Mixing VLOOKUP And LEFT Functions (bring Up The Model Type Of A Product Based On Its Material Code)

Aug 3, 2009

I need a formula that will bring up the Model type of a product based on its Material code. All the models I need to generate have a "root" number in them (the first 6 digits define model type). This is what I need to fill out:

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Mixing If And Vlookup Functions.

May 1, 2007

I have made an input form which the user can input the data of person they wish to sit.

I then used Vlookup to put this data on to a smaller table.

This will make more sense on this download of the program.


What my problem is....is that i have too rooms and i needed excel too look at the cell see that they want to sit in room one then it looks at what table they want to sit at then looks at the seat they want to sit at then put them there.

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If And Vlookup Formula (bring Up The Corresponding Product Description )

Jun 15, 2009

I'm trying to get a cell {in the attached spreadsheet 'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'B13'}, to bring up the corresponding product description {'Products' Sheet- Column C}. For the cell that is to bring up the product description {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'C13'}, the following is the formula I'm trying to use, but is coming up "#N/A":
=IF(C13>1000,VLOOKUP(A13,Products!$A$2:$D$12,3),IF(C13>287,VLOOKUP(A13,Products!$A$14:$D$25,3),IF(C1 3>0,VLOOKUP(A13,Products!$A$28:$D$38,3)," "))).

I haven't attempted the "Cost/Bottle" formula yet {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'D13'}, but it needs to correspond the product number {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'A13'} and the quantity ordered {'Order Form' Sheet- Cell 'C13'}, with the cost/bottle on the that quantity found on 'Products' Sheet, Column D.

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Vlookup & Left Functions With Formatting

Jul 18, 2007

I am trying to obtain price of an item using vlookup() function on the identifier “0003128” (7 digits) stored with “custom” format “0000000” in one worksheet. However in other worksheet, the identifier is stored as “000312” (6 digits) with “text” format without the last digit ‘8’. I tried using the left(A,6) function on “0003128” but instead of returning “000312” it returns “3128” and I’m unable to use the vlookup() function.

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Combine Iserror Vlookup And Left Functions

Oct 2, 2008

XL 2003

I want to combine these three functions

and iserror

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VLookup :: Data Based On Material Rank

Oct 29, 2009

I need to sort the material data based on the material rank but i can't use the 'sort/filter' function. Therefore, I used the VLOOPUP function. For some reason the vlookup formula is not working could you let me know what is the problem? see attchment.

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Automatically Tracking How Much Material Is Left

Dec 14, 2013

basically I want to be able to keep track of how much vinyl material I have left after each order.

The process would be - When I order a roll of vinyl material I would input the colour ordered and cm ordered by selecting from drop down lists in the 'Vinyl Tracker' sheet. When a customer makes an order, I would select an item, size and colour from drop down lists in the 'Orders' sheet. Depending on what size is selected in the 'Orders' sheet, I would then like Excel to automatically update column 'Cm Remaining' in the 'Vinyl Tracker' sheet, however using the smaller number in the relative size column from 'Item Sizes' sheet.

E.g. If we take the first order:

World Map
Black - (M)

This would then refer to cell M5 in the 'Item Sizes' sheet (as 43.35 is less than 90).

I would then like the number which is retrieved to be taken away from the relevant cell in the 'Cm Ordered' column, depending on what colour was chosen in the 'Orders' sheet.

To make matters a bit more complex, obviously when any of the numbers in the 'Cm Ordered' column in sheet 'Vinyl Tracker' is 0, I will re-order the same vinyl roll and insert it into the sheet as per usual. How can I make it so that any new orders will take away from the latest instance of the same coloured vinyl?

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Type The Product Id In The A Column Of The Orders Sheet(Sheet2) To Auto Insert The Product Name In The B Column

Jul 16, 2006

In the first sheet I have two columns, one for the product_id and one for the name of the product. So the Sheet1 is like a small database. The second sheet is for the orders.What I want is when I type the product id in the A column of the orders sheet(Sheet2) to auto insert the product name in the B column so i dont have to write it every time.

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Cross Referencing: Know How Many Of Each Item In The Same Type Of Material And Size, Need To Be Made

Feb 5, 2010

I have a list of products that have individual item numbers that share some common sizes and some common materials and are ordered in different quantities. When it comes to re-ordering the raw material to remake these items, I need to know how many of each item in the same type of material and size, need to be made. The attached spreadsheet shows more clearly what I am probably failing to explain! I have tried various combinations of VLOOKUP combined with MATCH but I can’t get anything to work – I guess I’m getting a little punch drunk here having spent the whole morning trying to find a solution!

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VBA Functions: Type # For Date (Type:=?)

Oct 22, 2008

1. Is there a VBA Function equivalent to the FIND() function, If so What is it?
2. Let's say Im Putting a Date into a inputbox, what is the type # for date (Type:=?)??

