Conditonal Formula Checking Two Values

May 7, 2009

Basically what I have is a spreadsheet that checks peoples average case count at the warehouse I work at, problem is that the source of information I use doesn't factor out breaks so I need to do this with if statements. see below.

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Formula For Checking Multiple Values?

Mar 17, 2014

The project I'm working on is for checking the measured Valve clearances on 4 cylinder motorbikes

They have 16 valves in all and I had made a spread sheet which has cells to enter the Min and Max Valve clearances for 8 exhaust and 8 Inlet valves they have different tolerances.

I have been able to do this part so I am at the point where once the valve gap min and max are entered for the exhaust and inlet valves on Cylinder 1 this changes all the min max gaps for all the other inlet and exhaust valves.

And once I have measured the gaps and entered the actual valve gap the sheet then tells me if the measured value is in or outside the valve clearance tolerance. And this is all working very well!

To save money on buying new shims which is what is used to adjust the valve clearance I swap as many shims that are out of spec on the inlet side to the Exhaust side and vice verse that will bring the valve back into spec.

Once a shim is found out of spec it must be removed, it's measured and that measurement is entered into the sheet and the sheet then tells me what size shim to replace it with to bring the valve gap back to as close to the centre of the tolerance as possible.

What I won't the sheet to do that I can't work out how is once all the out of spec shims have been entered I want it to check and tell me which shims can be moved to which valves to bring them back in spec! All valves are numbered from 1 to 16 and cylinder number exhaust and inlet valves.

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Checking For Values

Mar 2, 2007

I am just having trouble getting vba to recognize cell values. All I want it to do is if cell g2 = 5, then end sub, Else, continue. But I am so clueless that I cant even get it to recognize that what is in cell g2 is the number 5. I would think that I could just put,

If range(g & 2) = 5 Then
End Sub
End If

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Checking Cell Values

Oct 9, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with 2 columns of values. I need to check that the two columns have the same values, however the last digit of the values will differ every time, in the first column the value will always be a 3 and in the 2nd column it will always be a 0. Unfortunately the amount of digits before the last, differs from 6 to 9 so its not as easy to do a trim. Example

Column 1 Column 2
11111113 11111110
222222223 222222220
4444444443 4444444440

I need to check that the first digits (no mater how many) are all the same except the last digit.

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Checking The Values Of The Autofilter

Jun 13, 2007

I am using the autofilter in my code.

Selection.AutoFilter field:=11, Criteria1:="reena"

Count = Sheets("ABC").AutoFilter.Range.Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Count - 1

In the field for of the worksheet 'ABC' there are some values. I want to sort the value 'reena' and save the count in the variable Count. But sometimes the value 'reena' is not available in the field 11. Then it gives error for the above Count variable.

How to check this? How to check that the autofilter value is 'null'.

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Checking For Similar Values In A Row

May 4, 2009

I'm trying to create a formula that would check if there are similar values in a row. How should I do this? There are 20 values in a row, and they should all be different (true). If similar values are found, it should give a warning or highlight the two or more cells.

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Checking If Values In One Spreadsheet Exist In Another

Feb 4, 2007

I have a 'master' spreadsheet containing over a thousand filenames. I have been given another spreadsheet with just a couple of hundred filenames on it and have been asked to find out if the filenames on this 'small' spreadsheet appear on the larger/master one.

Is there any way (by formula or by macro code) that I can do this easily? What would be great is some way of Excel colouring in the filenames on the 'small' spreadsheet that also exist on the master one.

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Checking Single Cell For Multiple Values

Nov 12, 2013

I'm trying to validate the data entered into a series of cells each cell can contain a different set of data but the value N/A is also permitted. For example:

Cell A1 could contain a date from 2013-01-01 thru 2013-12-01 but the value N/A is also valid
Cell A2 could contain a decimal from 0.01 thru 302502.23 but the value N/A is also valid
Cell A3 could contain an integer from 3 thru to 9000 but the value N/A is also valid

When the acceptable values are entered then I want to be able to carry on otherwise I want to pop up with an error.

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Checking / Unchecking Existing Values In A ListBox

Nov 5, 2012

I have a Multi Select ListBox with values from a range of cells.

