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Change Mouse Cursor When Passing Over Specific Cells

I would like to change the mouse cursor when the pointer passes over (without clicking) some cells which have double-click-event script attached.

I know how to change the cursor with a custom one. The pb is for me to identifie that the pointer is over the cell so as to launch the cursor change macro (and reverse when going over another cell).
Excel does that, for ex, with commented cells but can VBA do it also?

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Change Cursor To Hand On Control Mouse Over
I'm trying to get the cursor to turn to the hand (with the index finger pointing) when the user rolls over a label.

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While Mouse Cursor On Top Of A1 Cell
I would like to change A1 cell's Interior.ColorIndex to red color and A1's font format to Italic, while mouse cursor on top of A1 cell.

Can i do it with a VBA code or any different way to do it?

For example:

Sub CursorOnA1()
If MouseCursor OnTopOf [A1] Then
With [A1]
.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
.Font.Italic = True
End If
End If
End Sub

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Change Cursor Direction After Pushing Enter
I believe this is a little basic for this forum; but, I haven't been able to find a good answer just searching the web.

I have a spreadsheet that I am entering single digit numbers in each cell. I would like the cursor to automatically jump to the next cell to the right after the number is entered (without having to hit the right arrow key).

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Change An Image On Mouse Over
I have a UserForm with an Image on it that serves as a button. I need it to change to a second image when the mouse cursor goes over it. Is this possible?

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Drop Down Change With Passing Variables
I have 18 drop down lists that are identical and named DropDown1, DropDown2, DropDown3, etc. Each one references cells (cell link) E1, E2, E3, etc respectively in another worksheet Lookup that is hidden. I am trying to write up some code that when the user selects any drop down, depending on which one it is, it passes certain values to another Sub which has cases. I got my first ideas from an old thread Drop Down List Box but there were no variables being passed.

My code originally worked with one variable being passed (x), but now I am trying to pass 2 (x and nrow) and I get an error in the Sub DropDown1_Change(): ByRef argument type mismatch. Below is my coding, I only included a few drop downs for this example. The Cases are based on the cell link (ie Case 2 is when the cell link shows '2' in the Lookup sheet) I only used a message box for testing purposes. I will have to do some other stuff but I need these variables passed first before I can continue

Public x, nrow As Integer
Sub DropDown1_Change()
x = 1
nrow = 2
Call get_surcharge(x, nrow) 'this is where I get the error
End Sub
Sub DropDown2_Change()
x = 2
nrow = 3
Call get_surcharge(x, nrow)
End Sub............

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Set Active Cursor In TextBox (blinking Cursor)
I am working with a VBA userform and several textbox's, setting SetFocus and or TabIndex doesn't leave the box ready to accept input and there is no cursor shown to indicate it is ready to accept input.

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Cursor Brings Up Multiple Cells
when i position the cursor over a cell, i get muliple cells highlighted. i enter data and it is entered in the cell i want but the others being highlighted is confusing. i checked and i am not in extended mode.

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Cursor Movement :: To Defined Cells Only
In sheet1, The cursom must move only following cells

A2,A5, C10 C15, D15, E50

Besides this the cursor should not move to any cell.

It must remain between the cells that I described above.

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Set VBA Range As Cells Selected By Cursor
The VBA code (in the code window) runs nicely on the range B10:B1000, but I'd prefer that it only run on a range I define by the cells that are currently highlighted/selected on the active sheet. How should the line of
Set SHOPS = Range("B10:B1000")

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Cursor Movement :: Move Multiple Cells
Is there a way to make it so when i hit enter my cursor moves 7 cells instead of 1?

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Cursor Movement :: Move To Selected Cells Only
to make cursor to move only on the selected cells.

E7, O21, O22, O23, O24, Z23, Z24, Z26, Z27, Z28, C26, C27, C28 ...

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Add Row If Value Value In Column Change And Paste Specific Value Depending On The Change
I have used the below code to insert a new row when the value in coulmn A change. I now need to evolve it so that the new row will contain a specific value depending on the changing value:

Column A Column B
one test
one test
two test
two test
three test
three test


Column A Column B
one test
one test
Coz two............................

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Check TextBoxes For Entries Before Passing To Cells
I have a problem with a user form that I am using to update information in a cell. If the text box is left blank it overwrites anything that is already in the cell.

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Macro To Copy Specific Cells From Row From Source & Stop When Next Row Cell = Specific Value
I have a protected template and unprotected source worksheets - - - what I would like to happen is for the macro to start and if the source worksheet cell B3 equals "Report Total" then stop - otherwise copy template worksheet then copy 6 specific cells from the source to paste values to specific cells on the newly created worksheet (B_ to C7, D_ to I7, E_ to C9, F_ to K9, A_ to C11, M_ to K11 and then K13=F13-30)

After that then start all over again unless the next row’s cell (B4, B5, B6, . . .) is "Report Total" then stop - - - the row count could be from one to a couple hundred.

