Associate 2 Column Values In 1 Worksheet Then Export Values To Similarly In Next Worksheet?

Sep 9, 2013

The Room ID values in Column A are associated with the Room values in Column B. I'm trying to move the values in Column A Room ID to Column G Room ID by having excel look up value in Column C Room or Area #, compare it to Room, associate that with Room ID and automatically fill in Column G Room ID. There are 1000s of these so it's not possible to do it by hand.

I attached a picture where i had 2 different workbooks. In reality, I'm working off of 2 worksheets within a workbook.Excel Question.jpg

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IF Or LOOKUP: Search For Values From One Worksheet And Identify Whether Or Not Those Values Exist In Another Worksheet

Mar 23, 2009

I tried both IF and LOOKUP and failed. I'm trying to search for values from one worksheet and identify whether or not those values exist in another worksheet. I attempted the following lookup in field A2:


B2 (thru B5000 or so) contains values I want to search for; sheet3!A$2:A914 is where I want to look and column C of that same sheet, entered the text "Yes" in an attempt to have the results list "Yes" for hits and N/A for misses. (All fields are text.) I copied the formula all the way down the sheet in column A. The result it is returning is N/A in A2 and Yes in A2 -to the bottom, which is incorrect.

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Text To Row Instead Of Text To Column Using Comma Separated Values And Associate Cell To The Left

May 16, 2013

Is there a macro that will allow me to create text to row from a comma separated cell, but also associate the cell to its left automatically?

The table below exemplifies what I need. The top of the spreadsheet is how my data is currently. The portion after the break is how I would like it to be.

I have over 600 rows that needs this done.



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Displaying Values In An Entire Column In Another Worksheet

Jun 26, 2008

Is there a formula/function in excel that can take all the cells in a column, lets say Column A, and paste/display it in another file without the spaces between the cells with values and without duplicates?

Column A

1 Name
3 Mike
4 Rob
5 Ryan
7 Mindy
8 Paul
10 Rob
12 Mindy
13 Chris

Column A

1 Name
2 Mike
3 Rob
4 Ryan
5 Mindy
6 Paul
7 Chris

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Paste Values To 1st Blank Row Of Column In Different Worksheet

May 15, 2007

I have a template with data only in column B, with fields going down the rows. I'd like to copy B2, B4, B6...B24 to the next blank row (so the values need to be transposed to a row vs. column) in a Consolidated Workbook. Here's what I have so far:

NextRow = Worksheets("Sheet2"). Range("A1000").End(xlUp).Row + 1
For a = 2 To 24 Step 2
Worksheets("sheet2").Cells(NextRow, a / 2) = Cells(a, 2)
Next a

Except that the formula above pastes the first value in column B of sheet2, any ideas on how to get it into column A? Worksheets("sheet2").Cells(NextRow, (a / 2)-1) = Cells(a, 2) gives an error. Also, instead of sheet2 in the same workbook, I need to paste the data into sheet2 of a different workboook (i.e. Main, located in My Documents.)

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Associate Values Checkbox And Sum

Nov 3, 2011

I've a userform with 5 checkboxes and 1 botton

I need that every checkbox has a number associated so when i click in botton1

those values sum

e.g.: associate value 5 to checkbox1, 3 to checkbox2 and 10 to checkbox3, 4 to checkbox4, 13 to checkbox5

If I enable checkbox1 and checkbox2 in sheet("auxiliar").range("E5")=(5+10) after click botton1.

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Lookup/Match Column Values On Another Worksheet & Return Adjacent Cells

Jul 1, 2008

I have two excel sheets. The first sheet has a column with codes and another column with dates. There are more than one date for the same code. The second sheet has just one unique code. I would like to match the code on the second sheet with the code on the first sheet and return ALL the dates associated with that code to the second sheet - horizontally.

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Find Field Values In One Worksheet But Not In Second Worksheet

Feb 14, 2009

Starting with one worksheet with end date as one of the columns. I filtered the worksheet with end date > (certain date) and copied the results to a second work sheet.

The original worksheet has all courses with end dates from 1998 to 2009. The second worksheet has all courses with end dates > 2004.

How do I find out which courses have end < 2004. But do not also have an end date > 2004.

What I am trying to do is determine which courses are not longer being used since 2004.

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Macro To Auto-Copy Entire Row From Master To Worksheet Based On Column Values

May 19, 2014

I have an Excel database of department contracts with a Master worksheet. I have created a worksheet tab for each of the departments. Column G has a dropdown list for each department. When I enter a new contract onto the Master I want it to auto copy to the coordinating worksheet based on the selected department.

If possible I would also like it to enter the newest contract would enter into the coordinating Contract Party entered into column D. (ie... If Hospital A is entered in column D on master, the new entry on the worksheet being copied to will be entered under the last Hospital A, if Hospital B is entered on Master it copies under Hospital B). If this isn't possible then I am not too worried about that part.

