Prevent Duplicate Data Entry Via Userform Based On Exact Match In 2 Columns

Jul 16, 2012

I have a userform with several textboxes and 2 comboboxes. The data that I need protected from duplication is based in the comboboxes. If I ignore the other fields and presume the following it may be easier to understand:

The comboboxes are populated by the data stored in sheet1 and when the userform is complete, the OK button populates all the data into sheet2

Combobox1 contains names eg, John, Julie, Bob etc
Combobox2 contains colours eg, Red, Blue, Green etc

I want the userform to allow the data to be entered into sheet2 only if it is not an exact duplicate of the choices in BOTH of the comboboxes

For Example
John Red
Julie Red
Bob Blue
John Blue

These are all ok, however, to try and enter John Red again would bring up a message box indicating a duplicate entry and prevent the data from being entered.

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Data Entry By Textboxes On Userform - How To Prevent Duplicate Record Being Entered

Jan 3, 2013

I have created a userform with 3 text boxes. It also has three buttons - clear, Cancel and Generate record button.

User form takes entries in the three text boxes and on clicking the Generate Record button, the values of the three Text Boxes are inserted in Column A, B and C of sheet1. The columns keep on populating with new data on each submit in the row below the last record.

Now it is required to enter data only if the value entered in TextBox1 is new and has not been entered previously in column A. If textbox entry is already aviailable in column A, a message box of 'Record available' shoud be prompted and the text entry must not be allowed until the data entered in TextBox1 is not unique.

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Prevent Duplicate When Entry From List

Oct 9, 2012

How prevent duplicate when entry from list?

Attachment file : testing.xlsx

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How To Prevent Duplicate Entry In Column

May 25, 2009

I have a huge worksheet with 26 columns and 1200 rows. This worksheet is updated by 4 people everyday. Column C, H, N & R are updated daily by these 4 people so these are dynamic columns so to speak. I would like to have a VBA that informs that particular individual when he enters a duplicate data, maybe a popup saying duplicate entry.

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Duplicate Cells Not Exact Match

Jan 25, 2013

I have text values in 2 different columns A and B. I can use the conditional formula to find and highlight duplicates but only if they are an exact match. How do I modify if they are not exact match but for example start with the same 3-4 text values?

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Prevent Duplicate Entry From Textbox Into Different Worksheet

Jun 12, 2009

I have a entry form in which i want to register customers. the first field is the customer number (which is unique(created by me) for every customer). This is TextBox 1 in the document. I would like to search for duplicates in worksheet 2, collumn A, when pressing "enter" to move from TextBox 1 to TextBox 2. A search for duplicates should start and a message should appear " duplicate found" if found, otherwise continue to TextBox 2 for further entry of information.

Please see my attached document for clarification.

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Prevent Duplicate Through VBA Userform

May 1, 2007

I made a userform and through this form I add my data into excel sheet. one of the colume is CODE. Want:

When I click on the frmEntry SAVE button, I want to check for duplicate on column CODE

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Prevent Duplicate Entries From UserForm TextBox

Feb 25, 2008

Is there a way i could put a validation on a text box that doesn't allow the user to enter a value that already exists in a given range. The object being to avoid duplicate entries.

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Prevent Data Entry If Condition Met

Jun 4, 2007

I am adding up the value of a range of cells in one cell. What I want is If the value of the cell which is adding up the values of the range of cells exceeds a particular number it should throw an error.

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Autofilter Based On List Of Values In Range (Include Not Exact Match)

Feb 13, 2014

I need an autofilter which filters rows based on a list of values (+50).

The problem is that I am looking for rows INCLUDING values from the list, not for exact match.

I am not able to make excel filter values including the values from the list... I am able just to filter values matching exactly values from the list.

[Code] .....

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Prevent Hyperlink On Cell Data Entry

Jun 22, 2009

Using 2003 - Is it possible to prevent cell data entry automatically creating a hyperlink for email/web url's. Using

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How To Show Exact Match Of Data Between Two Worksheets

May 5, 2014

I am trying show an exact match of data between two worksheets, but I need the match function to look up 2 columns - i.e. reference number AND order number between two different worksheets.

In the example attached, I am able to find the match of one column only (order number)

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How To Prevent Duplicate Data Being Pasted

Jan 14, 2013

I have a worksheet that you can enter in

Forename, Surname, Area, D.O.B

This has a macro assigned that copies the data and pastes it into another worksheet at the next available row.

Now this works fine, but I want to be able to identify if the data already exists in the other worksheet then prevent it from being pasted and give an error message that the person already exists in the database.

Is this possible?

