How To Incorporate An If Then Else Function To An Average Formula

Jun 13, 2009

Is there a way to include an if then else function to an average formula that will skip cells with zero?

I went into better detail in the attached example.

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Incorporate A Vlookup Into The Formula

Mar 5, 2010

Last Name

First NameSales CodeDepartmentSalesHours WorkedBase PayCommission RateAllbaughJoshuaAMMen's$ 4,000.00 8.00188.0072

I created this formula to show commission but it doesn't incorporate the array below.

How can I incorporate a vlookup into the formula above showing this array of info?

Sales CodeSales TitleHourly Wage QuotaCommision RateAMAssistant Manager$23.50 $200.00 0.03PT1Sales Assistant$10.50 $100.00 0.01PT2Sales Partner$11.75 $125.00 0.015S1Sales Associate$13.50 $150.00 0.02S2Sales Consultant$15.00 $175.00 0.025

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Incorporate (InputBox) Result In Formula?

Mar 5, 2012

I need to often enter a formula such as:


but, I need to change the variable 'a' to whatever letter I need.

I wrote the following:

y = InputBox("Enter letter")

So, how do I incorporate the 'InputBox' result in the formula?

If I use =SUMIF(H1:H500,""=x"",G1:G500) I just get 'x' as a result, not the letter I input.

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Incorporate Several IF Statements Into Single Formula?

Nov 27, 2012

I am trying to incorporate several IF statements into a single formula:


What I am trying to achieve with this formula is:

- insert LR if AB5 is less than 20;
- insert C if AB5 is less than 30 but more than 25;
- if neither of the above is true, insert CLEAR if T5 contains something and if not insert B-T1-F10 if AB5 is between 240 and 40 and AA5 = 1.

The problem I have is that the B-T1-F10 is not being inserted where the other criteria are not met so I think I have not integrated the statements correctly?

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Change Sumproduct Formula To Incorporate Condition

Mar 3, 2014

I have have sumproduct formula that works well, however I need a section of it to use a condition.

"=SUMPRODUCT(--(('Input Sheet'!$A$10:$A$20009=3)+('Input Sheet'!$B$10:$B$20009=1)+('Input Sheet'!$C$10:$C$20009=1)=3),--('Input Sheet'!$L$10:$L$20009>=G21),--('Input Sheet'!$L$10:$L$20009<=J21))"

The first section ('Input Sheet'!$A$10:$A$20009=3) looks at column of data and checks if any of the data says 3, however I need the formula to look at the column of data and determine if the figure is =>3 and also =<5.

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Running Average Formula/Function

Aug 22, 2006

I wonder if it is possible to formulate a formula in which average values are recalculated after every added record.

For example:
Record 1 shows an amount of 200 so the average value after 1 record is (200/1) 200. Record 2 shows an amount of 250 so the average value after 2 records is ((200+250)/2) 225. Record 3 shows an amount of 210 so the average value after 3 records is ((200+250+210)/3) 220.

I don't want to calculate all averages manually and most probably there must be a formula that is able to recalculate the average value after another record is added to the file.

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Average And Minimum Function In Array Formula

May 19, 2009

Actually with the help of array formula I"m taking out Average, Min, Max value of ranges and I was omitting zero but the problem is occurring that if i have originally zero in my ranges then Average & Minimum function is not working properly.

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Incorporate Adjacent Cell In Formula W/o Naming Cell Address?

Oct 2, 2009

I searched and I keep finding something that's not quite what I'm looking to do so I think I'm missing something really simple.

Let's say that I want each cell in col b to be the sum of 5 plus whatever value is in the cell adjacent to it on the left (col).

I know that you can just write a formula in each cell like...

b1 will be =sum(a1+5)
b2 will be =sum(a2+5)

... but is there a shortcut so that you don't have to write out the actual cell address for each one?

Meaning - is there a predefined name or something that represents the cell to the left or right so you can just use that instead, allowing you to just copy paste the same formula all the way down the column? Something like...

b1 will be =sum(left+5)
b2 will be =sum(left+5)

... where "left" represents whatever value is in the cell to the left of that particular cell?

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Worksheet.function Average Returning Error "Unable To Get The Average Property Of The WorksheetFunction Class"

Jan 23, 2007

TotHCInv.Value = WorksheetFunction. Sum(KRInv, PBLInv, CRInv, PVInv)
If i >= 34 Then CPSCtphRMA.Value = WorksheetFunction.Average("G" & (i - 30) & ":G" & i)

The first line runs properly, but the second line bugs out with the error message "Unable to get the Average property of the WorksheetFunction class". I can simply do the math, but I thought that using the worksheet function would be easier than summing and dividing. I'm curious, though, as to why I can't seem to use the Average function.

