IF Or LOOKUP: Search For Values From One Worksheet And Identify Whether Or Not Those Values Exist In Another Worksheet

Mar 23, 2009

I tried both IF and LOOKUP and failed. I'm trying to search for values from one worksheet and identify whether or not those values exist in another worksheet. I attempted the following lookup in field A2:


B2 (thru B5000 or so) contains values I want to search for; sheet3!A$2:A914 is where I want to look and column C of that same sheet, entered the text "Yes" in an attempt to have the results list "Yes" for hits and N/A for misses. (All fields are text.) I copied the formula all the way down the sheet in column A. The result it is returning is N/A in A2 and Yes in A2 -to the bottom, which is incorrect.

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Associate 2 Column Values In 1 Worksheet Then Export Values To Similarly In Next Worksheet?

Sep 9, 2013

The Room ID values in Column A are associated with the Room values in Column B. I'm trying to move the values in Column A Room ID to Column G Room ID by having excel look up value in Column C Room or Area #, compare it to Room, associate that with Room ID and automatically fill in Column G Room ID. There are 1000s of these so it's not possible to do it by hand.

I attached a picture where i had 2 different workbooks. In reality, I'm working off of 2 worksheets within a workbook.Excel Question.jpg

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Search And Copy Values From One Worksheet To Another

Jul 30, 2012

I would like to search and copy values from one Worksheet to another.

In my case, The project number and account are listed in one worksheet called 'Source'.

In the Target sheet, The Account Column should be filled according to the Project number as per the data in source sheet.

Sample sheet : Sample.xls

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Paste Values From Another Worksheet (paste Special, Values) In A Cell Which Is Lookup Value I Get #N/A

Jun 28, 2009

I have a little bit of problem with lookup function. When i paste values from another worksheet (paste special, values) in a cell which is lookup value i get #N/A. These values are numbers. When i put '7 for example i get the values i want from lookup table. I have a lot of these cells and its tedious job to put ' in front of every value. Is there a quicker solution?

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Locate/Lookup Values That Exist In 2 Lists

Aug 25, 2006

I have a list of last names in Sheet1!Column A. I want to see if any of those exist in Sheet2!Column A, and if it does I want to post the data from Sheet2!Column B into Sheet1!Column B.

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Search/Find Multiple Cell Values On Another Worksheet

May 20, 2008

I have three parameters that users on my spreadsheet will be using. They will be searching using the 'Brand', 'MPAN' and 'Tariff' fields.I would like to have drop down menu's for then to select the correct search option. I then have another sheet within the same workbook with all the data in it with columns headed of Brand', 'MPAN' and 'Tariff'. It has to be an excat match using those three parameters though. I would like the parameters the user selects on the first sheet to be searched and found on the second sheet, with the figures in the cells next to the search result getting fed back into a set cells back on the first page.

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Userform To Search For Exact And Partial Values From Combobox In Database Worksheet

Jan 15, 2014

Below is my current code. The strFind1 searches for a name within the database and then I need strFind2 to do a exact for a Subproject search and a partial search for everything containing the Subproject selected and other Subprojects. Currently, when the database entry in the worksheet includes Subproject 1 the search function works but when I have an entry that contains Subproject 1/Subproject 4 it does not find the entry. How can I expand the strFind2 to equal what is selected in the Combobox2 and find entries that have what is selected plus more text. I have set the line where I think everything is going wrong to a bold format.

[Code] .....

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Lookup/Match Column Values On Another Worksheet & Return Adjacent Cells

Jul 1, 2008

I have two excel sheets. The first sheet has a column with codes and another column with dates. There are more than one date for the same code. The second sheet has just one unique code. I would like to match the code on the second sheet with the code on the first sheet and return ALL the dates associated with that code to the second sheet - horizontally.

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Enter A Value In A Textbox, Search For It In An Worksheet, And Populate Other Textboxes With Adjacent Values If The Value Is Found

Jul 14, 2007

I want to enter a value in a textbox, search for it in an worksheet, and populate other textboxes with adjacent values if the value is found. Anyway, the problem is that if the value is not found, I get a debug error.