Here is what I have so far but I know that with each copy the name will change and as it goes down the source file each row will change and I also need help with that.

Sheets("ee template").Copy After:=Sheets(3)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, -11).Range("A1").Select

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Specific Cells Populate With Specific Numbers When A Value Within A Range Is Entered
Here is what i am trying to achieve. If the date 2/20/2010 is located at F53 & the cell next to it at H53 is populated with a number between 1 & 16, then i want the cell at J11 (42 rows further up) to auto populate with the number 1. When this occurs the cells beneath this, from J12 to J52 should also auto populate with the with consecutive numbers from 2 to 42. Would also like to see the cells with numbers 1 to 28, automatically format to orange & the cells containing numbers 29 to 42 automatically format to yellow. I plan to have this condition repeat several times later in the year, at dates that are to be decided. When these dates are decided i want to be able to enter a number from 1 to 16 & next to the date & all of the above automatically occurs.

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Highlight Specific Cells In Row If >1 Contains Specific
I'm trying to use a conditional format on a range of cells so that if there is more than 1 "A" contained in any given row, the cells containing the "A"s are highlighted (e.g. red)

I've tried:

but it doesnt work & now I'm stuck.

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Change Only Specific Fonts All Sheets In Vba
i answered another q. here
but op wants to only change specified fonts on all worksheets to ariel and leave others intact.

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Change Color In Specific Columns
I have a macro that changes the color on a row, but depending on which cell I am in different columns arwe changing color. What I want is that if I make a change in row 1 want the color in A1:L1 to change and if i change row 2 i want A2:L2 to change, so alwaws the columns A to L in respective row. My macro

Sub Markera_Ny()
Dim intRadnr As Integer
Dim intStartrad As Integer
Dim intSlutrad As Integer
Dim Box As Integer
Dim Rad As Integer
intRadnr = ActiveCell.Row
intStartrad = ActiveSheet.Range("First").Row
intSlutrad = ActiveSheet.Range("Last").Row
If intRadnr < intStartrad Or intRadnr >= intSlutrad Then
MsgBox "Macro can only be executed in rows 21 to 1000"
Exit Sub
End If....................

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How To Set Combo Box To A Value Based On A Change In Specific Cell
I would like to change a combo box back to a specific value, based on a change in C4.

So no matter what happens, if c4 changes at all, the value in the combo box gets reset....

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Calculate A Specific Sheet When Something Change In The Workbook
I have build an add-in To Calculate Specific Sheet when something change in the workbook. For this I am unselecting the "automatic calculation" option and check "Manual". Now with every change in a cell i would to call AUTO_CALCULATION_PI that is calculating only the sheet that the user have been selected.

The problem when i change a cell Workbook_SheetChange is not stiggered and nothign happen. I dont understand why? The add-in is doing the following. Create a Menu "PI Options", this open a user form where you can select the worksheet to calculate, the choices is store in hidden worksheet called "AUTO-CALCULATION-PI". When a cell is change the Macro AUTO_CALCULATION is called, and calculated the sheets that the user have selected.

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Change Characters In Specific Position Of A Text File
I have a very large file of data, over 500,000 rows, opening in one sheet in Excel is not an option with my current version. In each row I need to change the characters in positions 41-44 from whatever they current are, to '9999'. I'm sure there has to be a way I can do this using vba, does anyone have a sample snippet of code, or another post they can point me too?

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Macro Button To Change Background Color Of Specific Cell
My boss wants a spreadsheet that has multiple buttons on it that will change the background color of a specific cell to four different colors. Example:

Text written in Cell B3, Button in Cell A3 that will change the Background color of Cell B3 to either Green, Yellow, Red or Blue.

There will be a lot of buttons on this worksheet following the same format as above. I don't want to change the value of what is in the cell, just the background color.

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Calculate Event: Run Macro Whan A Specific Cell Change (which Has Sum Formula)
I have a code and I want to run this macro whan a specific cell change (which has sum formula) and this code also has some calculation. And I m not understanding to overcome this problem through Calculate event.

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Forcing Cells To ALWAYS Find MIN And MAXIMUM Values From A Specific Range Of Cells
I'm working on a project for my company. We make plastic tanks and for quality control we want to start recording the thickness of the tanks in different areas/zones of each tank.

Attached to this message is an Excel sheet that I've been working on. From "Sheet 1", it records inputted thicknesses into WorkSheet "1098". On the top of "1098", it shows all of the recordings, and just below that are the "10 Most Recent Entries".

