Vlookup & Left Functions With Formatting

Jul 18, 2007

I am trying to obtain price of an item using vlookup() function on the identifier “0003128” (7 digits) stored with “custom” format “0000000” in one worksheet. However in other worksheet, the identifier is stored as “000312” (6 digits) with “text” format without the last digit ‘8’. I tried using the left(A,6) function on “0003128” but instead of returning “000312” it returns “3128” and I’m unable to use the vlookup() function.

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Combine Iserror Vlookup And Left Functions

Oct 2, 2008

XL 2003

I want to combine these three functions

and iserror

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Mixing VLOOKUP And LEFT Functions (bring Up The Model Type Of A Product Based On Its Material Code)

Aug 3, 2009

I need a formula that will bring up the Model type of a product based on its Material code. All the models I need to generate have a "root" number in them (the first 6 digits define model type). This is what I need to fill out:

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Find/Left Functions: Grab Everything Left Of The Last Occurrence Of "." In A String

Nov 19, 2009

I want to grab everything left of the last occurrence of "." in a string, and in the next cell everything right of the last occurrence of "."

so say the string is
column 1

column 2

my current code (which works, but its messy) for the first cell is

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LEFT And SUMPRODUCT Functions Combined?

Feb 26, 2014

I have two columns of data that I need to use SUMPRODUCT on. However, in one of the columns, there might be text after the number. The text can be several different characters. I only want to use the numbers, never the text. Also, there are usually blank cells within Column B and at the bottoms of both columns because this formula is going into a template for future worksheets that all have differing numbers of rows.







For the above example, I want the result to be 9879 (14*16 + 40*0 + 20*150 + 97*67 + 13*12 + 0*0 + 0*0 = 9879).

I've tried using the LEFT function to only get the numbers before any text, but I can't make it work with the blank cells at the bottoms of the columns.

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Left And Mid Functions Inside Subtotal

May 5, 2009

Have been messing around a bit with this.

So this is the formula without LEFT

i want this

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Insert Multiple Characters Into String With LEFT RIGHT Functions?

Apr 29, 2014

I've got a long list of account numbers of varying length and ultimately need to add a dash and a dot into these numbers. Here's an example

12345678 to> 1-2345.678
123456789 to> 12-3456.789
1234567890 to> 123-4567.890

The standard format is always 3 numbers after the . and 4 numbers between the - and .

I can get to this by doing a series of functions starting with this:

=LEFT(A1,LEN(A1)-3)&"."&RIGHT(A1,3) to get 12345.678 or 123456.789

copy/pasting that value into another field and then doing this

=LEFT(E1,LEN(E1)-8)&"-"&RIGHT(E1,8) to get the results above

I can't quite figure out the format to combine the multiple steps/functions into one so that I'm not copy/pasting values and re-doing the function.

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Functions Left, Right, Mid And Trim: Early Binding And Late Binding

Nov 30, 2006

I have some code that run on Excel 2003, and fail on Excel 2000. It happens on functions Left, Right, Mid and Trim. I've found that I must use in "Late Bindings".
If exist any convertion for above functions?

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Vlookup & Right Functions In VBA

Aug 25, 2007

I'm trying to write a macro that looks up Column A so that each time it finds "Agent" as the first word in a cell, it takes that whole cell and copies it to another sheet.

I tried creating an array function that combines the If, Vlookup, and Right() and Left() functions, but no luck. Ideally, I would want this as a VBA macro.

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Sep 30, 2009

1-st table

2-nd table


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Feb 4, 2009

I have a simple VLOOKUP that I can't manage to give the right answer. The contditions must be 'FALSE' as the the stock report database has so many similar numbers in it.

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Oct 16, 2007

Is it possible to make VLOOKUP look to the left?
Imagine following arrangement of data:

Address Name PIN
A-street Abe 4587
B-street Bob 8214
V-street Val 9657

I want to know the name of the person who has PIN 4587. Is it possible to do this without rearranging the columns?

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Vlookup With Left And Abs

Mar 25, 2008

I ahve got the below range.what I want is if the first chracter starts with any of the below corresponnding value to be shown.I am using left and abs for this . but when the chracter stars with "N" or "E" . i am getting and error.

9 connect

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Vlookup Left

Nov 11, 2009

trying to return a value left of a column instead of from the right.


I want to lookup a value in column C and return the value from column A

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Vlookup Looking Left

Jul 10, 2007

What I need is to find a max value within a range and then tell me what the row value in Column A is. Usually use VLOOKUP for this but this doesn't like minus numbers.

I think it has something to do with Match and Offset but can't get it to work properly.

I have attached an example, where the max of the total is 4,435 and belongs to Steve but how do I get this to do using formulas

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IF And Vlookup Functions Which Comes Back Yes Or No.

Sep 20, 2007

I have a spreadsheet with over 20,000 rows. From another spreadsheet I need to find if any of a list of 90 customers are within the first, using a simple IF and vlookup formula which comes back yes or no.

I am using: =IF(A2 = VLOOKUP(A2,ihcust!B:B,1),"YES","NO")

However, although this works when they are spelt exact in both sheets if they are not it will say no.
eg. If I was Looking up "Joe's Icecreams" from the list of 90 but in the other sheet it is listed as "Joe's Icecreams (admin)" it would not recognise it and come back no.

Is there away to get around this problem

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Mix Of The Vlookup And Sumifs Functions

Nov 27, 2009

need a mix of the vlookup and sumifs functions! (well I think at least!)