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Find/Left Functions: Grab Everything Left Of The Last Occurrence Of "." In A String

Nov 19, 2009

I want to grab everything left of the last occurrence of "." in a string, and in the next cell everything right of the last occurrence of "."

so say the string is
column 1

column 2

my current code (which works, but its messy) for the first cell is

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Sales Winners By Product Type?

Apr 10, 2014

Winner and runner up names , have attached expected results

Also wonder what if the formula to pull second highest in a range , I do know =Max(RANGE)

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Transactions Over A Month Broken Down To Each Product Type

Apr 27, 2009

I have a set of sales data which shows the dates of transactions and also the product type that was sold. I want to see the monthly sales for each product type. I can get a total for all product types over the months using the following:

=COUNTIF(Licences!E2:E9999, "<39600")-COUNTIF(Licences!E2:E9999,"<39569")

36900 = Jun-08
39569 = May-08

But I need it to also break it down for product a, b, c so I need something else to add to the formula?

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Lookup Manufacturing Details Depending On Product Type

Dec 15, 2009

I have created a drop down list of products that we manufacture on a tab in excel. I want to use this list so we can create production/manufacturing paperwork that can be used in our factory.

On other tabs I have created the manufacturing specifications which are a list of specifications and cutting sizes that vary depending on the 1st column /size selected. The rest of the data for follows across.

However for the three products the manufacturing specifications are different so what I want to know is can I create a formula that says if I select product A then look at product A's specification tab, if I select product B select product B's specification tab or if I choose product C then look at product C's specification tab?

I can create a vlookup formula that works for one product and drops the necessary information into a sheet I have designed but I don't know to get it to distinguish the correct cutting info depending on the product type selected.

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Product Look Up: Look Up A Product Based On The Number And The Qty

Feb 20, 2009

i need to look up a product based on the number and the qty. see the example attached.

On tab "Printer - S" 1 need to lokup the costs based on the product code 8 and the qty 100. How do i do this and make it adjustable for any range of priduct codes and qtys. Again, becuase this will be used on a Mac Office, i cannot use macros.

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Multiple Lookup: List Of Part Numbers Based On The Product Part Code

Feb 12, 2009

I'm creating a worksheet that gives a list of part numbers based on the product part code. In most cases I can use the following.

=LOOKUP(O6,{0,1,2,3,4},{"NONE (M25)","SMP-55-001","SMP-55-004","SMP-55-008","SMP-55-014"})

so this gives a part number depending on what number is placed in O6. What I need to do know is look at 2 different cells and for each combination of numbers give a different part number. so if A1 is 2 and B1 is 3 give a certain result.

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Using VBA In Patch Model To Change VBA In User Model

Jan 11, 2007

I have some Excel models out in the field with some old VBA code that is now causing problems. I regularly develop 'patch' models to make updates or repairs to user models, but need the VBA code syntax to get into a Worksheet module and change one line of VBA code.

The worksheet is named 'Forecast' and I need to change line 5 of my VBA code.

The vast majority of my users are on Excel 2000. I remember the security issues with newer Excel versions and can walk then through that, but I forgot the code syntax I need to get the job done.

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LEFT And SUMPRODUCT Functions Combined?

Feb 26, 2014

I have two columns of data that I need to use SUMPRODUCT on. However, in one of the columns, there might be text after the number. The text can be several different characters. I only want to use the numbers, never the text. Also, there are usually blank cells within Column B and at the bottoms of both columns because this formula is going into a template for future worksheets that all have differing numbers of rows.







For the above example, I want the result to be 9879 (14*16 + 40*0 + 20*150 + 97*67 + 13*12 + 0*0 + 0*0 = 9879).

I've tried using the LEFT function to only get the numbers before any text, but I can't make it work with the blank cells at the bottoms of the columns.

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Left And Mid Functions Inside Subtotal

May 5, 2009

Have been messing around a bit with this.

So this is the formula without LEFT

i want this

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Solver With Code-Generated Model

Dec 14, 2009

Suppose that you have some data points and you want to fit a straight line to them. You write the line's equation in the cells ajacent to your data points, make the square of each difference, sum up all the squares and you have your objective function. Of course your line equation depends on two parameters, that you enter in two cells. Then you run the Excel Solver, enter your objective function as target cell to minimize, enter the range containing your parameters, set your constraints and off you go.
So far so good.

And now suppose that in order to generate your model data it is not enough to write a straight line equation in some cells, but rather to run a complete reactor model (contained in a macro). How do I couple that model-generating macro with the Excel Solver? Now, I actually found a solution. I wrote a Worksheet_change macro in the sheet containing the model parameters, which calls the model-generating code each time the parameters are chenged by the Excel Solver. This has worked fine for a simple example as the straight line one.

Now one of the two:.....

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VLookup - Get Combobox And Bring Dates Up?

Jan 4, 2005

I have two tables which both have two columns. One column has dates in it e.g. 01/09/04 and the second column has a number in it. What i am wanting to do is create a combo box that, when i select the date from the list, it brings up the number (that is in the cell next to it) and puts this number into the cell next to the combo box.

