Find Non Matching Records In A List?

Apr 10, 2014

I have a list for example...


I want to search or filter the list and find the only non matched record in the list and put this in another sheet ie max as this is the only unique name in the list, all the others are matched. Everything I have tried eg filter for unique records returns ian andy john david max, which is not what I want.

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How To Find Matching Records That Appear On Two Lists

Oct 14, 2011

I have two worksheets each of which includes a left column of unique email addresses (at least, unique within each lsheet)

The data on each sheet is structured identically. What I want is to generate a list of records that appear on both sheets.

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Find All The Records That Appear In My List More Than Five Times Then Make A List

Jul 31, 2008

I have a list of 200,000 e-mail addresses in a excel document in column A. What i am trying todo is find all the duplicate e-mail addresses within the list that appears more than four times.

I have tried this forumla in colunm B so it lists how many times the record appears: =countif($A$2:$A$244270,A2) which works fine and then a number appears next to each record. Then i pressed the sort filter to arrange all the records in number order so all the 5's are at the top of the worksheet but that does'nt always list them in the correct number order.

Basically all i want todo is find all the records that appear in my list more than five times then make a list of just one of those 5 records so i can remove them from my e-mail system.

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Find Duplicate Records Based On Multiple Columns But Keep Records

Aug 10, 2014

I have a range of columns i.e. 23 columns (i.e. B through X). Someone can write records in these columns (starting from B21).

Duplicates are considered the rows with similar data in columns 3 and 11. I know about the removeduplicate method and works really well but i want the duplicates not to be removed. Instead another column shall be checked for date of entry (user will entry date in format dd/mm/yyyy). The newest entry will change the value of the cell in column 4 (islatest column)to TRUE while all other records will be FALSE. This will work with the filtering of data on a pivot table on another worksheet.

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Look Up For Matching Records

Jul 30, 2009

i have cell N1 witch is a number example "8832"
cell O1 is text example "state street"
now i have A1 thur A10 as an address "number"
now E1 thur E10 is street address "text"
i need to take n1 match it to A1-A10
then take that row number and see if E1 of that row numbers matches
O1 if it does that that row numer and get g of that number if not keep checking to i find a match

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Matching Records With VBA

Jul 11, 2006

I have 2 worksheets. Sheet 1 has in column B a single ID number in every cell, Sheet 2 in column A can have multiple numbers in a cell (e.g. "55517 / 55518 /55519" written in one cell.)

For every row in Sheet 1, I need to find the ID in Sheet 2 and add in column C in Sheet 2 the corresponding cell value found in column E on Sheet 1.

By doing this formula, when I am in Sheet 1, I can already find the row number in Sheet 2, if it exists.


I suppose I can then move to the destination cell by using OFFSET.

This is all I have been able to figure out conceptually.

I think it makes more sense for this to be in VBA. Especially the 'writing part' I don't know how to do. After the OFFSET part, how do you tell Excel to write something to that cell?

Because several IDs from Sheet 1 can occur in Sheet 2, it would have to add like REPLACE at the end (ie. len(cell)) "+result", so they get summed if there are multiple finds.

I am also not sure the MATCH sentence above can be translated as a Macro, or whether it is even an efficient way.

And finally, it has to loop (repeat for every row in Sheet 1), which must require VBA.

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Matching Records In Two Workbooks

Feb 3, 2010

In Excel 2003, I need a macro to do the following:

For each record in column F (starting at row 2) (workbook: CATS LITTERS LISTS AS AT 01 FEB 10.xls) (worksheet: RAKE)

Find a matching record in another open workbook (workbook: DOG TRAINING v 3.xls) that has multiple worksheets as

follows: ...

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Flag Non-matching Records

Nov 17, 2006

Our school system is trying to clean up student records. They have a demographic worksheet of hundreds of records. Each student has a student ID number. We are trying to flag students whose ID numbers in 9th grade do not match an ID number for 10th grade. so we are left with only students who have matching ID numbers for both 9th and 10th grade. We are trying to find the right function(s) to make this work without VBA. I am attaching a small sample file

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Finding Matching Records From Two Tables

Jul 14, 2014

I have two tables, both contain a column of ID numbers and a column of addresses.

I would like a method to match the IDs from table1 to those of table2 - if no matches are found, search for matching addresses, if a match is found then output the ID in table1, the address, and the corresponding ID in table2.

If still no matches are found, output the ID and address from table1 and indicate that it didn't match.

Then I want to check table2 records - i.e. search for matching address between the records and output the table 1 ID, address and table2 ID were partial or no matches are found, as above.

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Merging Two Sheets Overwriting Matching Records?

Apr 16, 2013

I have this sheet, which is just an example (the actual one has many more records).

I received this sheet (again, example)...

I need to add the new sheet to the old sheet, so that they are merged into one sheet. Also, if the same "LOC" appears in both sheets, I need to overwrite all the records for that "LOC" in the old sheet with the records from the new sheet.