I want to find Cell A in Column 1 AND Cell B in Column 2 (like a sumifs) and then return me a value in a range (as a normal vlookup would)

Basically a vlookup matching two cells/columns rather than one

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Mixing If And Vlookup Functions.

May 1, 2007

I have made an input form which the user can input the data of person they wish to sit.

I then used Vlookup to put this data on to a smaller table.

This will make more sense on this download of the program.


What my problem is....is that i have too rooms and i needed excel too look at the cell see that they want to sit in room one then it looks at what table they want to sit at then looks at the seat they want to sit at then put them there.

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Vlookup-left Reference

Mar 7, 2009

generally vlookup function gives a value from the right side cell. is it is possible to display a cell from the left side. in the attached excel file i want the numbers against the cell which contains mom.....

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Dec 7, 2009

Function sequence giving me "N/A": =VLOOKUP(LEFT(C6,5),H:I,2,FALSE)

Basically, I have numbers that each start with a unique sequence. The first 5 numbers of that sequence represent a certain cell carrier.

What I want to do is have the function look up the first 5 characters of a cell and depending on the 5 characters, I want it to return a certain value.

My idea with the vlookup was to have the lookup value be the first 5 digits and then in my table, it would take only those 5 digits and return a value I have specified in the second column.

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Combine Vlookup And LEFT

Mar 24, 2009



I combined the first two formulas into one (the third one) but it is not working. I get an N/A result.

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Feb 12, 2010

I have a issue with VLOOKUP and LEFT STRING ETC I have a lookup table see below

AB10 Grampian
AB12 Grampian
AL8 Anglia West
AL9 Carlton LWT
B1 Central West
B10 Central West
B11 Central West
B13 Central West
B14 Central West
B15 Central West

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Sum With If Using Array Functions Or Sumif With VLookup

Apr 7, 2014

In sheet1 I have name(column A) and value(column B)
In sheet2 I have name (column C) and key(column D)
In sheet 3 I have results

Example ( It is just a total nonsense example, the real data is net inflow of some funds that are unique)
House 1000
Car 1500
pet 2000
Sheet 2

So in the sheet 3 I want to put a formula that is capable to sum all values of the sheet2 if the name has a key of 1in the sheet2, the key columns has values of 1 or 2

I think in SQL will be something with join and group by with having clause.

The result will be 2500 in the sheet 3.

What I tried: My attempt is to do something like this code ( using array functions).

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Concatenate,vlookup Functions, And Arrays

Jul 13, 2006

I have drop down fields using a vlookup to grab the corresponding data in a colums next it which is being concatenated into a one big cell. The problem is a set of other columns that I need to pull data from but its dependant to a previous column. In the attachment you see which ever region is selected the following column data is grabbed and the same goe for title. Now when the location is selected the info in its column should be selected that corresponds to the row that the specific title is on. example

if selected: North America>Secretary>Texas
results: A Crazy Mix->;typical,Notepad, pen,square dance

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VLOOKUP (LEFT) Returns Result Off By One Row

Jan 31, 2014

Code: =VLOOKUP((LEFT(C4,6)),'Data from 7500'!$B$16:$G$195,6,TRUE)

And it works great, except that the data returned is off by one row. For example, the correct value for the sample name in B107 is located in G107, but the formula returns the value in cell G106. I've tried changing the TRUE to FALSE and that returns #N/A.

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Using VLOOKUP With LEFT To Extract Data To Another Workbook

Aug 20, 2014

I have a workbook which has data from 2 different time points (6 and 12 months) and this is signified by a prefix to an ID number which is a letter (A or B) and a number:

I need to analyse data separately so I'd like to create 2 separate workbooks, once which imports all of the 6 month data (1 row per case) and one for the 12 month data.

I thought that this would be based around a VLOOKUP of the first 1 or 2 characters but I can't work out how to integrate this with an 'IF' and link it to another workbook.

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#NA Error In A Vlookup When Using SEARCH And LEFT As The Lookup Value

Feb 2, 2010

In the attached sheet I am trying to use the formula below but am getting a #NA error. I have narrowed the problem down to the use of the SEARCH and LEFT functions that I am using to determine the lookup value of the VLOOKUP formula.

what I am doing wrong? If I substitute the SEARCH and LEFT function with the number "14" it works just fine. You can find examples of both in cells B29 and C29 on the rename tab.

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VLOOKUP In Reverse :: Retrieve A Name To Left Of Certain Cell

Jan 25, 2008

I have a large table with data to which I want to retrieve a name to the left of a certain cell.
Clear as mud so far!

I've put together a small example of what I'm after. In cell F9 is the MAX of cells F2:F7. In cell H3 I then want a formula that will find the MAX of F2:F7 and return the text five rows to the left of that cell. In this example it would be Fred.

The second part of this question is how could I get it to display if more than one person had the same total....

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Apply Conditional Formatting To A Cell When It Is Left BLANK

Nov 30, 2008

I'm trying to apply conditional formatting (shading) to cells that are left blank.

(Purpose: I am designing a research template for a client to complete with data and want the spreadsheet to show them where they've "missed a bit"!)

(When I go to the conditional formatting box, it asks me to specify when "cell value is"..."between/not between/equal to/not equal to" etc. But there's no option to specify when the cell is blank.)

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Formula To Offset 2 Cells Left From VLookup Result

Jul 16, 2014

I have a sheet that a VLOOKUP is looking at, and what I need is, if that VLOOKUP finds what it is looking for I need it to look at the cell 2 cells to the left, how is that done?

I am thinking something like:


[Code] ......

I just don't know the offset part.

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