Several Sets Of Data All Which Link To Seperate Charts

Feb 9, 2009

I've got several sets of data all which link to seperate charts, the problem i'm having is that i dont want the chart to display the fields with zero values and with the amount of charts and data it is taking ages to re-source the data is there a way of getting the chart to ignore zero fields or of somehow sorting the data in a way only fields with values are shown

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Breaking The Link Between Charts And Data

Jan 22, 2008

I am trying to record a macro so i can click a button and have excel break the link between my charts and the tables that drive them. during the record phase, i click on each chart and use F9. the problem i am facing is that now my macro sets the charts to the data that was there when i recorded the macro, erasing any changes i have made.

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Link Colors In Charts To Data

Oct 4, 2006

How can i link colors used in charts to companies i have i my database. Now excel provides colors in a certain sequence but this is not what i want. I attached a file in which i for example wants to create pie charts of the company's sales. What do i have to do to give each company its own color?

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Count Based On 2 Seperate Sets Of Criteria In The Same Row

Apr 2, 2009

i need to count based on 2 seperate sets of criteria in the same row.

column G houses the total number of hits as a number,
Column E holds the division
Column B holds the job title,

rows 2 through 222

i need to sum up the numbers in each G field, where the G and E field match a specific text criteria.

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Seperate Pivot Charts By Date

Aug 19, 2009

I have some monthly figures that's I need to put into a charts, and I want separate charts for each months data. People add to the list of figures almost every day.

Do I need to put the data in different sheets (Aug, Sep etc), with different tables and charts, or is the a way you can keep it all in one list, and filter it so each months figures get populated in their own chart?

I did try putting the data in separate sheets and making new charts for each one, but it made my file really big. Also as some months are yet to come, the blank sheets were making the charts mess up.

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Text To Columns: Split Data In Seperate Seperate Coloumn

Jul 23, 2009

Attached file where i m not able to split data in seperate seperate coloumn

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How To Link Excel Charts To Other Spreadsheets

Feb 6, 2014

I have to enter data into a spreadsheet daily and update a line graph with the data for 10 different production machines. I want to place the charts on their own separate excel file that way they can be easily viewed without the data next to them. I tried copying and pasting the graphs to another excel spreadsheet, but when I update the graphs on the original excel file the data does not change on the one I copied the graphs to. I use the select data range option to update the line graph data. Basically, I just want both graphs to update at the same time on both spreadsheets, but the links don't seem to update. How would I link the graphs so that both update across files?

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To Insert Down Between Sets Then Border Sets

Apr 10, 2008

Below is a series of sets. Column A is the set number. I need a macro that will insert a row between sets and then put a border around each set. In my spreadsheet the sets are from A1:C500. Sometimes the sets are only 1 row, sometimes multiple rows. It looks like I will be doing one of these sheets every week. So far I have been doing it manually, but a macro sure would save some time.

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Excel 2003 :: Match Two Sets Of Data And Display Specific Data?

May 12, 2012

I have two separate worksheets:

I'm trying to find a formula that looks at Column A on both sheets (each client is allocated a unique number) and if they match enter in column D of the referral sheet the month they were seen but only if it is a 1st contact (appt type on column D of contact sheet)



way to do the calculation using Excel 2003

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Finding Matches Between Two Sets Of Data - Each Set Has Three Columns Of Data

Jul 13, 2013

I am working on large sets of data (more than 50,000 rows of data). I have two sets of data. Set 1 and Set 2 (master data) on the same worksheet. Both the sets of data have three columns each. I am using EXCEL 2007. I was able to accomplish step 1 below.. but I am totally lost with step 2 since i have an additional criteria for the "year".

I have attached the excel sheet as well. This is what I am trying to accomplish:

1) I want to find exact matches in set 1 and set 2 and highlight it or do something to show that a match was found. The challenge is the data in set 1 can occur anywhere in set 2.

2) Add to the complication .. my criteria for matching the year is different. If the Set 1 "year" is equal to or greater by 1 yr or greater by 2 yr when compared to Set 2 "year", I want to treat it as a "match".

For example, from the data attached:

Set 1 data in row 4 is: ATLANTIC ABSECON 2004
Set 2 data in row 3 is: ATLANTIC ABSECON 2003

I want to treat these two data as "MATCH" since ATLANTIC matches ATLANTIC, ABSECON matches ABSECON and according to one of my criteria for year, Set 1 "year" is greater by 1 yr than the Set 2 "year".

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Vlookup To Compare Two Sets Of Data And Change The First Set Of Data If It Is Than The First

Oct 5, 2009

I have tried nested ifs and vlookup to compare two sets of data and change the first set of data if it is than the first. But leave it alone if it either is the same or does not exist in the new set of data. It sometimes seems to work but i find it is not consistant. It looks simple but i think i am missing something.

if column A has identifiers and column B has results then it should work if the identifiers in column C are found in column A and it looks to see if column B and D are the same, then change B if different but leave it if either it is the same or not there.

