Replicate Table Format Multiple Times

Feb 29, 2008

I have a single sheet broken into multiple sections of 10 rows (see attached). The first 5 rows of the section are formatted and I need to Insert 5 rows underneath and format them the same. I can't work out how to do this for the different sections (ie: add 5 rows to section 1, then section 2 then 3). These functions will be on separate buttons to use multiple times. I would have used multiple sheets but the project calls for a single sheet representation.

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Moving Cell Values Appearing Multiple Times Into A Table Listing Them Only Once?

Jul 5, 2014

I have a table listing certain values (Column C) and their respective probabilities, based on normal distribution (Column D). As these probabilities are dependant only on values from Column C, I'd like to list all the values from that column into another fragment of the sheet, say F6 and below, but each value should appear there only once, no matter how often it occurs in its original Column C (I listed them manually in Column F in the enclosed example). Moreover, if a new value appears in Column C, it should be also included in the new place and sorted in increasing order.

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Expand Table To Include Missing Times From Data And Sort Based On Multiple Criteria

May 6, 2014

I have a set of data (assume 2 columns, one with a long name and the second with a time). The names contain variables that must be used as criteria (a single entry may contain "Blue" and "On"/"Off") and times vary, based on when the Name turns "On" or "Off" [in minutes: 25 (On), 47 (Off), 89 (On), 100 (Off) and 137 (On)]. I need to create another table that automatically inserts values for all times, to include the missing times (0 min thru 24 and 26 thru 46, etc.). EX: If the first entry is "Blue-On" at "25 minutes", the cells from 0 minutes to 24 minutes are each "0" and become a "1" at 25 minutes - the following cells are "1" until 47 minutes (where it is turned off). (1 and 0 represent "On" and "Off", respectively)

How can I created a formula to insert the correct numbers into the correct places? I'm willing to have multiple cells with formulas and simply hide the columns that are doing the calculations.

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Converting Times Stored In Date Format To Number Format?

Mar 31, 2014

One of the reports I run provides me information on lengths of time. Such a field displays as |0:09:16| indicating 9 minutes and 16 seconds. However, when the report generates the excel spreadsheet it saves these cells in date/time format ([h]:mm:ss). If I were to convert this field to the number format (so I can manipulate and graph it) it displays as such |0.00643460648148148| Ideally I would be able to have the data in the field stored as |556| (556 seconds, or 9 minutes 16 seconds). I have thousands of fields that I need to manipulate where the data is stored in this format and I can not figure out how to fix it.

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How To Convert Data On Multiple Sheets Into Excel Table Format

Jan 12, 2014

I have a workbook that contains something like 50 worksheets and they all contain data with the same columns, for example column A is Project, column B is Project Name, etc. I need to convert data in each worksheet into an Excel Table. There has to be an easier way than manually converting each worksheet into a Table. However, when I group all of the sheets, the option to Insert a Table is not available even though the data starts in the same row and contains the same number of active columns in each worksheet. Is there an easier waty to insert a table in all of the worksheet simultaneously?

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Average Of Times Which Are In Dd:hh:mm Format

Apr 3, 2008

How can you find the average of times?

I have times like
All are in dd:hh:mm format
I need to find their average which shld be 00:00:28 (approx 27.6 mins)
When I do average(A1:C1) its giving me div/0 error.

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Detracting Two Times In Hh:mm:ss Format And Dividing?

Jan 24, 2014

I'm not sure if it's just been a long week but I can't get get the following to work in a sum formula.

In the example below I want to deduct B1 from A1 and then Divide by C1. The result should be 0.57 but I can't get to it within 1 formula.

9:49:12 - 6:18:46 = 3:30:26 / 2 = 0.57!!! Not sure if it's because I'm using unfriendly hh:mm:ss format but I need to.

A1 - 9:49:12
B1 - 6:18:46
C1 - 2

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Change Format Of Dates And Times?

Jul 21, 2014

I have dates (column E) and times (column F) currently in the format mm/dd/yyyy and hh:mm .

However, my formula in excel deals with dates and times in the format mmddyyyy and hhmm. How do I change the values of the dates to exclude the "/" and the times to exclude the ":" operators?

I want to change the actual value of the cell too. Basically, using custom format mmddyyyy in the date column will not work (because the true value of the date will still yield mm/dd/yyyy.

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Copy Range X Times & Paste & Format

Oct 9, 2007

I have a range of cells that is 10 rows high. I want to copy and paste this range 11 times while identifying each of the 11 copies of the range, such as; 02,03,04...12.

Please see attachment for an example of what I am trying to do.

Does anyone have an idea of how this might be done in VB?

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Count Number Of Times Conditional Format Conditions Met?

Apr 22, 2014

I have used Formula to ID cells containing a formula to flag cells red with conditional formatting in a list that do not have formula.

I need a single cell to change colour if any of the cells in the list do not have a formula. e.g. the subtotal in the top row could go red so the user can scroll down to find individual red cells.

