Merging Data From Two Seperate Worksheets

Feb 13, 2008

I have two seperate worksheets and I want to merge the data into one new worksheet.

Book1 contains;
stock code

Book2 contains;
stock code
item name

I need to make one new worksheet which contains;
stock code
item name

I can not copy and paste because they are not in the same order and I can not sort to put them in the same order.

So I need to merge data using the stock codes into one new worksheet.

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Separate Data Groups To Seperate Worksheets

Oct 10, 2007

I have a data sheet of 190,000 lines. It is a telecommunications bill with has approx 15 columns.

I need to separate the spreed sheet into the respective "call types" and put this data onto separate tabs, at the moment I do it all manually with Excel 2007.

Is there a way of automating this separation of data

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Merging Data From 2 Worksheets

Dec 19, 2006

I have 2 worksheets. Worksheet A is my working copy and contains around 6000 rows of "active" accounts. Worksheet B is an export from a separate system and contains around 8000 rows. Column A on both worksheets contains an account number, however worksheet B contains about 2000 old account numbers, which I want to ignore. Column B on worksheet B contains a name (text) associated to the account number.

What I want to achieve is where the account number in column A worksheet A matches that to an account number in column A worksheet B, then copy the name from column B worksheet B to column B worksheet A.

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Excel 2010 :: Merging Multiple Worksheets Into One All Data Worksheet?

May 29, 2013

I know there are many ways to create an "All Data" worksheet. Copy & Paste is the most obvious or pasting named ranges into the new worksheet. I have a workbook with 48 tabs with up to 1000 rows of data per sheet. I need to merge each tab into one main "All Data" worksheet.

How to combine these 48 sheets in an easier way than the two options I already know (Copy/Past or Paste Named Range). Any Add-In's to Excel that can possibly do this? I am using Excel 2010.

How to make this "All Data" worksheet combining data from each sheet of the 48 tabs would be most useful.

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Text To Columns: Split Data In Seperate Seperate Coloumn

Jul 23, 2009

Attached file where i m not able to split data in seperate seperate coloumn

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Getting Averages From Seperate Worksheets

Dec 9, 2009

The first one, I do i remove #DIV/0! from cell O7 in the worksheet "My overview"?

The second one, I need to get averages of the QA score for the 3 months from January to March in the worksheet "My Overview" Cell E14 for the corresponding person on each sheet. I understand that there need to be values in place to get an average but is there a way to overcome this?

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Consolidating 4 Seperate Worksheets

Oct 21, 2006

I have 4 worksheets where the structure is exactly the same except the figures differ

The worksheet have text and values in columns A to S. I need to write VBA code that will combine the data and show the descritions in a consolidated woorksheet.

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Organise An Unorganised Worksheet Into Seperate Worksheets

Jul 25, 2008

how to filter and use certain functions and make pretty looking charts.

my Problem is; I have rows of different clients in one worksheet with various columns of extra data called ALLRECORDS. I have created new worksheets(tabs) in the same workbook for individual clients. I want to to automaitcally pull all the mixed client data from ALLRECORDS into their individual client worksheets along with all the columns of extra data.

so whenever I update ALLRECORDS it automatically updates individual clients worksheets.

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Hyperlink From A Shape To A Cell On Seperate Worksheets

Feb 10, 2010

I had getting a hyperlink from a Shape to a Cell on seperate worksheets and the macro works fine:

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Pull Information From Master Database Into Seperate Worksheets

Oct 24, 2008

I need to be able to pull information from a "master database" into seperate worksheets. Here is my problem. When I use a vlookup and my identifer is say "office property" then the vlookup will only pull the first "office property" and not retrieve any of the remaining "office property" rows.

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Copy Similar Named Worksheets To Seperate Workbooks

Dec 23, 2008

I have an application where I create up to 400 worksheets based on imported data.

These worksheets are named programatically with a main name and a sheet index number (to ensure no duplication of sheet names).

Typical Sheet names are "VARIOUS (1)"; "VARIOUS (2)"; "PART 1000 (3)"; "PART 1000 (4)"; "PART 1001 (5)"; "PART 1001 (6)" etc.

I want to be able to loop through all the sheets and copy similar named worksheets to seperate workbooks. So all the VARIOUS go to one workbook, all the PART 1000 goto another, and all the PART 1001 goto another. I can only determine the worksheet names by looping through all sheets - as I am not sure what they will be called because it is done programmatically. ALL sheets will contain a "(n)" where n is the sheet number, so I believe can extract similar names from the string preceding the left bracket.

At the moment I just lump ALL the worksheets irrespective of name to a single workbook creating an array and using the SPLIT function. This is very efficient and what it does, and I still want to use the SPLIT function and arrays.

this is the code I currently use, any help much appreciated!!! Please tell me how to modify this existing code to clump together similar names and copy - I guess I will need to loop multiple times to achieve this.

