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Calculate Variance Between Actual And Forecast Data

what is the formula to calculate variance in Excel between the actual data and the forecasted one?

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Calculate The Variance
i have a dynamic list of numbers....currently 10 numbers in the list.

how can i calculate the variance?

i have the upper limit (=MIN(1,(mean+half width))
i have the lower limit (=MAX(0,mean-half width)
i have the mean (avg of all numbers)
i have the t value (TINV(alpha, (n-1)))
i have the half width (t value * SQRT of Var/N)

i just don't know how to get the VAR/N

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Calculate Exponential Forecast
I have inherited a series of data relating to a change in a specification over a period of time and a number of cycles.

See attached.

There is already a chart which shows the data and has an exponential line.

I want to find the value of Cycles where the Average Flash exponential from the chart line is 0.131.

FYI this is to plot deterioration in a piece of tooling, 0.131 being the accepted warning level. If you feel there is a better statistical model to use for that application then I'm all ears!

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Find Actual Median Of Data?
I am working on a spreadsheet for my farm. I have two sets of data I am working with. A very basic example is below:

What I am trying to do is find the actual median stud fee (i.e. if you had another column with $5000 listed 22 times, $6500 listed 34 times, etc. then you could find the median from there).
Seems like an easy thing, but I'm not sure if an array formula is what I need to use or something simpler. I don't have a lot of data right now (only a page) but will have much more soon.

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Data Labels Show As % Instead Actual Value
See xls file. I have this chart and the data labels are percentages instead of the actual value. How did these get that way? Under Chart Options there is a autotext box that is there but if I uncheck it, the data labels go back to the actual dollar value and that autotext box goes away.

I am totally baffeled by this despite serach the help, the internet and this forum. I am sure it is something easy I am missing.

Can some one provide some color on this?

I cut this from a larger book with many tabs because I am not able to send out the entire thing (proprietary).

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Forecast The Value
I'm trying to forecast values for B48:B56. Charted the data and a polynomial 6th order fits best. Known values in B2:B47.

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Time Variance
Column A has a time (no date)
Column B VLooks-up a value from a separate sheet per country, so it pulls through a the variance [-11 to +13] from UTC (GMT) time dependent on country.
All other data is irrelevant.
Let's say Column C has following formula: A2+B2/24.

This works where the time result (new time) is on the same day, but as soon as it crosses over midnight, it buggers up.

What I'm needing to do is take a list of events (server time/GMT) and convert them to the local time from where the event was triggered based on source country.

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Calculating Time Variance
I'm trying to calculate the variance between planned date & time of arrival vs actual date & time of arrival.

I attach the workbook as am a bit useless at explaining myself....

What I've done is in H14 subtract the actual date of arrival (F14) from planned date of arrival (C14). This result is the only way I could think of dealing with crossing over midnight. As a result I14 should subtract the actual time of arrival (E14) from planned time of arrival (B14):


This method works well when the arrival was later than expected but doesn't work if the arrival was sooner than expected.

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Message Variance Greater Than 5
I have a workfile with several worksheets.

I have the word "variance" appearing in some of the rows in column B and a value in column C which is in the same row as the word "variance"

for eg row B19 Variance C19 10

I need VBA code that where the value which is in line with the text "Variance" is greater than 5, the name of the worksheet is listed in the worksheet named "Variances"

See Example below

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Statistical Data.xls___Running: xl2002 XP : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutC13C14C16C18=
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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Formula For Budget Variance
finding a way to compare the two budgets i.e 08/09 and 09/10 and if a new cost centre appears in 09/10 it will bring a yes in column G(New cc) and if the Cost Centre already exist in 08/09 it will bring a blank--but in both cases i want a variance in the next column H i.e 09/10 less 08/09.

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X Condition Lookup And Variance
I need a formula to workout what is the most up to date firmware that should be installed on the machine. This will always be in column B. The second formula should work out the variance between the installed firmware and recomended. The formula cells will be normally held on a different summary sheet.