Is there a way to count the red cells without formula in the list - Conditionally formatted cells are hard to count. I don't want to use a vba script to do it as the user probably won't run it and auto run slow calculations down.

Is there an array formula that can return true or false if not(CellHasFormula) is true anywhere in the list?

countif(AH1:AH2976,CellHasFormula) doesn't work.

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Auto-populating Starting Times From 1 Format To The Other -VBA Required

Jun 9, 2006

If you look at schedule.jpg you will see a how our work schedules are formatted.

Then if you look at schedule2.jpg, you will see what I wish to convert it to.

Now I'm looking for a way to search by the name of our employee (2 seperate sheets) and then by the time which corresponds to the first "1" in the chart under that name and the last "1" in the chart under that name.

So once I fill out our schedule.jpg, it will auto-populate the times on schedule2.jpg.

Is this even possible?

If necessary, I will be able to put both schedule and schedule 2 on one sheet.

On schedule.jpg time starts at 7:00 - Column C
and ends at 8:00 - Column AC

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Join 2 Times In Cell & Retain Time Format

Aug 23, 2007

I'm usually able to find my answer but I couldn't find anything to match what I need. Anyway... this is either really simple or impossible to do. I have two cells which have times in each. Say A1 has 5:00 PM and A2 has 10:00 PM. I'm just trying to make it so one cell will say:

From 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM... So I tried this ="From " & A1 & " to " & A2

But as I'm sure you already know that yields this result:

From 0.708333333333335 to 0.916666666666668

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Count IF And IF Then Subtract Two Times In 24 Hr Format To Recieve Time On Task

Jul 9, 2008

I get a spreadsheet downloaded to excel with a variable of 15 names.

I want to create a formula that if the name Cleardale appears to take the time responding in cell BD and subtract it from the time available in cell AV so that I have the time on task and then to add up all those times in a total time on task for all cleardale listings for that day. The times are listed in the 24 hour format. I keep getting errors. Can anyone help me out on this one? The range of the cells is from AV7 to AV500 for available time and BD7 to BD500 for alert time and the range of the names is cell f7 to f500.

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Sum Times For Each Date Without Pivot Table

Jan 1, 2007

I am recording events on a day to day basis in excel using the first column as the date, second column as start time, and third column as end time. So an entry might look like 1-Jan _ 13:00 _ 13:40, in the three columns across. There will be multiple entries for each date, but the number of entries for each date will vary. Entries may also overlap in times. For example, the next row may read 1-Jan _ 13:10 _ 13:45. Some times there will be gaps such as a third row readng 1-Jan _ 14:15 _ 15:00. What I would like to do is compute the total elapsed time spent on projects for each day, not counting any overlaps. SO even though the total time spent on those three projects for January 1st is 120 minutes, I would like to know how much time during the day is spent doing work, regardless of how many projects are being done at the same time. So I would like excel to be able to tell me that on January 1st , 90 minutes of the day was spent on work. Hopefully this makes sense. I also need it to distinguish between dates so that it can tell me how much time was spent on January 1st. then January 2nd, 3rd and so on. It would be great if this ould be computed as the data is entered. Maybe It could record it on a new sheet with a column for each date and then it lists the time spent on that day in the row below it.

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Counting # Of Times An Item Shows Up In A Table

Dec 17, 2005

Is there a way to select a table and have excel produce a list ranking the #
of times each item shows up in the list, i.e.

dog 5
cat 2
bird 1

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Copy Each Row Of Table & Repeat Rows X Times

Jan 24, 2009

I'm trying to transpose multiple values in Excel, but I'd also like to repeat row values for columns A through E. The attached file "Raw Data" worksheet shows what I start with, and the "End Result" worksheet shows what I'd like the end result to be.

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Pivot Table - Counting User Once Regardless How Many Times Their Name Is In The Report

Dec 11, 2013

I have a big list of names of people that have completed a bunch of training they have completed. I want to be able to run a pivot table/chart and only count a user once vice each time they have completed a training. So in otherwords I want to get a count of how many people are on the list vice how many certifications they have.

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Counting Number Of Times Same Data Appears In A Table

Jun 28, 2014

I have a table with two columns.


I would like to create another table (in a new sheet) which displays the number of times each PartNum appears in the first table.


The amount of rows in a table is variable and can reach thousands of rows.

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Replicate Dates

Feb 15, 2009

I have a workbook with ten sheets. The front sheet is a summary with nine divisional data sheets (DDS) following. In every sheet cell G12 has the date. At the moment the DDS reference the summary sheet and pick up the same date from it. Is it possible to set it up so that if I change the date in cell G12 on any of the sheets I can get them to all read the same?

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Replicate A Workbook

May 30, 2007

I'm exploring a different approach to my current project.

Sheet1, CellA1 contains the year ie. 2007
Sheet1, CellA2 contains the storage directory ie. E:archiveyear
Sheet1, CellA3:A10 contains the names of the employees.

Here is what I would like to make happen.