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Using VBA To Find Exact Or Nearest Match And Return From Data Sheets

May 15, 2014

I has number sheets with thousands rows of unsort data. I need to find the price, with optional name and date if given, to return the rows values.

Example from Summary sheet, to find the price range and return 3 rows (even there are four set of answers, highlighted in light blue), with sorting the highest price first.

Summary Sheet
Sheet name


Search Fields

[Code] ........

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Prevent User To Enter Duplicate Using Data Validation?

Dec 27, 2013

I want to prevent user from entering duplicate text or numbers in a cell using the Data Validation.

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Prevent/Remove Duplicate Data From PivotTable Source

May 29, 2008

I am working pivot tables off of one large excel spreadsheet for my data. I have multiple pivot tables on each of 5 worksheets. The problem is this. Every other week I am sent an updated spreadsheet with the same column names each week which I then copy and paste it into the spreadsheet of the last one. When I refresh the pivot tables, I end up with duplicate field sets. For example, on column in the original data sheet is gender. On the first sheet I went through and renamed the "M"'s and "F"s to be "Male" and "Female" so that it is better looking when printed. Now when i get the new information and copy and paste it to rplace the old, and refresh the pivot tables, I end up with "Male" "Female" AND "M" "F". Now the "Male" and "Female" fields are empty and the "M" and "F" fields have the information. Is this a result of me renaming the fields?

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Created Userform And Command Button But Data Entry Not Allowed In Userform

Jul 16, 2012

I have created a userform and a command button to bring up the user form but when I click on the command button and the user form pops up I am not able to enter any data, the entire page freezes

This is the code

Private Sub CommandButtoncancel_Click()
End Sub
Private Sub CommandButtonOK_Click()
With Workbooks("RETS results version 2.xlsm")

[Code] ......

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Macro To Comment On Cells Based On Formula's (duplicate, Length, No Entry)

Jun 25, 2009

making a macro that will scan for duplicates, length & empty cells.

I have the sample file below that does conditional formatting but it doesnt help as much because I want to show the reason for the highlight's on a comment instead.

sample file : [url]

file that might help out: [url]

checks would be:
column A - duplicates and/or length should not be over 100 characters
column B - duplicates
column F - should only contain 2 comma's(or 3 keywords)
all columns - check if no entries are found(empty cells)

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Macro For Data Entry That Checks For Duplicate Record

Dec 31, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that uses a Form for Data entry. Each record has ID, Name, State, and about 20 more columns of information for each ID.

The data entry is working well.

What I need now is to add a check for a UNIQUE ID. If they are adding a new record I need my form to return a message if the ID they use is already in the database. So if they enter XXXXX and that is in the file already - they should get a message that XXXXX is already in the database and to please enter a new ID.

And once they fix XXXXX to XXXXY then the record is added.

I should add that the ID is stored in column A.

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Userform VBA To Check 2 Columns (A And B) For Duplicate Entries

Apr 23, 2014

I have a userform that I use for data entry with lots of combo boxes, list boxes and text boxes

One thing i haven't cracked yet is to check for duplicates against two matching fields

If a user (for example) enters 'SAB' (which will be stored in column A) and then 'UK' (which will be stored in column B) and there is already an exact match for both, then I need to inform the user that a matching record already exists

The following is OK: (the dots below are meant to illustrate spaces between the columns!!)

BUT, if a user then tries to enter:


I need my userform to register a duplicate entry.

My sub routine is detailed below : .....

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Match Rows And Copy Exact Match To Worksheet

Jun 2, 2012

I am very new withe macro I recieve every day a CSV file from our supplier withe a list of the products that got updated withe new price, stock count, product ID etc.

I have my own worksheet with the product ID that we use, and I want to finde the exact match to my product ID in that CSV file and delete all other that don't match.

But i need them get deletede by rows thos product ID that dosen't match to my workbook.

I tried with this, so it could set an X in front of my match then i could filter and copy it to my workbook but it dosen't work:
Because the same product ID is sometime in 100 rows and the X come only in front of one of them.


so with some macro. I need to have every row deleted that don't match to my list of product ID.

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Prevent Cell Entry Based On Another Cell

Oct 22, 2013

If A1 = "Yes"

Then don't allow input into cells B1 and C1. Or delete anything in B1 and C1 perhaps?

Cell A1 would be the result of a formula

How would I go about creating something like the above?

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Userform One Combobox Three Data Columns Select Required Column Based On Radio Button

Jun 10, 2013

I have a user form that has one combo box on it that right now references one column of data.

Now I am being asked to have three columns of data and the combo box to show one of the three when a certain criteria is met.