D 33

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Filtering Data In 2 Seperate Columns

Feb 25, 2007

I'm trying to put together a sheet to track football results. For simplicity sake, the sheet looks like this...

Home ; Away ; For ; Against ;
a ; b ; 2 ; 0
c ; d ; 1 ; 1
b ; c ; 1 ; 3
d ; a ; 2 ; 4
a ; c ; 1 ; 2

By using Autofilter on the home or away columns, i can obviously filter it in order that I can see all A's home results or all of A's away results, but by doing this you can't just filter the sheet in order to see the results of every game A plays in. I have a feeling that I need to do something with Advanced filter but have been playing around with this and not getting any joy. Can anyone advise on what I need to do?

Ultimately, my end goal would be to be able to create a drop down list where i would select the team from a list of all teams and this would automatically filter the sheet to their results only (and then I could use an autofilter to look at just homes or aways).

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Merging Data From Two Seperate Worksheets

Feb 13, 2008

I have two seperate worksheets and I want to merge the data into one new worksheet.

Book1 contains;
stock code

Book2 contains;
stock code
item name

I need to make one new worksheet which contains;
stock code
item name

I can not copy and paste because they are not in the same order and I can not sort to put them in the same order.

So I need to merge data using the stock codes into one new worksheet.

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Combine To Sets Of Data?

Jul 8, 2014

I have two sets of data for students. One set contains all the students with certain test scores, taking up columns A to N. The other set contains about 80% of those same students with a different set of test scores. Students are sorted by ID numbers. How do I combine the second set into columns O to V so that student ID numbers match and it inputs the rest of the student data into the sheet.

I know there will be some blanks because not all students will be there but I need them to match up, even with the blanks.

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Matching Sets Of Data?

Jul 10, 2014

I created a macro that extracts two columns of numbers from one workbook and need to match them to another set of numbers in another workbook. For instance i have numbers like...

18314 907
18272 64
11005 907
11005 324

..Now i need to match these numbers up with the others to find the hyperlink associated with them.

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Match Up Data From Two Different Sets?

Nov 8, 2013

I'm attempting to create a mailing list for the company I work for, but the software that has the data record is very limiting. The two tables I received from the program are listed:

Number of Sales

name 1

name 2

name 3

I tried to illustrate that the address list has a different customer composition than the sales list; the address list has customers that the sales list doesn't have. This means I can't just sort alphabetically and drag the addresses over. My goal here is to create a datasheet that incorporates both the address and number of sales so that we can send the top 500 customers a mailing. How can I do this?

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3 Sets Of Data Into 1 Sheet

Apr 1, 2014

I have 3 seperate tabs of data that i want to put into a combined sheet, how would i do this, i assume it's just like a copy/paste exercise but not sure how to do this using VBA?

My tab names are;

FND Data
UL Data
Life data

I just need the entire range copying from each tab into the 'Combined' tab

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Delete The Whole Row In All Sets Of Data

Dec 13, 2009

In the attached workbook, I have identical sets of data in column A separated by an blank cells. I need a macro for user form that searches for an item indicated in the textbox of the form and then delete the whole row in all sets of data.

It is important to keep the blank cells between the sets constant, 4 blank cells between each set, except the first set that starts with 3 blank cells.

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Summing The Data From Two Sets?

Jan 21, 2010

Im trying to get the total number of participants in two different sets, with selection criteria attached to both (Ive attached an excel file, as the example with those scoring +ve highlighted in yellow). The first set A (b1:b15) I want to select all values above 5, and the second B (c1:c15) set above 10. There other provisor, is that the A and B are further split into two groups (one above and one below 20).

In summary, I need to count all the A>5, B>10 (And both have to be above 20 in column D), but not to double count the ones that have Both A>5 and B>10. I dont want any duplicates to be counted, so summing the total of A and adding it to B wont work. In essence its an attempt to use the A Union B function that youd observe when using venn diagrams.

Is there a simple way/formula of doing this?

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Reconcile Two Sets Of Data

Dec 6, 2006

I manually reconcile two sets of data every month by sorting by PO# and then manually matching up the onse that are the same and then calculate if there is a variance in $ amount.

The 1st set of data is a list of invoice PO#'s and invoice $ amounts and the 2nd set of data is order PO#'s and order $ amounts. What I need to do is reconcile the orders to the invoices by PO#. It is very common to have a PO# on each list but have a different $ amount and I only need to know what the difference is between the order amount and the invoiced amount. I also need to know what is on the invoice list and not on the order list and vise versa....

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Comparing 2 Sets Of Data ...

Feb 23, 2009

I am wondering if it is better to do this in excel or access. I am pretty familiar with access...i know this would be easy to do if querying from one table and doing a relationship between identifier, but i'm not sure how to capture data from both tables. But basically this is what I want. I have 2 files, which have identifiers and share amounts...both files will have some like identifiers, some not alike...basically this is what I want to do: ....

