Select Cell Content From Visible Rows.

Mar 15, 2009

I have a worksheet whereby many of the rows are hidden. These rows were initialy hidden by means of scipts ( I have numerous scripts to hide data under various criteria) eg: Scripts which hide rows based on cell count, cell color, cell data information etc...

Now that I am able to veiw only the information that i want to see.. is it possible to create a script which selects cells only from rows which are visible? I have created a Named range begining from E:12 to G:500 called "Select_EFG"

Uing the example below, how could I select the cell data from the visible rows (12, 30, 34, 35, 50 etc... up to row 500.) from this Named Range (columns E:12, G:500) .... and paste this information in Sheet 2 Row5 columnC


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Select The Visible Cells And Count Down 50 Rows In Column

Oct 14, 2008

I would like to select the visible cells, and then count down 50 rows in column A - is this possible?

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Copy Visible Rows And Paste To Visible Rows In Same Sheet Of Excel / VBA Code

Oct 27, 2013

I need to write a macro where i need to copy set of rows from few columns of an excel sheet to another set of columns in same sheet . My excel looks something like this...



Now when i filter this table for Product PR01 only rows 1,3,4 will be visible while the other rows remains hidden





when i use the code


i get to select ones those are visible but i am not sure how i can PASTE them to rows visible under column f1020 to f1025

Tried this in a frantic effort

Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).PasteSpecial xlValues

But got an error for " multiple selection"

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VBA To Select The Previous Visible Cell?

Aug 5, 2014

[Code] ......

What is wrong with above code? I am not able to select previous A15 cell, when macro is selected from C1 cell ( B row is filtered to hide ).

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Select Sheet Based On Cell Content

Oct 6, 2006

I am trying to do some thing simple, but i causes me a lot of problem in several areas. I am using the

sheets( range("c5")).select

to simply select the sheet that is named in cell c5 on the current sheet. can anyone give me a correct way to accomplish this that I can use in other applications that i come accross?

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Select Range Based On Variable Cell Content

Apr 30, 2009

Based on if the value in col A contains the characters "TT" I want to select the range starting with this cell and ending at the end at the end of the row I'm using (.End(xlRight) and then merge these cells, change colors etc. And then looping this through a 'range' so that it only occurs where the values occur. I can amend various cells based on this idea, but am unable to identify the range and then merge the cells.

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Resize Visible Rows Based Only On Visible Columns Text

Apr 22, 2009

Need to correct code to resize all visible rows on a sheet based only on the text in the visible columns. I have tried the below code but when it resizes it is using the largest amount of text in the rows including that in the hidden columns.

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VBA To Hide Rows Based On Cell Content

Jun 23, 2006

If I have data in range A1:Z99 I want to write a macro to hide all the rows that have a zero in the A column.

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Deleting Rows Based On Cell Content

Oct 17, 2007

I wish to remove the page headers that were imported along with the raw data. Here's the code I've been using.

Column_To_Check = 3
Start_Row = 1
End_Row = ActiveSheet. Cells(Start_Row, Column_To_Check).CurrentRegion.Rows.Count
MsgBox End_Row
Search_String = "."
For Row_Counter = Start_Row To End_Row
If ActiveSheet.Cells(Row_Counter, Column_To_Check).Value <> Search_String Then
Row_Counter = Row_Counter - 1
End If
Next Row_Counter
End Sub

When I import the data from the text file, there are 3 dimensions separated by a period in the same field. I.E: ABC.DEF.GHI and I use the break points to seperate as such: ABC|.|DEF|.|GHI|. Therefore, all rows that contain data also contain a period in cell C, but headers don't.

The Problem

End_Row = ActiveSheet.Cells(Start_Row, Column_To_Check).CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

CurrentRegion only selects up to the first blank row. However, I need this to select the whole sheet, not just the current region.

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Excel 2003 :: Deleting Or Displaying Rows Based On Cell Content One By One

Mar 20, 2014

I have a company with upto 5 products, and I have created a dropdown box where you select your product.

