VLOOKUP And SUM (search For A Specific Data Set And Add The Values)

Dec 29, 2008

I want to use vlookup up function to search for a specific data set. when it finds it i want it to look 2 columns over and add the value then continue to search for the specific data set again in the range provided in the vlookup, when it finds another matching the criteria look 2 columns over and add that cell value to the previous count.

keep a running total until it has looked through the whole sheet. here is an example of the vlookup i am using, it is not suming because thats where im stuck. also a quick data set to picture what i am talking about. In the data set in plain terms i want to look for the line name and add the qty on that line into a chart.

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A8, 'Web Queries'!G$3:H$40, 2, FALSE)) = TRUE, 0, VLOOKUP(A8, 'Web Queries'!G$3:H$40, 2, FALSE))


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Search And Extract Cell Data After And Before Specific Values With Formula

May 20, 2014

I need a formula to extract data after "<li>Color: " & before"</li>"



blah blah blah<li>Color: White</li>some informations

blah blah blah<li>Color: Red</li>some informations

blah blah blah<li>Color: Black</li>some informations

blah blah blah<li>Color: Red</li>some informations

I have already use this formula but I get the "#VALUE!" error even if the cell contains the "<li>Color: </li>" data.

[Code] ....

Sometimes, some cells does not contain the "<li>Color: </li>" data, I don't want the "#VALUE!" error, I just want a blank cell there.

This is an example with the real values I want to extract Example.xlsx

This is the formula that works

[Code] ......

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Too Much Data Per Cell, Search/copy/paste Specific Values?

May 31, 2007

From mySQL database, i am getting a ton of data that is all being inputted into a single excel cell. Within this cell, there are certain data points that i wish to obtain (Bank #, SSN #, Routing #). There are multiple difficulties in obtaining this information.

1. these cells contain the same fields, but different number of total characters (differing in names, addresses, etc.)

2. some of the data points (like SSN) are inputted incorrectly, so even though a SSN is only 9 digits/characters, I may have to output all 11 that the SQL database placed within the cell.

Can I get some help? I'm thinking of a search function/macro within excel, because all of the fields show up correctly.

something like (i know this doesn't work)

= or("cellA1" contains/finds/function SSN,return the 9 characters after "SSN ")

um...yeah. difficult to explain, i'm sorry!

edit: not sure what is wrong the file. I have attached a new one.

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VLOOKUP, Search For Values And Add Them

Mar 31, 2008

I am working on a spread sheet that searches for an employee's clock number, pulls the data from a particular week and displays it all on one page. I have 6 different tables of different stats, 4 weeks each and I would like to pull all of this data together. I have successfully created a page that when you plug in an employee's number, all of thier stats apear from all 6 data sets for the last 4 weeks. I do this by using ....

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VBA To Color Cells - Search Workbook For Specific Values?

Mar 22, 2013

I am trying to create a VBA to:

1. Search workbook for a specific values and then to color that cell with a corresponding color.

2. Search workbook for a specific values and then color other cells underneath (the next 3 merged rows after the cell containing the value) with a corresponding color.

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Search And Compare" Function For A Row That Contains Two Specific Values

Dec 15, 2006

I'm looking for a function (or combination of functions) that will essentially search for a row that contains two specific values (in two different cells), then grabs a value from another cell in the same row to use in a calculation.

I don't know... that probably doesn't make any sense, and maybe there's no way to get it done. If so, it would save me hours. Couldn't see a way to attch an example file to my post, otherwise I could probably describe it a bit clearer.

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Search Arrays For Specific Values And Copy "associated" Values To A New Location

May 26, 2006

Given the following data located in Sheet1 of a Workbook -

•I have seven columns (assume header row names are “A, B, C, D, E, F, G”) each containing numeric data in random order.
•All columns are of the same length (equal number of rows), followed by a blank cell, but the number of rows is unknown.
•Columns with header row names A-E will only contain numbers from 0 to 100, while F and G may contain numbers from -127 to +128.

Here is what I would like to do –

I would like to be able to analyze the data in columns A-D to locate rows that contain specific combinations of values (ex. row 41 contains the values 50, 0, 0, 0 and row 239 contains values 100, 0, 0, 0 in columns A – D, respectively, etc.).