I know how to get the combo box and add the dates to the list, but how to bring the dates up.

I have tried creating a combo box with the dates and then formatting it to create a cell link. This link then brings up the first number of the date in the cell i have chosen. I have then selected a blank cell and entered the formula :


However, when i have tried this, it hasn't worked.

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Insert Multiple Characters Into String With LEFT RIGHT Functions?

Apr 29, 2014

I've got a long list of account numbers of varying length and ultimately need to add a dash and a dot into these numbers. Here's an example

12345678 to> 1-2345.678
123456789 to> 12-3456.789
1234567890 to> 123-4567.890

The standard format is always 3 numbers after the . and 4 numbers between the - and .

I can get to this by doing a series of functions starting with this:

=LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-3)&"."&RIGHT(A1,3) to get 12345.678 or 123456.789

copy/pasting that value into another field and then doing this

=LEFT(E1,LEN(E1)-8)&"-"&RIGHT(E1,8) to get the results above

I can't quite figure out the format to combine the multiple steps/functions into one so that I'm not copy/pasting values and re-doing the function.

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DR & CR Match: Formate To The Modern Ledger Type Where There Are No Left And Right But Rather Laid Out In 1 Page

Apr 28, 2006

I have DR and CR entries which are laid out. in the traditional T format (under the Ledger tab). I would like to have it formatted to the modern ledger type where there are no left and right but rather laid out in 1 page. The required layout is shown in the Ledger attachment

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Bring Chart To The Front VBA Code?

Nov 20, 2012

I have chart object in the sheet. I wrote code that makes the cart big, but it is not on top of other things. I need to add a snippet of the code that would make it "bring to the front".

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VLookup To Find The Customer And The Dates And Then Bring Me Back An Asterisk In A Separate Column

Jul 27, 2007

I have 2 spreadsheets. One is a promotion calendar that lists the dates that promotions on a certain product runs. The other is a shipment grid of shipments of that product to the customer.

I want VLookup to find the customer and the dates and then bring me back an asterisk in a separate column to show me that that certain week that product was delivered was a promotion week. The problem I have is using Vlookup to lookup 2 things at once (and if they match to the promotion calendar) and return me an asterisk.

Here is my formula now:

=IF(VLOOKUP(J2&" "&L2,'East Data'!M:AU,2,FALSE),"*",0)

J2 is the customer name
L2 is the week
"East Data" is the spreadsheet with all of the promotions and customers.

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VBA VLookup - Add All Prices For Certain Product In Different Tabs

Oct 16, 2012

I am trying to have a Vlookup Macro to add all the prices for a certain product in different tabs.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 'Generate Info Button
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim RESULT As Integer
Dim sheet As Worksheet
For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets

[Code] ......

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Combining A VLOOKUP And PRODUCT Function

Sep 11, 2009

I am using the following formula to calulate the compounded rate of return for a series of monthly returns: {=(PRODUCT(1+(b1:b100)/100)-1)*100}

I would like to be able to integrate a VLOOKUP function into the above formula so that it looks at the dates in column A and then apply the PRODUCT function above to the return values in column B that fall between start and end dates specified in cells C1 and D1.

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Pricing Model Formula Based On Units Produced

Nov 27, 2013

We are trying to work out a pricing model based on how many units we will produce. In production the price per unit will be really high when you produce a low quanity, and the price per unit will be lower with the more units you produce (but never reach zero). What we are trying to accomplish is to create a formula to build a pricing structure that accounts for this curve without having to price every possible scenario.

For example, if we have the following data where for 1 unit we charge $3 per unit to produce, for 5 units we charge $2 per units to produce, etc...:

1 units @ $3 per unit
5 units @ $2 per unit
10 units @ $1 per unit

What I need to figure out is how much it would cost per unit if we were to produce 3 units. I'm guessing it would be somewhere around the $2.40 mark give or take. Or say 8 units, would be something like $1.50 per unit.

Is there a formula that can calculate this? I've tried thinking of it as a moving average, or prorating the pricing.

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SEASONALITY Based On Names Of Months In Forecasting Model

Jul 16, 2007

I have historical sales for each month from the last 3 years. I would like to set up a seasonality adjustment for forecasting. I know that it won't be perfect and some may even suggest using regression, but I'd rather not. I'd like to do the following:

In a control sheet, list the months in chronological order beginning in cell A1; January, A2, February; etc., etc. through December.

Next, below each month, I'd like to have a factor. For example, in B1 beneath January, I'd like to be able to plug in 75%. This would say that for each January going forward, that it is 75% of the annual historical average for all periods. Whereas, say in June, it is 140%.

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Auto Populate Fields Based On Model Number In Dropdown?

Mar 14, 2014

I have the catalog #s of some products in column A, and I have the brand in column B, Product name in Column C, and the model # in Column D. I want to create a formula that if I select the catalog # it should autopopulate the brand in column B, product name in column C and the model # in column D!!

And I have the brand/product & model # in a different sheet!!

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