Finding Exact Matches Using Vlookup

Jul 24, 2006

I am getting #N/A errors even when I have an apparently exact match in my
table array to the lookup value. I know that excel requires the formats to
be exactly the same and I can force the match if I copy the lookup value from
my table array and paste it into the worksheet. Is there an easy way to
"fix" my table array. The table array is a reference worksheet I have
created which has worked in the past.

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How To Return Exact Matches Only Using VLookup

Feb 13, 2007

I have the following formula which, if text is in A1, will lookup from a list of worker's comp codes to locate the code in A2 and return the wording for that

However, if there is not an exact match to the code in A2, it returns the wording for the next closest code.

Is there a way to make it so that it will only return the wording for the exact match and return "invalid code" if the number in A2 is not found on the list on the "Codes" sheet?

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Non Exact Matches In HLOOKUP

Oct 27, 2009

Is it possible to use HLOOKUP without exact matches. e.g. < =HLOOKUP(E1,Actuals,2) > where E1 is "2009 October" and the lookup value in named range "Actuals" would be simply "Oct".

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List Exact Matches In 2 Columns On 2 Sheets

Mar 14, 2008

Most likely another very basic on...

2 worksheets.
Worksheet 1, holding all data in column C.
Worksheet 2, the value in column B.

In need for a function that list all exact matches of the values in worksheet 2 column B that are found in Column C of worksheet 1.

I got this VBA code that checks for the string in worksheet 2, column B, but it is a Instr, and I need a exact match and only the exact match. Is this difficult to modify and how?

Or would this be a regular array function?

(I would not need a macro, since the data change constantly and I prefer function as they update easily)

Function matchArray(ByVal testString As String, ByVal dataRange As Range, Optional IndexNum As Long) As Variant
Dim outRRay() As String
Dim rangeArray As Variant
Dim xColl As New Collection
Dim xVal As Variant
Dim rIndex As Long

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Macro Code To Filter Out 'Exact Matches' In 2 Columns

Nov 29, 2006

I have a large worksheet in drive C: called 'hits.csv' that has manufacturer part numbers in column G and column L.

I need macro code to find all rows in the worksheet where the part number in each cell in column G is exactly the same as the part number on the same row in the corresponding cell in column L. The macro should then delete/remove all rows where there is no exact match.

Note: The part number in every cell in column G is the only thing that is in each cell in that column. However just to warn you that the part number in every cell in column L is at the beginning of each cell, followed by a space and then a description of the part.

Once it has done the above, I would also like this macro code to open a worksheet called 'partnumbers.csv' in drive C:. It should then compare the part numbers in column A of this file with the part numbers in the above worksheet ('hits.csv'). The cells in Column D of the file 'partnumbers.csv' all contains a price. Where the macro finds an exact match on the part numbers in these 2 files, it should copy the price from the cell in column D in the file 'partnumbers.csv', into Column K of the other file, 'hits.csv' where the match exists.

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Find Exact Matches On 2 Sheets And Export Results To 3rd Sheet?

May 24, 2014

I have a workbook that contains 3 sheets. What i am looking to do is:

1. Use the names in Sheet 1 (Column A) and find the names on Sheet 2(Column E).

2. If there is a match, put the whole row that contains the match on Sheet 3

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SUMIF - Text Strings With Numbers / Exact Matches / Asterisks

Jun 19, 2013

Doing some job costing on our lowes invoice and am using SUMIF and asterisks to account for all the different names that get used for properties by the cashiers. An example of that range column is:

19112 PONCA


9420 67 ST
1503 SW 13TH


19112 PONCA
19112 PONKA

I have formatted this whole column as text and get strange results from sumif when there are exact matches. For example the "10818" string is uniform through the spreadsheet and returns a result of 0.00 if entered as "*10818*" for criteria but returns the correct amount if I use "10818" or 10818 with no quotes.

It seems to be related to the text strings that contain just "numbers" as I'm having no trouble picking up exact matches when there are alpha characters.

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Finding Exact Word

Dec 1, 2009

i have a set of words in sheet1 column A, in sheet2 columnA, i copied the words and type the meaning on columnB. in sheet1, i have a command button adjacent to the word in columnA, when i click that button, it will go to sheet2 with the same word beside the button in sheet1 columnA, so that the user may see the meaning of the word in sheet2. is it possible to generate a code like that?