For each row that is found to contain one of these combinations (there are many different combinations required), I would like to copy the associated values from columns E, F, & G for that row, and paste them into their respective (E, F, & G) columns located on Sheet2 of the same workbook. However, I would like to paste the E, F, & G values into a specific row order on Sheet2, DETERMINED by the value of the A – D combination identified on Sheet1.

Continuing with the ex. above, let’s say I would like to have the EFG values from row 239 in Sheet1 copied to row 10 in Sheet2, while the EFG values from row 41, Sheet1, are to be copied to row 11 in Sheet2.

In effect, I would like to create a table of this subset of data, in a specific order, from which I could work later.

I can do this manually using “ AutoFilter” to locate the data I need and then write formulas to copy the data from Sheet1 to Sheet2 in the order that I need, but every time the order of the original data on Sheet1 changes I have to start all over.

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Adjacent Cells - Search For Specific Values And Find The Total Number Of Instances

Jan 30, 2014

Any method to determine the number of instances a value ("4" for example) appears next to a specific value ("x" for example). I don't have a workbook; I'm just looking for any formula that can search for specific values and find the total number of instances that an adjoining cell contains data.

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Finding Formula To Search For Specific Data

Nov 15, 2011

I am having trouble getting a formula to work with exactly what I need. I need a formula to find the total quantity of each product. The file I'm searching from does not list the product name or description in the subtotal column. The host file is similar to below and I just want the product name and total quantity in the new worksheet. I will have a list of all products we carry in the new worksheet and I want to pull the total quantity ordered for each item, and if none were ordered return a quantity of 0. The program the host file is exported from also lists a header at the top of each page, so for example there may be a header in between the last occurrence of Product D and the Subtotal.

Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product A Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Item Subtotal Total Quantity
Product B Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Item Subtotal Total Quantity
Product D Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product D Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Product D Description Sub description Date Ordered Quantity Ordered
Item Subtotal Total Quantity

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Search For Specific Compatible Data From Two Columns

Mar 22, 2012

adapting the bolded code to search for a specific row where the date displayed in "DAT2" (a date in Column A) occurs in the same row as specific data (e.g CEF1) in column B (note that there will only ever be one combination like this on the worksheet but it could occur in any Row) and then display just that result in "Experimental".

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Unload Me
Dim CellFound As Range
Dim Rng As Range
Dim Wks As Worksheet
If TextBox1 = "" Then
MsgBox "You must enter a Date to Find."
Exit Sub
End If


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Search Box / Dropdown To Return Specific Data

Nov 15, 2013

I have a workbook with several sheets of data - it's basically names with a series of assessment data. Each name and selection of data is in its own row.

I want to build an additional sheet with a search function/drop down box that wil allow any name to be searched for/selected and return that specific name/all/specific cells in that row. I believe this could be done either using VLOOKUP or a Macro but I am only a beginner with either of these things.

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User Input To Search For Specific Data

Feb 1, 2007

I have a spreadsheet of sales figures that I want to interrogate to show data relating to sales of specific manufacturers products to specific customers, I have a colomn (call it A) that has the customer name listed, coloum B that has the Manufacturer name, coloum C that has the type of product it is and coloum D, coloum E, coloum F, coloum G that has the sales figure for the last 4 quarters.

I would like a user input box to pop up on loading, which asks for the Manufacturer I want to search for, and then a report genertaed that lists each customer with their sales figures by type of product for the specified manufacturer for the last 4 quarters (individually not tottaled). If the customer doesnt have any sales figures for that Manufacturer I would like that listed showing '0'

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Formula To Search A Cell For Specific Data To Extract

Mar 13, 2009

I was wondering if there is a formula that will search a cell for a word or other specific criteria then if it finds it, puts the requested data / word in the formula cell


If I have a list of vehicle descriptions all in different formats:

CAR1 1.4 SRI 3 door Hatch
CAR2 5 door saloon GSI 2.0 V8
2.2 CDX 5 door CAR3 Estate
CAR3 Estate 5 Door CDX

Say I want to know which ones are CDX varient I need the formula to look in the cell and return "CDX" or "YES"

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Search IF Row Of Data (multiple Cells) Contains Specific Text

Mar 21, 2013

I'm building an inventory report based upon a daily report downloaded from a website. The downloaded report changes from day-to-day. All of the data I need remains there, but the location of the columns changes, with the exception of "BOL". I need to sort all of this data in a macro. I have most of my macro figured out, but I'm having trouble with one "sort". I need the data to be sorted FIRST by whether or not the 4th column contains "Clear" or "Dyed". I have the next two sorts already coded, based on SPOT vs Contract and then numerically by column A. But I cannot find macro coding or an excel formula (either would work) that reliably searches the 2nd column for the word "Clear". I have tried different combinations of IFERROR, FIND, SEARCH, IF, ISNUM, etc. in hopes of writing a new adjacent column containing the values "Clear" and "Dyed". I have found many combinations that work if I search only the correct cell. But when I extend the range to search through ~26 cells in one row, they all fail. Below is a (small) example of what I start with and what I want to end with. I've also included my current relevant Sorting code in my macro.