Dim test1
test1 = TextBox1.Value
Find_Range(test1, Cells, xlFormulas, xlWhole).Select
TextBox2 = ActiveCell.Value
TextBox3 = ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value

I'm sure there's far better code to do what I need, but I tried to keep it simple. With the above code, it only works if the value is found. If it's not, I get an error. So how do I make it so that if the value is not found, the value of the textbox2 is "Not Found" or something...

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Search Formula - Lookup Person Name In Given Worksheet In Specified Cell?

Jan 15, 2014

How to create a search formula that will look up a person's name in a given worksheet in a specified cell?

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Find Field Values In One Worksheet But Not In Second Worksheet

Feb 14, 2009

Starting with one worksheet with end date as one of the columns. I filtered the worksheet with end date > (certain date) and copied the results to a second work sheet.

The original worksheet has all courses with end dates from 1998 to 2009. The second worksheet has all courses with end dates > 2004.

How do I find out which courses have end < 2004. But do not also have an end date > 2004.

What I am trying to do is determine which courses are not longer being used since 2004.

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Create Worksheet If Worksheet Does Not Exist

Dec 5, 2012

I am trying to write some code that will check a range of names within a worksheet and if there is a sheet with a name from the range excel should ignore it and move on to the next range. If no such worksheet exists it should create it. When the code encounters a blank range, it should stop the code.

I have tried several different variations, and either I can't make the "check if exist" statement to work, or I am having problems with it not working for more than one loop. After reading previous posts on this forum, I have tried with err.clear, next ws in worksheet and all types of codes but I can not make it work.

When I am running the code, it will stop on second loop at [If (Worksheets(rangename).Name "") Then] and give me a runtime error 9 - subscript out of range.

This is the code:

Sub CreateSections()

Dim i As Integer
Dim rangename As String
Dim Newsheet As String
Dim Nextrow As String

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Sheets("Example").visible = True

[Code] .........

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Search Worksheet For Data In Multiple Textboxes On Userform - Display In Temp Worksheet

Dec 23, 2013

I have a workbook with 4 worksheet that store different type of data. It also has a userform that load at start of the application which is to search the data in the workbook. The userform has a combobox where the names of the sheets are stored. when the user selects say Sheet2 in the combobox, it enables the relevant textboxes on the userform and activates the worksheet at the change event. The userform has a search button that searches all the worksheets based on the text entered in a textbox.

The problem: how to search based on 1 textbox. What I want is: say for e.g the end-user selects sheet2 from the combobox, this intern enables 4 textboxes (Name, DOB, Nationality, ID #) on the userform. The end-user should have the liberty to enter data in 1 and/or any of the textboxes. The search should be performed, that if data is only in 1 of any of textboxes then give all rows that fit that criteria and display in a temp worksheet. if say the name and dob is filled by the user than what matches both should be displayed in a temp worksheet. if say dob, name and ID# given so the search button should narrow down to fit all 3 criteria and then display result in temp worksheet. As if mentioned data can be entered in either just 1 or any or all textboxes.

E.g. the worksheet is (Columns are Name, Nationality, DOB, ID#)

row 1 = name: Steven Martin, DOB: 27-may-1993, Nationality: Trinidad & Tobago, ID #: 1234567
row 2 = name: Gary Richards, DOB: 2-FEB-1993, Nationality: British, ID #: 456789
row 3 = name: David Cohen, DOB: 27-May 1993, Nationality: American, ID #: 98765
row 4 = name: Roberto McDonalds, DOB 21-Jul-1962, Nationality: British, ID # 654321
row 5= name: Gary Richards, DOB: 01-Dec-1978, Nationality: Australian, ID # 1234567

Now if the user enters only name as "Gary Richards" and search then row 2 and 5 should be displayed in a temp worksheet. if user enters name Roberto McDonald and ID# 1234567 then it should not display anything. if user enters DOB 27-may-1993 and nationality British and ID # 1234567 then as well shouldn't display anything and should a msgbox "no data found".

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Search Keyword In Worksheet / Copy And Paste Adjacent Cells To New Worksheet

Sep 24, 2012

I've been tackling this data capture/paste issue for a week or so. I found the string below which does provide a good foundation for my challenge. But, my basic level of understanding macros limits my modifications to meet my needs.

[URL] ......

I have 20 worksheets in my master file corresponding to Excel files individual associates will update weekly. After the associates have updated their individual files for the week, I want to capture the data entered and paste values into a master file containing a worksheet for each associate (sharing the same name as the individual associate file). All of these files are housed on team SharePoint sites.