For Each mySheet In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets

Range("Arc").Value = "'" & Range("Arc") & "," & mySheet.Name
If Left(Range("Arc").Value, 1) = "," Then
Range("Arc").Value = "'" & Right(Range("Arc").Value, Len(Range("Arc").Value) - 1)
End If

Sheets(Split(Range("Arc").Value, ",")).Select
Sheets(Split(Range("Arc").Value, ",")).Copy

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Conditional Formatting With INDEX/MATCH Functions On Seperate Worksheets.

Apr 16, 2009

I know there are many posts concerning this, but after scouring, I couldn't find one that fit my situation. I have a total of six worksheets, I am only concerned with two worksheets.

Worksheet (functions!)

This one has a list of numbers formatted as general. (Column G)

Is actually a formula/macro that outputs a number... (didn't know if this mattered?)

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Merging Worksheets Into One

Jul 26, 2013

I have 29 inventory sheets that are identical. I need to merge them in to one master work sheet.

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Merging 3 Worksheets

Jul 17, 2014

I have 3 Worksheets in Excel I would like to merge into a new worksheet. Worksheet A, B, C. I have 133 rows of information on each sheet.

I would like to merge them in a particular order. I would like to take Row1 of Worksheet A, then merge Row1 of Worksheet B, and then merge Row 1 of Worksheet C.

So on the new Worksheet I have 3 rows of combined 3 worksheets. The would like to repeat this for all rows 2, 3, 4 etc. till will get to row 133 or end.

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Merging Two Worksheets..

Oct 15, 2009

I have two worksheets in the same workbook that need to be merged into a third worksheet. I need to take all the data in worksheet "On Hand" and bring in from the worksheet "Transactions" the data in columns E & F (into the new worksheet "Excess Inventory"). There will be item numbers (Column B in both sheets) that will only be in the "On Hand" sheet. I have entered data in the sheet "Excess Inventory" to show what I am trying to do.

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Merging Two Worksheets

Jul 20, 2006

There is no unique common key to relate records in two work sheets of same workbook. Therefore, the first step in generating this report is to create a common key that can be used to match records in worksheet 1 to worksheet 2 records. Common key is generated by concatenating few of the columns common in both the data sets (say something like brand + Site + End Date + Last name + First name)
The matching run should match the pseudo keys in the two datasets, and merge the records into one file using the following criteria
Event.key1 = ECB.key2 and Event.act_psrv_amt = ECB.folio_amt

Used Vlook up function but it takes really long time to return matching record (note that I want to return whole of the matching record) as we are dealing with huge data.
attached is the sample data

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Merging Shared Worksheets

Apr 27, 2008

I have a master timesheet that i would like to update for several employees. Each employee will be sending their own spreadsheet at the end of the month. the columns in the spreadsheets have the date, the employee's name, the project they worked on, and how many hours they worked on that project.

when i receive all of the employee's spreadsheets (they will be emailing them to me) then i would like to import the data into a single table that i can then evaluate using pivot tables and pivot charts.

I tried using sharing and merging but i can't figure out how to have their information merge into a single table without overwriting each other (the numbers of rows with information is different for each employee and is not predictable - it will vary from month to month).

I would like to make this as automatic as possible. Ideally, they will send their spreadsheets to me and i would like to have their information automatically imported into one big table.

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Merging Worksheets Together With Paste Values

Apr 2, 2014

Have the below code that combines some worksheets. I need it to paste values instead of just paste. How would I do this?

[Code] .....

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Adding Names To Worksheets During Merging?

Oct 31, 2013

I have an output in the form of multiple worksheets. I have found a solution to merge them all toghether into one workbook. But I would like the sheets to be named after the original file name.

Lets say my file is called 9252400.xlsx, i would then like the corresponding sheet in the workbook to be called 9252400

The code I am using for merging is:

Sub GetSheets()
Path = "C:Documents and SettingsDAJOMy DocumentsMD-CPHPI_Database-908315-3PlantInfo_Excel"


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Merging Multiple Worksheets Into A Workbook

Aug 21, 2009

I have a task to complete that requires me to extract worksheets from hundreds of workbooks and consolidate them into one "master" workbook. Out of the hundreds of workbooks, there is only one worksheet that I need to extract from each. The worksheet's name is "CostData". Once I have all the worksheets in one workbook, I will have to create buttons that will be able generate reports and charts based off the data in the worksheets. This will assist in determining cost comparisons, trends, and predictions. I am sure something like this has been done before, so can someone please help me out! Is there any code out there that can do this?

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Filtering Data In 2 Seperate Columns

Feb 25, 2007

I'm trying to put together a sheet to track football results. For simplicity sake, the sheet looks like this...

