Countifs Date And Time Intervals?

May 26, 2014

Count the number of occurences on 1 day within a 60 minute timeframe. data includes dates and times

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Getting A Macro To Run On Time Intervals

Dec 7, 2007

Below is the code i want to be run evey 2 minutes Thanks
Sub WebData()

Dim wSU As Worksheet
Dim wSR As Worksheet
Dim wSS As Worksheet

Dim iForRow As Integer
Dim iLastRow As Integer
Dim sURL As String

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Sum Data For Time Intervals

Oct 10, 2009

I am trying to do is calculate (sum) results data for time intervals. For example, between 0500-0559hrs then 0600-0659hrs and so on. Data is collected at 1 minute intervals and may have a result of 0 or anywhere up to 30.

Column A has all time data e.g. 0500,0501,0502 etc
Column B has sum of instances e.g. 0,1,2,3 etc

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Returning A Value If The Time Falls Between Two Intervals

Nov 7, 2009

I'm the Held desk manager . I'll have my folks logging in every time interval and work for 9hrs. Now I wanted to see at any given point a day the number of folks I have on my desk .

I have created table " A " and I'm looking for a formulae so that I get my data like table " B " .

To give more insight about table '" B " - During 00:00 - 00:30 , I'll have 41 people slowly goes down as people log off..

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15 Min. Intervals To Incident Create Time

Jan 29, 2008

I need to compare how many incidents are created within a 15 min interval and populate the sum.

I currently have the create time of the incident in the format below, assume each date below is an incident. I have a column with 96 intervals (24hours) ie 8:00,8:15,8:30,8:45,9:00 etc.... Using a formula how can I say "if create time is between *:00 and *15 count 1 and put the number into the cell and do that for each interval?

Int Incident
0 | 8:00 | 1/28/2008 8:32 AM
0 | 8:15 | 1/28/2008 8:35 AM
3 | 8:30 | 1/28/2008 8:41 AM
1 | 8:45 | 1/28/2008 8:46 AM

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Run Multiple Macros At Different Set Time Intervals

Mar 27, 2008

The code from this page works perfectly when I am running one macro at a set interval: [url]

However, when I try to run multiple macros at different set intervals the order of execution gets messed up.

For example, I need macro1 to run at 00:00:30, macro2 at 00:00:45, macro3 at 00:01:00, then macro1 at 00:01:30, macro2 at 00:01:45, macro3 at 00:02:00 and so one.

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Breaking Time Into Intervals And Performing A Count

Nov 20, 2006

Office 2003 with Windows XP

This is my first post so i may not have done everything correctly. I tried doing google searches to see if anyone else has done something similar but its a tricky thing to search for. I have found pages dealing with manipulating time but none seem to be what I want

I have an Excel sheet with data

C1-h1 all contain data (name, location, etc, etc) but I am not interested in those.

A1 (the date cell) is formatted like: m/d/yyyy" "h:mm:ss AM/PM


a2 = 8/1/2006 12:20:23 AM b2 = phone
a3 = 8/1/2006 12:21:13 AM b3 = email
a4 = 8/1/2006 12:33:03 AM b4 = phone

This is what I am trying to accomplish:
I want to break each hour, whether it contains data or not and get a count of the different types of source

my desired output would be:

time Phone email
to 2 3

My problem occurs because I am unsure how to break the times down into intervals. In my head, I would create a new column and try to break the time up into an interval. So for a2 (8/1/2006 12:20:23 AM), I think I would need to break the date and time up and then determine which interval would be needed based on the time.

I was going to perform the following:
=text(a2, "h" + if("mm:ss">30, 30,00)

Basically, pull the hour from a2 and evaluate the mins/secs.

If the min/sec is bigger than 30, put a 30 in the box. Less than 30, put double zero in the box. So for 8/1/2006 12:20:23 AM, b2 would have 12:00 since it falls in the 12 to 12:30 interval.

Once I have all the intervals, I would also need to preform a count on the source cell but I think I can use a vlookup to get the count for the interval.

