Data Labels Show As % Instead Actual Value

Feb 4, 2009

See xls file. I have this chart and the data labels are percentages instead of the actual value. How did these get that way? Under Chart Options there is a autotext box that is there but if I uncheck it, the data labels go back to the actual dollar value and that autotext box goes away.

I am totally baffeled by this despite serach the help, the internet and this forum. I am sure it is something easy I am missing.

Can some one provide some color on this?

I cut this from a larger book with many tabs because I am not able to send out the entire thing (proprietary).

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Pivot Table - Show Row Labels Horizontally (Not As Column Labels)

Jan 16, 2014

I have a worksheet that is just a list of items with a location listed next to each item. I took that list and made it into a pivot table and would like it to have it list the items with each location it is in displayed across. I have already set it to tabular form in the pivot table options, but if there are multiple locations it lists them vertically and I want them list horizontally for printing purposes. I have attached a screen shot to explain.

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How To Format Numbers To Show Actual First Digit

Aug 5, 2013

How do I format numbers so it will show the actual first digit, and the rest as x?

so that $1,234.56

will appear as $1,xxx.xx

or alternatively,


will appear as $1,xxx,xxx.xx

I would prefer to do this with custom formatting rather than VBA,

(this is so I can generate sample reports for prospective clients, without showing the real numbers in the tables)

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Show Budget VS Actual In Pivot Table

May 1, 2008

I have weekly budget report (for the entire year) that I put in a Pivot Table with approx 20 different row labels. The actual revenue numbers come only once a month (several different reports make up the actual revenue numbers). I need to put the actual numbers on the same row as the budget numbers and I can't figure it out.

For example, for the first three months of the year, I have the pivot table showing everything perfectly. In February, I get January's actual revenue numbers that now "replace" the budget numbers for January. If this was a regular table, I could easily overwrite these numbers, but with the pivot table, I can't get these two fields to line up. For now, I have the Actual Revenue numbers on the Rows above the Budget numbers for their respective months/quarters.

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Show Chart Data Series Labels On All Series. 2007

May 31, 2008

I just recently installed Excel 2007 and I would like to know if it's possible to change all data points of a chart at the same time. In Excel 2003, I would normally hold down shift while clicking on each of the data points to make a global change. However, it appears I cannot do that in 2007.

I would like to display each data point's series name. When I go to Layout on the Excel Ribbon, and click on "Data Labels", and click on "More Data Label Options", the actual Y-axis values are shown for each data point. However, I do not want this - I actually only want the Series Name, but when I uncheck "Value" and check "Series Name" instead (under "Label Contains"), it only changes it for one of the series. Is there a better way, instead of going through each and every single series to make this change?

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Show Column Of Hyperlinks As The Actual Addresses And Not Just A Word

Oct 6, 2008

how can i convert a column of hyperlinks that i have to the actual addreses. for instance, i may have in one cell ebay that would link to "". i would like the cells in a column, or if not another column to display in text the actual addresses and not the word, if that makes sense. can i do this via worksheet formulae or is it in the realms of vba?

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Get A Dropdown List To Show The Actual Characters As They Appear In Windings Or Marlett

Jan 30, 2009

Is is possible to get a dropdown list to show the actual characters as they appear in windings or marlett as shown in the source? When I try I am just getting a load of u's with accents and dots above.

I am trying to do this without using a macro.

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Drop Down List In Form Shows Numeric Value In Database-want To Show Actual Value

Aug 5, 2009

I have set up a simple form in excel, whereby people use drop down menus to select the appropriate information (as all data inputted needs to be entered in exactly the same way to allow sorting, counting etc) so I thought drop downs were best. The trouble is the data is carried through to my excel database (on another worksheet) were it is shown in numeric values dependant on how far down the drop down list the select item appears (ie "Fareham" is third on the list, so shows in the database as "3").

I'd very much like my database to be easier to read and actually show Fareham etc, rather than be populated with lots of numbers. I initially tried using IF function (ie =IF(C3=3,"Fareham") but unfortunately two of my drop down lists are too long for this (with 25 and 33 entries respectively).

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Not Show #N/A On Chart X-Axis Labels

Mar 3, 2008

I have a chart that feeds from dynamic ranges which contain whole rows of null enteries displayed as #N/A. The charts do not plot these enteries (as it shouldn't) however it does display the category label even if it too is #N/A. Is it possible to remove the category label if all data for that row is null. ie the label is also removed from the chart.