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Sum Up The Batch Quantities For A Date With Variance One
I need to sum up the batch quantities for a date with variance one...
but it doesn't work... I suspect that I'm using wrong formula, it should be not SUMPRODUCT...

when I tried to use just SUM, it adds all the quantities in the colomn.


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Forecast Linear Trend Between Min & Max
I am using the Forecast formula to give me a value from a Linear trend. However I need to limit the resulting value that is displayed within a min and max value. Background: This is to allow me to calculate the amount of bonus someone will earn depending on the Percentages of their target they achieve. The min bonus is 25% when 80% of target is achieved and max bonus is 100% when 125% or greater of target is achieved.
So the Forecast formular works great using the existing values, but i need help limiting the results to between 25% and 100%. I was trying to use a sumif formula to copy the resulting cell but only if the value fell between the 25 and 100%. I've attached the spreadsheet as I think it will highlight what i'm trying to do better than I can explain it.

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Economic Statistics Forecast
I try to predict some macro economic statistics but any attempt till now didn't make sense. the attached file. Note: when i used the FORECAST function the predicted values showed an unlogical drop while there seems to be a positive trend.

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Fornula For Displaying Positive Or Negative Variance
I need a formula that will display a 'yes' or 'no' if the following condition is met:

If the value of cell (L17) is greater than 10% positive variance, then 'YES' else 'NO'.

Currently the value of L17 is 14%, therefore should be a 'YES', however how can I get the following to work:


I apologise as I know there are too many arguements here but is there a way around this?

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How To Forecast Project Completion Date
I have project start date in cell C2((MMDDYYYY format).In cell D2 I have put the total days needed to complete the project.In cell E2:E6 I have got the scheduled Holidays.

I need to calculate the project completion date in F2.We work from Monday to Saturday,Sunday being off day.

The detail is as follows:-

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TREND Function For Passenger Forecast
So I'm trying to forecast the number of passengers for an airport based on their past 7 years performance. I used "TREND" to forecast the passenger number from 2008 through to 2012 with a little problem and the numbers seems reasonable. However, When I do a scatter diagram and add a trend line, my R squared value is VERY low something around 0.03. I have a limited statistical knowledge but I assume this value should be above 0.90 in order for a good fit with trend line.

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Formula To Work Out A Variance Between Two Times (subtracting Time)
formula to work out a variance between two times

Using the 24hr time format in cell a1 i have a start time of 10:43 and in cell b1
i have an estimated time i think a job should take in this case 30 minutes and in cell c1 i have the actual time that job was finished in this case 11:07 and in cell d1 i have a variance between the two times which in this case would be saving me 6 minutes

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Show Trends To Forecast Annual Inventory
I have 200 items that have 22 months of usage information each and need to:

1. In one column, show trend (up or down) based on the 22 months' activity for each item.

2. In another column, show/ forecast how much inventory will be needed for the next 12 months.

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How To Make A Forecast For The Demand For The Time Periods Shown
how to Make a forecast for the demand for the time periods shown....

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Forecasting Purchasing: Setting Up A Spreadsheet That Will Allow Me To Look At Previous Orders And Forecast
how I would go about setting up a spreadsheet that will allow me to look at previous orders and forecast what I need to buy. He never got into trouble for ordering too much, but he did get caught on ordering too little. I am thinking something along the lines of the attached. However, if anyone is using something that looks or works better (or those who solve this little problem have done a better looking or working sheet) let me know.

There will be some Vlookups that need to bring in description and price (or some other function if there is a better way to do it). The min need and max need will be populated and brought in by vlookup. The order column should be where the forecasting happens based on previous orders. I am willing to have all the data in the same workbook. The second or third sheet can be used to store data in what ever format that is needed to be done.

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Defining A Boolean Without It Having An Actual Value
once bTest is declared as a Boolean, it becomes equal to FALSE (I checked this after much head scratching). How does one assign a value to a boolean variable only after you make your test.

