Merging Cell Data Into One Column

Apr 30, 2007

i have received a file with thosands of rows of customers in it and their are two surname columns, i need to merge these two columns data together into one column.

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Merging Data From One Column To One Cell?

May 3, 2012

What would be the formula to merge serveral rows of one column to one cell and separate by a ":"

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Merging Data Into A Single Column

Apr 2, 2008

I have a very large spreadsheet, 25 columns and over 16000 rows. I want to merge all of the values into a single column. One caveat, not every cell has data in it, as shown below:

C1 C2 C3 C4....C25

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Merging Blank Cell In Column

Aug 2, 2012

I am have data in as shown below where there a number and few blank cell. I would to write a macro that loops through the column and merge blank cell with cell nonblank cell above.
















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Merging Multiple Data Cells Into One Cell?

Oct 24, 2013

I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to add up codes and quantitys, after this I want the repeated info deleted. For example;

12.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
12.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
20.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
24.004RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush
4.004RWHBSS4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush S/S
10.004RWHBSS4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush S/S
12.004RWHBSS4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush S/S

So what I want to do is add the numbers up so I can get one value. For example, 4RWHB I want to add them all up so that it totals 68 still shows the code and description but then only shows 68 4RWHB 4 Row Wooden Handle Welders Brush and not the same line repeated. I want to condense all the information down so where there is same model numbers I can add it up and it doesn't give me multiples but summarises it down into one line per model number.

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Merging 2 Columns Into 1 Alternating Every Other Column

Aug 12, 2010

I'm looking for a way to put data into 1 column from 2 different columns, alternating every other row.

The data looks like this:
1 2
3 4
5 6

And I want C to look like this:

I don't necessarily need to keep the data in columns A and B, as long as C follows this format.

Excellent, just what I was looking for. I couldn't get the UDF working right, I'll try messing around with it, but the Index solution works great!

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Make A Column To Use As A Filter For Mail Merging

Jun 14, 2009

I'm trying to make a column to use as a filter for mail merging. The filter is based on a result entered into one column which is compared with a range of values in an adjacent column. I managed to get the nested IF formula to work but only when entered into a blank spread sheet or if I correct the error as prompted. I've attached an example of the spreadsheet.

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Merging Lists From Two Sheets Into Single Column

Feb 28, 2014

In Sheet 1, I have a list starting in row L1.

Col L
John Doe
New York
Past Locations
Previous Jobs
Previous Schools

In Sheet 2, I have another list where the user will manually enter sub elements for some of the elements of Sheet1. It looks like this...

Column A |Column B |Column C
Past Locations|Previous Jobs|Previous Schools

Below that last row of headers, the user will make inputs. the list for each column should be able to run down to say 100. The inputs may look like this....

AZ |Plumber |XYZ Elementary
MD |Waiter |ABC High School

Now, the problem is I need to combine these two into a single column in Sheet 3 in a special way. The output would look like this.

John Doe
New York
Past Locations

[Code] .....

Notice that I am taking the list in Sheet 1 as is, until i run into a value that is the header in Sheet 2, in which case I take all the contents of that header column until I am done, and then go back to sheet one, and repeat the process. I need the output in one column in Sheet 3; i don't need any special formatting.

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Merging Multiple Rows In Column Without Losing Text?

Jul 3, 2013

sample merging file.xlsx

I have a data array of 7 col and 256 rows. I want to focus only on the first 2 columns though. Here is what is going on. In the first column I have numbers from 1-256, these numbers are merged to the appropriate size to accommodate the data in column 2. However, the data in column 2 is not merged, it consists of 1,2, or 3 lines of text. Excel deletes the text in the rows below 1 if I try to merge, excel does not allow multiple row merge selections. What I am looking for is a formula that looks at column 1, finds how many rows are being merged in column 1, then looks at column 2 and identifies the number of rows needed for merging and displays that text in only one row. Basically, it's a formula that merges multiple rows of text in col 2 depending on the number of merged rows in col 1.

1Fairbanks Morse /
Beloit, WI
2H+H Umwelttechnik /


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Data Consolidate - How To Maintain Case Sensitive Data After Merging Cells

Dec 8, 2013

I'm looking for a way of keeping case sensitive data in a range of cells, before using Data Consolidate, which when merged afterwards, Consolidate removes the case sensitivity and combines the quantities into one.

