Sum Different Cells From Different Worksheets

Jan 17, 2008

I've seen several posts for how to sum the same cells over multiple worksheets, but what I'm trying to do is sum different cells over multiple worksheets. I know what the syntax would be if I was to manually type in the formula. For instance if I wanted to sum A1 to A5 on sheet 1, B2 to B3 on sheet 2, and A20 to D20 on sheet 3, it would be SUM(Sheet1!A1:A5, Sheet2!B2:B3, Sheet3!A20:D20). but how can I do that by simply highlighting the desired cells and using the summation button rather than manually typing in the formula?

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Copy Cells / Range From Worksheets Positioned Between Two Worksheets

Jul 7, 2014

Let's say I have a workbook with 7 worksheets named, for example, "Instruction", "Begin", "Worksheet 1", "Worksheet 2", "Worksheet 3", "End", and "Data". (in that order)

What I want to do is run a macro to go to whatever worksheet that is in between "Begin" and "End" and copy, for example, cells $C$1:$D$10; then paste as formula into worksheet "Data" starting from cell C1 and then down a list (i.e., copied cells from "Worksheet 1" get pasted as formula into "Data" cells C1:D10; then copied cells from "Worksheet 2" get pasted as formula into "Data" cells C11:D20, and so on and so forth).

But if I were to add more worksheets (e.g., "Recipe" and "ToDo") positioned in between "Begin" and "End" and run the macro again, it'll either 1) re-copy all the formulas from the included worksheets back into "Data" including the formulas from the newly added/placed worksheets or 2) it'll add the formulas from the newly added/placed worksheets and paste into "Data" at the end of the list.

Can create the macro to run based on the position of worksheet, and not based on the name of worksheet, since ultimately there will probably be over 10 worksheets between "Begin" and "End".

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Protect Certain Locked Cells From Editing And Allow Certain Unlocked Cells To Be Changed On Multiple Worksheets?

Jan 31, 2014

1.I need to protect certain locked cells from editing and allow certain unlocked cells to be changed on multiple worksheets.

2.When all of the changes are made to the unlocked cells, I need to password protect the entire workbook (except one worksheet) from any changes. (i.e. Prevent even the unlocked cells from being edited)

3.I also need a password to un-protect the workbook and return it to the state described in # 1. above .

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Copy Cells From Different Worksheets?

Apr 14, 2013

I would like to copy several cells in a Summary sheet. I have 20 worksheets, corresponding to the information of 20 companies, with exactly the same format. They have obviously different data/figures.

I want to summarize some key figures into the summary sheet. I have already created the links manually and pasted all of them in a row for the first company. Now I would like to copy the same references from the other companies. Even if the cells are blocked with the dollar, excel will not go across the different worksheets to copy the same cells.

How can I do it? Certainly there is an easier way than to do 19* 70= 1330 clicks manually.

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Table Of Same Cells From Many Worksheets?

Jun 14, 2014

I am trying to build a table from different worksheets into a table in order. I have 65 sheets with peoples names and a points total for each person. I am struggling with making a summary table with everyone in numerical order. Highest at the top.

Names is in cell P1
Total points is in T53

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Comparing The Same Cells In Two Worksheets

Aug 22, 2008

I would like to make a macro which compares the content of the same cells in two worksheets which are in the same workbook.

More clearer I have a workbook with two sheets (Sheet1 and Sheet2). What I would like the macro to do is to check cell A1 in Sheet1 and compare it to cell A1 in Sheet2 and so on till the last cell (IV65536). If there is a differnce between the two cells, then it should highlight the background of the cell in Sheet1.

I know that there has been similar requests on this forum (I searched and read them) but thew were different.

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Syncing Two Cells In Different Worksheets

Feb 27, 2009

I'm trying to sync two cells in two different worksheets so that regardless of which of the two cells has a new entry entered into it, the other one will update to the same value.

I have two worksheets which both contain a cell for "Weight", the value in both cells needs to be the same and I need to be able to enter the value from either sheet....