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Time For Getting Data - Search For 445 Files In Folders On Specific Path

Jan 1, 2013

I build a VBA that search for 445 files in folders on specific path.

The code opens each file, take each time the same 31 rows, filter them and paste in the main data base file and then close the origin file.

So, for 445 files it takes about 6:30 minutes.

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VLOOKUP Get Specific Month's Data

Jun 6, 2006

I have a worksheet called Money & Budgets containing accounting data. In a new worksheet in the same workbook I have created a drop down box with month's of the year in it. I have selected March (the first month in my accounting financial year)

I have created the following formula and copied it down and it collects March's data just fine

=VLOOKUP('Money & Budgets'!D95,'Money & Budgets'!$D$95:$R$138,3,FALSE)

What I want to do now though is to change the drop down list to April, for example, and have my VLOOKUP formula automatically get the data from column 4 of my Money & Budgets worksheet rather than from column 3. I have been trying to do this for hours, days and nights and I am not getting anywhere

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Link Search Box With VLookup To Provide Search Result

Jul 15, 2012

What i have so far is:
-3 Sheets (Sheet1 - Search, Sheet2 - Data, Sheet3 - Result)
-Sheet1 has a userform ready to link up - this opens up when workbook and worksheet is activated.
-Sheet2 has some example data to search - the search is for column 1 (see attachment)
-Sheet3 has a template ready for the data to be pasted to.

I would like the search result is column 1 to copy the data from columns 1 to 7 to sheet3.

I want the template/layout to remain after the pasting of results. (everything protected from editing, if possible).

Once finished (ie go back to sheet1, i want the data from sheet3 to be cleared.)

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How To Search Multiple Workbooks For A Specific Value In A Specific Cell

Sep 14, 2008

I'm trying to search through multiple worksheets (that are closed) to see if a value in cell B12 (of every worksheet) matches a value in a seperate worksheet (which is in a seperate workbook)

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Looking Up A Sum Of Data In Several Columns For Specific Values Of Another Column

Jan 28, 2010

=(SUMIF($J:$J, "Player1",$K:$K)+SUMIF($L:$L,"Player1",$M:$M)+SUMIF($N:$N,"Player1",$O:$O))-SUM($I:$I)

This looks up if Player 1 was in the top 3 scoring zones and adds up the players total score.

I have another column in this table of data labelled 'Number of Players'. I was wondering how to lookup the total score for this player in the games he played under 6 players for example and the games he played in where there were other six players.

I've tried using that formula ^^ with variations of IF and SUMIF formulas to try and figure it out, but I keep getting formula errors or it just returns with the total score, and not just with the total score under 6 players.

I am also trying to create a graph of date on the x axis against score to date on the y axis - everytime I try, the x axis is always numbers instead of the date?

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Finding Data By Specific Values In A Row And Column

Jun 6, 2013

Any way to search for a value down column A, another value across roW 1, and tells what value lies in the cell at their meeting point. 4 example, I'm looking For "47" somewhere in column a, and also the number 53 somewhere in row 1, and I need to know what value is in the cell where those to meet.

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Offset / Index / Match - Using 3 Functions To Search For And Return Values From Data Sheet

Jan 19, 2014

Trying to grasp the concept of using these 3 functions to search for and return values from a data sheet.

The attached spread sheet has performance data for a group of employees.

What I need to do is find a particular employee then return a value for one of the category's.

For instance, I need to find "10TE03 ANGIE HOLLIS" Parts Usage on color or cell C10 in the attached sample.

Sometimes new category's are added to column A adding to the number of rows so a simple offset is not reliable.

Once I get that working, I then need to use a named range to total and average different data points for groups of employees by teams.

Maybe Offset-Index-Match is not even the way to go here?