Check out this simple table as an example >




[Code] .........

Cells A1-B7 and C1-D7 are two sets of original data, before consolidation.

Cells E1-F4 are the result of applying a Data Consolidate operation to the A1-B7 and C1-D7 ranges - note how the merged result ignores the case sensitive condition in the original ranges.

Cells G1-H7 is the post-consolidation result that I'm looking for, where the original text case is maintained.

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Excel 2010 :: Comparing / Merging Child Spreadsheet (purified Data) Into A Parent One Raw Data)

May 17, 2014

I have a parent spreadsheet with raw data(with errors) and a child spreadsheet without errors. I want to merge the child into parent. (:{). I am thinking of comparing multiple columns from each sheet to ensure maximum accuracy. And when those columns match up we paste the corrected column data from child sheet to parent one. I am using windows 7 and Excel 2010.

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Merging The Data

Aug 2, 2009

I'm compiling data to be transfered into a report program but the programe can't deal with any Excel Formulas so the data has to appear 'as is' so to speak. I have 2 columns of data (roughly 1200 rows) and I need to merge the two together but i can't have the formula in the merged cell......

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Merging Row Data

Feb 10, 2009

I collect data from a number of tools for our server and switch info. I don't have a problem merging that data. My problem is trying to get that data into a working format.

-- I have a server that has dual network connections.

-- This data resides in different rows, and each has slightly different data that I need to preserve.

-- I want to merge these two rows into one pre-defined output layout on a separate sheet without loosing any of the data.

Some other things of note. Not all of the servers have duplicate entries, but still want that data on the output sheet as well.

I have attached an example of what I have to work with and what the output sheet that I'm trying to get to looks like.

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Merging Data From Two Workbooks Into One?

Aug 1, 2014

I have an excel spreadsheet supplied by a client, let's call this the master sheet, with about 500 URLs and I've been asked to gather information from Google Analytics and place in a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet can't be changed as it goes into their CRM system.

On the master sheet, we have a list of URLS, what I need to do is go through each URL and place the number of visits to each URL on a weekly basis.

Google Analytics excel spreadsheet, will spit out a list of URLs and the page visit numbers.

My question is:

If I have both spreadsheets open, the master spreadsheet and the information from Google Analytics spreadsheet. Is there a way of having both sheets open and doing an exact match on the URLs between both spreadsheets, so we can copy and paste the information directly.

Or even a formula that says something like:

If the master sheet spread has the same URL in the Google Analytics spreadsheet, paste the relevant information into the correct cells?

As you can see, doing this manually will take a long time. I'm just looking for a productive method to save time.

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Merging Data In Two Sheets

Aug 22, 2008

I have a sheet with the registered members of our program (about 600 of them) with the date they registered for 2007, and I have another sheet with the same but for 2006, another sheet for 2005 etc.

How can I merge them into one sheet with columns for name, area, and 2006, 2007 etc? That way I can have one sheet giving up to date information for our members as they come and go over the years...

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Merging Data Of Two Cells Together..

Jan 14, 2009

I need assistance with a formula two merge data of two cells together. For instance I have a column 'first name' and 'last name' and I want to create a column of just 'name' and concatinate the data eg: John Smith. I have roughly 175 cells to do this for.

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Merging Data In Common

Apr 12, 2009

I have two spreadsheets that have one set of data in each column in common.... simply put it is a number.

From the one spreadsheet, I want to pull the column that is to the right of the number in column and merge it with the other data.

I am trying to figure out a formula that will accomplish this... I have attached a file to show the two spreadsheets and my end result I would like to have.

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Merging Data From Two Sheets

Nov 1, 2009

I have 2 large (100k+ rows) Spreadsheets, where one has lots of information including each entries state and City and I also have another spreadsheet which has city and postcode information.

I need to get the postcodes into the main sheet that already has the cities but not the postcodes.

Is there a way to import this seeing as each sheet contains fields of similar data (ie. the city information)

Sheet 1 example fields:
Name, description, state, city
Sheet2 fields:
State, City, Postcode

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Merging 4 Rows Of Data Into 1 Row

Jun 27, 2014

finish up a macro. The first part of the macro that is already working copies and paste 4 cells content from each worksheet found in a closed workbook thus generating 4 rows of data for each worksheet.