Home ; Away ; For ; Against ;
a ; b ; 2 ; 0
c ; d ; 1 ; 1
b ; c ; 1 ; 3
d ; a ; 2 ; 4
a ; c ; 1 ; 2

By using Autofilter on the home or away columns, i can obviously filter it in order that I can see all A's home results or all of A's away results, but by doing this you can't just filter the sheet in order to see the results of every game A plays in. I have a feeling that I need to do something with Advanced filter but have been playing around with this and not getting any joy. Can anyone advise on what I need to do?

Ultimately, my end goal would be to be able to create a drop down list where i would select the team from a list of all teams and this would automatically filter the sheet to their results only (and then I could use an autofilter to look at just homes or aways).

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Parse Data In Column A To Seperate Columns

Nov 30, 2008

See attached spreadsheet. I need to have all the data which is held in 1 row in column A seperated into its own column automatically. The order i need the data to be in is as follows

Date(pink), Time(red), Racecourse(green), Race Type(black), Class Of Race(purple), Going(blue), Prize Money(yellow), Distance(grey), Number Of Runners(brown). the text in bracket is a key for the info for your ease of use.

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How To Seperate Data In A Cell And Create New Rows

Jun 23, 2013

I am somewhat new to excel and have a task I have a catalogue that I need to separate multiple printer models that all have the same part # into individual line items. This will save me weeks of work.

I have this:


And want to end up with this:



Or even this:




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Several Sets Of Data All Which Link To Seperate Charts

Feb 9, 2009

I've got several sets of data all which link to seperate charts, the problem i'm having is that i dont want the chart to display the fields with zero values and with the amount of charts and data it is taking ages to re-source the data is there a way of getting the chart to ignore zero fields or of somehow sorting the data in a way only fields with values are shown

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Export TextBox Data To Seperate Workbook

Mar 3, 2008

I have built a simple little logger forlogging insurance policies set up without permission, at the moment it logs all data in sheet2 of the active workbook. What I want it to do is when submit is clicked is to export and save the data to a seperate (central) workbook to collate all entries and not to save it in the active workbook. I've inlcluded the file and the code is as follows;

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet, lRow As Long, Str As String
Set ws = Sheets("Sheet2")
lRow = ws. Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Row
'____error handling______
If TextBox1.Value = "" Or NullString Then
MsgBox "Ooops, it seems you haven't entered a policy number!", vbCritical, "Error..."....................

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List The Data Relevant To Each Name In A Seperate Place Using A VLOOKUP

Mar 5, 2009

I have a list of names that I'm looking up, and I want to list the data relevant to each name in a seperate place using a VLOOKUP ,(maybe theres a better way to do it) but some of the names appear more than once, resulting in an error.

I have on the first sheet, Name, Customer, Amount and Variance.

On the seperate sheet (in the same workbook) I have then name with 4 VLOOKUPS underneath, trying to extract the data Customer, Amount and Variance. But, I get errors in all of them.

Is there anyway I can List all the data relevant to each name using a Lookup function or is there another formula I should be using?

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Delete Rows Based On Seperate Column Data

Nov 29, 2006

How can I delete an entire row based on seperate column data? Example: I want Excel to look at cell A2 and cell E2. If the values are the same I want Excel to delete row 2.

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Data Consolidate - How To Maintain Case Sensitive Data After Merging Cells

Dec 8, 2013

I'm looking for a way of keeping case sensitive data in a range of cells, before using Data Consolidate, which when merged afterwards, Consolidate removes the case sensitivity and combines the quantities into one.

Check out this simple table as an example >




[Code] .........

Cells A1-B7 and C1-D7 are two sets of original data, before consolidation.

Cells E1-F4 are the result of applying a Data Consolidate operation to the A1-B7 and C1-D7 ranges - note how the merged result ignores the case sensitive condition in the original ranges.

Cells G1-H7 is the post-consolidation result that I'm looking for, where the original text case is maintained.

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Excel 2010 :: Comparing / Merging Child Spreadsheet (purified Data) Into A Parent One Raw Data)

May 17, 2014

I have a parent spreadsheet with raw data(with errors) and a child spreadsheet without errors. I want to merge the child into parent. (:{). I am thinking of comparing multiple columns from each sheet to ensure maximum accuracy. And when those columns match up we paste the corrected column data from child sheet to parent one. I am using windows 7 and Excel 2010.

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Copy Data Table Seperate Sheets Based On Column Criteria

May 12, 2008

I need to copy all the work sheets into one single work sheet (mastersheet). The source work sheets are having same column structure. The condition which i need to take care of is that after column 3 if at all there is any data till column 10 then in the destination mastersheet these should be copied in different rows with first two columns repeated. I need to do this using VBA macro.

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