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Loop Through Cells And Then Through All Worksheets

Jan 30, 2010

Not sure what is missing here, but this will only highlight duplicates on the active sheet and won't cycle thru all worksheets in the workbook.

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Collect Cells From Different Worksheets

Nov 25, 2011

I have a need to collect cells from different worksheets based on several criterias.

The worksheets all have one column and cell value in common, "Project name".

I need to collect some cells from different worksheets and visualize them on a new worksheet.

The cells I want to collect is:

- Project name
- Status of Project
- Income

I have been able collect these data. But the trick is that I need to sort these collected data on "Status of Project". The status of a project can be one of three: Committed, Uncommitted or Unspecified.

So what I need is three bulks, something like this:

HTML Code:

"Project name" "Income"
"Project name" "income"

"Project name" "Income"
"Project name" "income"

"Project name" "income"
"Project name" "income"

The point is that this can be done manually, but to have a macro doing this would obviously save ridiculous amount of time for me..

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Can't Reference Cells Across Worksheets

Apr 3, 2007

I've got an error whereby if i open a new workbook and enter the formula "=Sheet2!A1" in cell A1 on sheet1, Excel throws up a circular reference error. If i then try to select sheet2, excel highlights both sheets 1 and sheet 2 (i am not clicking incorrectly here).

Excel then thinks that i've entered the formula into the second worksheet - it dissapears from the 1st and the circular reference makes sense. In other words, it appears that i'm not actually entering a forumla on the hightlighted worksheet.

This was happening in Excel 2003 so i updated to 2007. I'm guessing this is something to do with an incompatibilty with another application but i can't work out what i might have installed. Does anyone have any idea of apps which might cause this type of error?

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Autofit All Cells In Many Worksheets

Jun 22, 2008

1. autofit all cells in 38 worksheets
2. copy the previous row without looking up or deleting or inserting. Just a simple copy previous row of values and formulas down one (to the next row empty or not)
3. Hide columns with headings hide in the first cell of the column.

Remember, I have 38 worsheets in the same workbook that it has to cycle thru. 4 of those are pivots, so no need to include those.

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Linking Cells In Different Worksheets

Mar 12, 2009

i am trying to get data from my original (vertical data) to copy to other group of cells (horizontal) without having to refer to every single cell to be copied. is there a way to get excel to do something like this: if b12=x then c12=next - but for 5 rows.

i am such a excel newb but i have asked some guys who say they know excel and i left them scratching their heads. i have all the data in i need in other sheets.

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Finding The Max Of Cells In Different Worksheets

May 14, 2009

If I want to find the Maximum value of the cells in A1 through A3 I'd do =MAX(A1:A3).
How do I do the same thing if the 3 cells I want to check are all in cell A1 in 3 different worksheets named 01, 02 and 03?

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Sum Across Worksheets Named In 2 Cells

Oct 3, 2008

Sum Across Worksheets Named In 2 Cells. I'm using Excel 2003 or because I'm not familiar with arrays.

Indirect Sum Across Multiple Worksheets

I am trying to sum across a dynamic range of worksheets:
A1: BeginningSheet
B1: EndingSheet
C1: = "'" &A1& ":" &B1& "'!a5" -> 'BeginningSheet:EndingSheet'!a5

sum('BeginningSheet:EndingSheet'!a5) WORKS
sum(indirect(C1)) DOESN"T WORK

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Copy Cells From Different Worksheets

Nov 1, 2006

I have been given an assignment to copy the contents the contents from different sheets to one single sheet with following constraints. example: copy contents from say N sheets (same cell) to A sheet named XYZ to say A1,B1,C1..N respectively.