How to merge those 4 rows of data into one row. I have attached an example with the original data and the results data I am looking for but here is an explanation:

The column that is a constant and that I want to match is column B (Worksheet name). The 4 rows generated per worksheet will be showing on the first row data in Column C and columns D,E,F will be blank; then the 2nd row of data will have column C blank, column D with data and column E,F, and so on for the next 2 rows. What I would like the macro to do is merge all 4 rows so that the data found in cell C,D,E,F can be found in one row.


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Merging Data From Two Different Workbook

Sep 22, 2009

i have two excel sheets named APP1.xls and APP2.xls. I want to copy the data from both these files into one sheet.

I want to copy the Header row which is common for both files and i want to copy the row which has Total for that Application.

Have attached both the Input files and the outfile for your reference.

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Merging Data Between Sheets

Dec 7, 2012

i have a workbook in which table is given on sheet 1 , and sheet 2 respectively , i want a macro which will copy sheet 2 data in sheet 1 below sheet 1 data .

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Merging Data From 2 Tables?

Jan 12, 2014

I am trying to merge data from 2 tables into a master sheet. Column goes like this 1 = customer ID, 2 = allocated number, 3 = age

The first table has around 2000 entries and 2nd table has about 1000, and they both contain some overlapping entries. I wonder if there is a simple way to go around this rather than manually looking at each individual entries as I will be more tables to fit in later on.

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Merging Several Cells Of Data Into One

Jun 19, 2014

How would I combine the data in 30 cells into one cell.

They all 12 digit numbers and I need them separated by a comma.

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Combining And Merging Data

Dec 21, 2007

Hi i need to combine and merge difefrent data into groupings. EXAMPLE


It needs to end up as
With a 2 or 3 empty lines until the next set of data
But if for example i have this:

3 c z......................

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Merging Data From 2 Worksheets

Dec 19, 2006

I have 2 worksheets. Worksheet A is my working copy and contains around 6000 rows of "active" accounts. Worksheet B is an export from a separate system and contains around 8000 rows. Column A on both worksheets contains an account number, however worksheet B contains about 2000 old account numbers, which I want to ignore. Column B on worksheet B contains a name (text) associated to the account number.

What I want to achieve is where the account number in column A worksheet A matches that to an account number in column A worksheet B, then copy the name from column B worksheet B to column B worksheet A.

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Merging All Files Data In A Folder

Jan 8, 2013

I am having couple of excel files with same sort of data. Want to merge all the data from differnt files into a single excel file.

How could I do this??

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Merging Similar Data And Amounts

Feb 22, 2013

Column A: List of document numbers
Column B: List of amounts

111 $5.00
222 $10.00
111 $5.00
222 $15.00

I need to merge all equal document numbers so that it shows the full amount on that document number. It needs look like this in the end:

111 $10.00
222 $25.00

I realize a pivot table will do this but the formatting of a pivot table will not work with what I am ultimately trying to do.

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Merging One Columns Data To The Bottom Of Another

Jan 24, 2009

Give me the code to attached one column of data to the bottom of another?
ie the next available cell

so column a has 250 lines of data the data from another column will then go diectly into 251

thats not the number i want but the next available

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Merging Two Columns And Keeping The Data From Both

Jul 26, 2006

There is one crucial feature to the 2007 Excel that has been overlooked.

Throughout all versions of Excel there has always been the feature of
converting text to table, however there is no way to do this in reverse.

There is no way to merge two columns of data and to keep all of the data
without one column overwriting the other. If only there were an automatic
way to merge two columns of data and to be able to place a delimited
character in-between, just like the “Convert Text to Columns Wizard”, except
in reverse. Currently, the only way to merge two columns of data is to
manually go row-by-row and cut and paste them together. However, for 500,000
rows of data… this is impossible. Or to use a function to merge two columns,
however this requires that the original two columns remain. This is also
unacceptable. If Microsoft really wants to make Excel more functional, how
can this vast improvement be overlooked?

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Merging Cells With Similar Data

Mar 2, 2005

I am trying to merge two cells that have the exact same content in each cell. Everytime I do this, I get a pop-up warning that Im trying to merge cells with content in them and that only the upper-left content will remain. This is exactly what I want, without that pop-up, as I have to do this for multiple columns at a time.

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