Sub foo()

Dim bTest As Boolean

If Range("a20").Value = False Then bTest = False '

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Conditional To Actual Formatting
I have a spreadsheet with a large amount of conditional formatting and formulas within it. In order to make the file smaller and more manageable for management, I need to copy the sheet into a new book and then paste special values it.

However, upon doing this, the conditional formatting remains active and so my formats all change.
How can I copy the formats, but not the conditions?

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Selecting The Actual Row Position
I got a list of data in many row. I need to erase some rows, With a macro, how do i select the actual row position.

I want to place a macro button on each row created. By pressing it, i want to activate a macro to erase the entire selected row.

All i need is to know how to select the active row of the selected cell activated.

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How To Get An Actual Live Clock
I am looking to get a Live Clock changing every minute..

Lets say I put the Total Time in the Cell A2 = 15 minutes and I have a Command Button next to it "Start"..

On the Click Event I want the Actual Time time-stamped at that moment in the Cell A3 and in Cell A4 the Time should keep on Ticking...

Can someone attach a file in Windows 2003 i.e .xls format and also explain the code if possible.

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Date To Return The Actual Day
how to get a date to return what the actual day? ie 13/01/09 is tuesday?

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Sum The Cells Displayed Value Not The Actual Value
On my worksheet, cell A1 and A2 both contain the value:

I've changed the number formatting to three decimal places so it appears on the sheet as 0.166.

In cell A3 I have a forumla =A1+A2 which currently comes back with the value 0.331 (0.1655555+0.1655555=0.331).

Instead of adding together 0.1655555 I want it to add the displayed value of 0.166 so it should then come back with the value 0.332.

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Entering Actual Values
a colleague recently used my pc and "messed it up". when i enter a value in any cells, it is divided by 100, eg, when i enter 1, it shows as 0.01.

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Forecast An Estimated Budget Based On Original Budget And Percent Complete
In the attached spreadsheet i have a budget amount, billed to date, %complete, %remaining and forecast figure. What i am trying to do is estimate the forecast spend vs the budget or billed to date and percent remaining. I am struggling with how to do this based on in some cases the budget is already overspent but the %complete is less than 100%. What i really want to do is create a forecast based on the billed to date or budget depending on which is greater and work out estimated spend based on whether the task is complete or there is still a % remaining.

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VBA To Autofill Formula Over Column Data Calculate And Replace Original Data
Id like to apply a formula, any formula to an entire column if it contains data, and incorporate the original data in the calculation and then replace the original data with the result. I don't want to have to create new columns.

I'm using this to fix up database results; a common problem is dates in dot format e.g. 14.11.2008

All I have so far is an autofill formula that overwrites everything. Can someone help me with the rest? I'm using the SUBSTITUTE function to replace the dots '.' with slashes '/'

Sub Create_formula_result()

Dim Limit As Long
Dim r As range
Set r = range("A1")

r.FormulaR1C1 = _
"=IF(RC[0]"""",(SUBSTITUTE(RC[0],""."",""/"")+0) ,"""")"
Limit = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count
r.AutoFill Destination:=range(r, Cells(Limit, r.Column))

End Sub

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Code To Select Actual Range
I have created the following code by recording a macro. The ActiveCells (“A1.A5203”) were based upon the actual number of records at that time. I wish for this macro to be used in a template and the actual number of records will vary from time to time. What do I need to add to this code to allow the AutoFill function to operate and fill only the actual number of records that exist.

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=LEN(RC[-2])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=ActiveCell.Range("A1:A5203")
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-1]=8,""0""&RC[-3],RC[-3])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=ActiveCell.Range("A1:A5203")

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Change The Actual Code Words
how would one change the actual code words - instead of using if statements i would like to have when statements that do exactly the same thing, i just want to write "when blah then blah"

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Focus To The Activeworkbook And Not The Actual Add In Workbook
i am creating an add in that will allow me to display all pivot tables in a workbook, their name, sheet location and source data in al listbox (called LBPivot) on a form (called FrmPivot)

My problem is that i am not sure how to make sure it points the focus to the activeworkbook and not the actual add in workbook?