Right below the "10 Most Recent Entries", there are formulas to calculate the Min and Max Values. Whenever a new entry is recorded, the selected cells for the Min and Max formulas change. Is there a way to force the cells to always stay the same?

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Date Cells In Project Plan To Change Based On Other Cells Including Other Date Cells
This is a project plan with tasks and dates. Column A is the activity number. (Example 1, 2, 3" etc). Column B is the task (Ex. "Complete Report"). Column C is number of days required to complete the task. Column D is the dependency column. (Ex. Cell D2 =1 in other words Task 2 is dependent on task 1). Column E is the date.

I would like to have a seperate start date cell and a go live date cell.

The objective is to enter a start date, and have each column E date increase based on the number of days entered in Column C. If a task is dependent on another and I change the number of days in Column C I need the dependent task to change the same amount of days.

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Copy Certain Cells Upon A Row Onto Specific Cells On Another Tab
I am seeking a formula which can be “dragged” which will copy certain cells upon a row onto specific cells on another tab, when i drag at present it skips rows from tab 1?

Tab1 B12 to Tab2 C8 & Tab1 E12 to Tab2 C12 & several others
Tab1 B13 to Tab2 K8& Tab1 E12 to Tab2 K2 & several others
Tab1 B14to Tab2 S8& Tab1 E12 to Tab2 S2 & several others

Example spreadsheet attached

Simple for all you Excel genius’s, I am only just getting to grips with excel & cant wait to know as much as all of you!

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Counting The Cells That Contain A Specific Value
I am doing a simple count and it returns a value of zero.

I am wanting column D that equals "Macro" to return the number of rows that column D has Macro in it? I used = Count and I used = sumproduct and =count returned me a zero value and there are several hundred rows that meet that criteria and =sumproduct returned a zero value as well????? What am I doing wrong? Is it so simple that I'm missing something?


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Sum Specific Cells Within 1 Column
I am trying to sum specific cells withing 1 column based on a character within another column. For instance:

A1 = X and H1=1000

A3 = null and H3 = 50

A5 = x and H5 = 100

I want to sum everything in Column H where column A only contains an "x". In this scenario the sum would be 1100.

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Colouring Specific Cells Using VB
how I might be able to colour certain cells in a row a specific colour when a specific value is input.

For instance:
The value "A" is put into row A1. A1 and C1 cell colours change to green
The value "B" is put into row A2. A2 and C2 cell colours change to orange
etc. (not sure how many colours yet)

I sort of have a script set up, but there are certain things I dont know how to do. Like target the specific cells that need colouring.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 0 Then Exit Sub
Select Case Target.Value
Case "A"
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 1
Case "B"
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 2
Case "C"
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Case Else
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
End Select
End Sub

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Highlighting Specific Cells
this seems like such a simple thing to do but I just cannot suus it out. Basically I want to Highlight a cell depending on another cells value:

ie. I have a value in Cell A1 and a value in Cell B1, in Cell C1 I have an IF statement that dsplays the word 'NO' if the values in A1 & B1 are not equal. In Cell D1 I have the word Fault. I would like to highlight Cell D1 if the Cell C1 displays the word 'NO'

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Calculate Specific Cells
if there is a way (without using a macro) to calculate just a specific column or selected area in a spreadsheet. It is a colossal spreadsheet and takes a few hours to calculate even just one sheet. I know you can go through it hitting F2 then enter a lot but that is getting tedious!

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Import Specific Cells
I need to create a file on another computer system that I can import into specific cells on specific sheets (to fill out a "form" required by a vendor). What instructions/macros can I add to the download file to specify the sheet/cell that a value should be loaded into?

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Highlight Row Cursor Is Currently In
I received this code from the board about a month ago. It works perfectly to highlight the row the cursor is currently in but, has one flaw. Once you place this code in the sheet module and the code initiates, it will "erase all other highlight colors" within your sheet. Is there a way to correct this problem?

Here is the code;

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone

With Target.EntireRow.Interior
.ColorIndex = 37
.Pattern = xlGray25
.PatternColorIndex = 24
End With
End Sub

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Cursor Locked Up
I try to move the cursor using the keyboard arrows it stays on the cell it is on and the whole spreadsheet page moves across the screen in the direction of the arrow. So how do I restore cursor movement to the arrows.

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Cursor Jump To Next Row
How do I make the cursor jump down to the next row. Example: once I entered value on H2, I would like the cursor jump down to A3 then once I reach H3, the cursor would jump down to A4 and so on.

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Move Cursor To A1
how I can move the cursor position on all visible worksheets to A1 before a workbook is saved.

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Cursor Movement In Vba
I am wanting VBA language in a macro that will move the cursor a certain number of cells in a certain direction. For example, I want the cursor to move right one cell, no PARTICULAR cell, just right one cell. Is there something I can use?