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Excel 2010 :: Hide / Show Textboxes And Labels Based On Combobox Selection?

Jul 8, 2014

I have created a UserForm that has a ComboBox and depending on the number selected I want it to show that number of Labels/TextBoxes...

So if I select "0" nothing is shown, if I select "1" one set of Labels/TextBoxes is shown, select "2" and two sets of Labels/TextBoxes are shown... but also if I have selected "2" and then select "1" I want the second set to be hidden again...

Also I know I should have renamed the Label/TexBoxes to make it easer but I was adding things and making it up as I went along...

I'm using Excel 2010 on windows 7.

Sub UnHide_NewRoutings()
If (Engineering.ComboBox2.value) = "0" Then
Engineering.Label4.Visible = False
Engineering.TextBox5.Visible = False
Engineering.Label9.Visible = False
Engineering.TextBox9.Visible = False

[Code] ..........

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Change Chart / Pivot Table Numeric Labels To Associated Text Labels?

Feb 7, 2014

I have an export from a database that I'm bringing into Excel 2010 of about 30K records. Data points are recorded numerically and I have their associated text "value label" (what it would be called in STATA, for example, not sure what it's called in Excel). I want to create various charts/pivot tables with the data and want the labels to be the text label, not the number.

For example, variable ASSIGNMENT has the following possibilities:


Here's what each of those "mean" (I have this in another table):

1 - Sick
2 - Overtime
3 - Court
4 - Present

How do I create a chart or pivot table where the labels are "sick", "overtime", etc., and not "1", "2", "3", "4"?

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Userform Labels :: Change The Color Property Of All The Labels On The Form Simultaneously

Mar 11, 2009

I have a UserForm and what I'm trying too do is change the color property of all the labels on the form simultaneously.

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How To Find Last Row With Actual Data

Feb 18, 2014

I constantly use the following to determine the last row in a worksheet for loop control purposes.

[Code] ......

In my current problem i have a worksheet that has been formatted such that the code above returns a value of ,say 150 where as the actual data stops at say row 34.

If I "watch" the value in Col A I see A34 = "1513(a)" which is valid data and A35 = ""

I can easily cycle through the worksheet and calculate the last used row myself but I am always looking for ways to let "VBA do the heavy lifting" when I can

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Find Actual Median Of Data?

Mar 29, 2007

I am working on a spreadsheet for my farm. I have two sets of data I am working with. A very basic example is below:

What I am trying to do is find the actual median stud fee (i.e. if you had another column with $5000 listed 22 times, $6500 listed 34 times, etc. then you could find the median from there).
Seems like an easy thing, but I'm not sure if an array formula is what I need to use or something simpler. I don't have a lot of data right now (only a page) but will have much more soon.

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How To Edit And Enable Data In Actual Pivots

Feb 14, 2014

I am trying to edit the data in the actual pivots rather than editing in the data source. i know there is vba code to enable pivot table editiing. how to enable this

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Calculate Variance Between Actual And Forecast Data

Mar 29, 2007

what is the formula to calculate variance in Excel between the actual data and the forecasted one?

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Refreshing Actual Data Source Of Pivot Table

Dec 31, 2013

Trying to create a basic pivot table from a CSV file for our users. What I've done in the past is open my CSV and then take the option Insert > Pivot Table to create the pivot table from the open CSV/worksheet. My question here is .... how can I save this .XLS and refresh the CSV data within? Or do I need to use an external data source? I don't want to have to use any drivers. I'd love to be able to just point to a CSV or TXT file on our server and that be that.

For something else I have used Web Query strings to point to .php scripts that send back data in XML format. Is this an option?

Again, the goal is for me to create a pivot table and just have our user's open it up and have current/refreshed data within. We can run jobs overnight or on-demand that update the data source.

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Pie Chart With Data Labels

Apr 29, 2014

I have a file with a small example of sales and % of sales for about 7 persons.

I wanted to insert a pie chart but want to show labels inside the pie chart along with % of sales and the sales person name near each part. How to do this ?

I have attached a file : Book1.xlsx‎

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Data Labels - No Zero Values

Nov 26, 2013

I would like not to have zero value labels in a column piled graph (it writes zeroes between one piled column and another)...

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Chart Data Labels

Jun 16, 2007

I am trying to write an If statement that returns true if Valule is checked off in the Data Labels portion of a chart. I tried using a HasDataLabel properties but Excel didn't recognize that.