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Parse Multiple Files For Matching Records.

Jun 16, 2006

I need to use a macro to import data from an unknown # of order files to my master spreadsheet. My master spreadsheet & my order files contain a unique po number that can be used to find matching records. When the macro is ran & a match is found it needs to import the all data that to the master spreadsheet & updated the "processed" column for the record found. Also, all the lines in the unprocessed order files should be matched up. If a record is not matched, a warning needs to be displayed. If the record has already been processed, it just needs to be skipped. Attached is an example master spreadsheet & an example unprocessed orders spreadsheet. If at all possible, please split the unprocessed orders into separate files when testing the final product. The part that I will struggle with the most is looping thru separate files.

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Adding Search Function To Delete Matching Records..

Jun 1, 2009

I'd like to do is click the delete button and when clicked, it will search for matching records in column A & B and if they match... I'm thinking the code for that is <> but I'm not sure, then delete that record, and shift the cells up. Do this until the search results are empty below the delete button. Like I said, it's probably more understandable to look at the workbook.

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Userform Database: List Records In A Sheet As Well As Search For Records In A Sheet

May 7, 2006

example of a database user form that will allow me to list records in a sheet as well as search for records in a sheet. I know excel has a built in feature for this but it is menu driven and I need something that is button driven and will allow me to resize the form layout. I was not able to figure out how to do that with the built in form.

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Sort Multiple File Data & Copy Matching Records To New File

Feb 13, 2008

This is a sample of the data with which I am working. I know that a macro can do what I need, but I am only versed in Excel formulas and not that much programming. I need to be able to first sort the data by Column C ("Element Type"), then by Columns E, F, G ("Year", "Month", "Day"). Then, I need to be able to copy all rows that have the same "Element Type" and "Year" to a new file, using the same header from the original spreadsheet on each new spreadsheet - doing this multiple times until the end of the file is reached.

Ideally, the new files would have a strict naming convention: XXXXXX-ZZZZ (YYYY).xls, where the X's are the value of the "COOP Station ID" in Column A, the Z's are the "Element Type" from Column C, and the Y's are the "Year" from Column E. If this theoretical macro were run with the Sample Data file I provided, it should result in the creation of five new workbooks. Is there a way to write a macro to do this, or at least something similar

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Creating A Dropdown List Using Matching Data From 2 Columns To Populate The List

Jun 11, 2013

I'm creating a spreadsheet to keep track of my costs of production in an online game. Within the game there are a range of spawned resources that appear for only a short time before being unobtainable these resources have specific types that is shared between multiple spawns of the resource but each resource spawn has a unique name.

My first worksheet lists all the resources and their various qualities and the later worksheets are meant to allow me to choose from a list resources matching the requirements of the item I'm looking to craft. The example i have shown in the second picture requires Tatooinian Fiberplast and Lokian Wild Wheat to craft so in the Chosen Resource column I would like to have a drop down list allowing me to select the named resource type i would like to use - for Tatooinian Fiberplast the only thing on the list should be Omnitwixi and for the Wild Wheat it should show Fizi and Krad



I am aware there are people with more pressing problems than computer games and as such

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Find Out Common And Uncommon Records?

Jan 1, 2014

I have 3 sets of data in three columns A, B and C. Data in Column A is the base data, now i have certain common records in columns A, B and C. Considering the column A as the base, I want to find out in Column

D = Common records in A and B,
E = Records only in A not in B
F = Records only in B not in A
G = Common records in A and C,
H = Records only in A not in C
I = Records only in C not in A
J = Common records in A, B and C

if possible also in Column

K = Common records in B and C
L = Records only in B not in C
M = Records only in C not in B

I have about 5000 records in column A, B and C each.

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Multipage Form Find Records

Feb 14, 2014

If I enter emp Id then it should search in my mastersheet and if data found then display.

If records not found then after clicking on add button.

Employee information page should activate and my cursor should be on emp id.

I have developed attached file : My Data Entry Form.xlsm‎

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Find Records Based On More Than One Column

Feb 9, 2007

I have a very large table that has a one to multiple relationship in a GIS. GIS doesnt support that type of relation ship. I need to find records that are related to the single key but have different values than the first record for that key.


Col 1 col 2 Col 3(key)
ab ab 1
bc bc 1

In this example, only the first row (ab) will be regarded in the GIS. so I need to pull out the second row and put it into another dbf based on the three columns so that I can then put it into the GIS so that the second row is considered and not ignored.

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SUMIF: Find Out Duplicate Records In My Spreadsheet

Apr 4, 2009

Im trying to find out if there are any duplicate records in my spreadsheet. See look at the attached. Cell 6745 down is highlighted in green. I want to check this against all the cells above. need to write a formula so that it marks any products in the green section with duplicate (in column I) if they are in fact repeated.

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Find Records And Return Values To New Column

Nov 20, 2009

I have one Column (Col A) which has a list of values. In Col B I would like to filter out the values in Col A based on some criteria. For example, below I would like Col B to show all of the records in Col A where the LEFT six characters = "Active".