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Return Time Intervals Based On X Minutes

Feb 20, 2008

I have a spreadsheet set up that has a series of timestamps and values. Please find a copy attached. I need to set up a macro that will allocate the timestamp in column C to an interval of time, e.g between 12:30 - 13:00.

To achieve this I tried to set the following code up in VBA, which would input a letter in a blank cell based on the time interval that the timestampin column C falls into, for example if the timestamp is > 12:30 and < 13:00 then "A"...the plan was to extend this concept to accomodate all of possible the time intervals I have.

Sub time_intervals()

Dim x As Integer
Dim lastrow As Long
Dim timeA As Date
Dim timeB As Date
Dim timeC As Date
Dim timeD As Date
Dim timeE As Date

The idea was that the timemaster value would be the timestamp in column C of my spreadsheet and the timeA,timeB,timeC etc would reference the timeintervals. However this does not seem to work as the value returned by my if statement is always incorrect - for example timemaster in cell C2 is less than timeA but the if statement always returns FALSE as opposed to "A"

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Continually Run Macro Code At Time Intervals

May 7, 2008

I am trying to continually refresh a spreadsheet (it is a countdown timer), and i am looking for a way to do this other than hold "F9". It is excel 97.

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100 Rows Of Data With 2 Columns - Calculate In Time Intervals

Dec 14, 2011

I have 100 Rows of Data with 2 Columns.

The left contains data input and the right Columns contains certain formula.

How do I set it up so that the worksheet can eg. Calculate 5 rows and rest 1 Second and continue this way until it reached the end of the rows? (Number of rows is not fixed).

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Line Chart Showing Values Over Time Intervals

Feb 18, 2007

I'm trying to do a line chart showing two teams and their cumulative scores over the period of a game. I've attached a sample with mock data. Is it possible to change the x-series of the charts to display custom time intervals like 0 min 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, etc? Currently the x-series only has labels for each specific time there was a change in value. I've tried to change the scale but the options that I want aren't there.

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Moving Average Of Real Time Data At Timed Intervals?

May 19, 2008

Currently i have a spreadsheet with realtime data feeds from Bloomberg (or reuters). What i would like to do is:

a. Fill a vector/column of data values every minute until we have 30 observations i.e. from 9.00am till 9.30pm

b. This will then allow me to calculate a moving average of the last 30 (1 minute) observations.

c. At 9.31am, the 9.00am value drops out of the column and is replaced by the observation at 9.31am. This results in a constantly updating column of the last 30 minute observations and will allow me to have a realtime moving average.

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Getting Date At Specified Intervals?

Feb 12, 2013

My sheet consists of the following Data in the table ( to be increased to 99 rows or events )

I need to find the Next Date Occurence till the End_date

Next_Date1 = Start_date + Interval
Next_Date2 = Next_date1 + Interval

and so on till Next_Datexx is greater than End_date

I need a VBA code to fill the adjacent columns ie Next_date1 to Next_Date99 ( till the end_date), only if the Status is "DONE". If the Status is blank then the relevant colums must not fill.

I can do it with formulas, but need the VBA code.

Also the number of rows can be increased to 99 rows



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Chart Axis Date Intervals

Feb 20, 2009

I'm using Excel 2007 and I want to plot data vs dates. Furthermore I want the dates on the dates axis to increment by month not by a certain number of days. So something like this:


There's the Major/Minor Units on the Axis Options screen but I cannot type in a constant number since the number of days for each month is different.

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Count Occurancies In Date Intervals

Apr 24, 2006

I have a workbook consisting of 4 columns where we log reported errors: Workbook1.xls DateNormalRelease Key Account Customer ID
Columns B and C have either a value of 1 or 0 at the date stated in A.
Column D is filled in only if the customer is a Key Account.

I also have a workbook where we manually inserts data from above workbook, amongst others; This workbook consists of 12 worksheets (one for each month)and includes these columns: Workbook2.xlsCustomer NameKey Account Customer ID Total Number of OrdersReported Errors. Is there a way to fetch all reported errors regarding a certain customer within a date interval and insert the value into column D?

