one worksheet that has two columns of data. The first column is a part number and the second column is a price. The first workbook holds my master data. Starting at the first column of the first row on the second workbook I wish to compare the part number held in that cell with the part numbers held in the first column of the first workbook. If there is a match then I want to take the associated price from the second workbook and place it in a cell to the right of the corresponding part number in the first book - actually in the first open cell in the third column. I wish to do this automatically via macro, or otherwise, for all part numbers in the second workbook. The macro will also need to recognize that some part numbers in the second workbook may not appear in the first workbook in which case that part number is skipped.

The end product is my first workbook that has been transformed from two columns of data to three columns of data - one part number and two price points although not all part numbers will have the two price points. If it helps I can copy the data in the second workbook and paste it in to a second worksheet in the first workbook and do all the work in the one workbook.

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Macro For Merge And Centre The Data In Column
I have data like Below Mentioned in column A and Column B.I Want to Merge
and Center the Data in Column based on column A.

For example; I want to Combine the Cell i.e b2 and b3,B4 to B7,No Need to merge B8 Because A8 have a Same name But Differnet City. and so no.

I need a Macro.I have 6000 data in one sheet.I have 18 Sheets like this

ABT MARUTI CHENNAI..................

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Move Data From 2 Sheets And Merge Into One Sheet
Firstly a confession - I've sinned - I got the code below while searchin the forum and in my excitement, I forgot to get the thread details - so I'm sorry!! So the credit for the code to a forum admin:

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Automatically Merge Data From Userform Into A Word Doc
I have created an Excel spreadsheet that collects info from a userform; we are using this as a issue log.

However, at the same time, upon completion of the log, the engineer then needs to fill out the essentially the same information in a Word form for sending off to the customer. I was thinking that perhaps this could be done by using a mail merge but from past experience this generally isn't very user friendly or quick.

Is it possible to automate this somehow using VBA such that when Enter is clicked on the form, not only does it fill in the next available line in the log spreadsheet but it also opens Word and populates the required fields with this same info?

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Merge Dynamic Data To Master Workbook
is to have a folder where I drop multiple workbooks from different stores. There can be 1 or more workbooks at any given time in that folder. Each workbook is a different size as far as the information inside. Next I need to transfer certain columns to the Master Workbook and also have the store location added to the Master workbook (File Name). I have highlighted the store information that needs to be merged to the master, Store 1, Store 2. For reference I have attached a copy of the Main Folder which is on my desktop C:Documents and SettingsDesktopInventory.

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Merge Column Data Over Multiple Rows
I know how to merge data in a CSV (see attachment) from 2 columns into a single cell using =A1&" | "&B2 so that A1 (Safety Products) plus B1 (Fire Protection) becomes Safety Products | Fire Protection in cell C1, but how can I do this across multiple rows so that each pair of names is combined in each row? The job I'm working with is a product CSV file that has 6370 lines so I don't want to do them one line at a time!

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Unmerge And Spread Merge Data To All Cells
In the attached document, there are some cells which have been merged. For instance the cells A4 thru A7 were merged as one field. if you examine B4 which is actually made up of B4 thru B7 the data contained therein is 123. Is there a way to unmerge these merged cells and have the value (in this case 123) appear in each line of the unmerged cells? If you right click and click unmerge, it unmerges okay but does not populate each line with the data which was on the original field.

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Adapting Code To Merge Data From Multiple Ranges
I'm in the process of combining a lot of worksheets into one and found the code on the following site:


which almost does what I need. I understand how it works (i think!) but as a vba novice I can't work out how to adapt the code to copy more than one range from the source workbooks.

What I want to be able to do is copy say the following cells from each workbook:




I think what I need to do is call the getdata macro multiple times with different ranges, but I can't quite work out how to do that without simply creating multiple copies of the master file.

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Merge Duplicate/Similiar Rows Keeping Data In Same Columns
After sorting and filtering rows with in a set range I will have several rows that are almost duplicates. This is normal and expected due to how the workbook is used. Among these rows also will be several single rows that are not duplicates. It is important that I combine any two duplicates into one row. Example:


1 NameA 0XX15930777PS101300PS9

2 NameA0XX15930777PS91200PS10

3 NameX1159XXP555FBX1545PS9

4 NameB0A1234P123PS101263PS9

5 NameB1A1234P123PS90512PS10

What I need is this end result:


1 NameA 0XX15930777PS91200PS10PS101300PS9

2 NameX1159XXP555FBX1545PS9

3 NameB1A1234P123PS90512PS10PS101263PS9

It’s important that the data in each column stay with in that same column. Also of course it needs to be on the same row with the same person (NameA and NameB). The Columns that would determine if it’s a duplicate are D and E –. I would need this to be preformed via macro or some easy way so that others will not have a hard time. It will be on a protected Shared Workbook with Excel 2003. I've enclosed a Sample. How can I sort these or accomplish this and maintain the data where it needs to be?