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AVERAGE Function Embedded Within An IF Function

Feb 18, 2010

TPR, DISPLAY and FEATURE columns generate a rating based off of an IF function. In the Executed column, I need TPR, FEATURE, DISPLAY to be averaged together...BUT....In I want the average only include columns where there are numbers. For example in row one the eqn would be (1+3+2)/3, but in row 2 the eqn would be (1+1)/2...can I state an average function within an if function? Or what would be the best way to create an eqn for this?? I have thousands of rows to complete and doing it manually is not an option.

0- Did not meet expectations
1- Below expectations
2- Met expectations
3- Exceeded expectationsTPRDISPLAYFEATUREExecuted?Effective?Comments132Coming off of a Dec promotion113111111221

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Formula =AVERAGE(B16:L16) To Give The Average

Jan 7, 2008

I'm using the formula =AVERAGE(B16:L16) to give me the average.

However I have a couple of problems with this. Firstly I would like to exclude the value zero from the average. Secondly to also ignore the lowest and highest values.

Example, if the values in the cells are 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 then the current result shows 5, by ignoring the 0 and lowest value 1 and highest value 10 the average should be 4.5.

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Incorporate Calendar

Feb 21, 2007

I have the following worksheet ,named "Calendar", to make an annual calendar and I'm wondering if there's a way to use it to make a calendar in worksheet named "NovemberDaily". On the worksheet named "NovemberDaily" I want to put in cells C14, G14, K14, O14, S14, W14, and AA14 "11/1/2007" if the weekday of the week matches the date"11/1/2007". Is this possible or is there an easier way of accomplishing this. I'm needing the date (e.g. 11/1/2007) in the cells mentioned because it ties into another formula that I'm using later in the worksheet.

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Incorporate Picture In Header

Dec 20, 2010

I have a macro that create the page header (and footer), which uses a jpg image/logo from my computer. How can I incorporate that into the code so that the macro/image will work properly if not run on my computer?

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How To Incorporate Variable Into Path

Feb 8, 2012

I am using a script within excel as part of this script I want create a new folder to store information


ChDir "C:Documents and SettingsAdminDesktopMIKEPAYROLL2011-12"

However I want to use a variable called "NEWYEAR" which holds the 2011-12 part

For example this part stays the same

ChDir "C:Documents and SettingsAdminDesktopMIKEPAYROLL

folder 2011-12 held in variable NEWYEAR may or maynot exist.

if the folder exists I want to be able to use the folder, however if it doesn't I need to create it.

The problem is I am not sure how to incorporate the variable into the path.

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Incorporate A Series Of If Statements

Oct 20, 2008

I would like to incorporate a series of if statements in column D of my macro that looks at the labels in column C. If the label is 10 characters long, it returns the full 10 characters. If the label is 11 characters long, it returns the leftmost 10 characters.

What syntax would work for this?

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Nested IF Statements To Incorporate Another Component

Jul 1, 2009

I have this nested if statement, but my last IF statement needs to incorporate another component.

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Fill-down For The AVERAGE Function

Apr 25, 2009

I am trying to create a table showing the yearly average occupancy rates per quarter for every year between may 1998 and december 2008 inclusive (for licensed hotels, motels and guest houses, and serviced apartments in Australia; if that interests you).

I have a spreadsheet with a row of data showing the appropriate quarterly results for those dates. Let's say the data for this is displayed A1 through to A44.

For the yearly per quarter averages, let's say they are to go from B1 through to B11, I know I could put, for each year, an average formula with the relevant data range. Finding this to be tedious, I tried to fill-down.

I learnt the hard way however (not being too aware of how excel's grammar ticks) that the fill down function will not work for me. i.e., if B1 contained the average for the data range A1:A4 (the four quarters of 1998), the filled-in B2 would have the data range A2:A5 (i.e. the 2nd quarter of 1998 through to the 3rd quarter of 1999).

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Aug 11, 2009

I need to use the ADDRESS function to define a range from which an average can be determined. My current function is as follows:

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Custom Average Function

Dec 11, 2009

Custom average function. can this be done with Worksheet functions:

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Stop #DIV/0! In Average Function

Aug 20, 2008

I have a data range - C4:C54 and I want an AVERAGE calculated in C56, but I only want a value displayed in C56 when a data entry is put in. Up to 50 data points could be put in anywhere e.g. only 14 values in C16:C30, or 44 values in C6:C50, or the full 50 in C4:C54.

The formula I've been trying is

However, when no values are in the range it displays DIV/0! whereas I'd like the cell blank.