When I select product 1 i would need info on product 1 , when i select product 2 I need info on product 1 and 2 and continue. so for product 5 -i need info on product 1-5.

I tried to add all info on excel and tried to delete it one by one by deleting rows in excel for products but it does not work.

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LastRow Needs To Select Next VISIBLE Row (not Hidden Row)

Jul 19, 2007

I'm having a problem moving the cell cursor 2 rows down once I find my LastRow (see LastRow code below). My problem is I need to move down 2 VISIBLE Rows down and I'm running into it moving 2 Rows down whether they are Visible or Hidden? If Row 50 is my LastRow, and I have it move 2 rows down, if Row 52 is Hidden, it still moves to Row 52 which can't be seen by the user after I do my stuff to that row? I can't unhide any hidden rows for other reasons. Is there a way to have the cursor move down 2 VISIBLE Rows instead of 2 Rows regardless?

The code I use to select the LastRow is:

LastRow = Cells(4000, 8).End(xlUp).Row
I move down 2 more rows using:

Cells(LastRow + 2, 8).Select 'Then I do some stuff here for the user, so it can't be a hidden row

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Check For & Select Visible Cells

Jun 26, 2008

I have the following code in my VBA


This throws up error when the selection does not has any visible cells. Is there a way to check the selection for visible cells before executing this command.

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Select Only Cells With Content

Jan 6, 2009

select only cells with content. Is it possible to use the next

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Read Cell Content & ADD Content + Font Properties *SOLVE

Sep 12, 2007

I use this to read cell content, add some text/characters (ie. [ and ]) and change the properties of the complete cell

Worksheets("DVD Lijssie").Activate
If ActiveCell.Value 0 Then ' Change all in to ... ... ...
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.Value & " " & "]" & " " & "["
With ActiveCell.Font
.Name = "Arial Narrow"
.Size = 8
.ColorIndex = 16
End With
End If
End Sub
HOW can I change this vba-code so it leave's the content of the cell like it is and add some content with the use of let's say TexBox1 and ONLY use different font properties for the newely added content?

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Dynamic Range To Select Only Visible Columns?

May 6, 2014

I need a macro to start at cell A11 and select across 10 columns and down to the Lastrow (last row with any data).

There are hidden columns after column D so it CANNOT have any columns hardcoded except for column A.

This selection then needs to be set as a single print area to print out on 1 page. I have already set Rows 1-10 as a title area to print at the top of each page.

Code i currently have is:

[Code] .......

I just need it to now go across 10 visible columns and set as a single print area.

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Select Visible Cells Button Not Working

Jul 14, 2008

I have a worksheet where I first filtered, then hid some columns. Used to be that I just highlighted the area I wanted copied, clicked the select visible cells button that I put on my toolbar, ctrl c and ctrl v into a new worksheet and only the visible cells would be copied. Now the button isn't working because when I ctrl v into the new worksheet, it shows the hidden columns also.

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Select Chart Content With Dropdown

Jan 3, 2014

I am trying to make a dynamic chart with a drop down/cell selection. I have a table with names vs. months. Each name/month has an associated value. I want to display a bar chart that I select with a drop down. i.e. If I select January, the chart will show january's data. If I select February, february's. Etc.

I tried to set my series values as: =indirect($C$1) where C1 is the entry cell for the month and the value corresponds to a named range. I get an error that says "That function is not valid."

When I try to put just the named range, excel highlights the correct range but then tells me that "the formula you typed contains an error. Try one of the following..."

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Highlight/Select TextBox Content

Nov 12, 2005

i am working on a userform that contains several controls one of which is a textbox ,everything is fine except that i need to know which textbox property to use in order to highlight the text writen inside the textbox, i know "setfocus" but thats not excatly what i need, i need to highlight the text inside the textbox.


"textbox.setfocus" sets the focus onto the textbox without highlighting its content
what i need is:

"textbox.ur suggestion" sets the focus onto the textbox & highlight its content, this way i will no longer have to clear the text using the backspace key to write another text

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Change Content Of One Cell Based On Content Of Another

Apr 18, 2014

Formula/macro/etc that would enable me to have content of a cell changed based on the content of another cell in the same row.