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Macros To Clean, Summarize, And Merge Reaction Time Data Files
I need to use to prepare for analysis a large set of individual participants' Excel data files collected using a psychological reaction-time experiment (a modified Stroop task). This experiment was created using a program called Superlab by Cedrus, so I posted an inquiry at the Superlab forum [url]. Their tech support suggested I might need to use macros in Excel but couldn't offer further assistance. I'll try to briefly describe (a) our Stroop task, (b) the operations I'm trying to carry out, and (c) the format of the individual Excel files,

Our Stroop task: The participant gets some instructions and practice trials, then a series of stimulus words are presented one word at a time in the center of a computer monitor in one of several colors. Word presentation order is randomized for each participant. The participant must press a key corresponding to the color of each word as quickly as possible. For each keypress (including the spacebar, pressed on instructions screens), the reaction time (in msec) is recorded in their Excel spreadsheet under the 'Reaction Time' variable. The 'Error Code' variable indicates whether the participant pressed the correct (C) or incorrect (E) color key in each trial. There are 8 types of words for a total of 48 trials. (Actually, 4 sets of emotion words and 4 sets of control-animal words, each set composed of 6 words each. The task basically measures how much peoples’ attention is captured by emotionally relevant cues in the environment.)

For each participant's data, I need an efficient way (macros?) to:
(1) clean it [i.e. discard or ignore the instruction & practice trials as well as trials where the participant was too impulsive (reaction time < 100 msec), too distracted (rt > 3000 msec), or gave the wrong color response (Error Code= E)]
(2) determine whether enough valid trials remain for further analysis (>39 trials), and if so:
(3) calculate a mean reaction time score for each of the 8 word types [where denominator for each word type is based on # remaining (non-discarded) trials for that word type]
(4) merge each participant's summarized data as single rows in a common spreadsheet (for importation and further analyses in SPSS), like this:
ID#...... MeanRTW1.......MeanRTW2...... (etc. for word types 3-8)

Excel File Format: I've attached a sample file, and here's a simplified overview of a spreadsheet (irrelevant columns and some rows removed). First the ID number is recorded (e.g., 393E), then some unnecessary junk (exp name & date, intro, practice, instructions), then data for the 48 actual trials of interest:
1 393E
2 stroop.xpt
3 Wed Jan 1, 12:33:00 2008
6 Trial Name.....Trial No..... Error Code.....ReactionTime
7 introduction..... 1................C............561243
8 practice.......... 2................C............... 2062
9 red-worried........14.............C................1001 (*the first practice trial)
10 (9 more practice trial rows, deleted here)
19 instructions........3..............C................5000
20 red-chicken......19..............E............... 1205
21 blue-tense.......32...............C.................782
* (46 more actual trial rows, deleted here)

To clarify:
-The variable 'Trial Name' indicates nominally what stimulus was presented for each trial.
-The variable 'Trial No.', indicates the unique numerical marker for each stimulus word. (It probably should have been labeled 'Word Type'. It doesn't reflect the order of stimulus presentation. E.g., the word "tense" is always 'Trial No.' 32 for all participants, regardless of when it presents.)
-A subset of actual trial words (e.g., worried) were also used for the 10 practice trials. Thus, the 10 practice trials must first somehow be discarded or flagged to be ignored before calculating average reaction times for the remaining 48 actual trials.

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Clearing Data In All Worksheets Except Last 2 Worksheets
I need to write VBA code to clear all Values, all values beginning with an = sign for eg = 9725, except formulas and text on all my worksheets, except the last 2 worksheets.

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Merge Two Workbooks. Copy Column Data Based On Numerical ID Match Of Another Column.
I am trying to get excel to search a workbook/(or worksheet if easier) for a matching unique value and fill in its associated data. My first workbook has the SKU (A) filled in but not the UPC (B). My second workbook has both the SKU (A) and the matching UPC (C) filled in.