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Comparing Two Sets Of Data

Aug 28, 2009

I'm trying to compare two sets of data on the same sheet. Each set has 4 columns...A - D and F - I. I would like to take the data from D and I (range 20 to 50) and compare them to see if any differences exist in the two columns. If there is something different I would like to bold and highlight the cells (A-D) in that row, and the same goes for the second set of data (F-I).

I'm trying to do this with macros so I can add it into my existing code.

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Parse Data In Column A To Seperate Columns

Nov 30, 2008

See attached spreadsheet. I need to have all the data which is held in 1 row in column A seperated into its own column automatically. The order i need the data to be in is as follows

Date(pink), Time(red), Racecourse(green), Race Type(black), Class Of Race(purple), Going(blue), Prize Money(yellow), Distance(grey), Number Of Runners(brown). the text in bracket is a key for the info for your ease of use.

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How To Seperate Data In A Cell And Create New Rows

Jun 23, 2013

I am somewhat new to excel and have a task I have a catalogue that I need to separate multiple printer models that all have the same part # into individual line items. This will save me weeks of work.

I have this:


And want to end up with this:



Or even this:




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Separate Data Groups To Seperate Worksheets

Oct 10, 2007

I have a data sheet of 190,000 lines. It is a telecommunications bill with has approx 15 columns.

I need to separate the spreed sheet into the respective "call types" and put this data onto separate tabs, at the moment I do it all manually with Excel 2007.

Is there a way of automating this separation of data

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Export TextBox Data To Seperate Workbook

Mar 3, 2008

I have built a simple little logger forlogging insurance policies set up without permission, at the moment it logs all data in sheet2 of the active workbook. What I want it to do is when submit is clicked is to export and save the data to a seperate (central) workbook to collate all entries and not to save it in the active workbook. I've inlcluded the file and the code is as follows;

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet, lRow As Long, Str As String
Set ws = Sheets("Sheet2")
lRow = ws. Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row
'____error handling______
If TextBox1.Value = "" Or NullString Then
MsgBox "Ooops, it seems you haven't entered a policy number!", vbCritical, "Error..."....................

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Compare 2 Sets Of Data Each With 2 Columns?

Nov 10, 2013

I have 2 sets of data/array/range. Each set consists of 2 columns with a large number of rows.

I want to compare my 2nd data to a master data. And list if anything is different in 2nd set of data from master set in column A than highlight the difference or copy the value to another place.

Also want to compare the 2nd column if column A was same and consider both column A and column B for that associated row different if column B is different.

The trouble for me comes in because the list is never alphabetical (sort doesnt work cause of funky naming) and never of the same size.

Attached is a photo of an example for maybe an clearer understanding. Also attached an example excel sheet I tried it within excel but cant seem to figure out how to look also for the 2nd column, so im trying to avoid the within excel route and go using vba ...


I attempted it with a very basic code thats not working =/ just cant seem to figure how to code to get the desired result

Sub matchdiff()
Dim cell As Range
Dim found As Range


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Summarizing Sets Of Data (sumif?)

Jul 8, 2009

Sheet1 contains a large set of data, including a date and a corresponding value.

Sheet2 (Summary) has a column called "Begin Date" and a column called "End Date". How can I use a formula to sum every piece of data that fits within the two dates?

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Comparing 2 Sets Of Data :: Zip Codes

Oct 28, 2009

I am trying to compare two sets of data.

I have a set of All zip codes in 10 counties in one worksheet:


Column 1 / Column 2
30303 / Fulton
30307 / Fulton
30310 / DeKalb
30234 / Cobb

But this sheet has about 300 zip codes

Then in a second worksheet I have dollars by zip

30303 / $10,000
30456 / $56,000

I'd like to make a third column in this sheet that fills in what county. Does anyone know how to search sheet one for the appropriate zip, then stick the word beside that zip into the column 3 secion of the dollars by zip code?

I'd rather not have to search every zip code in the dollars section one at a time. Not all the zip codes in the state are represented in the second sheet, so it's not quite as simple as just lining them up.

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How To Graph 2 Sets Of Data For Each Participant

Apr 3, 2013

Create one X-Y SCATTER graph (with Smooth Lines and Markers) with the Average Movement Time (MT) on the Y axis and the Index of Difficulty (ID) on the X axis for each group member during STATION 1: PAPER BASED VERSION OF FITTS' RECIPROCAL TAPPING TASK and STATION 4: PAPER BASED VERSION OF FITTS' RECIPROCAL TAPPING TASK: WEIGHTED

ID stands for index of difficulty, the graph is supposed to indicate that as the index of difficulty increases (3) movement time increases and as it decreases (2) movement time decreases.

Lab 8 Data Q 4 attempt.xlsx‎

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