I have attached a blank version of the file. Current Master 5-15-14.xlsx‎

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VBA Export Data To Path Depends Upon 1 Combobox Values Sheets And 2 Textbox Date Values

Jun 5, 2014

I have set of user-form contains with Combox & 2 textbox and to generate report one cmd button

I have 3 different sheet contains report of daily activities ( Dispatch,Closed,Cancel)

If Dispatchcalls Select In Combobox1 ,Then Filter Start And End Date In Two Textboxes Then Click Cmd" Export Data To Excel"Extract Data from dispatchcalls Then Save Data Into Excel File As "Dispatchcalls".

If Closedcalls Select In Combobox1 Then Filter Start And End Date In Two Textboxes Then Click Cmd" Export Data To Excel"Extract Data from Closedcalls Save Data Into Excel File As "Closedcalls".

If Cancelcalls Select In Combobox1 Then Filter Start And End Date In Two Textboxes Then Click Cmd" Export Data To Excel"Extract Data from Cancelcalls Save Data Into Excel File As "Cancelcalls".

"C:UsersmaniDesktopNew folderLenvo_ReportsONSITE CasesVlokupuf" This is path i stored existing 3 file dispath,closed,cancel

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Paste Values From Another Worksheet (paste Special, Values) In A Cell Which Is Lookup Value I Get #N/A

Jun 28, 2009

I have a little bit of problem with lookup function. When i paste values from another worksheet (paste special, values) in a cell which is lookup value i get #N/A. These values are numbers. When i put '7 for example i get the values i want from lookup table. I have a lot of these cells and its tedious job to put ' in front of every value. Is there a quicker solution?

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Export A Worksheet To Csv

Feb 13, 2007

I have come across this code to export a worksheet to csv

Sub QuoteCommaExport_New()
Dim DestFile As String
Dim FileNum As Integer
Dim Col As Long
Dim Rw As Long
Dim sRowData As String
Dim rngText As Range
Dim Rng1 As Range
Set Rng1 = ActiveSheet.UsedRange
Set rngText = Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, xlTextValues)
DestFile = InputBox("Enter the destination filename including .txt or .csv as the file extension e.g. C:Export1.csv")...........

my issue is that i have a worksheet B14: AG175 that could potentially be filled in with data but only want selected cells IF there is data in that row... so for example say row 20-25 have data & rows 40-50 have data... now i want column e,f,h,i, aa for those particular rows as a (.csv file )without any header info... Is there a fairly easy to explain answer to make the above code achieve this??

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Export Worksheet Into PDF Document

May 10, 2012

I am trying to get some code that will export an worksheet called 'Data' into a PDF document.

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Export Hidden Worksheet To PDF?

May 2, 2014

I'm able to export hidden worksheet to PDF. Currently, I have the follow code below which will export active worksheet.

With Worksheets("ExportTable")
.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=PdfFile, Quality:=xlQualityStandard, IncludeDocProperties:=True, IgnorePrintAreas:=False, OpenAfterPublish:=True

After I hide the tab, when I tried to export it. I have an error message of "Invalid argument". I should use another type of code to export hidden tabs.

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How To Get Dropdown Values From Different Worksheet

Mar 13, 2013

Is there a way to get a list of values in a drop-down list (using data validation) from another workbook? Excel doesn't let me reference another spreadsheet in the formula section under the validation criteria.

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Recovering Values In Worksheet

Jul 13, 2008

I need to get the max value that is calculated in column g and then get the value associated with the max value in column e. I will then need to do calculations with them but that is easily taken care of. The code that I have for finding the max value currently is:

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Array Values Onto Worksheet

Jun 16, 2009

I am trying to simply place my array of values onto the worksheet.
I had read, and thought that the following would work:

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Paste Worksheet As Values?

Jan 15, 2012

I am trying to create a sub that:

1) Copies the values of a worksheet/group of worksheets from one workbook and

2) Creates another workbook titled as Today's date (i.e., Workbook_011512)

3) Pastes these sheets into the workbook and

4) Deletes a specified row (i.e., if Column A says "cat", delete that row)

5) Reformats in the same alternating pattern as before (this sometimes gets messed up when the row gets deleted).

My data is formatted with alternating colors in a couple worksheets, and looks kind of like this:

dog 1 2 5
dog 1 2 3
cat 1 2 2
dog 3 4 5
Median 1 2 4

dog 1 4 6
giraffe 3 5 6
cat 3 6 2
Median 3 4 6
etc etc.

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Email Worksheet Values

Jan 5, 2007

I would like to copy and paste special (values) and give the tab a name (e.g,. “Proposal”) where I’m using the activesheet.copy and then send as an email attachment…?

Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
With wb
.SendMail myemailto, "testEmailAttachment " & Format( Date, "dd/mmm/yy")
.Close False
End With

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Export And Save Worksheet As A Picture

Jan 31, 2010

Is there a way to export and save the contents and table layout of a worksheet as a picture ( say jpeg )?