Sheet1(A9) to XYZ(B1)
Sheet2(A9) to XYZ(C1)
Sheet3(A9) to XYZ(D1)
Sheet4(A9) to XYZ(E1)
Sheet5(A9) to XYZ(F1)

Sheet1(A11) to XYZ(B2)
Sheet2(A11) to XYZ(C2)
Sheet3(A11) to XYZ(D2)
Sheet4(A11) to XYZ(E2)
Sheet5(A11) to XYZ(F2)

Sub X()
Dim lCnt As Long
' Upper bound and lower bound for no. of sheets
For lcount2 = 1 To 3
lcnt = lcnt +1

If Sheets(lcount2).Range("A9") = "Distinction" Then
Select Case (lCnt)
Case 1:.................

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Lock Cells Over Four Worksheets In One Go

Mar 12, 2007

I am trying to get user to enter month and goto sheet named the month they enter. I would also like to tag on the end of each one a 1,2,3,4 as I have four sheets four each month. Jan1, Jan2, Jan3, Jan4 etc..

Sub Cell()
Dim InptPass As String
Dim Pass As String
Dim month As String
Pass = "mypassword"
InptPass = InputBox("Please Enter Password")
If InptPass <> Pass Then
MsgBox "Incorrect Password", vbCritical
Exit Sub
month = InputBox("Enter Month to Lock")
ActiveSheet.Range("A1:BK22").Locked = True
MsgBox "Cells Locked", vbInformation
End If
End Sub

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Divide 2 Cells From Different Worksheets

Feb 1, 2008

i want to divide two cells from different sheets using a macro

i have this at the moment

='Cost Sheet A'!$L138/'Cost Sheet A'!$AD155

and have gathered that i can divide 2 cells that are in the same sheet using macros
but i want to link to two different sheets using a macro

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How To Copy Range Of Cells To Worksheets

Aug 30, 2013

I am a novice in VBA. I want to copy a range of value from Sheet1 and paste 1st value in the range to Sheet2, 2nd value in Sheet3, 3rd value in Sheet4 and so on.

Sheet 1 has a value in cell
B1 : C02
B2: C03
B3: D01
B4: D03
B5: D04
and so on....

I want C02 to be pasted in Sheet 2, cell B1; C03 pasted in Sheet 3, cell B1; D01 pasted in Sheet 4, cell B1...and so on.

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Automatically Updating Cells Across Worksheets?

Jun 7, 2013

I currently have three worksheets and I'm trying to keep the data the identical throughout all three worksheets in cells B6-B9. I need to automatically update the same cell on the other two pages with the data from the edited one. Meaning if cell B7 is updated on sheet 2, that same data would be updated in cell B7 in the other two sheets, or if cell B9 is updated on sheet 3, that cells B9 on sheets one and two would have that same data.

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Updating Cells In Two Separate Worksheets

May 14, 2014

I need to find a way of updating cells in two separate worksheets. The cell address can vary.

Right now I am using a "button" which when clicked updates the cell value by an increment.

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Calculate Certain Cells On Two Different Worksheets Using VB Macro?

Sep 8, 2009

I have question on how to calculate the certain cells between 2 different worksheets based on the certain calculation parameters and the comparison result (the report) is put into the new worksheet on the same workbooks.

1) Worksheet1 contains: DEPTH, G1, C1, N1, D1, S1, SR1, MR1, DR1
2) Worksheet2 contains: DEPTH, G2, C2, N2, D2, S2, SR2, MR2, DR2

Expected result should be put in Worksheet3: DEPTH, G1, G2, calculation(G1 and G2), CI1, C2, calculation(C1 and C2), so on until the last columns. (find example on attached file "Test_Data.xls)

What I have done is to create a template to be filled in by copy and paste DEPTH, G1, G2 on worksheet1, DEPTH, C1, C2 on worksheet2, so on (attached file "Template_QC.xls"). Then I create a calculation macro for each of those worksheets separately to calculate the difference and color them . The calculation macro that I used is as follows:

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Update Cells From Two Independent Worksheets?

Apr 1, 2012

I have two spreadsheets which carry the same information in three cells. Instead of just placing a link, =B2 etc., I would like to have the cells linked to each other through code.