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Displays Date In Actual Cell Value
I discovered the following Macro (on another site). What I'm attempting to do is make data entry simple by entering a date such as 012209 and have a macro convert the entry to 01/22/09 as a legitimate date field. On entering 012209, the macro displays a value of 09/01/2021 with an actual cell value of 1/9/2021. I expected a value of 01/22/09.

Entering 010109 displays a value of 01/01/2009 with an actual cell value of 1/1/2009. I expected a value of 01/01/09 (I can live with this, just didn't expect a 4 digit year).

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Find Actual Day In Range Of Cells
i have this file with macro. But it doesnt works how i want. I need all data exctly in forms as are. So it can not will be changed. I hope it will be works, if i define my macro other.

I find actual day in column C where are dates. But now it find only if is there value like now(). In this file it found cell D24, but i need, that it will find cell C24. I need search only actual day in column C.

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Place The Actual Date In A Cell
Place the actual date in a cell. Here is my code

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Actual Vs. Plan In Pivot Table
I've attached a simplified worksheet which tracks the calls of a team of salespeople along with a pivot table showing their results for Jan-Mar. I've also included a summary of their planned calls for the period. Ideally what I'd like to do is have the pivot table show actual calls, planned calls and variance for each salesperson and each month as seen on A37-J42.

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Show Budget VS Actual In Pivot Table
I have weekly budget report (for the entire year) that I put in a Pivot Table with approx 20 different row labels. The actual revenue numbers come only once a month (several different reports make up the actual revenue numbers). I need to put the actual numbers on the same row as the budget numbers and I can't figure it out.

For example, for the first three months of the year, I have the pivot table showing everything perfectly. In February, I get January's actual revenue numbers that now "replace" the budget numbers for January. If this was a regular table, I could easily overwrite these numbers, but with the pivot table, I can't get these two fields to line up. For now, I have the Actual Revenue numbers on the Rows above the Budget numbers for their respective months/quarters.

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Track & Record Dates, Past And Actual
I am creating a tracker to record, incoming, latest date of reply needed and actual date of reply. So I have column A= received, Column B = need to reply by, Column C = replied on. What I want in A is today’s date which is easy enough with ctrl+; is there a way of having it set that as soon as the cell is clicked on that date is activated and until then it remains empty?

What I have in B is A# + 20 this adds 20 days to the date entered in column A, again is there any way to have it set that this automatically activates when cells in column A are active and not until then, as if I enter that code in the cell and nothing is showing in cell A it gives a date of the 20/01/2008.

In C I have tried a couple of codes and they have not worked so what I would like is a code that when A and B are active it generates a countdown for days left to reply and if this countdown reaches zero then the whole line is flagged up in red as late. Lastly, is there a code that I can use that will automatically correspond with the A, B or C columns and match them with the same number cell in the other columns, sorry this isn’t so easy to explain but what I have to do at the moment is type in B is =A1+20 , A2+20, A3+20 and so on rather than just typing in A……+20 for column B to know it needs to associate itself with the same number cell in column A regardless what number it is.

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How To Record Actual Mileage When There Are Blank Cells Between Recordings
The spreadsheet i am working on requires mileage between last trip and previous trip.

Unfortunately there will be blank cells between as shown below ...

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Show Column Of Hyperlinks As The Actual Addresses And Not Just A Word
how can i convert a column of hyperlinks that i have to the actual addreses. for instance, i may have in one cell ebay that would link to "". i would like the cells in a column, or if not another column to display in text the actual addresses and not the word, if that makes sense. can i do this via worksheet formulae or is it in the realms of vba?