Example: cell in column D says "PSA" - so I would need the cell in column H for that same row to read "Radio"

I would need an entire sheet scanned to review for these occurrences and make the appropriate changes. I also would need the formula to be inclusive enough to scan for variations in column D cell content (PSA 1, PSA 2, etc).

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Hidding Rows With Checkboxes And Coping Visible Rows To Another Sheet

Oct 15, 2008

1. I have to hide rows using checkboxes
2. I have to copy visible rows (not marked ones) to another sheet in the same workbook. So far i have managet to creat this code for hiding/sowing rows:

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Highlights Multiple Rows If Select Cell (formula Cell)

Oct 3, 2013

I have a matrix with numbers that each cell is composed by a function of two parameters (two columns). The formula is


So it's counts when in one cell column I receive 15 and in the other 14. For instance, I receive the number 3 - so I have three rows that match (the first column with 15 and the second with 14).

I want, when I select the cell from the matrix (table) with the number 3 (that I receive from the formula) it will highlight the relevant rows..

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Select Rows When A Cell Is Not Empty

Oct 30, 2009

I would like to select rows of a range (eg A7:D11) but only those rows where the cell in column C is not empty

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Macro To Select Rows Based On Value In Cell A Of Last Row

Nov 17, 2007

What would a macro look like that would find the value in the cell of the last row in the A column, then set that as the selection criteria so macro could copy all rows that match that to another workbook?

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Macro To Select All Rows Above Cell That Satisfies Condition?

Mar 26, 2013

In a particular sheet the data (with formulae) are present from rows E5:Q5000. I require a macro which automatically does the following:

- When user enters “submitted” in the row Column N, entire rows above that cell should be selected, and copy-pasted as values to remove all formulas. So if user enters “submitted”, at N31, then data set E5:Q31 should be selected and copy pasted special so as to retain only values.

-Finally the copy pasted data should be sorted as per the status of Column N.

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Matrix - Identify Cell Content In Column For Row If Matrix Content True?

Mar 21, 2014

For a table like the one below produced for the sake of example (actual is much much bigger) I want to make it list rows that are true for a certain column for a certain variable in the matrix. So for say water terrain, which types of activity can I do i.e. swimming. Or for Offroad the activites which I can't do i.e. Run and Swim.

Jog nym
Run nyn
Walk nyy
Swim ynn

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Sum Only Visible Rows

Oct 16, 2008

I have this sheet:

2 1 1
3 2 2
4 3 3
5 2 4
6 1 5
7 2 6
8 3 7
9 1 8
10 1 9

SUM(B2:B10) gives 45

Now I add a filter so all the rows with A = 1 will be hidden. That gives me:

3 2 2
4 3 3
5 2 4
7 2 6
8 3 7

But SUM(B2:B10) still gives 45. But it should be 22.

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How To Copy Only Visible Rows

Mar 7, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that has hidden rows, I want to somehow either delete the unvisible rows or to be able to copy the visible rows to another sheet?

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Counting Visible Rows Only?

Jan 10, 2013

I need to insert a formula to count only the visible rows in a database. I currently have =row()-6 etc. but when I hide certain rows they are included in the count. What formula can I use to ignore the hidden rows and only show the live rows?

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Counting Only The Visible Rows

Nov 4, 2008

How can I count the no. of rows of a selection which has some hidden rows...I want to count only the visible rows

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Subtotal Sum For First X Visible Rows

Jun 28, 2013

I have a sheet with a couple thousand rows of data. I need to calculate the subtotal sum for the first 50 rows of auto-filtered data. I can't seem to figure out the formula that I would need to have to do this automatically. If for example my filtered data the 50th visible row is row 1300, currently i can write a formula "SUBTOTAL(9,Q1:Q1300) but if the filtering changes I would have to go and change the formula to replace Q1300 with QX, where X is the new 50th visible row number. I know there must be at least one way to do it automatically but it seems to be beyond my current skill level.

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