Col A:

Col B would result in:
Col B:

I'm sure this is elementary, but I can't seem to figure it out.

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Compare Two Employee Records To Find Differences?

Oct 5, 2012

I have been given a task to compare a set of the current months employee records to last months employee records. The goal is to a) find employees who are still in our group but may have changed managers b) find employees who are no longer in our group and c) find employees that are new to our group. Once this information has been compared between the two workbooks, it needs to be exported to a new spreadsheet that needs additional columns added for formatting in order to import the new spreadsheet in a tracking tool.

For example, last months spreadsheet includes the tracking tool ID column and has a row for each employee. For an employee that is currently with the team they would need the tracking tool ID to be put in the newly generated spreadsheet. Additionally the current employee might have changed managers and that needs to be updated. A new column needs to be added to the new spreadsheet that shows that a current employee is "Active". For employees that are new to the team they won't have a tracking tool ID because they are new but would still need to be considered "Active". And for the employees that have left the group, they would also need the tracking tool ID from the old employee record but would need a column that would mark them "InActive" since they are no longer with the team. My last step is that I want to add a column called "Team" that would iterate through each employees managers and assign them to a specific team based on the manager that they have.

My general idea has been that I need to loop through all of the employee names or numbers from this months records for comparisons to the names of employees from last months records. Once a match has been found I need to copy the entire row from the current months to the new spreadsheet. That way I will get the latest info or "row" for a current employee and that would also handle finding if they have a new manager. Next I need to pull over the tracking ID from the last months records, create a new column called "Status" and make the employee "Active" and create a "Team" column showing the team.

For employees that are no longer on team, I need to copy the whole row from the latest employee records, pull over the tracking ID from the last months records, update the "Status" column and make the employee "InActive" and populate a "Team" cell showing the team. And lastly for the new employees, I need to copy over the row from this current months spreadsheet. They wont have a tracking ID (It will populated when the Excel file is imported in the tracking tool) and I need to update the Status column to "Active" and also provide their "Team". After the new spreadsheet is generated I am done. The file can be imported. And the next month I need to kick off this script again.

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Find Pairs Of Records And Strip Out Remainder

Apr 27, 2007

I have one hundred rows of data and within that there are some records which are the same and they will always be in pairs - identifiable by a cell with the same ref common to both records. how to strip out the records that are not part of a pair? I would like remove all of the non pairs and move them to another sheet.

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Extract Multiple Records From A List

Feb 9, 2009

I'm trying to find a way to extract multiple records from a List. I'm looking, I guess, for the multiple-record extract version of dGet().

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Get The Number Of Unique Records In A List

Feb 13, 2006

Here is a sample of data that I have:

code name lastname

How can I quickly get the total number of employees from a list like this one? the first field is a unique key (1 code per employee)

In this case, the desired result would be 6. (the count function does NOT give the desired result..)

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List Top 10 Records According To Count Totals

Dec 25, 2006

How do I create a formula that will list the records with 10 highest results
and if a tie, list the tie record with the lower value next.
Each record is is double digit value from 00 to 99:

- the records are in range ff7:ff106
- the record results in range FG7:FG106
- List the highest rankings in FH97:FH106

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Macro - Find Null Cells And Delete Records

Oct 3, 2013

Creating a macro. Need to delete records in column D from the first blank cell. 1st blank cell variable.

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Updating Records & Find A Certain Row, Compare And Act Based On An If Statment

Jul 8, 2006

If you look in the file you will see a records sheets and a form sheet. I want to see if a record has been broken. All the times are in seconds and the distances are in centimeters. How can I find a certain row, compare and act based on an if statment?

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Copy Certain Records From Long List Into New Sheet

Feb 2, 2012

I need to create a new sheet, and pull all the rows (14 columns each) from another sheet in the document that meet a certain criteria. Fortunately, that criteria is all in one column; unfortunately, out of about 30 different entries in that column, I need it to pull 7 of them, 4 of them have been input 2 or 3 different ways.

I know I can go through the list of 900+ by hand and copy the rows, but there has to be an easier way right? Here is the list of all the spellings of the ones I need to pull..

Pharm. D

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Simple Formula For List Unique Records Only

Sep 30, 2012











Need the simple formula to list only unique records of above data

unique list is




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Dropdown Menu To Pick Records Out Of List?

Dec 16, 2013

Is it possible on Excel to make a drop down menu which picks records out of a list?

I've a big spreadsheet. Thousands of records. About 100 responsible are listed responsible for them. I've highlighted stuff for them to fix, I'll be emailing it out to them, and they'll need to isolate the dozens of records they are each responsible for.

They are, erm, technologically challenged. I want to keep it simple, put one menu on the screen and say

'Pick your name from the list.'

George W picks himself, and then it lists his records but not anybody else's.

Can Excel do that? (Rather, probably, but where do I start?)

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