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Finding And Exact Match?

Jun 17, 2013

I have written a basic search which pastes the results on to another sheet.It works, but i have a small issue with it.If I search for "A" it will give me all the results for "A" but it will also give me any result with a combination with "A" in it, eg. BA or BBA etc I need to have results based on the exact search. What do I need to do to make my search result and exact result?

This is currently what i have

Sub Rating()
' Rating Macro
Dim Wrd As String[code]......

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Finding Matches Between Two Datasets?

Aug 3, 2014

What's the best way to look at two sets of data in excel and make comparisons between them. For instance how many matches (and what are the matches). Workbook attached as an example.

matches between data.xlsx

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Finding Sheet That Matches A Cell Value

Jun 12, 2008

I have worked on the code – with as limited knowledge as I possess – to perhaps communicate my intention. I know for a fact that in the code below there are 2 problematic lines – and herein lies the root of my problem. The first line is: “Dim Day As String” In Debugger speak, I am told that this cannot be done along with “Set sh = Worksheets(Day.Value)”. However, in normal speak, I am trying to copy data from one sheet to another. When pasting the data on the second sheet, I am trying to make the code find the appropriate sheet that matches a Day value in Cell I5. Getting the code to execute this one action is proving to be particularly difficult. I am thankful for any suggestion on how to get the code to work correctly.

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Finding Last Row In Data Row That Matches Criteria

Oct 14, 2009

have two worksheets. sheet1 has order information on it with orders, dates, customer names. sheet2 has customer name list. How can I (via vba) search through the order sheet and find the most recent order date for each customer in the customer name list. post that most recent date next to the customer name on sheet2.

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Finding Matches And Adding Additional Data

Mar 17, 2014

Sheet 2 in the attached sample workbook (without all the pre-existing formula's from the original) contains data that I paste in (Cols A to D).

Sheet 1 then searches that data (minus Col D) from Sheet 2 and returns "Yes" to Col I if matching data is found.

What I would like to do now is if Sheet 1 returns "Yes" then the corresponding value from Sheet 2 would be returned to Sheet 1 Col J.

So in this example the value "5" would be returned to Sheet 1 Cell J1

I already have all the formulas in place to find the matches and return "Yes", this is just to return the additional information from Col D Sheet 2 to Sheet 1 Col J..

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Finding Partial Matches Of Text In 2 Different Columns

Mar 18, 2014

how to find partial match of text in 2 different columns.

For example:

Column A:

Los Angeles
New York


I want to be able to create a column that finds all the matching cities from A in B.

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VLOOKUP When Exact Match Is Not Found?

Mar 6, 2014

When an exact match to the lookup value is not found, the function goes to the highest value that is less than the lookup value.

What do I do if I want to return the closest value, but not less than the lookup value?

For exampe, in my screenshot, if my lookup value is 6 horsepower, I want to return the efficiency for the next highest value (if no exact match) for 7.5 HP. Function would return 89.5


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Vlookup With Multiple Tables (15 To Be Exact)

Mar 2, 2009

Okay, so I have this project for my accounting computer applications class. I'm making it so much arder on myself than what it probably should be. But anyways, this project is a four year plan spreadsheet for the business/accounting division of the school. Inside the spreadsheet is a page that has 15 different tables, representing 5 years with 3 semesters each, fall spring and summer. On the requirements for the major chosen, I would like it to automatically recognize if the class has been placed in the semesters tables and recognize all of the information needed. The only problem is, a single vlookup only allows one table per cell but I need all 15.

I've heard of using the if statement along with these but I've only heard of it being done with a few tables and not 15, and I don't understand how exactly that works anyways.

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VLookup Between 2 Sheets To Look For Value Exact Or Within Range

Feb 1, 2013

I have a work book with 2 sheets and am trying to compare 2 columns in sheet 1 with 2 colums in sheet 2. In both the sheet one column among the 2 is off date and other one is some numbers.

I am looking for formula or macro which would compare the cols and highlight if date is common in sheet 1 and 2 and if so then it should compare the corresponding number from sheet 2 to sheet.

I am aware the above can be done using vlookup but in my case the numbers in sheet 2 are not exactly same. it would be withing a range of +300 to -300. Below is the example

Sheet 1



[Code] ....