For the one sheet I can use this with no problem, but as soon as I place this worksheet change event in the other sheet but reverse the cells references Excel gets unhappy.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Target.Parent.Range("B2, M2, N2")


Any proper way to update a cell no matter which spreadsheet the change takes place?

Sheet1 >> change is made to cell B2 and that same value is applied to Sheet cell C4.

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Creating Identical Cells In Different Worksheets

Jun 13, 2007

I am creating one big workbook with several different worksheets. I need to make the first two columns of every worksheet identical.

I would like to make it so that when an item is changed in any cell in any column on any worksheet, the other worksheets automatically change to become identical.

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Copying Non Blank Cells Between Worksheets

Apr 22, 2006

i have 2 worksheets. Worksheet A has 100 rows on it with information in the first column. However, there are many blank rows e.g

Column A
2 matt
4 simon
5 paul
8 mike
12 john

what i need to do is transfer this to worksheet B without copying accross the blank cells, Now the main problem is i want the cells to be linked so i need a formula that finds the next cell with data in it to go in the next cell down. So worksheet B will look like this:-

Column A
1 Matt
2 Simon
3 Paul
4 Mike
5 John

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Macro: Copy Certain Cells From All Worksheets

Dec 18, 2006

I have been at this for days and i can't quite get it right.

I have multiple worksheets of clients all formatted the same.

I need a Macro/VBA that will take from Each sheet onto a master sheet the Name of the Client(Cell I1 from the sheet)

Under the name I need the text Authorization #: then the data(C3)
Under that I need the text Dates of Service Expiration: then the data (D5)
Then the text 90801 Balance: then the data from (C30)
Then the text 90806 Balance: then the data from (F30)
Then the text 90847 Balance: then the data from (I30)
Then the text 90853 Balance: then the data from (L30)

Then a couple Spaces then the same exact data from the next sheet...till all the work sheets are done.....

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Average From Cells On Multiple Worksheets

Dec 20, 2006

I have a control box button on a sheet and when I click it, I'd like to take the average for the values in Cell M8 on all Worksheets in my Workbook with the exception of the ones named Cover, Opportunity Map, and Average....and put the average calculated in cell M8 on the sheet called Average.

My issue is that the number of worksheets may change for each instance, which is why I'm trying to incorporate any that might be in the workbook other than a few named ones.

Is this possible and if so can anyone assist with the code?

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Sum Of Products Of Cells In Multiple Worksheets

Jan 20, 2007

I have multiple sheets in a workbook, and a want to sum the multiplication of two cells on each sheet on a total sheet. i.e. totalsheet!A1 = sheet1!A1 * sheet1!B2 + sheet2!A1* sheet2!B2....+ sheetN!A1*sheetN!B2

I need to do this for hundreds of cells, so mutiplying them on each sheet is not an option. There are enough sheets that writing out the brute force equation as above is too long. I know you can do total!A1=sum(sheet1..sheetN!A1) to add all sheet A1's together, but multiply and sum?

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Copy Range Of Cells From All Worksheets To One Worksheet?

Sep 5, 2013

Copy Ranges From all Sheets.xlsx

I need a macro that will copy a range of cells, it is always in the B2:B7 range from all the worksheets in a workbook. This is just a sample of the actual workbook, which has 100's of worksheets. The macro also needs to maintain any formatting [conditional or regular].that has been added to a particular cell. The ranges need to be pasted in a worksheet named "content" and arranged in columnar sequence, please see attached sample.

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Compare Specific Cells From Three Separate Worksheets

Mar 27, 2009

Is there a way to compare specific data from three separate worksheets to see if they are equal?

I receive three daily reports that contain some of the same information that must match in order to correctly compile an Executive Report. Currently, I am doing this manually. Is there any way to automate the process to have a warning or something similar pop up if the numbers do not match?

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Cells To Fill Header And Footer All Worksheets

Nov 11, 2009

Is there a way to enter data into a cell and it would auto fill the Header and Footer in all worksheets? Maybe an embeded marco in the worksheet "TOOLS"?

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