I believe it would be easiest to have an additional combox with a change event when the box is populated with "whatever" in the field

So S:3 to S:5 have A, B, C

And EC:1-EC:59, ED:1-ED:59, EE:1-EE:59 contain the data that should show when S:3, S:4, or S:5 is selected.

If S:3 is selected then the list in EC:1 - EC59 would show and so on.

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UserForm Combobox Wild Search Filter Based On First Letter Entry

Jun 18, 2014

I am looking to modify my combobox from a userform to Filter the list based on the first entry on what the user will add.

I have a code that will search for all entries in my "Control" sheet and passed this on to my combobox:

[Code] ......

I have, within a module, the following function code that the user find the entry by adding the first 3 letters of the search they need:

[Code] .....

I would like to know what to change in the function to filter the list, once the user adds a first letter and then press the dropdown from the combobox, to filter the list based on all entries from the first letter to only show entries with that letter.

If A is entered, then, show only the entries strating with the starting letter A, but at the same time if the user adds more letter to filter to the first then second letter:

If AB is inserted, then, show entries with AB only.

Where do I add this code also, is this another function or this could be inserted within my function?

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UserForm Data Entry/VBA

Feb 12, 2009

I've created a userform that will pop up automatically when opening my workbook. My workbook will have many worksheets identified by the employee's last name, then first name (i.e. Doe, John) Etc. I ideally would like the name entry in my user form to locate the correct worksheet based on the sheet name and then all of the other data in the user form be put in the next available/appropriate row and column, etc. of that particular sheet. This user form would save me a ton of time keeping my training logs up to date, instead of having to locate each employee tab manually and then enter the data and then look for the next tab, etc.

At the end of the year I'll manually go to each worksheet and balance that year's training time and cost (as you'll see from the attached example), but I'm hoping that the user form entry will identify that "yearly balance row" as having data and would skip to the next row to begin the next year's training entry. The "Enter Data" Button would place all of the user form data (other than the name) into the appropriate row/column and I believe my refresh button will empty the user form fields, but I'm hoping it won't delete the data that was just previously entered into the worksheet. (See attachment)

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UserForm For Data Entry

Feb 13, 2010

see in atteched file User-form "frmEntry" work fine to update the data in Trader worksheet. but i need help to program.for the "frmExit" which i program. u can look in to the database "Trader Worksheet" .it enter the data in next available row.instead of up dating the corresponding existing stock sell the stock.also when i enter the second sell of stock it change the row which is already their.not in new row.

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Data Entry Via Userform

Sep 27, 2006

I have managed to put together a userform to input the data from a safety audit card to populate a spreadsheet so that i can generate stats etc (every ticked check box inputed a tick onto the spread sheet into the correct colum for the data, on resetting the form it went to the next line as per the userform database example available here). This was working fine as it only had 5 check boxes and although my code was probably a bit rough, it did the job. The code I was using is:...

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Data Entry From Userform

Mar 10, 2007

I have the following code in a userform, assigned to a command button.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Select Case TextBox2.Text
Case Is = ""
MsgBox "Please enter the Name of recipient."
Case Else
End Select

Select Case TextBox3.Text
Case Is = ""
MsgBox "Please enter the E-Mail Address of recipient."
Case Else

I modified this code as it was starting at the bottom of the worksheet & checking for the 1st vacant row from the top. I wanted it to start at the top & look for the first vacant row down. That way, if there was a entry that was deleted, it would find that row 1st & keep the list in order. This code worked fine for the last 2 days, but, this morning, nothing is being entered on sheet2.range A2 or lower.

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How To Find Duplicate Rows That Are Not EXACT Identical

Dec 6, 2013

Is it possible to find duplicate rows that are not EXACT identical. Conditional formatting can find duplicate rows but they must be identical exactly(ofcourse)(even extra SPACE,COMMA,DOT wont find duplicates)

I have name and address(street address) columns. I don not want my invitation cards or mails go to same address twice.

As you can see in the file ..all 5 records belong to same address.(address entered in diff styles,some comma,space extra..etc) 4 and 5 are Son and Wife of 1st person. Row 5 and 6 have same text but one extra space in 5th row makes it unique so i need to eliminate such records with same address So can i set some formula so that duplicate rows will be highlighted if any 3-4 words match ?

Attached File : inwell.xlsx‎

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Creating Userform For Data Entry

Dec 11, 2013

I just need to make a user form for entering data in one of the sheets ( Pending Confirmed Orders ), requested user form should be used to enter the orders information in columns ( each column in new entry ) and just the rows ( from 6 - 21 ) with noting that row no 16 is to link external pdf file as you will see.

File : [URL] ........

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