Sheet 2



In the above example when we compare 1-Feb-13 is common in both the sheet and data when compared it not exact but in the range of (+300 to -300) so these should get highlighted, not to forget even exact value should get highlighted.

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Vlookup With Array Not Being Exact Match?

Jul 18, 2014

I'm trying to lookup XYZ plc in an array where the company names in col A are like XYZ plc (UK, London), ABC plc (Boston US) and I want the lookup to return a date in column 3. I've tried VLOOKUP(B2, LEN(LPR), 3, FALSE) where B2 is the cell holding XYZ plc and LPR is my array and it's not working.

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Vlookup To Return Exact Match

Aug 25, 2007

I have a VLOOKUP formula which accesses work time per job number. I want the formula to return the exact amount of time per job - however, as the numbers hit zero, the formula returns invalid results that seem to be based on the nearest time to the zero.

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Finding Text That Matches Format Criteria In String?

Oct 3, 2011

I'm trying to restructure a list of files at work into a format that makes some sort of sense and can be filtered into useful information.

Part of what I need to do, is match up all the drawing numbers that a certain project references. The numbers are formatted like "####A##" ex. 1234A01,1234A02,5678A01, etc. The cells that I need to extract drawing numbers from contain some description or other text (not just the drawing number) so I need to extract the drawing number from that cells value. (Ex. I need to get the drawing number 1234A01 from a cell whose value is "blah blah 1234A01 blah blah blah")

I was thinking I could just search the string for "####A##" but I'm not really sure how....I tried instr, but I think its searching for the literal value of "####A##" rather than treating the # characters as wildcards...

I tried:

if rngNames.Cells(intx, 2).Value Like ("*####A##*") then
set intStart = instr(1,rngnames.Cells(intx,2).value,"####A##")
end if
but intStart remains 0, so this method is not working...

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VLookup With Multiple Matches?

Dec 12, 2011

I am trying to use the vlookup fxn to display employee names according their in-time (10:30 for this example). I have multiple employees in at 10:30 so I need to find a way using vlookup to accomplish this.

This is a sample of my Master worksheet showing the schedule for all employees (Cell used for this example is D16):

My vlookup formula for finding the first match for a 10:30 in-time:

DanielleSmithBARBAR5:30C15DemirSmith5:0016DerekSmith10:305:00OC5:0011:30CExcel 2010

The other worksheets in this workbook are various Floorplans depending on how many employees are scheduled that day with a column designated to the employee's name(B), and a column for their in-time (C). Here is a sample of the '8 Server Floorplan':

8 ServersABCDEFGHIJ52Derek10:3023243334632625353674Anna11:30C272892938511:30C4142615196#
VALUE!10:3043446352Excel 2010Worksheet FormulasCellFormulaB7=VLOOKUP(C7,Master!D4:W38,20,FALSE)A5=A4+1B5=VLOOKUP(C5,Master!D4:$W$38,20,FALSE)

Finding the first 10:30 match with vlookup is fine, my issue starts when trying to find the next 10:30 match, since vlookup only finds the first match (this is happening in B9).

Here is the sample of cells showing my formulas for finding the address of the first '10:30' match from my initial vlookup fxn (O5 and P5):

8 ServersOP3Cell Loc.Cell Loc. + 145D16D1767D1189Excel 2010Worksheet FormulasCellFormulaO5=ADDRESS(ROW(Master!$D$4:$D$38)+MATCH(C5,Master!$D$4:$D$38,0)-1,COLUMN(Master!$D$4:$D$38),4)P5=ADDRESS(ROW(Master!D4:D38)+1+MATCH(C5,Master!D4:D38,0)-1,COLUMN(Master!D4:D38),4)P7=ADDRESS(ROW(Master!D4:D38)+1+MATCH(C7,Master!D4:D38,0)-1,COLUMN(Master!D4:D38),4)

I thought by just finding the address of the first match (Master!D16), incrementing it by 1 (=D17) and plugging the cell containing this formula (P5) into my data range, that it would force the vlookup formula to adjust its data range from D4:W38 to D17:W38. This, in turn would then find the first match for 10:30 and so on for anyother identical in-times...

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VLookup To Show All Matches?