Basically what I would love to do is that when I save the workbook, a certain worksheet named " Fax " is saved to my desktop as a picture (as a snapshot). What would even be better is that the said file was named with simply the date !

The purpose of this is so I can email it to a very non computer guy who thinks that excel is only a gum . . .

I know this is weird but you guys are the best, you helped me a lot to make my spreadsheet.

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Search And Copy Values From One Worksheet To Another

Jul 30, 2012

I would like to search and copy values from one Worksheet to another.

In my case, The project number and account are listed in one worksheet called 'Source'.

In the Target sheet, The Account Column should be filled according to the Project number as per the data in source sheet.

Sample sheet : Sample.xls

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IF Formula To Move Values From One Worksheet To Another

Sep 19, 2013

IF formula to transfer specific text and values from sheet 1 to sheet 2 (please refer to attachment). Sheet 2 should display the name, state and unprocessed rate for each month for individuals with a rate of 95% and 30 or more unprocessed files.

Unprocessed Files.xlsx

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AutoComplete With Values From Another Worksheet Without Using Combobox

Aug 15, 2014

I have this long list of data (company name, company ID and OIC) on sheet 1.

Then on sheet 2, user will key in the company name manually then the company ID and OIC name will auto-populate (i did the match index already on this one) before filling in the other cells.

How do I make the cell to auto-complete the company name by using the list of data in the other sheet? Do I use the combo box? If I use the combo box, will it affect the match index formula i created for company ID and OIC?

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Pull Certain Info From One Worksheet To Another Only Containing Certain Values?

Jun 11, 2013

I don't really know how to search this question but what I am trying to do is pull information from one worksheet to another only containing numbers greater than 0. For example, i have an order sheet containing everything that is in stock, then I go down the list and put in the number of items being sold (1,2,3, etc). Some items will have a value of zero.

Then the items that have numbers (the ones that are being sold) I want to be able to pull these numbers along with the item description onto another worksheet which will be the invoice. Then excel will add up the prices of only the items being sold and give me a total value on the invoice. Is this doable?

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Show Values From Cell Of Another Worksheet?

Mar 5, 2014

I am modifying a template from MS's site. Its a recipe tracker.

They have one sheet with a table on it. Some of the data in this table is pulled, using a formula, from the different worksheets (recipes). The particular formula they use is this:

However, when I try to do my own version of it, simply changing the '!Category' portion, it doesnt work. The cell just shows the formula and I cant figure out why. Sometimes, Ill type out the same formula that they have working and it doesnt work, which makes no sense to me.

Here is the template for reference: [URL] .........

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Assign Values To Textboxes On Worksheet

Jul 21, 2014

I am using a ComboBox on a worksheet where the items in that box are pulled from Sheet1A:A. When the selection of the item in the comboBox is made, I would like several textboxes on that same page to be auto-populated based upon info derived from cells adjoining whatever row in Column A was chosen on Sheet 1.

For simplicity sake, let's say the range on Sheet 1 is A:H, and TextBox1 = "B", TextBox2= "C", etc.

so if,

When Combobox selection is JOHN, I want TextBox1= "15" TextBox2= "DOGS" TextBox3= "BLUE"

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Copy Pivot Into Worksheet As Values

Feb 3, 2014

I have a large worksheet that needs to be summarized. I've created a pivot table to do this and now ant the pivot to be copied into another worksheet as values so that I can add other calculations to it (to the right of the pivot). Is there a way to copy a pivot from one worksheet to another as values only? The format is not important, just the values are what matters. Final outcome will be another sheet that just summarizes a couple of numbers based on the added formulas to the pivot that was pasted as values.

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Naming Worksheet After Cell Values

Mar 8, 2009

I was trying to rename the worksheet. using a cell value,A1. For example , if the cell value is Earning, the worksheet will be named as Earning.

However I would like to include the location before the name, Earning.
For example, in the cell value,A2 TK. I would like to rename the worksheet as TK_Earnings.

So the name of the sheet will be CellvalueA1_CellvalueA2.

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Copy Format & Values Only To New Worksheet

Apr 6, 2009

This code works great except I would like it to copy the format and values only (no formulas) to additional worksheets that are named based on a cell value. What's missing?

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Find Two Values In Worksheet To Return One Value

May 4, 2006

Attempting to find identical values in cells B3 & B4 located in another
worksheet titled "Density Chart" and to return the value in cell/column D.

The Density Chart values are located in column A & B and the value I want
returned, depending on the criteria entered would be found on the same row
but in column D.


Changeable Value in B3 = A123 (can also be completely alpha value and will
be different values each time the formula is used.
Changeable Value in B4 = 2.00 (always numeric value)

Density Chart information
ColumnA ColumnB ColumnC ColumnD
A123 2.00 55.555 65.555
A123 2.40 55.555 75.555
A123 2.70 55.555 70.555
B123 2.00 45.000 85.000

I have tried =if, I have tried =sum product ... at a loss

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