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Revolving Date Anniversaries (6 Month Intervals)

Jun 14, 2014

Every six months I perform reviews on my guys and it would be nice to work up a simple formula to tell me when their next review will be and how many they have had before since being hired.

So for example


Date Hired
Next Review
Reviews to Date

John Doe

[Code] ....

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Date Range And COUNTIFS

Dec 28, 2008

I need to look at a series of data once per week and calculate the results. I'm trying to use COUNTIFS to get a result based on both the date I'm doing the analysis for and for the response.

I've attached a sheet that shows a sample of what I'm trying to do. Cell B1 contains the date range I'm using, and cell B18 shows the formula I'm having trouble with. I suspect it's because I'm trying to treat a date like text, but I'm not sure.

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COUNTIFS With Date Range

Sep 21, 2009

I need a COUNTIFS function (I think that will be the best function to use at least).
I have a two columns of data, column one is dates (mm/dd/yyyy) and column two is states (AK, MA, MI, etc). I need a way to count how many times a states comes up for a certain month. For example, I need to know how many times MA appears through the dates 1/1/2007 and 1/31/2007. Here's what I have so far. It works but I can only specify one date. =COUNTIFS('SHEET NAME'!D:D, "1/5/2007", 'SHEET NAME'!E:E, "MA")

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Multiple Countifs With Date Complication

Jul 8, 2009

I want to count the number of occurences involving 3 columns of a spreadsheet, but one of the columns is a date/time field, and I only want to analyse the date.


John 1 02/07/2009 09:45:10
Peter 1 03/06/2009 10:14:12
Fred 1
John 1 02/07/2009 09:45:10

How can I ask how many occurences of John are in column A, with a 1 in column B, with the date 02/07/2009?

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COUNTIFS Using Date As Criteria With Wild Card

Mar 31, 2014

I'm trying to use the COUNTIFS function & have run into trouble because the 2nd criteria is a date. Typically I would just set the range & then put "01/01/2014" if I was looking for all of the January 1, 2014 cells. However in this spreadsheet my source data contains the date with the time. (01/01/2014 11:27:39 AM). Becasue the time is included in the cell, the function returns no results when I set teh date.

I tried to use a wild card "01/01/2014*" which I thought would bypass the time but it still retuns no results. Is there a way to use a windcard with a date cell?

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Countifs With 2 Date Range In Separate Table

Mar 4, 2014

How can i count "how many "A" for period date in table and date out table in this case"

Date inDate outresult Count
05-Mar08-MarA ?
05-Mar09-MarB ?
06-Mar07-MarA ?
07-Mar08-MarB ?
07-Mar08-MarB ?
08-Mar09-MarC ?
05-Mar08-MarA ?
05-Mar08-MarA ?

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Countifs For Date - Runtime Error 1004

Sep 23, 2011

Here is the data I am working with. On another sheet, I want to count the number of entries on Total requests sheet if Column M - Closed < Column Q - End Date. There is other criteria and I have this, which doesn't work: Run-time error '1004' Application defined or object defined error. I think it is due to the part where I'm working with the dates...

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=COUNTIFS('Total Requests'!R2C3:R" & tot_req_row & "C3,RC1,'Total Requests'!
R2C10:R" & tot_req_row & "C10,""5-Very Low"",'Total Requests'!R2C13',""

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COUNTIFS Formula Identifies Alphanumeric And Date Criteria

Mar 15, 2013

The attached file Countifs issue.xlsx shows my attempt to construct a "CountIfs" formula that finds the one record out of ten that matches the following criteria:

a) Col A has 10 IDs. 3 of them are between 40 - 49, and another 2 are alphanumeric. This formula SHOULD identify these 5:


Doesn't work, It finds the 3 numerics but returns "0" when the two alpha-numerics are added.

b) Col B has a list of dates. 5 of the 10 are this month. This formula SHOULD identify them:


Doesn't work. It returns a value of "0".

c) Col C shows the Status for each record. 5 are "A" and 5 are "B". The following formula DOES find all the "B"s


But obviously I need the full formula to find the one record out of the ten that meets all the criteria.

in (a) and (b) and enable me to combine all three sections.

