Vlookup: Find All Matches From Sheet

Nov 13, 2009

I want to vlookup from sheet2 cell E2 to find all matches in sheet1 in coulmn G and add totals together in coulmn E. The match I am looking for is used in several rows of coulmn G on sheet1. I only want cell E2 on sheet2 to give me total amount from data in coulmn E of sheet1 when a match is found in coulmn G of sheet1.

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Find Exact Matches On 2 Sheets And Export Results To 3rd Sheet?

May 24, 2014

I have a workbook that contains 3 sheets. What i am looking to do is:

1. Use the names in Sheet 1 (Column A) and find the names on Sheet 2(Column E).

2. If there is a match, put the whole row that contains the match on Sheet 3

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Vlookup Find A Particular Code In One Sheet

Jul 20, 2009

I am using the Vlookup function to find a particular code in one sheet then give me the cost data that is associated with that code and put it into a similar cell in another sheet. It will work fine if I use (for example) A2 to E39 as my table_array. This would be fine if I only had 38 rows of data to look for the code on. However I have thousands of rows of data that need to be checked. Therefore when I change the table array to anything greater than E40, the vlookup will not work and it will only return a value of zero instead of the actual cost data. This is very weird and does not make sense that anything is wrong.

The only thing I can think of is that the vlookup function has a limit on the number of rows that it can look for data in. However, I did not think that it had a limit at all.

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Using Vlookup To Find Text On Different Sheet?

Apr 14, 2014

I know vlookup can find specific text in a column when the formula resides on the same sheet. But for my actual application (a 15 page price list) I was attempting to use vlookup on sheet 2 and have it find specific text on sheet 1. Note that sheet 1 will be having additional rows added through out the table over time, so vlookup cannot use a specific cell location.

My attached example can simulate the problem by sorting the table by name (A-Z).

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Vlookup: Find Data From Sheet 2 In Row B

Apr 19, 2009

on sheet 1 in cell C39 i need to find data from sheet 2 in row B that is 534 as in C32 is 11.2 and on sheet 2, 11.2 equals 534

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Find VLOOKUP Formulas In A Sheet/book

Mar 16, 2008

Is the some way I can find out how many VLOOKUP formulas I have in a sheet and a workbook?

I can find them with ctrl F, but is there a what to return a number of how many instead of counting frome the Find box.

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VLookup With Multiple Matches?

Dec 12, 2011

I am trying to use the vlookup fxn to display employee names according their in-time (10:30 for this example). I have multiple employees in at 10:30 so I need to find a way using vlookup to accomplish this.

This is a sample of my Master worksheet showing the schedule for all employees (Cell used for this example is D16):

My vlookup formula for finding the first match for a 10:30 in-time:

DanielleSmithBARBAR5:30C15DemirSmith5:0016DerekSmith10:305:00OC5:0011:30CExcel 2010

The other worksheets in this workbook are various Floorplans depending on how many employees are scheduled that day with a column designated to the employee's name(B), and a column for their in-time (C). Here is a sample of the '8 Server Floorplan':

8 ServersABCDEFGHIJ52Derek10:3023243334632625353674Anna11:30C272892938511:30C4142615196#
VALUE!10:3043446352Excel 2010Worksheet FormulasCellFormulaB7=VLOOKUP(C7,Master!D4:W38,20,FALSE)A5=A4+1B5=VLOOKUP(C5,Master!D4:$W$38,20,FALSE)

Finding the first 10:30 match with vlookup is fine, my issue starts when trying to find the next 10:30 match, since vlookup only finds the first match (this is happening in B9).

Here is the sample of cells showing my formulas for finding the address of the first '10:30' match from my initial vlookup fxn (O5 and P5):

8 ServersOP3Cell Loc.Cell Loc. + 145D16D1767D1189Excel 2010Worksheet FormulasCellFormulaO5=ADDRESS(ROW(Master!$D$4:$D$38)+MATCH(C5,Master!$D$4:$D$38,0)-1,COLUMN(Master!$D$4:$D$38),4)P5=ADDRESS(ROW(Master!D4:D38)+1+MATCH(C5,Master!D4:D38,0)-1,COLUMN(Master!D4:D38),4)P7=ADDRESS(ROW(Master!D4:D38)+1+MATCH(C7,Master!D4:D38,0)-1,COLUMN(Master!D4:D38),4)

I thought by just finding the address of the first match (Master!D16), incrementing it by 1 (=D17) and plugging the cell containing this formula (P5) into my data range, that it would force the vlookup formula to adjust its data range from D4:W38 to D17:W38. This, in turn would then find the first match for 10:30 and so on for anyother identical in-times...

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VLookup To Show All Matches?

Aug 25, 2012

if a value appears in a column 4 times or more how can you do a vlookup which will show the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th values.

when i currently write the vlookup formula it shows the 4th time the value appears


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Vlookup: Returning Multiple Matches

Jun 22, 2009

I am trying to connect a special date and a price to a special name (please see the attached file).