I need a macro to perform several steps after clicking a "Run Update" macro button in the master file:
Open individual associate fileIn master file, search for each Initiative listed in column B (starting cell B3) in the individual associate file (in column B starting at cell B11)If Initiative is found in individual associate file, copy adjacent data in columns D:J for the respective rowIn master file, paste values to the corresponding Initiative row for the corresponding week's worth of dataIf Initiative is not found in the individual associate file, move to the next Initiative listed in the master fileRepeat these steps for each individual associate file

Linking would be the easiest way to accomplish this if I wanted to have a multitude of weekly individual files for the associates. However, I'd rather each associate have one file for them to update (basically overwriting their previous week's entries).

I need to ensure the paste values corresponds to the appropriate day of the week. In simpler terms, if the date in the individual associate file in cell D9 reads Oct 1, 2012, the data captured from that row needs to be pasted to the corresponding row/column in the master file that reads the same date.

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Create Worksheet If It Doesn't Exist

May 22, 2008

I need to create a worksheet and then populate it with header row containing columns names, and with values starting at row2. Before I do all this I wanted to first create a spreadsheet, I was successful in getting this done by getting a piece of code from this website. But, what if spreadsheet already exists from a previous run, then, in that case I want to clear the contents. Before I get too far ahead, I am unable to escape runtime error 9, array subscript out of range whenever I use any sort of code to check if the sheet exists.

Also, my attempts to circumvent this error by putting in errorhandling is ignored, i.e. I get the standard run-time error message box, but, not what I want the code to do is such an error occurs.

Function wsExists(wksName As String) As Boolean
On Error Resume Next
wsExists = CBool(Len(Worksheets(wksName).Name) > 0)End Function

Private Sub Cmbsummary_Click()

On Error Goto ErrHandler:


Worksheets.Add(After:=Worksheets(Worksheets.Count)).Name = "MySheet"

Exit Sub

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Check Worksheet Exist, If Not Add Variable Sheet Name

Apr 16, 2007

I need to allow users to add up to seven new worksheets as required and the new sheets must be named Image1, Image2, etc. I do not want to add seven worksheets at once, only one at a time as the need arises and no new ws can be allowed after Image7 ws is added.

I have a macro to test for the existence of ws Image1, but need help on further development to add and test for the extence of the remaining sheets.

Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim bTest As Boolean
For Each ws In Worksheets
If ws.Name = "Image1" Then
bTest = True
Exit For
End If
Next ws

If bTest = True Then
'Need some code here, not sure what I need

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Command Button Exist In Active Worksheet Or Not

Aug 29, 2007

I am using following command to check if a command button with 'Email This Page' written on it Exists in active worksheet or not. It always gives not present.

Dim s As String
On Error Resume Next
s = Application. CommandBars(1).Controls("Email This Page").Caption
If Err.Number = 0 Then
MsgBox "It exists"
MsgBox "Not here"
End If

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Add Sheet If Doesn't Exist & Copy From All Worksheet

Mar 5, 2008

I have a workbook, with an around 70 sheet. Every sheet presents a sample reprot supplied by my client, the 3rd row in every sheet holds the report's title, (actually, not the whole 3rd row is merged, only specific range of cells are merged and this range is different among the sheets, e.g.: In the first sheet, the cells B3:M3 are merged to hold the title where in the second sheet , the cells B3:N3 are merged)

Now i need to copy all these titles to a separate sheet,

if I have to un- merge the cells or re-merge the whole row, I will not mind, espically if I will get a quiker solution since i also have another 3 similar workbooks.

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Lookup Name On One Worksheet - Paste Content On Another Worksheet?

Jun 17, 2014

I have worksheet 1 and worksheet 2. I have a different list of names in column A in both worksheets. Some of the names in worksheet 1 are in worksheet 2, but only a partial list. Worksheet 2 names are not in any kind of order and the rows do not match up with worksheet 1. In worksheet 1, column B is filled with each person's email address. In worksheet 2, column B NEEDS to be filled with each person's email address.

Is there a way for me to take each name, sequentially, on worksheet 2 and find that same name in worksheet 1, then pull the email address from column B (beside the name) and copy it to that cell in column B of worksheet 2?