Running this in a macro, the result would be a copy of Workbook2 renamed for each employee's name in cells A3 through A10 and all saved in a newly created directory of
E:archiveyear2007employee name1.xls
E:archiveyear2007employee name2.xls and so on..

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Replicate Controls Within Userform

Aug 15, 2012

I have a userform that has nested multipages (5 in the outer page, 4 in the inner page).

On each of these multipages, I want to have the same controls (sliders) laid out in the same order - but with unique names, named after their tab location, for each control so I can use their value property later in the code.

I've designed the layout and named all the controls on my first sheet (e.g. Slider1Outer1Inner1). I now need a way of automating the replication of these across the other 19 sheets (including the nested inner multipage!); so that equivalent slider for example would be called Slider1Outer1Inner2, Slider1Outer1Inner3 etc.

I'm not sure about coding VBA to act on items within VBA...

" For each multipage in outer
For Each multipage In inner
For Each Object In current multipage
Copy inner.object -> Next multipage = CurrentOuter & CurrentInner & CurrentSlider "

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VB/Macro To Replicate Data

Jul 24, 2007

if i create a record in 'XYZ' worksheet, it should create the same record in TARGET worksheet.

Likewise, if i create a record in 'ABC' worksheet in the same workbook, it should create the same record in the SUBSEQUENT ROW of the TARGET worksheet.

For this to happen, it must be done programmitically either using a MACRO or VB Script.

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Replicate Formula Automatically

Oct 18, 2007

How can I continue to replicate this formula automatically?

Interest RateAmountM1M3Formula Required

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Replicate Arrow Keys

Dec 16, 2009

I understand the end(x1Down), but i think I am missing something. I just want to go to the next cell left, right or Up, Down from whatever cell is currently selected. How do I replicate a 1 cell move as an arrow key would do?

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Replicate And Increment Alphanumeric Keywords?

Dec 15, 2007

I want to create a list from a "seed" word that consists of a word followed by a number (ex: seedword100).

What I want to do is to be able to create a list in Excel using that seed word and then have excel produce a bunch of replications of that seed word by incrementing the number part of the seed word by 1 for every replication.

So, for example, if cell A1 = "seedword100", I want Excel to replicate it up to "seedword199" like this...

B1 = seedword101
C1 = seedword102
D1 = seedword103
E1 = seedword104
F1 = seedword105
G1 = seedword106
H1 = seedword107 ...

and so on until the last cell = seedword199 (or whatever number I want it so stop at).

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Replicate Textbox Contents In Another Textox?

Jun 14, 2013

So I have a need to enter multi-line notes. Using a merged cell not working for me so thinking best to use a Textbox.

This works fine for entering the notes but I need to replicate the content on another Tab in the same Excel workbook.

So lets say I have named my Texboxes 'Textbox1' on one tab, and 'Textbox2' on another tab...... how do I replicate the contents?

I've tried putting =Textbox1 into 'Textbox2' like you would for a normal Cell but that does not work.

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Replicate Text Entries Within UserForm

Jun 16, 2009

I created a UserForm to populate client billing info and job location info (so it's a two-parter). A clicked button will then populate a spreadsheet with all of the information. That part works fine.

When the client billing info is the same as their job info, I'd like to offer a checkbox that will populate the job info with the billing info rather than having to type everything twice (like you see on online billing and shipping orders).

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Replicate Charts Without Copy/paste

Apr 21, 2007

I am trying to rebuilt a chartsheet without using copy/paste. I have chartsheets with 2 or more charts on it. I add a new chartsheet, then add a new chartobject and then I want to copy the same series ( name, xyvalues, values). Unfortunately it doesn't work.

Sub ReplicateCharts()
Dim Cht As Chart
Dim NewCht As Chart
Dim ChtObj, NewChtobj As ChartObject
Dim SrSerie As Series
Dim ns As Series
Dim x As Variant
If ActiveWorkbook.Charts.Count > 0 Then
For Each Cht In .Charts
Set NewCht = .Charts.Add()
NewCht.PageSetup.Orientation = Cht.PageSetup.Orientation
For Each ChtObj In Cht.ChartObjects...........................

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Dragging Formulas: Replicate A Formula In Cells

Feb 11, 2009

If I need to replicate a formula in some cells, I usually drag it down or sideways. Is there any easier way to do this? I have large numbers of cells into which to drag the formula. Can I specify which cell range the formula is applicable to (i.e. A1:A10,000 or something) instead of dragging? If so how?

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LOOKUP And IF - Generate Formula And Replicate It Through All The Cells

Feb 28, 2013

Actually i can do it just by using LOOKUP formula but the mark scheme says LOOKUP and IF.

If i use Just LOOKUP i should do the same thing for other cells but i want to generate a formula and replicate it through all the cells.

Here is the question;
Enter formulae in cells C2:C10 that refer to Book Orders.CSV and display whether the Text Book is Required by the student whose Student id is entered in cell A2.

I also uploaded the source file. Q3.xlsx

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