In sheet 1 I have the following:
- In column A I have a set of different names.
- In column B I have a set of different dates.
- In column C I have a set of different prices on bonds that off course refers to the different names at their respective dates.

In rest of the sheets I want an overview of the different bonds, and what their prices are at the exact date. The problem is that if I use the vlookup it is only the first value that will be extracted. How can I get all of the prices corresponding to the different dates to the correct bond. I also want the possibility to update this every day.

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Finding Exact Matches Using Vlookup

Jul 24, 2006

I am getting #N/A errors even when I have an apparently exact match in my
table array to the lookup value. I know that excel requires the formats to
be exactly the same and I can force the match if I copy the lookup value from
my table array and paste it into the worksheet. Is there an easy way to
"fix" my table array. The table array is a reference worksheet I have
created which has worked in the past.

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How To Return Exact Matches Only Using VLookup

Feb 13, 2007

I have the following formula which, if text is in A1, will lookup from a list of worker's comp codes to locate the code in A2 and return the wording for that

However, if there is not an exact match to the code in A2, it returns the wording for the next closest code.

Is there a way to make it so that it will only return the wording for the exact match and return "invalid code" if the number in A2 is not found on the list on the "Codes" sheet?

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VLookup Finds No Matches When There Are Visually

Jan 25, 2010

I need to add a space in front of a string of numbers/letters, but it still doesn't seem to match what's in the lookup range. Granted, i get the lookup range from HQ, so there may be a formatting issue.

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Vlookup On Multiple Matches In Multple Ranges

Jan 20, 2010

I've information in two sections of a worksheet, columns A and B (range named "temp1") and columns D and E (range named "temp2"). I should also say that the reason I have two sections is that each section will have about 150 rows, so instead of having a huge list of 300 rows, I've tried splitting them into two sections.



What I want to do it show all the results that match the value 1 using a vlookup formula. Also the values in column A and D may change, i.e if value 4 in D1 changed to 1, I would expect to see "d" included in the results.

This is the original formula I got somewhere else which sorts out my vlookup on multiple matches issue.

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Match Category IDs To Campaign Names With Inexact VLookup Matches

Jul 2, 2014

I have several Campaign Names (about a thousand) and about 25000 categories (with ID's) to choose from and would like to assign the Category ID's to the Campaign Names without doing manual searches. My problem is that the names are not similar enough for vlookup and I didn't get any usable results with the fuzzy lookup add in either.

I will attach an example of both my Campaign and my Category file for reference. Example Complicated Vlookup.xlsx‎

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Find Matches In Columns

Oct 27, 2008

I have two lists of email addresses in columns and I need to find the matches between columns and have those addresses returned to perhaps a third column.

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Find In Column Possible Matches

Jun 13, 2007

I have a list of values in a column. In that column, I want to find 50 possible matches. Is this possible in Excel? In the column there are multiple strings of text.

After it finds these 50 potential matches, the formula should return a value next to the cell where it matched. PLEASE HELP IF THIS POSSIBLE.

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Find Matches In 4 Sheets

Jul 25, 2008

I'm looking for a macro to basically produce me a list of shop names on one sheet with their appropriate sales information. Bascially, i have 4 sheets one for each week of the month, with all the sales info for various shops. Each sheet will list the same shop about 10 times as they make numerous transactions so each one is listed. The list on each of the 4 sheets can be any length and will change week to week depending on how many sales there are.

What i want is to find shops that appear in more than one week and have then appear on a list on a 5th sheet, i.e. my good performers sheet!

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Find Sub String Matches Between Two Columns?

May 30, 2014

I am trying to match words in two separate columns that are not exact matches. any formulas or codes I can write to do this.Below is an example.

Column A
3m Corporation
Apple Inc
Allstate Corp
State Farm

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Formula To Find Matches And Return Yes Or No

Jun 11, 2014

In the attached sample work book Col E has text that I want to check if it is also in Col G and return Yes or No into Col F

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Find Data That Matches Query

Nov 9, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with 3 columns: Name, Number and percentage. I need a formula to return the name that has the percentage and the 2nd highest percentage. the spreadsheet has 5 rows, not including the columns labels.

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Find All Matches In Column Range

Jun 13, 2009

The objective of the code is to determine if a value in Column A exists:

- If it does, then copy data from a different worksheet into the row of the worksheet where the value resides
- if it doesnt, then go to the last used row in Column A and add then copy data from a different worksheet into the new row

The portion of the code im having trouble with involves the Finding of the value in Column A, and also the error handling when it doesnt find it.