I wish to automate the selection of one or more existing value(s) via VBA code so when User views the List, The check mark is visible. This will alert them to Active values.

i.e ListBox:


If the active region is West, The check box beside West is Active, i.e contains an "X"

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Checking Formula's With F2

May 1, 2007

I regularly check formula's in quotations to ensure they are working on the correct cells by cycling through each cell and pressing F2. Pressing F2 on a cell with a formula (in office 2003) draws boxes around each cell that is being referenced in the cell. This is very handy, but for large worksheets is time consuming to "F2" each cell. . . . can the F2 behaviour of highlighting cells be automated ? See attached screenshot.

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Excel 2012 :: Checking To See What Values Are Missing From One List

Jul 15, 2014

If seen a couple of examples but for whatever reason it doesn't work on my sheet. (Excel 2010 32 bit) I don't understand how to highlight the entire column to see this particular value is not in this list. I have two lists, I want to see what data am I missing In list 2 that I have in list one. Basically all I am trying to do is see what values are not in the second list but are in the first list so I can later add them to the second list. (Also the 2nd list is longer than the first if that makes a difference.)

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Using Vlookup In A Conditonal Formating

Feb 4, 2010

I am using this formula in a Conditional Formatting


Where "Dies5PE" = a named range

it doesnt work.. if I change the"G1" to a "$G1", everything in the range changes to the conditional format.

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Using TODAY() In Conditonal Formatting

May 9, 2008

I have a spreadsheet where milestone dates are entered into cells.

I need these cells to highlight if the date in them is "today" minus 5 or "today" plus 5.

(plus or minus 5 days with respect to todays date)

Would someone happen to know how to specify this in the conditional formatting dialog box? I prefer not to use VBA...not familiar enough with it.

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Conditonal Format For Today()

Sep 22, 2009

searched forums but didn't find what i needed.

i have conditional formatting for dates in cells E27-E34

I.E Mon-Fri.

=e27=today() for all cells E29-E34 (Wed-Sunday) work with this Formula is "Format Formula"

but Monday And Tuesday are not working

They have the Exact Same Formula

e27 and e28 are Mon-Tuesday.

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Checking Formula's In Cells

Jun 10, 2009

how to check that the formula in the cell1,cell2,cell3 in first row is same in next rows.For example how to check that formula's in c2,d2,e2 is same as c1,d1,e1 and c3,d3,e3 is also same as c1,d1,e1.

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Sumifs Formula For Checking Dates

Jun 1, 2014

I have a SUMIFS formula that I am having trouble with. I am trying to check the following:


The range NFCU!$A$5:$A$300 is a column of dates. The evaluation of "<e1" does not seem to evaluate. However, when I change "<e1" to a date value of 41760 it works. How can I reference a field rather than the raw value?

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Conditonal Formatting A Cell Based On Other Cells

Jul 30, 2009

I'm doing a Comparison of Price quotes from some different vendors and I want to highlight which one is the lowest.

4 Rows with Totals
The Cells are B21, B43, B65, B87

I need each value in each location to be compared to the other 3.

The other thing is that I also C through V that need the same thing.

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Conditonal Formatting Formulas: Value Between 90% And 94% Will Be Highlighted In Orange

Jan 20, 2010

In the attached spreadsheet you can see I have a chart with three columns. In the third column, I've inserted a conditional formatting formula so that any value between 90% and 94% will be highlighted in orange. What I'd like to do, based on the results in the third column which I've already formatted, is have the other two columns in the same rows highlighted in orange as well. For instance, you see that the 92.30% is highlighted in the third column because it is a value between 90% and 94% per my formula. When that is true, I would also like the 56.02% and the $4,100 (the two cells to its left) highlighted in the same color. I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

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Conditonal Formatting (highlights Cells If Any Of More Than 3 Conditions Is Met)

Jan 2, 2009

I'm looking for a formula to use with conditional formatting that highlights cells if any of more than 3 conditions is met. I saw it on this forum before, but I can't find it with a search. It was something like =or(condition1),or(condition2), etc.

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Conditonal Formatting Macro Ignore Blanks

Jan 10, 2007

I have the following Conditional Formatting vba code shown below which allows me to format diffrent ranges according to the values in the cell, What I want to be able to do is that if Mycell.value ="" then do not apply the colorindex value, in other words leave any cell in the range which has a null value unchanged.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
' Conditonal format for New hourly report
Dim Mycell As Range
'SL80range formatting
For Each Mycell In Range("sl80range")
Select Case Mycell
Case Is >= 0.8
Mycell.Interior.ColorIndex = 4
Case 0.7 To 0.79999
Mycell.Interior.ColorIndex = 44
Case 0.00001 To 0.6999
Mycell.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Case Else
End Select

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Formula Checking Match String / Text?