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Adding From Specific Named Cells
I have 2 columns named "ASC" and "AE" which have total calculations of stores inventory data. To the right of the "ASC" and "AE" columns are store columns with (C1="store#"), (C2="state"), (C3="name"), and (C4:C14="inventory count") totals.

If at anytime a stores "name"="AE", I want the "inventory count" for that store to calculate within the the "AE" column.

Anytime a stores "name"="anything except AE", I want the "inventory count" for that store to calculate within the the "ASC" column.

A1:A3= "ASC"
A4 through A14= Inventory Total

B1:B3= "AE"
B4 through B14= Inventory Total

C1= Store#
C2= State
C3= Name
C4 through C14= Inventory count

D1= Store#
D2= State...

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Reference Specific Cells In Table
I have been searching for this but have been unable to find an answer. Lets assume I create 2 tables. In the second table, I want to reference a specific cell from the first table in a formula (so that when I sort the column with that specific cell in the first table, the reference in the 2nd table will still work correctly and not change). How would I go about doing this?

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Word Count In Specific Cells
I am trying to find a formula that will give me a word count in specific cells.

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Hide Specific Cells When Printing
Is there a way to hide certain cells from printing? The cells can be seen when working on the sheet, but when it is printed, the cell are hidden/have no values.

I print normally from the file-menu, so a print-macro can't be used for this.
Somekind of script to ThisWorkbook so it is automatic?

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Selecting Cells Containing Specific Character(s)
How to get Excel to select all cells within a specific column that contain a specific character. In this instance, I need to select all the cells which contain a comma...

And even better would be if I could get Excel to not just select all the cells in a specific column containing a comma, but each of the rows in which those cells reside.

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Coloring Specific Cells By Values
I'm new here and not really that familiar with excel functions and programming so please forgive me if this is not the right place for my thread

I am wondering how (if possible) I can make this little scenario work:

Lets say I have

cell (A1) with the value 2
cell (B1) with the value 3

Now somewhere else I wish to color some cell to create a 2 by 3 "block".

So coloring 2 cells horizontically (the value of (A1) and 3 cells Vertically (value of (B1)

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Error Message To Pop Up If Two Specific Cells
I am aware that you are able to create error messages in Excel by using the Data -> Validation tool, but this will not work in my case.

I am wanting an error message to pop up if two specific cells' figures in my spreadsheet do not match up. The only way the Validation Error Message will work, though, is if figures are typed DIRECTLY into the cells. This is not the case for me - I have formulae in my cells.
Apparently utilising a "VBA Macro" may work??

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Link Together Different Cells In Specific Order
I have a list of terms to put together and what I have is a master list of 6 concatenate functions and I need to link them to all the different words in my list.

The first word in collumn A needs to be with the function in D1, the second word (A2) needs to be with D2, then A3 with D1, and A4 also with D1, while A5 with D6, etc.
It looks something like this:

for your info...I have put numbers in the adjacent cell corresponding to which of the 6 concatenate functions need to go into the cell in collumn C

So in reality all I need is a function that would rearrange my list of 6 functions from Collumn D into collumn C based on the numbers 1-6 I have in collumn B


(attached is an example to better see what im talking about. Disregard that the concatenate functions are not doesnt matter right now.)

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Clearing Contents Of Specific Cells
I created a macro to clear cells but I can't get it to clear a number of ranges. It will only clear single ranges.

Sub DeleteStuff()
Dim c As Range
For Each c In Range("G6:G10", "H6:H10", "J6:J10")
If c "" Then c.ClearContents
Next c
End Sub

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Count All The Used Cells In A Specific Column
How would you be able to count all the used cells in a specific column?

I know the following would count all used cells in a worksheet but what about a specific column?

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Highlighting Or Deleting Specific Cells
I have Column A with 380 cells filled in with numbers (A1-A380) i.e. numbers like..456758, 567848 etc etc

Column B has a subset of those numbers, maybe 80-90 or so (B1-B90).

What I want to do is either highlight the numbers in Column A that also appear in Column B in yellow, OR delete them from Column A altogether

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Fill Color Specific Cells
i would like to be able to fill color numerous rows of cells that have a number in one of the columns that is either above a certain number or below a certain number.

example 3-Nov 5 H
5-Nov -3 V
6-Nov 4 V
9-Nov 12 V
10-Nov -1 H

in this example i want to fill color any row that in column 2 has a number less than -1 and greater than 4.

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Recalculate Cells In Specific Range
I have found the following piece of code which does almost what I want it to:

sub my_calc
end sub
However, the Range I want Excel to recalculate is, from the Active Cell, 20 Rows down and 81 Colums across.

How would this Range be defined in VBA, please?

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