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Identify Matches Of Combinations & Find Actual Occurence
I have another challenging solve for a VBA macro. So here it goes, as I have become frustrated trying to make an array formula with no joy. On my sample worksheet provided below this is what I am trying to accomplish:

(Solution cells) B4:I4 looks to the (Combination cells) M5:R10 for a match
If a match is present then cell J4 gives a "win" ,
If no match then cell J4 gives a " lose ".

Next if a win is present in cell J4, then cell K4 looks for when the draw number that matches occurred on from cells A4:A10, then subtracts the two(e.g. solutions cells from combination cells) to give the actual " # of draws to a win ". If no win is present in cell J4, then the default is zero for cell K4

The formula would be copied down thru cells J4:K12

Please refer to sample worksheet attached so that you can understand more clearly of just what I'm trying to do.

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Conditional Shape (compare Actual Sales With Previous Year)
I am trying to develop a report for work comparing actual sales with previous year and id like to insert a traffic light system (eg red and green arrows) to semplify current performance vs last year.

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Get A Dropdown List To Show The Actual Characters As They Appear In Windings Or Marlett
Is is possible to get a dropdown list to show the actual characters as they appear in windings or marlett as shown in the source? When I try I am just getting a load of u's with accents and dots above.

I am trying to do this without using a macro.

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Creating A Formula: Verify If My Actual Value Falls Within A Specific Range
i need to make a formula for excel which will verify if my actual value falls within a specific range. for instance if my value is 0.15 and the allowed range is 0.145 to 0.155 then i want to display the number zero in the cell however if the actual number is above or below the range i want to calculate the amount of deviation from the range

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Drop Down List In Form Shows Numeric Value In Database-want To Show Actual Value
I have set up a simple form in excel, whereby people use drop down menus to select the appropriate information (as all data inputted needs to be entered in exactly the same way to allow sorting, counting etc) so I thought drop downs were best. The trouble is the data is carried through to my excel database (on another worksheet) were it is shown in numeric values dependant on how far down the drop down list the select item appears (ie "Fareham" is third on the list, so shows in the database as "3").

I'd very much like my database to be easier to read and actually show Fareham etc, rather than be populated with lots of numbers. I initially tried using IF function (ie =IF(C3=3,"Fareham") but unfortunately two of my drop down lists are too long for this (with 25 and 33 entries respectively).

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Calculate A X Value From Given Y Value Based On Data
I have few x values
I have few y values corresponding to the x values.

How to calculate a x value from given y value based on the above data. I tried linear iterpolation, I am not getting good results.

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Calculate STDEV For Mid-95% Of Data
I have a worksheet containing data in columns. For each column, I would like to calculate the standard deviation of the mid-95% of the values i.e. 2.5th percentile to 97.5th percentile (to reduce the effect of "outliers").

So first of all I calculate the values of the 2.5th and 97.5th percentiles:

A102 (2.5th percentile) = PERCENTILE(A1:A100,0.025)
A103 (97.5th percentile) = PERCENTILE(A1:A100,0.975)

Then using an array formula shamelessly plagiarized from this very website, I calculate the standard deviation of the values that lie in that range:


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Getting Excel To Calculate All Combinations Of A Set Of Data
I've found myself having to use a spreadsheet to calculate some acoustics problems, (problematic frequencies, called modes, in orders ranging from 0,1,2,3....).

Ideally what I want to be able to do is simply to get Excell to calculate all the possible combinations of these modes.

A combination could be:

Obviously this is a nightmare to input by hand, is there any kind of function I can use to help with this process?

Also these frequencies only need to be calculated up to a certain point, so is it possible I could also instruct the cell to only display a value if it is less than a value in another cell?

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Calculate An Average As Data Is Entered?
I'm using Excel 2003. I have about 190 rows that I use on any given day to enter start times & end times. I calculate the difference in Column E. Is there a formula that will calculate the average time as I enter them in the rows? Some days may have only 100 entries, other days may have as many as 190. I don't want to keep adjusting the average formula for column E.

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