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Lookup 2 Values: Get The Lookup Answer Based On Two Values

May 18, 2007

im trying to get the lookup answer based on two values the current formula i have is


which naturally returns N/A... i might even be using the wrong formula?

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How To Get Dropdown Values From Different Worksheet

Mar 13, 2013

Is there a way to get a list of values in a drop-down list (using data validation) from another workbook? Excel doesn't let me reference another spreadsheet in the formula section under the validation criteria.

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Recovering Values In Worksheet

Jul 13, 2008

I need to get the max value that is calculated in column g and then get the value associated with the max value in column e. I will then need to do calculations with them but that is easily taken care of. The code that I have for finding the max value currently is:

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Array Values Onto Worksheet

Jun 16, 2009

I am trying to simply place my array of values onto the worksheet.
I had read, and thought that the following would work:

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Paste Worksheet As Values?

Jan 15, 2012

I am trying to create a sub that:

1) Copies the values of a worksheet/group of worksheets from one workbook and

2) Creates another workbook titled as Today's date (i.e., Workbook_011512)

3) Pastes these sheets into the workbook and

4) Deletes a specified row (i.e., if Column A says "cat", delete that row)

5) Reformats in the same alternating pattern as before (this sometimes gets messed up when the row gets deleted).

My data is formatted with alternating colors in a couple worksheets, and looks kind of like this:

dog 1 2 5
dog 1 2 3
cat 1 2 2
dog 3 4 5
Median 1 2 4

dog 1 4 6
giraffe 3 5 6
cat 3 6 2
Median 3 4 6
etc etc.

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Email Worksheet Values

Jan 5, 2007

I would like to copy and paste special (values) and give the tab a name (e.g,. “Proposal”) where I’m using the activesheet.copy and then send as an email attachment…?

Set wb = ActiveWorkbook
With wb
.SendMail myemailto, "testEmailAttachment " & Format( Date, "dd/mmm/yy")
.Close False
End With

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Show A Pop Up Warning When More Than Four Values Exist In A Row

Apr 3, 2009

I have done a spreadsheet that shows leave for staff. At anyone time there can be only 3 managers and 4 staff off as a maximum and the cell value for the day is entered as "AL". Therefore on a given day if someone tried to enter a fifth "AL" for example in the staff section a pop up displays stating they have reached a maximum.

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Macro To Sum Values From Various Workbooks If They Exist

Feb 3, 2004

Im trying to come up with a Macro that will perform a =SUM() function across multiple workbooks. Some of these workbooks may exist, some may not.

For example, Summary.xls has a =sum() formula that picks up data from wbk1.xls
etc, all the way to 100

Today i only have wbk 1, 2 and 3 but i know everyday more wbk's are added so i want to create a sum type function to accomodate the sbk's that may be created at a future time.

Right now when i try it, I not only get REF/# but on opening Summary.xls I get a popup that asks me to define the missing wbk's

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Sum Unique Values That Exist In Another Column

Oct 31, 2006

I need to find the unique column values and sum the next column values. i,e

1 100
2 200
1 100
3 500
4 600
2 200
Total 1400

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Checking If Values In One Spreadsheet Exist In Another

Feb 4, 2007

I have a 'master' spreadsheet containing over a thousand filenames. I have been given another spreadsheet with just a couple of hundred filenames on it and have been asked to find out if the filenames on this 'small' spreadsheet appear on the larger/master one.

Is there any way (by formula or by macro code) that I can do this easily? What would be great is some way of Excel colouring in the filenames on the 'small' spreadsheet that also exist on the master one.

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List Values That Exist Across 2 Columns

Sep 6, 2007

I am trying to use the function Match into the Index function but as a Result I have nothing than N/A#, I would like to be sure that I'am using this function in a proper way


Range("B" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne).Select
Set Rango3 = Range("B" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne)

Range("C" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne).Select
Set Rango4 = Range("C" & dercell_appli, "C" & première_ligne)
dercell_unit2 = Range("C65500").End(xlUp).Row
For y = 4 To dercell_unit2
Coincidir = Application.Match(Rango4, Cells(y, 3), 0)
Cells(y, 2) = Application.Index(Rango3, Coincidir, 1)
Next y

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