Aug 25, 2012

if a value appears in a column 4 times or more how can you do a vlookup which will show the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th values.

when i currently write the vlookup formula it shows the 4th time the value appears


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Vlookup: Returning Multiple Matches

Jun 22, 2009

I am trying to connect a special date and a price to a special name (please see the attached file).

In sheet 1 I have the following:
- In column A I have a set of different names.
- In column B I have a set of different dates.
- In column C I have a set of different prices on bonds that off course refers to the different names at their respective dates.

In rest of the sheets I want an overview of the different bonds, and what their prices are at the exact date. The problem is that if I use the vlookup it is only the first value that will be extracted. How can I get all of the prices corresponding to the different dates to the correct bond. I also want the possibility to update this every day.

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Vlookup: Find All Matches From Sheet

Nov 13, 2009

I want to vlookup from sheet2 cell E2 to find all matches in sheet1 in coulmn G and add totals together in coulmn E. The match I am looking for is used in several rows of coulmn G on sheet1. I only want cell E2 on sheet2 to give me total amount from data in coulmn E of sheet1 when a match is found in coulmn G of sheet1.

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VLookup Finds No Matches When There Are Visually

Jan 25, 2010

I need to add a space in front of a string of numbers/letters, but it still doesn't seem to match what's in the lookup range. Granted, i get the lookup range from HQ, so there may be a formatting issue.

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Vlookup On Multiple Matches In Multple Ranges

Jan 20, 2010

I've information in two sections of a worksheet, columns A and B (range named "temp1") and columns D and E (range named "temp2"). I should also say that the reason I have two sections is that each section will have about 150 rows, so instead of having a huge list of 300 rows, I've tried splitting them into two sections.



What I want to do it show all the results that match the value 1 using a vlookup formula. Also the values in column A and D may change, i.e if value 4 in D1 changed to 1, I would expect to see "d" included in the results.

This is the original formula I got somewhere else which sorts out my vlookup on multiple matches issue.

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Match Category IDs To Campaign Names With Inexact VLookup Matches

Jul 2, 2014

I have several Campaign Names (about a thousand) and about 25000 categories (with ID's) to choose from and would like to assign the Category ID's to the Campaign Names without doing manual searches. My problem is that the names are not similar enough for vlookup and I didn't get any usable results with the fuzzy lookup add in either.

I will attach an example of both my Campaign and my Category file for reference. Example Complicated Vlookup.xlsx‎

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Finding Matches Between Two Sets Of Data - Each Set Has Three Columns Of Data

Jul 13, 2013

I am working on large sets of data (more than 50,000 rows of data). I have two sets of data. Set 1 and Set 2 (master data) on the same worksheet. Both the sets of data have three columns each. I am using EXCEL 2007. I was able to accomplish step 1 below.. but I am totally lost with step 2 since i have an additional criteria for the "year".

I have attached the excel sheet as well. This is what I am trying to accomplish:

1) I want to find exact matches in set 1 and set 2 and highlight it or do something to show that a match was found. The challenge is the data in set 1 can occur anywhere in set 2.

2) Add to the complication .. my criteria for matching the year is different. If the Set 1 "year" is equal to or greater by 1 yr or greater by 2 yr when compared to Set 2 "year", I want to treat it as a "match".

For example, from the data attached:

Set 1 data in row 4 is: ATLANTIC ABSECON 2004
Set 2 data in row 3 is: ATLANTIC ABSECON 2003

I want to treat these two data as "MATCH" since ATLANTIC matches ATLANTIC, ABSECON matches ABSECON and according to one of my criteria for year, Set 1 "year" is greater by 1 yr than the Set 2 "year".

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Conditional Or VLookup (Gives True Or False If Text In A Cell Matches Any Cells In A Range)?

Jan 14, 2009

I need to create a formula that will give me True or False if text in a cell matches any cells in a range.

For example:

Column A and B have text:


Column C has other and sometimes matching text:

What formula would I use to find out if all cells in Columns A and B are represented in Column C?

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Finding The MAX Of A VLOOKUP

May 9, 2007

i have a couple of columns (J2:K393) and a cell (O2) elsewhere.
i need to look for the max and min values of that cell within my 2 columns.

this formula (i thought it would work) doesn't return the correct number.
what am i doing wrong?


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