Apr 29, 2014

how to checking data in 2 column each row, if partial/altogether string is match, shown "ok" otherwise show "check" with data in column a as parameter..

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Conditonal Formatting (cell Automattically Turn Red Once The Date =NOW() Is The 15th Sept)

Sep 15, 2009

I have worked out the conditional formatting but i have a question. The cell has a date which is input manually - no formulas or anything
it reads 14/09/09. however can i have the cell automattically turn red once the date =NOW() is the 15th sept??

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Error Checking Routine - Check Range Values On Various Worksheets And Report If Error

May 29, 2014

Error Check Marco.xlsm

see attached example. I am trying to write an error detection routine that iterates through worksheets that have numeric values for names (ignore text names or alphanumeric). Macro checks range on each numeric worksheet E3:E33 and is supposed to report back on the SummarySheet if any value other than 1 or 0 is found in range E3:E33 on any numeric-name worksheet. Code as follows:

[Code] ....

Problem is that it just reports EVERY worksheet as having an error when clearly most don't (none do I think in the attached example).

Try changing some of ranges E3:E33 to values other than 1 or 0, it still reports all sheets. Why the macro does not evaluate the range E3:E33 properly and just reports every worksheet as having an error?

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Checking Cell Values And Position On A Row And Setting Summary Value In Another Cell

Apr 8, 2014

I have a tracking sheet that is used to show where a specific project is within the lifecycle and would like to automatically set a summary value depending on the last data entry within a range of cells in a row and also set it to RAG status depending on the value.....

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Formula For Obtaining List Of Unique Values But Not Including Values Which Contain IC

Aug 14, 2014

1. Using a formula, I am trying to to obtain a list of unique values (string) (caveat: see #2) from the range E2:E10000 (arbitrarily chose 10000 - the row number is variable)(see #3).

I currently have a formula that seems to work for this purpose but I don't know how to add the condition in #2 (below)

2. To include all unique string values except those starting with the letters "IC"

3. Is there a way to make this formula so that it can only seek values up to the last row, and not go to the 10000th row if not necessary? The E column has no empty cells until after the last row that contains data.

Here is the formula I currently use which serves #1 (above):

[Code] .....

Any way to improve/simplfy this formula for the purpose describbed in #1? How can I add the condition in #2? Can you see a way to include #3? The most important issue here is #2.

Example of desired results:

Column A | Column B
CC |
DD |
DD |
IC |
IC |

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Formula For Getting Average Of Values Without Counting Zero Values In Range?

Dec 23, 2011

Is there a formula that would allow you to take the average of all values within a range but not count the zero values? I thought something like this might work but it's not. Neither one worked.


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Formula To Find The Sum Of Values That Were NOT Equal To My Quoted Values

Aug 21, 2008

Trying to find the sum of all cells in the array described in the formula that are equal to the values inside the quotations. I used this exact (as far as I can tell) formula to find the sum of values that were NOT equal to my quoted values and it worked just fine. Any ideas why formula 'A' will not work but formula 'B' does work? I have a feeling I'm missing something simple here!

Formula A - Does not work:
=SUMPRODUCT(--('Master Lead Sheet'!$J$2:$J$10000=$B2),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000="REJECTED"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000="CONDITIONED"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000="APPROVED"))

Formla B - Works:
=SUMPRODUCT(--('Master Lead Sheet'!$J$2:$J$10000=$B2),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"No Answer"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"Disconnected"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"Wrong Number"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"EMAILED"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"needs to be emailed"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"Refund"),--('Master Lead Sheet'!$N$2:$N$10000"REFUNDED"))

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May 25, 2009

what will be the code if commandbutton1 is clicked, it will check if the text in the combobox is in the range A2:A10 in the worksheet, if not in the range it will display a message box that the text is not in the range :D

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Odd Or Even Checking

May 13, 2006

Did Microsoft do this for a reason. But it seems to me there is no built in formula to check weather a number is odd or even.

=isodd(A1) or =iseven(a1) would be nice.

curent if I have to do something like, which works but is a lot of effort.


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Checking For Duplicates

Oct 15, 2009

On the attached example i am concatenating surname with the first letter of the forename. However, what i want to add into the formula is if the answer is a duplicate of another answer in a range that these duplicates are changed to surname and full forename.

Is this possible with a formula or would it need a bit of vba programming?

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