The code below doesn't handle the error correctly.. for the data set im running the code on, it should find a value in Column A (which it does) but then it also runs the ErrHandler portion..which shouldnt happen.. it should only run the ErrHandler portion if it cant find the value in Column A (which therefore means a new record is required)

Sub UpdateRecords()
Dim fitem As String
Dim nmax As Integer
Dim nRow As Integer
Dim rFoundCell As Range

nRow = 10
nmax = Sheets("Availability").Range("schedulechange").Rows.count

Do While nRow <= nmax ....................

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Find Close Matches To Names

Jun 3, 2008

I am looking to create a code that searchs a column to see if there is word similar to the input (As in it's the same part name with a missing or extra letter or a space), and then return the first matched word.

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Conditional Or VLookup (Gives True Or False If Text In A Cell Matches Any Cells In A Range)?

Jan 14, 2009

I need to create a formula that will give me True or False if text in a cell matches any cells in a range.

For example:

Column A and B have text:


Column C has other and sometimes matching text:

What formula would I use to find out if all cells in Columns A and B are represented in Column C?

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How To Find Matches Between Two Columns And Copy Cells In Row

Jan 15, 2013

I've just started with VBA and are trying to figure out following:

I'm using a validation list where the user choose one of twelve alternatives. The option she or he made is found in one or more rows in column B. If there is a match between the alternative in the validation list and in column B I want to copy some of the cells in the same row as the match in column B (to be exact, I want to copy the cells in column E, J, N and P) to another sheet.

I've succeeded doing this with one row but I don't know how to do without using that same code over and over again until Excel has made it trough all the rows. And there is over 200 of them.

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To Use =MATCH To Find A Value In One Column That Matches A Cell

Oct 7, 2008

I am trying to use =MATCH to find a value in one column that matches a cell. The cell contains a formula and I want to match to the result.

At the moment it isn't working.

Here's what I have:


where G2 is


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Find Matches In Multiple Columns And Return Header

Oct 29, 2012

Lets see if I can put this into words.

I am trying to find matches of a specific cell in various columns. Example:

Header 1 -------Header 2----------Header 3

If I searched for the value "abc123" I want it to return Headers 1 and 2 in a seperate column. It would not matter if the same value is in one column multiple times

So the results would show me the Column Heading for anything that reads: "abc123", "ABC123", "AbC123", "aBC123"

Is this possible?

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Identify Matches Of Combinations & Find Actual Occurence

Apr 28, 2008

I have another challenging solve for a VBA macro. So here it goes, as I have become frustrated trying to make an array formula with no joy. On my sample worksheet provided below this is what I am trying to accomplish:

(Solution cells) B4:I4 looks to the (Combination cells) M5:R10 for a match
If a match is present then cell J4 gives a "win" ,
If no match then cell J4 gives a " lose ".

Next if a win is present in cell J4, then cell K4 looks for when the draw number that matches occurred on from cells A4:A10, then subtracts the two(e.g. solutions cells from combination cells) to give the actual " # of draws to a win ". If no win is present in cell J4, then the default is zero for cell K4

The formula would be copied down thru cells J4:K12

Please refer to sample worksheet attached so that you can understand more clearly of just what I'm trying to do.

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Isolate To Matches Of Name Then Find All Instances Of That Name Whose Values Fall Within Range

Jan 3, 2013

In my workbook I have two tabs, the first tab is intended to call on data located on the second tab so I can evaluate & Display it in different ways. Here's what's worked so far. Where I'm stuck is attempts to try and combine the two.

- the second tab is named AW_Items_Import


1) Looking on the second tab to count the number of times a object (identified on the first tab in Cell B13) appears

2) Looking on the second tab for items that fall within a set value range, the ranges specified on the first tab in cells C14 and E14

=COUNTIF(AW_Items_Import!G:G,">=" & C14) - COUNTIF(AW_Items_Import!G:G,">" & E14)

What I want to do, is combine 1) and 2) so I can isolate a search to a name specified on the first tab, THEN count the number of times that item falls within a set range, the range also specified on the first tab.

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Lookup Up Matches From Other Sheet

Aug 26, 2009

Worksheet #1:
Column "A" going down (starting at A1 to A5) I have the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 entered in each cell...

Worksheet #2:
In cell A1 is the number "1"
In cell A2 is the number "7"

I want a formula in cell B1 (WS#2) that looks for the number in cell A1 (WS#2) in the range of cells A1:A5 on Worksheet #1, and if it finds the value of A1 (WS#2) in that range of cells on Worksheet #1, it returns the letter Y... if not it returns the letter N

So my result on Worksheet #2 should be...
Cell B1 shows the letter Y
Cell B2 shows the letter N

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Showing All Matches From 2nd Sheet

Mar 26, 2014

I have a chart in sheet1 with 4 Code (EXPL: 0349) in a cell A2 and in Cell B2 to b1900 reasons against cell a2 so i need all matches against a2 in Sheet2 cell a2.

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