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Conditional Average Function

Aug 25, 2007

How do I perform average for a range and be able to exclude outliers. For example I am taking 100 measurements, some are not measureable and recorded as 9999.9. How do I average 100 values, but exclude all the 9999.9?

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Incorporate Concatenate Funtion: Return Text Rather Than A '0'

Apr 2, 2009

I have the following formula: ...................

and excel is saying I used too many characters and to use the concatenate function to do so, but I have no idea how.

I wanted to return text rather than a '0' in the case that all the original IF statements were false, I threw another IF statement in there and said if the original is equal to '0', then return "-". If not, then run through the original again (I pasted the original again after the "-").

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How To Incorporate If Statement With Find Method In A Range

Jun 22, 2014

I want to search the selected range for a variable value (calculated previously in the sub) and if it finds the value I want the sub to do some things. If it's not in the range I want it do something else.

Here is the relevant section for what I have:

[Code] ......

This works and cuts the value I'm looking for if it finds a value in the range. The problem is it's not in the range I don't know how to tell it to follow other instructions. I tried the "iserror" with an in statement, but it said the range was not set. Intellisense isn't working and I don't really know how to use the .find method ...

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Use Sheet Reference In Average Function?

Nov 27, 2013

Each sheet contains the test data for an individual class and I am trying to create a "Totals" sheet where I can show the average that each class had on a particular test and the letter grade breakdown. I am trying to create one 'average' formula that I may then copy across that will change the sheet reference automatically without me having to manually re-create the formula every time I add a new class sheet. I tried using the INDIRECT function but could not get it to work. Keep getting #Ref error.

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AVERAGE IF Function With Date And Characteristic

Jul 15, 2008

I will attempt to make this as easy as possible in explaining something I am looking to do. I am looking to Calculate the average lifespan of an individual based upon

1) They are "dead" (A status,either "Alive" or "Dead" found in Data!F2:F653)
2) They were born between 1/1/2007 and 12/31/2007 (Delivery Date provided in Data!C2:C653)

The lifespans were provided on Data!E2:E653

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Average & Sum Function With Empty Cells

Jun 8, 2007

I have data in Column A as follows:

A1 15
A3 20
A4 56
A5 45
A7 71
A9 23

where cells A2, A6 and A8 are empty.

I want to be able to AVERAGE or SUM the first four nonblank cells. I know I could manually select the cells, but I have a spreadsheet with 30 columns and 40 rows, and the data (including empty cells) in each column is different.

Is there a single formula that will find the first four nonblank cells and then perform the AVERAGE or SUM function?

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Average Function Based On Criteria

Jul 29, 2006

I'm trying to find the best Macro or Formula to get this done.

Sheet 1 has a list of salesperson in column "A" and the total numbers they made on Monday (in the same row, column "E"), Tuesday (In the same row, column "F"), Wednesday (In the same row, column "G"), Thurday (In the same row, column "H"), and Friday (In the same row, column "I"). I also have a sheet for each individual salesperson. I need to find a Macro or a Formula that I can use to give me the average of the numbers if "A5" = the salesperson in Sheet 3 then avarage the numbers from "E5" to "I5" and I want the results to show up in cell "D35".

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Average Function: Multiple Arguments

Nov 19, 2006

I need some assistance in using an array formula which averages based on multiple arguments. The relevent range names in my input data are:

Col A - Manager Col B - Report Type Col C - Days taken to Complete

and I have used Validation Lists to include several different Managers and 5 Report Types which I'll call A - E, with Days taken to Complete an input. Each Manager may have 0 to numerous instances of each report during each period.

I'm trying to build a table which includes each manager and the average number of days taken to complete each report. The complication is that, while Report A & B are separate reports, for this purpose I need to get an average for A & B together.

For C, D & E, I have used the following:

For A&B, I have tried:


but this doesn't work. Could someone please advise me the correct formula if either of two states in a named range are to be used to average a second named range?

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Average Function That Excludes Zeros

May 10, 2008

I am working with averages of ACT scores and Class rank percentages. I cannot figure out how to exclude all the zeros and/or DNR (do not rank) values that are in those columns. For example if I have 10 items, and 2 are DNR, the I want to exclude the 2 DNR's in my average. I tried putting it in the Row or Column area and unchecking what I wanted to exclude and then drag it into the data area, but that didn't work either.

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Average Function Using Cells As Row References

Jun 18, 2008

If I have numeric values in a cell examples c5 = 126, and d5 = 135. How do I place these values in c5 &d5 in another cell as a cell reference within the formula ex: =Average(f126:f135)

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