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How To Use Countifs Function To Compute Month Of Year From Date Value

Aug 7, 2013

I have a problem where there are 4 arguments passed to my COUNTIFS function to give me a total count i.e. "KP","James Report","Completed","Month"

Here is the Formula I used;

=COUNTIFS(Master!$B$2:$B$29,Picklist!$C$8,Master!$D$2:$D$29,B3,Master!$H$2:$H$29,Picklist!$C$2,Master!K2:K57,Picklist!E9 )

The last part of my formula is throwing an error "K2:K57"

What I should get in plain English.... "The number of 'James Report' 'Completed by 'KP' in 'August'. (Any specified month based on what comes from my "dates field" on my Master sheet.

I have got a field in my Master sheet with dates which I have transposed into the right month of the year using Month().

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Countifs Two Date Columns And Count Number With Equal Dates

Oct 23, 2012

I have a spreadsheet with two colums with dates. The names of the ranges are 'DataContractualStartDate' and 'DataContractualEndDate'.

How do I manage to count the no. of records with equal dates at the same row?

I have used the following but this gives me zero, while in the example below the result should be 3.


The table looks as follows:



[Code] ....

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Date/Time Formula: Pick Up A Date With Time Entry On A Worksheet And Place It Into A TextBox On A UserForm

Jun 17, 2006

I am attempting to pick up a date with time entry on a worksheet and place it into a TextBox on a UserForm. Format on the sheet is mm/dd/yyyy h:mm AM/PM. The UserForm is placing the value as mm/dd/yyyy 12:00 AM. here is the

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
If Not Range("dDate").Value = "" Then
TextBox2.Value = Range("dDate").Value
TextBox2.Text = Format(DateValue(TextBox2.Text), "mm/dd/yy h:mm AM/PM")
TextBox2.Value = ""
End If
End Sub

"dDate" is the named range where the date is sitting. The format is also set on the TextBox2 exit event. Can anyone see why only the date portion is being transfered with the default 12:00 AM for no time component of the value?

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Countifs Formula That Only Counts Work Orders Made Before Specific Date

Apr 22, 2014

I am trying to count how many work orders we have created from 3 months (90 days) ago. In an effort to make the input work minimal. I wanted to use the =Today() formula and then subtract 3 months.

So I currently have =Today() in A1 and then (A1-90) in cell B1 and I get the date I want.

However, When I use a countifs formula and my criteria is

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Convert Imported Date / Time Data To Date / Time Format?

Jan 2, 2013

I have loaded a .csv file in which the first column contains date/times, e.g. 01/12/2012 00:00. How do I now tell Excel (2010) that this is in fact a date/time format? If I select one or more of the cells, click on the Number dialog box launcher and try to pick a suitable format tghe cells resolutely refuse to budge from being text (i.e. left-justified, still allows me to edit the 'seconds' component to a number > 60). Also which data type should I be using? The only one that appears to have a full date/time format listed is Custom (not Date or Time).

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Subtract A Static Date And Time From The Current Date And Time

Oct 24, 2007

I have a column of values resulting from subtracting a static date and time from the current date and time.

This means it is constantly updating, which makes it impossible to sort.

All my work depends on sorting those values, though.

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Converting Text Date And Time To Serial Date And Time

Feb 21, 2013

I import data from a program that exports dates and times as text. I have been successful using "text to columns" to separate the time from the date and then using =text(A1,"00:00")+0 to get the time to show as serial time but I'd love to be able to do the whole date/time string in one step. In cell A1 there is data that is general format and is in this format:

01/01/13 00001

No matter how you try to format it, it is not a date or time. For this project I need the serial number for the date/time. Any formula that will format it as date/time and then allow it to show as a serial date/time?

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