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Data Labels On Xy Graph From Range

Oct 16, 2009

Is it possible to plot an xy scatter graph of "Result A" versus "Result B", and have the data points labelled with the values under "Mix" ?

Mix Result AResult B
1340.543 0.520
1360.562 0.525
1380.570 0.526
1400.561 0.528
1410.559 0.526
1420.568 0.526
1440.570 0.526
1460.578 0.526
1470.579 0.530
1480.575 0.529

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Linking Data To Printing Labels

Mar 8, 2007

how to use avery 5963 labels within a workbook so that you can paste links to cells on different pages of the workbook? so that whenever the data changes it will update the labels automatically for printing.

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Chart Data Labels Blanks

Feb 2, 2007

In a chart if you display data labels is there a way of avoiding a zero being displayed if the relevant cell is the result of a formula?
It seems that even if the result of that formula is a blank or 'n/a' it is still displayed as 0.

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Mailing Labels With Table Data

May 7, 2007

I want to create labels with data that I have like you would in ms word. I asked the asst. thing in there and it has no idea what I'm typing.

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Remove Zero Value Data Labels From Pie Chart

Apr 21, 2008

I have a pie chart that shows numerical values in dollars and I'm looking for a macro that will delete the $0 data labels. I found this code from Jon Peltier (great website by the way) but I can't seem to get it to work on my pie chart. No errors, just doesn't do anything:

Sub CleanUpActiveChartLabels()
Dim iPts As Integer
Dim nPts As Integer
Dim aVals As Variant
Dim srs As Series
For Each srs In ActiveChart.SeriesCollection
With srs
If .HasDataLabels Then
nPts = .Points.Count
aVals = .Values
For iPts = 1 To nPts
If aVals(iPts) = 0 Then
.Points(iPts).HasDataLabel = False
End If
End If
End With
End Sub

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Sorting Data In A Column Retaining Labels

Sep 15, 2014

I'm trying to sort a column of numeric values largest to smallest while retaining their unique designators and color illustrations.

See attached. 3ColumnSort.xls

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How To Change XY Scatter Plot Data Labels

Jan 22, 2014

I need to label points on an XY scatter plot with a different set of label points than those provided by simply assigning data labels (don't need series name or x and/or y values displayed but an additional field of data). I can't use an add in (work machine) and would like to do this without using macros.

The project has 4 fields

plot# type x y

I need to label the XY points for each series (type) by their plot #. The attached image/file shows what I'm looking for (added plot # labels manually for sake of display, in reality there are >2000 plots so I cant do it manually.

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Graphs - Remove Data Labels And Category Name When Zero

Jan 9, 2012

I am creating a pie graph. This graph contains % of business areas which meet certain criteria. Some business areas meet 0%.

I dont want to see those that are 0%,

I know I can go to number format and use this custom format: 0%;;;
This gets rid of the 0's

However, it does not get rid of the Business area category name.

How do I remove both data label and category name?

I only want to show those values greater than 0%

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Format Data Series Point Labels

Jul 1, 2007

I am building stacked XY Scatter charts and having difficulty formatting the y-axis values (which are data series point labels)

Rob Bovey's XY Chart Labeler manages this fine, but I work in a strict corporate environment which does not allow downloads. Also the file will be posted on our web as a tool for all company users to extract and analyze data from corporate databases.

I am stuck on the number formatting of the labels. My file is too big to attach; I have included the code below.

I'm sure there is something very basic that I am missing. Needless to say VBA is a challenge for me.

Option Explicit

Sub Atest()

Dim intR As Integer, intP As Long
Dim sngVal As Single, sngY As Single
Dim dtX As Date
Dim chtTst As ChartObject

Set chtTst = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("GRAPHS").ChartObjects("Chart 18")
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection("Y Axis Values").DataLabels.Delete

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AutoFilter Changes Data Labels In 2007 Chart

May 16, 2008

I have a scatter chart and have applied data labels using the VBA macro supplied with Excel 2007. They pick up the cells in column A. But I now want to use Autofilter to show different ranges in the chart. Everytime I filter the chart data, the data labels change to show a different label (in fact they seem to be starting from the first label again, even if this value is not shown on the filter). I have tried to edit each data label and enter free text, I've also used a formula to link to the cell and made it absolute, but nothing is working.

The chart must be a scatter chart as it is plotting 2 values. I'm trying to create a Project Portfolio Risk Chart showing Benefits against Difficulty.

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