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VLookup Multiple Values And Paste Data Vertically

May 6, 2014

See the below columns: Column A and Column B. I would like to get all the data in column A to become column names and the data assorted under these column names vertically.

Column A Column B

0_country Canada

0_employee_type HE

0_province" AB

[Code] .........

I would like the end result to look like this

0_Country 0_employee type 0_province
Canada HE AB

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Duplicate Values For VLookup - How To Receive Data Back

May 23, 2014

I have a situation where I have about 20000 lines to populate and looking for a quicker alternative. I have duplicate numerical values in the lookup_value. I want the same number to appear for all lookup_value's but there is only one instance of that value on the other sheet I am searching. My table looks like this:




Column A Column B

50058459 1234
68594523 9876
58965214 3456

I want my output of vlookup to look like this

Column A Column B

50058459 1234
50058459 1234
50058459 1234
50058459 1234
68594523 9876
68594523 9876
68594523 9876
58965214 3456

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Excel VLOOKUP Multiple Values From Data Validation List

Dec 12, 2011

I've found a nice looking formula for looking up multiple values from a Data Validation List which you can find here.

Unfortunately I dont know why im getting a #REF! error for one of my spreadsheets. Here is my Formula {=SUM(VLOOKUP(A2,D:D,{6,7,8},0))}

A2 is the Data Validation drop down list that has most of the Values (Letters & Numbers) I want to look up. D:D is where it will find the Values (Letters & Numbers) and {6,7,8} is the currency I want added up and displayed.

I've tried this formula on other spreadsheets with success, but no success with the spreadsheet im working on currently.

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Data Validation Indirect Where Multiple Values Show Specific List?

Feb 7, 2014

I have a data validation list where more than one value should show the same list. Instead of make multiple range, I want to make it so if any of the values are in a cell the data validation list will show the list that goes with those values.

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How To Ask Formula To Search For Multiple Values Within One Search

Mar 4, 2014

I need one formula to copy and paste the checkcard data changing it from this "CHECKCARD XXXXXX5623" to "CHECKCARD 5623", but I need one formula to look for multiple known checkcard numbers. I will have more then one typically in the bank download so I need to search and copy at least two known numbers as shown below.

I am providing the formula that I am using right now, "=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("5623",B3)),RIGHT(B3,41),"")" but it only works for one checkcard number? Also I don't really need to capture the DEBIT or CREDIT that will always be at the end, it would be redundant. If it's easier to write the formula including that data that is no problem. What I want to copy and move into an adjacent cell is in red.

Here is the source data:

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VLookup "Inputing Data Values Automatically Based On Data Value In Another Column"

Sep 13, 2009

I have a thread in here called "Inputing data values automatically based on data value in another column". I have determined that I need to use the VLookup function.

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Search For A Value In A Specific Range?

Dec 21, 2013

I want to search for a value, in a specific range (in this case, in a row). If that value exists, l want the formula to return that value, otherwise l want it to return "FALSE" or whatever.

The formula must exist in one discrete cell only, i.e. the output will be contained in only one cell.I don't want to match the occurrence of that value with another row's cell. I don't want to search for multiple values (although if you have a way to do that, l'll be interested to know!), l don't want to count the number of times the value occurs.All l want is to return that value if it exists in the specified range of cells, and if it doesn't, l want to say "FALSE" or something.

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Search Specific ID - Sum And Replace

Jul 21, 2012

I have a Master work sheet consisting sale data of more than 400 Sales person for a period of 6 Months.

The Employee Codes are entered in column "F" starting from F6, F7, F8 and so on....

G5,H5, I5, J5, K5, L5 to GV5 has the product names.

G5,H5, I5, J5, K5, L5 to GV5 has the qty of product sold by that concern sales person.

Since each sales person's occurrence is 6 times in the master sheet, I would like to have a code to search each and every sales person by their employee ID through out the entire master sheet, sum each product they sold as per the product name and get it entered in their concern cells.

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Search A Range For Specific Value

May 3, 2014

I need to look through a range for a specific value. When I find it if the nearby time column matches a specific time I want to retrieve the lookup value. Because I am not very macro savvy, and the spreadsheet has to run on both mac and pc I do not want to use a macro. Can I do this with an IF((AND combination or is there a better way? If there is a way to look through a range with IF, how would I structure the criteria to look through an entire column for the value? Lookup won't work because the value can occur several times through out the range, but only once with a specific time value.

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