I need to take both workbooks/(worksheets), compare the SKUs, and if a matching SKU is found, extract the UPC from Workbook 2 and fill in the UPC field in Workbook 1, and if no UPC is present in Workbook 2, then it leaves the cell in Workbook 1 blank.

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Merge Files? (add Data From One Spreadsheet To The Appropriate Places On Another Spreadsheet)
Often I need to add data from one spreadsheet to the appropriate places on another spreadsheet. For example:

Sheet A has 10,000 records with these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment.

Sheet B has 5,000 records these fields: id#, GPA, college major, type of degree.

Some of the records in B contain information for the same id#'s as sheet A. I want to add this information together so that a Sheet C will have these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment, GPA, college major, type of degree.

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Getting Data Out Of Worksheets By Using Vba
My project gets gradually final form, but I have to deal with the following problem.

I have to make a report out of 9 worksheets (+/-1Mb), those are placed in 9 directory's on a server. The filenames of the worksheets are variabel. Something like 20_10-02-2010A.xls. Data to be copied is always in the same cells and sheetname is also the same in all worksheets.

So far no problem, before I used the INDIRECT function but with a macro i have to open all the worksheets to run this function.

I was wondering if it is possible to do this easier in vba.

I put here a little test setup, and hope someone can put some code in worksheet rapport to gets the data in the worksheets.

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Corresponding Data In Different Worksheets
I am trying to do something that I think is easy but I'm not figuring out. I have a long list of item numbers with sales data using our customer item #. I have another worksheet with a list showing what our item # is for each of theirs specifically:

Worksheet one, column A is customer ID, column B is units sold.
worksheet two, column A is customer ID, column B is OUR ID.

There are lots of different item numbers in worksheet 2, so I can't just sort. How can I get our corresponding item # to match up with their sales data? i've read EXCEL help for vlookup and match but I'm confused.

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Append Data In Worksheets
I am hoping that you can give me a sample code to append data on Excel Worksheets, I have attached my project as a sample, as u can see the code I have here is only to view the Datas on Multiple worksheets but no code for appending the entries.

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Combine Data From Two Worksheets To One
I am trying to copy raw data from two worksheets (Sheet2 = "550 Report (raw data)" & Sheet3 = "305 Report (raw data)"), that I cannot edit, over to a new worksheet (Sheet1 = "Exception Management") that I can edit. I have been successful in coding Sheet2 to come over correct, but am having problems with Sheet3 because of a few issues:

1st: Column A on both sheets contain a unique alpha-numeric identifier that can be used to identify records that can be combined. Sheet3 will sometimes contain multiple records for a single Sheet2 record.

2nd: Matching rows from Sheet3 will always be done based on Sheet2 column A (So I need to search through Sheet3 column A based on all values in Sheet2 column A).

3rd: The dataset is MUCH larger than my example files. Sheet2 normally contains 700+ rows of unique identifiers with 56 columns of data. Sheet3 is pretty much as-is, except ususally 1/10th the number of rows as Sheet2.

Here is the code I am experimenting with:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Sheets("Exception Management").Select

' Prepare Exception Management sheet for new data

Cells.Select .......

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VBA To Move Data To Other Worksheets
I have a file which contains multiple worksheets. The applicable worksheets for my question are: "NJSS", "NJSS2","NJSS3 and SHORT FORM." NJSS is pictured below. NJSS2 and NJSS3 look identical.


******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Trial5.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutK15L15M15N15O15P15Q15R15S15=
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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Import Data From Several Worksheets
I have several of the attached files that come in every week for me to process. I would like to be able to put all of them in a folder and have the highlighted columns copy to one master file and eliminate all the extra blank rows. I also need it to sort by salesman with all of their sales in the different catagories grouped together. I am not sure if this can be done given the way the salesman's names are not on each line with their sales.

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Consolidation Of Data From Different Worksheets
consolidating all data from different worksheets. I have use the consolidation function in excel but the result is not what to appear.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Result using consolidate

Expected result

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Move Data Between Worksheets
I am having problems placing data from one worksheet into another. I have 3 worksheets named, VAT Sales, VAT Purchases and VAT Return. I need to place data from VAT Sales worksheet cell L54 into VAT Return worksheet A1.

In the selected cell, A1 in VAT Return worksheet I have typed in the formula =VAT Sales!L54 but when I press return the My Documents window pops up. If I cancel, the error #NAME appears.

I have experimented just using the worksheet names Sheet1, Sheet2 and Sheet 3.
Using the formula =Sheet1!L54 in Sheet3 the data from Sheet1 L54 is placed in the selected cell with no problem.

Does this mean my spreadsheet cannot recognise my own worksheet names unless they are the default names of Sheet1 , Sheet2 etc??

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Copy Data From Two Or More Worksheets Specified
I need to copy data from two ore more worksheets with specified name in a column.

Input data:
-name of the worksheets to be copied in column "H" from sheet "final"
-diferent number in the worksheets in column "F" and "G"

Outpt data:
-I need to copy data from some worksheets(column F and G) in "final" worksheet (column A and B). But I need to copy data only from the worksheets with the name in column "H" of "final" worsksheet.

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Delete Worksheets With Only One Row Of Data
I need really is code and I'm sure it's only 4 -6 lines long. Ok, I need to do a simple task, don't ask why (as always, that's just a long needless explanation) but pretty much, all I need to do is delete each worksheet that has only one row in my workbook. All the other worksheets (for example if they have 2 or more rows) leave them as they may be and let them live.

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Merging Data From 2 Worksheets
I have 2 worksheets. Worksheet A is my working copy and contains around 6000 rows of "active" accounts. Worksheet B is an export from a separate system and contains around 8000 rows. Column A on both worksheets contains an account number, however worksheet B contains about 2000 old account numbers, which I want to ignore. Column B on worksheet B contains a name (text) associated to the account number.

What I want to achieve is where the account number in column A worksheet A matches that to an account number in column A worksheet B, then copy the name from column B worksheet B to column B worksheet A.

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Sort Data On All Worksheets ..
I have a worksheet of about 75000 rows so I have to use 2 worksheets. I want to sort the data in column A in ascending order so I want to start at 4999 until whatever number happens to be in row 65536 then continue sorting the next highest number in another sheet. I tried using this but it didn't work: ..

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Consolidate Some Data On Worksheets Into Another
I have attached a sample workbook to show my layout.

I need to link multiple sheets (but not all, just certain ones) to one "master sheet". More specifically I need to link only certain colums from each certain sheet. The sub sheets have detailed information, but I only want basic information on the master sheet like FirstName, LastName, Ext, Buyer#, etc Not every column from the certain sheets is needed.

I need a way to update this master sheet when I update the sub sheets manually. So if I add a employee record to a sub sheet, the master sheet is updated. These updates aren't often, so running a macro to rebuild the master sheet after I manually delete it wouldn't be out of the question, whatever is convienent.

In the attached worksheet, I believe there is a sheet called Items. I don't need any information from that sheet at all to be on the master sheet so it can't be in the array when the master sheet it built from the sub sheets.

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Summarize Data From All Worksheets
Im creating a workbook for my office. The workbook has a sheet for each user. The user chooses a channel from the drop down list, then complete the next 5 fields (must add to 100). I have a totals sheet where I want to summarise the data from the whole workbook as per the template on the totals sheet. Ive attached my example.

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Compare Data In Two Worksheets
I am new-hire training programmer in multinational semiconductor company in Penang, Malaysia. I had been given a project to compare one data sheet (sheet 1) with another one data sheet (sheet 2) and the result is displayed in another sheet (sheet 3) in the same workbook.

1. To start compare, I need to click a button (command button) in Sheet 1 and then VB will run and displayed the result in sheet 3.

2. The comparison is based on the wafer map which is :

i)Value=1 in sort4(sheet1) is equal to the value=1 in Pattern Verification(sheet2), the result will display PP(Pass/Pass) and count the quantities of PP.

ii)Value=1 in sheet1 is equal to value other than 1 in sheet2, the result will display PF (pass/fail) and count the quantities of PF.

iii)Value is other than 1 in sheet1 is equal to value=1 in sheet2, the result will display FP (fail/pass) and count the quantities of FP.

iv)Value is other than 1 in sheet1 is equal to value other than 1 in sheet2, the result will display FF (fail/fail) and count the quantities of FF.

v)All the result will display a new wafer map with all result above. Result will display in Sheet 3........

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Compare Data Across 2 Worksheets
I would like to create a macro button that when pressed will make a comparison of the data that was inputed by the user and the raw data on another spreadsheet. If the number is higher than the raw data, it would say "Above"; if lower, "Below"; if equal, "Same"; if raw data is not available, "NA". These 4 destinations would show up in the F,G,H columns under irrigation, livestock, aquaculture for each parameter listed. The raw data can be found on another spreadsheet (sheet 2).

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